Cabaye puts Toon success down to teamwork

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Yohan Cabaye interview with French website.
Teamwork is the key to Toon success
Yohan Cabaye states in an interview that he believes teamwork has been responsibly for a lot of Newcastle United’s success this season and that it’s teamwork that can help us compete even with clubs that have better players.

Yohan Cabaye has been assessing the season for French site and this is what he had to say:

Interviewer: “Yohan, what is your assessment of your first season at Newcastle?

Yohan: “I think the outcome is very positive. Early in the season, if we were told that Newcastle would finish 5th, nobody would have believed it. Our results have been beyond the expectations of the fans.

Interviewer: “You have near caused a big surprise by getting qualification to the Champions League …

Yohan: “As the season progressed, we found ourselves playing in 3rd or 4th place. There is a little disappointment that we didn’t finish there but it is quickly forgotten because we had a good season anyway. And to qualify for Europe and the Europa League was really important for the fans and the club. This has been a very successful season.

Interviewer: “What do you put your failure to qualify for the Champions League down to?

Yohan: “Perhaps a lack of effective depth. At one point in the season, we had many injured. There was also the African Cup of Nations which made us a little down on numbers. Everyone saw us fall against teams with more resources and manpower than ours. Eventually we managed to finish deservedly ahead of Chelsea and Liverpool.

Interviewer: “You do not regret having left Lille for England last summer?

Yohan: “I have been really focused on having a good season with Newcastle ahead of Euro 2012. I was really hoping that this change of club will allow improve my international chances. I’m not saying I got there, far from it. But to leave, to play abroad, to go abroad, to have the chance to play good games and get good results with my club, it has helped me with my position in France team.

Interviewer: “The hard part now will be to confirm Newcastle (as a top Premier League side, presumably) …

Yohan: “Yes, of course. We have a good group. We’ll see what happens this summer. But I think we can build on what we did last season. If we can improve it a little bit, it would be really nice.

Interviewer: “So do you think Newcastle is he able to settle permanently with the top teams of the English League?

Yohan: “Yes, of course. It is not a ridiculous idea. Inevitably there are more quality players in the big teams. But right from the start of the season not one player has been placed above the team, superior to the group, and this is what makes us strong. If we can continue in this spirit – all working for the team – we can still compete.

Rather less favourable references to Yohan Cabaye come from Tim Cahill who received a red card and a three match ban after a spat with Cabaye at the end of Sunday’s game. Cahill said:

I accept my three-match ban. My reaction at the end of the game was out of character but I was disgusted at comments made to me by Cabaye.

I don’t wish to elaborate on the exact detail of what was said – but his words have no place either on or off the football pitch.

Cabaye has apologised via his club’s website and as far as I am concerned the matter is now closed.

Cabaye has indeed apologised thusly:

I would like to apologise for the cross words I exchanged with Tim Cahill which resulted in his red card and my booking on the final whistle.

It was unnecessary and, regrettably, the result of frustration and disappointment, all in the heat of the moment.

It is out of character and for that I am sorry.

Hopefully that’s the end of that!

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4 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting the interview Hugh – It’s not always good to hear what players have to say but more often than not when this group of players voice something it’s positive and I’m pleased with Cabaye as he reinforced the spirit we’ve seen this season.

  2. cabaye, fine point teamwork was the main ingredient and squad availability but coaching by pardoo and the background staff to put a bunch of fellahs who had little knowledge of each other at beginning of season shows great managerial skills and to groom them into a side of euro hopefuls is brilliant !! HTL

  3. Well i voted for Colo.
    It’s my belief he was the one major cog in defense that held them to-gether, both physically and simply as a presence.
    However i thought Cabaye was the midfield engine room/playmaker/goal scorer, that we have lacked since Scot Parker left.
    If he decides to stay, i can eventually see him as club captain.
    Of course we have had the success of our two Senegalese strikers, remarkable and also a bit wierd, considering how the goals came for each.
    And how can we forget HBA’s introduction (finally) who laid on a few goals and who’s own efforts, were something special.
    Jonas ? he’s like the ever ready battery add, just keeps running and it’s when he is not in the side, we realize how much his presence means.
    Tiote, first thing comes to mind, “tough” and does a great job breaking up attacking plays.
    But has a bit to learn, poor distribution again this year needs work as does the fact he tends to be overly physical.
    Danny Simpson had a good year, sorry to see him leave, when a few grand would have done the deal, regretable !
    Santon has shown he can bring the ball forward as good if not better then Enrique, but again he was’nt given the starting opportunities, for whatever reasons?
    Would like to see more opportunities for Ferguson, perhaps an occasional start and more late game cameo roles.
    Same with Abeid, time to start introducing these kids and perhaps see what young Ameobi’s got ?
    If we lose Ba then obviously Marveaux would play with HBA and Cisse, but I believe Ferguson is not far behind and gives us more depth.
    Two or three decent defenders could make us into a side not many would relish playing and hopefully we can have a good run in the UEFA cup
    Forgot “wor Shola”, did well when called on and found a new role as playmaker behind the front striker, how could we possibly sell him now ?
    As for,
    Some will be sold, for whatever reasons and probably Simpson will go too, refusing Ashley’s low ball contract, followign a couple of years being payed the lowest salary of any starter 10k, ah well our loss.
    But there’s lots of room for improvement, even with some defensive help we are still a shallow side in terms of quality in depth.