Pardew For England?

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A Contender?
The English media are a fickle lot. They campaign long and loud for whatever issues they perceive are popular with the public, whatever will get them readers, listeners or viewers – yet reserve the right to change their minds overnight and start saying the exact opposite without so much as a “by your leave”.

They bend with whichever breeze is blowing at the time, or whoever is shouting the loudest.  Newspaper Journalists, Studio pundits on TV and Radio – we’ve heard it all and seen it all so many times. Many people now are immune to it, just as we are to the drivel that comes out of the mouths of politicians.

This curious way in which the media do their stuff is never more apparent than when they are discussing the poisoned chalice that is the job of England Football Manager. We’ve all seen in the past, examples of the media bellowing to have certain individuals installed as England Manager, only to spend the entire time the unlucky individual is in the job taking him apart, screaming about his ineptitude for every draw or defeat and explaining why he should never have been appointed in the first place!

The merry-go-round has started to spin again since the sacking of whatsisname with the glasses, that italian bloke, and we are now firmly locked into another “England Manager Changeover” Phase. Ever since whatsisname’s departure, the English media, based largely in London, have been telling us that there is only one choice. Only one man out of all the managers available, is capable of taking on the challenge. A proper English London Manager, a man with a track record, a man who won the cup once, a man with a bank account in the name of his dog.

But wait! “Good Old ‘Arry’s” team have been crap lately. They can hardly buy a win – and suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Chelsea in the FA Cup Semi-Final recently. Is he really the man for the job after all? Should an England Manager really have a bank account in the name of his dog? Are there any other english (read “cockney”) managers around who could do the job?

Whisper it – but some parts of the media are now starting to point to United manager Alan Pardew as the messiah, the bloke they really meant all along. Pards has done well this season and has won as many games as “Arrys AllStars” – so he must be just as good. And he’s a cockney, he’s younger than Terry Venables – so he qualifies! And he doesn’t have a bank account in the name of his dog.

United fans are spending a lot of time at the moment worrying about which players we might lose in the summer if big bucks are offered. But has anybody stopped to think that as long as Tottenham’s bubble stays burst and the more games they continue to lose, the more the “Pardew For England” bandwagon may gather momentum?

As a United fan who doesn’t support England, I couldn’t give a toss who they select as long as it’s not Pardew. I guess that’s the same for quite a few of our fans who DO support England too!

Pards distanced himself from the job the moment it came on the market – a fact which was noted by ‘Arry chatting to his media chums “I’ve heard some people have turned the job down and it hasn’t even been offered to them!” – cue chortles and sniggers from media types. What do those same media folk think now I wonder?

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58 Responses

  1. If we qualify for the CL, or even finish above Spurs in the league, I think the calls for Pardew will grow louder. However, I believe he has said that he wouldn’t take the job, at least for now, and that he backs ‘Arry. I also think he genuinely wants to build NUFC where he has, right now, a really good thing going. Maybe take the England job after ‘Arry quits (or is booted out) when he has more success and experience under his belt. As a NUFC and England fan, I would prefer he stays with the club and turn us into a consistent top six team.

  2. Noooooooooooooooo!

    You’ve done it now UTD111.

    You’re unleashing the curse of being linked with the England manager’s job. We’ll lose all our games now, like ‘Arry at Spurs. :-(

    If we start losing now, it’s all your fault! ;-)

    Capello wasn’t “sacked” and he wasn’t a “Cockney” either. McClaren’s from York, Sven’s from Sweden, Peter Taylor’s from Southend, Keegan’s from Doncaster, Howard Wikinson’s from Sheffield, Glenn Hoddle’s from Greys in Middlesex, Terry Venables IS a Cockney from Bethnal Green, Graham Taylor’s from Worksop, Bobby Robson was from Durham, Ron Greenwood was from Burnley, Don Revie was a Smoggy, Joe Mercer was from Ellesmere Port in Cheshire, Alf Ramsey was from Dagenham, and finally, Walter Winterbottam was from Guildford.

    So, out of fifteen England managers, two have been from London, three out of sixteen if you count Stuart Pearce. Bearing in mind that the conurbation of London contitutes somewhere between a third and a quarter of the UK population, “Cockneys” are actually highly underrepresented as England managers.

  3. Too early, If he got the job this summer and turned out to be a flop it would go down as the most harebrained appointment in the history of English football. Pardew’s doing a grand job at Newcastle and he’s winning the fans (myself included) over, no easy feat. But give him a decent run at Newcastle, see if he can keep this up, lead us into regular top 6 and (dare I say it) some silverware.

  4. Worky @ 3

    You didn’t need to go to all that trouble mate – I was only talking about what’s happened in the period since whatsisname’s departure ;)

    Anyway…the curse only applies if it’s official press policy – which it isn’t yet. It doesn’t matter when it’s just some spotty little blogger sayin it LOL!

  5. Pardew for Engerland, Yeeaaah !
    A poison chalice, nah!
    It’s more about English fans incredible belief that they can win silverware with a mediocre side.
    They have tried Sweedes,(no not turnips, well perhaps as dumb as)Italians, etc.
    Now we are looking at the likes of Arry n’Al, actually Arry’s side have all but collapsed, which will be a relief for the selectors.
    But as i stated have we gotta deal for them, we gotta guy who will say all the right things (if supervised)and he’s even got the right haircut, a PR dream!
    He knaas how to play at least two or three different lineups and should have the 4-3-3 mastered before the end of the season.
    What more could anyone want.
    Guess things have’nt changed much since Walter Winterbotham and the selection comitte ran things.
    Anyway apart from Arry who else is there, the rest are all Glaswegians?
    Pardew for Engerland !

  6. utd111
    Actually Engerland have had more than one manager who could have been replaced by a turnip and no one would have been any the wiser.
    But we wont get into that!

  7. Actually still concerned whether Demba is unhappy or not ?
    @ 7.5m. or whatever the release amount is, he is going to be part of a bidding war, the offers being wages.
    It’s expected that the recent purchase of PSG, by oil rich Arabs, with dosh to spend like Citeh, will come in for him.
    Paris being his home town etc.
    Face it guys, Newcastle may be the Paris of the north, but Paris it aint!
    What would you do in his shoes ?
    But have no fear, wor Shola has recently discovered his real role, that of the second striker, his passing has been a pleasure to watch, that and his ability to hold the ball.
    Hell we could get another five years outta him.

  8. chuck says:
    April 17, 2012 at 3:26 pm

    “They have tried Sweedes,(no not turnips, well perhaps as dumb as)”

    Chuck, you can’t give people lectures about racism, then comments like that. Swedes actually have a higher average IQ than Americans, and it’s “Swedes,” not “Sweedes” BTW. ;-)

    Exactly where did i mention anything racist ?
    Was merely making a distinction between sweeds and Swedes, as i’m aware that you lot call rutabegas or turnips sweeds, NO ?

  10. Workey
    As for Swedes having higher IQ’s than Americans?
    Errmmm ! yeah possibly, and…..

  11. How much is Pardew on?
    I reckon money would be the decider because if England come knocking he would be offered mega bucks in comparison to what he is on now.

  12. And as far as classifying former Engerland managers as being as smart as turnips, where does that place England on the international IQ evaluation you came up with ?

  13. SJT
    I doubt (with Ashleys record on wages)he is getting big bucks compared to certain EPL managers.
    But i think he has found a comfort level at NUFC and does’nt want to take any risks.
    Hell he got what, a five year deal ? what manager gets that?
    Of course we are unaware of the small print in his contract.
    Then again he may well be aware of his limitations and is somewhat intimidated by the role?
    But I would guess it’s a case of, better the devil you know.
    As we are all aware of how many up and coming managers have ruined their careers, by accepting the role.
    If Pardew does’nt get it, could we give it to Shearer, might be a good place for him to cut his teeth ?

  14. chuck says:
    April 17, 2012 at 4:38 pm

    As for Swedes having higher IQ’s than Americans?
    Errmmm ! yeah possibly, and…..”

    You suggested that Swedes were “dumb,” Chuck, which they most certainly aren’t.

    ps, we call them “Swedes,” Chuck, whether it’s root vegetable or Scandinavian person from the country of Sweden.

  15. Get what you are saying Chuck…..maybe the FA will just stump up the hard cash and get Jose Mourinio in and be done with it.

    I am sure if the FA came in for Pardew Ashley will just get on the phone to JK, the ink on his so called “lucrative contract” should almost be dry now haha

  16. Anyhow forget the turnips.
    Would just like to mention, my second and third choice of teams to watch.
    At an earlier stage, Spurs looked the business, playing an entrtaining game, but recently became unstuck and are on a loosing streak.
    Whereas, both Swansea and Wigan have developed into two of the most entertaining sides.
    With Wigan giving both Man. U. and Arsenal a lesson.
    It seems that having faith in their tactical approach, with the ability to change if neccessary, has made both teams difficult opponents.
    Of course it’s all about their managers, install a system, convince the side that when perfected, will result in earning points.
    Both Martinez and Rodgers IMO are doing a terrific job at their respective clubs and are a pleasure to watch.
    I certainly would’nt discount their being headhunted by bigger sides.
    Thats why i’m hoping Pardew takes the Engerland job if it comes on offer!

  17. UTD111 says:
    April 17, 2012 at 5:42 pm

    ““Swedes” are what posh people down south call turnips”

    Big and yellow on the inside = “Swede,” or, if you’re a Yank who likes to be different, “Rutabaga.”

    Smaller and white = “Turnip.”

  18. Rodgers plays an extremely dull pass round the middle and your own half game with th todd counter when other teams get bored and fall asleep, Martinez does nowt till last 8 games of season
    England (who I actually detest) would be foolish to hire pards as someones already mention one swallow does not a slapper make or something like that

  19. If Pardew does go…

    I hear there’s an up and coming manager in the Championship who has Premier League experience operating with a very limited transfer budget. Seems to fit Ashley perfectly.

    Chris Hughton.

  20. SJT @ 21 #
    Fact is Jose M. is a done deal with Citeh, though no one will admitt it, for obvious reasons.
    You heard it here first!

  21. Haha Funny GS :lol:
    Wouldn’t doubt it Chuck fella….but you know if the FA come knocking with the poisoned chalice not many managers can refuse :lol:

  22. Chuck @29:

    Do you think he has to win La Liga or The Champions League first to satisfy his ego?

    But, knowing Mourinho he probably thinks Real will win both anyway.

    Let’s see how they do against Bayern in a few minutes.

  23. Watching Madrid and Bayern should be a good match-Eyeing up the opposition for Newcastle in the Champions League next season ; )


  24. 4411
    Is that what you see when watching Swansea ?

    And Martinez does nowt till the last eight games of the season.

    So by saying that, you nullify Wigans last two games where Martinez gave Both Arsenal and Man U. a lesson in tactics.

    Or the fact that Swansea playing against us, had almost eighty percent of possession and almost seventy five percent more shots than we did.

    It was only for their lack of goalscorers we lucked out.
    The reality is, we did’nt cede possession to them, we got tired of chasing them and parked the bus in front of the goal throughout the second half.

    Tell me what club would willingly cede 80% possession, it’s suicidal., both of these guys are on the cutting edge, unlike our guy who’s tactical approach would perhaps be novel in the sixties.

    Hey theres a thought, thats when Engerland won a world cup, perhaps if he were to get the job, he could confuse the opposition, playing his retro. 60’s style football.
    Hey ! ya never know.

  25. A late lunch, a few amstel’s and Munchen vs. Madrid.
    What better way to spend an afternoon,

  26. Hugh de Payen says:
    April 17, 2012 at 8:02 pm

    “Most educational about turnips, this thread.”

    Not to mention Swedes, Hugh.

    Brassica rapa rapa = Turnip

    Brassica napus = Swedish Turnip, Swede or Rutabaga.

  27. engerl’nd should be getting Hiddink in.
    Best guy for the job!

    As a dispassionate, neutral observer like.

    ‘arry’s already been ‘tapped up’ though.

  28. No chance this year.

    Btw Reading just got promoted, see you next season! Shame no streams but it sounds great at their stadium right now.

  29. Willie McKay – I think he has a lot more to do with Newcastle’s bad signings over the years than we give him (dis)credit for. We seemed to be in bed with him and signed a lot of his overpaid and overrated players.

    AMDY FAYE!!!

    Look at Doncaster, he got them relegated.

  30. Pardwho inherited a reasonably strong squad when he arrived at SJP with the likes of

    Krul (who Pardwho took some time before deciding he was No. 1)
    Simmo (much maligned by NUFC “so called” supporters who wouldnt know their 4-3-3 from their lottery numbers)
    Colo (who looked as though he might go the way of Enrique and AC as he was running out of contract)
    Wor Cheikh (tell me another team in the BPL that has the luxury of a Tiote ?)
    HBA (nowt more to be said – apart from the fact that Pardwho finally realised he wasnt a No. 10)

    and of course Graham Carr.

    Unfortunately for the FA, the silver haired sycophant cant take any of the above with him (soz Simmo could make it) cos Carr wouldn’t be much good scouting for English players now would he ?

    If the FA collectively chose Pardwho on the back of what he’s done at the Toon they might as well hand in their P45’s, their keys to the Executive washroom and their Diner’s club cards on the way out the door.

    FFS this is a nonsense thread and UTD knows it.

  31. Andymac @ 48

    name another three top prem managers who are English who would be on a short list?

    the only manager in the prem who hasn’t had a dramatic drop in form is Pards so i would say he has to be on the short list.

    it would be a shock to us all if he got the job but no shock to us all if he was on a short list.

    he would have to be, he has earned his place there.

    when trying to second guess who could be on a short list you would have to wade through every English Not british manager first as that is what the “press” want. Keeps old London town happy when there is a “blimy Govnor, Knee Up mother brown, Blighty” in charge.

    we all know who is number 1 press favorite

    1) Arry Deadnap

    then you need to start to consider the what ifs?

    what if arry turned the FA down? who then.

    well then my friend UTDs thread makes sense. who would the FA turn to next?

    fitting the “press” criteria that would leave us with a short list.

    ex, fulham, liverpool and current westbrom boss Roy Hogdson.

    ex charlton, southampton, westham and current Newcastle united boss Allan Pardew.

    and then a decision

    do we want English or British. and then and only then does the list seem more credible.

    David Moyes.
    Martin o’Niel
    Tony pulis
    Mark Huges
    the above with the only viable long term top flight experience.

    then there is the “history repeating itself” list
    and go down the road of old Tunip “do i not like that” heed and give a shot to

    Chris Lambert
    Brendan Rogers

    two unproven top flight managers.

    it seems to me that the pressure is starting to get to old Arry and maybe people are starting to turn their interests at Pardew, who has been consistent all season with only a game or two blip when we had a few injuries.

    it seems to be a viable choice when you look at the press influence and take into account what they want from an England manager.

    Pardew must surely be second choice. and now Arry has succumbed to pressure maybe he is number 1.

    if he were to go who would we get? would keagan look to forgive and forget?

    with pardew being a “Happy Medium” between all parties at SJP would it be a disaster if her left and would we want him to leave?

  32. No English manager has managed to win the Premiership title yet. The last one to win the league title was Howard Wilkinson with Leeds United in the last season of the old First Division, the 1991-2 season.

  33. Due to the lack of any acceptable Engerland managers, it’s my opinion, we should elect a turnip (swede, rutabega, even a parsnip)to the job.
    After all when the Euro Championship is over and done with, who will be able to tell the difference.
    And think of the money that would be saved.

  34. Morinho for Engerland, yeah !
    Nah ! we want Pardew the innovator, the master tactician,
    the inspirational genius.
    Pardews a Geordie !
    Morinho, may be a bit of a flake at times, but he aint dumb enough, to think he can win anything with this bunch of donkeys, he will be stuck with.
    Did’nt i already tell you he’s a done deal with Citeh, next season ?

  35. Stephen c
    Apart from being refered to as “Old Turnip heed” I believe, i’m not sure what you are saying ?
    Are you in fact saying you prefer a Scot “Lambert” or someone from Norn Iron “Rodgers” to the rest of those you would consider?
    If so it’s possibly the single-most sensible statement i have heard from you.
    Though IMO it should be either Rodgers or Fernandez, who i believe are the two most innovative managers in the EPL.
    With rumors of Rodgers taking over @ White Hart Lane, if Arry should decide to try his luck with Engerland, which i doubt he will.

  36. For Stoke:

    I am sure Pardew will put out an unchanged starting 11.

    But when we played them away, I am sure everybody will agree it was one of our better games. The team was:

    S. Taylor

    Every game is different, but having Ben Arfa, Tiote and Cisse instead of Obertan, Guthrie and Best has to make us stronger.

    It also means that Pulis can’t look at the film and make adjustments because we play a different formation.

    Obviously, this means we are in for an unexpected defeat!!!

  37. worky says: Sorry the site is a little buggered up ATM. Can’t seem to figure out what has gone wrong yet.

    worry yee not workey, we all appreciate your efforts.
    I’d like to help out with the odd posting soon, unfortunately I’m not in good fettle just now (I’m a little buggered as well and the hospital can’t seem to figure out what has gone wrong either!) but I’ll do my best when I feel better.

  38. Supermac says:
    April 18, 2012 at 10:32 am

    “worky says: Sorry the site is a little buggered up ATM. Can’t seem to figure out what has gone wrong yet.

    worry yee not workey, we all appreciate your efforts.
    I’d like to help out with the odd posting soon, unfortunately I’m not in good fettle just now (I’m a little buggered as well and the hospital can’t seem to figure out what has gone wrong either!) but I’ll do my best when I feel better.”

    Sorry to hear about that, Supermac. If it’s any consolation, you’re not the only one who’s buggered!

    It was Hugh who fixed most of this one in the end. It was 4.30 in the morning, I couldn’t find the second problem and was panicking a bit as my backup was out of date. It seems I have a rogue mouse!

    You can write something whenever you want to, just let me know when you’re ready.