Newcastle United vs Bolton Wanderers match highlights and post match interviews.

Posted on April 9th, 2012 | 59 Comments |

Highlights of the Newcastle v Bolton game, with goals from Hatem Ben Arfa and of course, Papiss Cisse.


Post match interviews

Alan Pardew post match interview.

Owen Coyle moans about the officials.

And Tony Cottee’s pundit’s view.

More highlights

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59 Responses

  1. 5 straight wins, 10 scored 1 conceded which was a williamson blunder. Looking good! What a goal from Benny aswell.

  2. What a result!! We won again HAHA! :)

    Ps. What a great goal by Benny.

  3. i was sitting there thinking this is gonna take a moment of magic to carve bolton open. the rest they say is history.I dont care how we play as long as we win cos thats all that counts.fook it lets go for third n break the trend we r back wer we belong

  4. Howay Fulham is right Worky. Can’t believe we’re after a Champions League spot. Dream come true after recent years.

  5. And we’ve got a couple of teams to chase now. It’s not just a 2 horse race anymore. Spuds form has been horrific and even arsenal is close at hand. They probably have an easier run in than us however. I don’t fancy that last day match away at Goodison. That’s perhaps more most difficult test left this campaign.

  6. Johnny says:
    April 9, 2012 at 6:26 pm

    “Howay Fulham is right Worky. Can’t believe we’re after a Champions League spot.”

    Aye Johnny, but who are we gannin’ to temporarily support when it’s Spurs v Chelsea though? A draw might be the best thing there?

  7. Agree Tripp. Hard for me as my best mate’s a blue bleeding Toffee, but of course I’ll be looking for a Toon win. I have a lot of respect for that team and Moyes is a great manager. I find myself wanting an Everton win over Liverpool (hate those red scum), but want that ensured Europe spot… Hopefully we’ll over take chelsea and tottenham and not have to worry about it. I’ll be watching the Fulham game with some mates this afternoon. Need a win!

  8. Tripp says:
    April 9, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    “Spuds form has been horrific”

    The curse of being linked with the England job is a long and powerful curse, Tripp. :-)

  9. Shola the playmaker !
    Was just mentioning on here a coupla days ago, how Shola seemed a better fit as a second striker, more of a playmaker than Ba, who wants to be a CF.
    Perhaps Shola has reached his prime and playing alongside guys like HBA and Cisse, can form a productive partnership.

  10. Watched the HBA goal, can anyone tell me why this guy sat on the bench for most of the season.
    Cause i’m curious !

  11. Knew as soon as Sola came on th@ the tide would turn. We are the greatest football team th@ ever was.
    Come on you mAGS.

  12. chuck,

    i’m gonna tell ya’ one more time mate, now listen up…

    He wasn’t ready, fully match fit or completely over his terrible injury & his comeback (in the states) injury.

    Now stop asking please, i’m not gonna tell ya’ again, that’s about 10 times now.



  13. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    April 9, 2012 at 7:49 pm

    “Check ya’ mail worky.”

    Excellente Clint! Haven’t read it yet, but I’ll get it sorted. Keep fingers crossed for my Broadband. I want to morda that Branson bastad!

  14. chuck,

    howay man, if you don’t support the Toon…

    …what are you moaning about man?

    We scored 2 & won & another clean sheet.

    Be happy, enjoy it while it’s happening, not retrospectively.
    There’ll be plenty more to moan about soon enough, probably.

  15. worky,

    i’m only having a laugh mate.
    I like chuck, & his devil’s eggnogg!

  16. Obviously if we make it to the Champions league, it would
    be a positive, both financially and would give players pause for thought, either about leaving the club or possibly joining the club.
    The question arises what effect it would have on “Wor Mike”, would he be more inclined to dig that bit deeper, into his pocket to finance the signings that could make us competetive in that competition ?
    Or is making money (he’s had a good year with Sports Direct) more important ?

  17. Just got in from the match.

    To be honest it was a pretty stale performance and the lads were getting a rollicking from the crowd early in the second half. Just seemed a little flat.

    Gotta give Bolton credit and especially Mark Davies who I noticed man mark Cabaye throughout the first half. They pressed us really well and did their homework. They can and probably will just stay up.

    But Ben Arfa’s goal was worth the admission alone! What a goal and a great three points, especially with other results today.

    Also thought you all better know in case you didn’t notice… Sports Direct have a sale on :-)

  18. CLINT
    Believe what you like, question is whats a guy doing on the bench if he’s not fit ?
    Or completely over his injury, same thing , not fit.
    Would you not consider it may have been more about Pardew not playing him because of what he considered lack of defensive effort ?

    Hey maybe you should get on Jimbobs case, he claims the side put on a pretty stale performance and got a rolliking from the crowd, in fact perhaps you should get on the crowd’s case ?
    You the negative police or summat ?

  20. chuck,

    i think jimbob got it about right mate & if/when you read my report you’ll see that.

    Just because a player isn’t fully match fit either physically or mentally, especially when they are new o the league, sticking them on the bench is de riguer mate.
    It gets them ensconced into the feel, style & what’s required from them, a psychological arm ’round the shoulder.
    Does that explain it?

    Na, i don’t think it was offside (2nd goal), but i’m sure it’ll be mentioned on motd etc.
    If it is, it didn’t look it, i’ll say “Oh! It was offside”. Then i’ll carry on with what i was doing ‘cos we’ve had a dab of fortune for a change.

    If you want offside, try chelsea v wigan, 2 offside goals that could send ‘Wor Mike’s’ arch rivals team down.
    Terrible decisions.

  21. Another dodgy decision/penalty, now against Fulham.

    That call could have gone either way but OF COURSE it went Chelsea’s way.

  22. Clint sez
    Just because a player is’nt fully match fit, either physically or mentally, especially when they are new to the league, sticking them on the bench is de riguer !
    It gets them ensconced into the feel,style and whats required of them of them, a psychological arm around the shoulder…..
    Clint if bullshit was music you would be a brass band !

  23. CLINT
    If you are the negative police, how come you are endorsing Jimbobs view of the game.
    Dont tell me there’s anything negative in your report, Nah! what was i thinking ?

  24. I’m really surprised by Ben Arfa’s pace for the goal today. I would have thought the broken leg would have slowed him down a bit.

    I wonder if the physios and fitness coaches, not to say Doctor’s, advised that Ben Arfa was best eased back to action – not playing too many consecutive games, getting match fit, having a few cameo appearances. Just a thought.

  25. GS
    Hold that thought, Clint would like to think it was the case, not de riguer of course, but a thought neverthe less.

  26. chuck,
    it’s not about negative, it’s about negative for the sake of it.
    Hey man, if that’s your schtick ok, but i do have the right to question it, yea?

    Don’t take it to heart mate, i like our banter man.
    Have a good day mate, really!


  27. GS,

    totally mate.

    That’s what usually, historically has happened hasn’t it?

    It’s the correct course.

  28. …&, i certainly don’t cry when we win…

    …unless it’s particularly touching.


  29. Wait what? I’m being negative? Thought I was being balanced. It wasn’t a great performance, but we managed to get three very important points. Bolton played really well to be fair.

    Anyway, death, misery and pain to all!

  30. avatar workyticket says:
    April 9, 2012 at 9:07 pm

    Chuck, even when the team isn’t doing well, Clint’s always on happy pills. :-)

    Well, given that none of have any control over the fortunes of the club, that seems the sensible way to go to me.

  31. jimbob,


    me neither!
    Maybe it’s certain areas (virgin).
    Although their operatives do seem to like to leave the fronts off of their junction boxes in the street, weirdos!