Newcastle Building Society Backs The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation

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The Alnwick branch of the Newcastle Building Society, has come up with a unique way of supporting the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation. You can now open a Sir Bobby Robson Foundation ISA. This is a savings account which will provide an additional cash donation to the charity, for every pound invested by customers.

The Newcastle Building Society has introduced the partnership to mark the Foundation’s fourth anniversary.

“ISA” is short for Individual Savings Account which is a financial product available to residents of the United Kingdom. It is designed for the purpose of investment and savings with a favourable tax status.

Sir Bobby’s widow, Lady Elsie, is delighted about it. She said:

“It was a great pleasure to help launch this new account and we’re grateful to the Newcastle for thinking of the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.”

“It’s a very creative way of helping the charity and we will ensure every penny donated is spent wisely.”

“We’ve just celebrated the Foundation’s fourth anniversary and receiving support from an organisation with a heritage like the Newcastle Building Society is a marvellous present. My husband would have been as proud as punch with this fitting gesture.”

Jim Willens, Newcastle Building Society’s Chief Executive, said:

“Before launching the account, customer research was undertaken, which indicated that they would like us to support charities linked to health and old age.”

“As such, the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation is a great fit with the Society as it is a cancer research charity, which raises money to fund the early detection and treatment of cancer.”

Sir Bobby Robson, had recurring medical problems with cancer and formed his Foundation in 2008. He died less than a year later. The Foundation is close to the hearts of many Newcastle United fans. Well done to everyone involved in making this scheme happen.

The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation ISA offers an interest rate of up to 2.6% of which 0.1% will be donated to the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.

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22 Responses

  1. I’m probably swimmimg against the tide of opinion here as I usually do, but I think that using the SBR foundation to push a financial product like this is wrong.

    Of course, I’m not against donating money to SBR’s charity at all, but 2.66% is a pretty low rate of interest for a cash ISA, of which only 0.1% is being offered to Sir Bobby’s charity. Surely it’s better to put one’s money in an ISA which realises over 3% (which isn’t unusual at all), then donate the extra money, which is considerably more, into Sir Bobby’s Charity?

    It’s a cynical marketing tactic using sentimentality to push a lower rate product, where the Newcastle Building Society will make far more out of it than the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.

    But that’s just me I suppose.

  2. PS I see from the injury list on the right that Obertan’s got the knock. With whom I wonder ?

  3. I know what you’re saying Worky, but it’s one of those “win-win” situations. The SBR foundation make money out of it, and the Building Society get some positive publicity. That’s how things work in this wonderful capitalist society we live in.

    I think the fact it’s the Newcastle Building Society somehow helps mitigate some of the points you make. Romanticism, parochialism and probably some other isms too, I suppose

    I’m not sure chasing the last percentage figure is what everybody does anyway. My personal fortune for example (LOL!) is invested in Northern Rock. They may not give the best return, but they don’t impose any restrictions on the accounts I have – and I like to think my £20 is helping geordies keep their jobs!

  4. AndyMac says:
    April 24, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    “You’re such a cynical bastad WT, dont know where you get it from ?”

    I think it was me mutha, AndyMac.

    If you want to give your money to charity, why give it through a friggin’ banker? Everyone knows how “charitable” those cynical bastads are. Just give it straight to the charity itself.

    It’s the same with “Chuggers” on the street. If you do a Direct Debit to a charity through one of those feckers, the chugging companies get far more of the money raised than the charities themselves.

  5. UTD111 says:
    April 24, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    “I know what you’re saying Worky, but it’s one of those “win-win” situations. The SBR foundation make money out of it, and the Building Society get some positive publicity. That’s how things work in this wonderful capitalist society we live in.”

    UTD111, if you donate the money directly to the SBR foundation itself, that will mean more money for people working in the early detection of cancer. Who would you rather have the money go to, them, or a bank who are cynically using the name to make more money? Writing as someone who used to work in fundraising for good causes without pay, it really rattles my cage to see bankers exploiting charities in this way.

  6. Worky@6

    But you can choose to give directly anytime.

    I think the choice here is between an ordinary ISA or one which supports the SBRF.

    In other words – if someone is taking out an ISA, get one of these ones as it will benefit the SBRF

  7. OK then UTD111, don’t give the Bobby Robson Foundation £30 per annum. Instead, give me the £30 per annum and in return I’ll donate £5.50 of it to the Bobby Robson Foundation. ;-)

  8. Stephen C says:
    April 24, 2012 at 5:34 pm

    “Worky did you get my text mate?”

    I did get a kiss from you on Facebook, Stephen!

    My phone’s on charge ATM. I’ve just switched it on, but no text yet.

    On the subject of ISAs again, I just checked mine and it’s 3.05%. If I donated 0.1% of that interest to Sir Bobby’s Charity with a few clicks of my mouse, I would still be getting 0.35% more interest on my ISA than I would with this Sir Bobby Robson Foundation ISA thing.

  9. Worky

    For a start there’s only £20 – you’re not paying attention!!!

    And NR give interest – whereas you’d just spend the remainder on summat and that would be it gone.

    Hmmph! I think yours is the worst offer of them all – even Barclays pretend to pay interest!!

  10. ignore the Kiss worky it one of those scams that try to get you to sign up for shite.

    they claim it tells you who looks at your profile but to use it you have to answer a survey and then give your details.

    i was reffering to was the sms i sent your phone.

    it was refering to Romain Alafitano

    one of your articles said that the young french guy was on his way.

    as you know skysports follow me around on my travels and the reporter tweeted me earlier saying he has signed today.

  11. Stephen C says:
    April 24, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    “i was reffering to was the sms i sent your phone.

    it was refering to Romain Alafitano”

    Oh aye, I got it a few minutes after my other comment. Thanks for that, Stephen. On the subject of Amalfitano, NUFC sealed a 3 year pre contract some time ago.

    ps So you won’t be hurt or offended if I deleted your kiss from my Facebook page then? :lol:

  12. John Terry has just surpassed Roy Keane on the all time tw@tometer. How can he say the knee for the sending off was accidental?

    We still have the Terry – Anton Ferdinand circus to come this weekend.

  13. UTD111 says:
    April 24, 2012 at 6:04 pm

    “And NR give interest – whereas you’d just spend the remainder on summat and that would be it gone.”

    UTD111, I said £30 for a reason. That’s a rough guesstimate of the interest you’d be missing out on with £5,500 in that ISA compared with one like mine, which isn’t the best by any means. Of the £30 extra they’re trousering through shamelessly using sentimentality, they’re only giving around £5.50 to Sir Bobby.

  14. “Robin Hood, Robin Hood riding through the glen, Robin Hood Robin Hood, with his band of men…Steal from the rich, to give to the poor…

    …Rob a bank!”

    – the Pop Group!

  15. did someone call my name?

    i can fold a a paper hat quicker than usain bolt can run 400 meters

  16. are we still talking about that £30?

    right let me settle it.

    give me £30 each just for arguing.

    ill give £10 to SBRF (better than workys offer)
    i will pay interest.(i mean ill be careful what im doing)

    and you will be able to see your money grow(when my big belly gets fatter after the indian meal at the chelsea game)