Chelsea Looking to Steal Tim Krul?

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Chelsea Target?
It’s being reported in The Mail On Sunday today that Chelsea are looking to make an offer for Tim Krul this summer. And they apparently think they can get him for £15M. This story maybe links with the one we’ve run in the last two days over the future of United’s other top keeper Fraser Forster.

The Mail offers the opinion that this interest from moneybags Chelsea will “knock Tottenham out of the race for the keeper”.

Now far be it from me to suggest this is the London media trying to unsettle our keeper at a time we are entering the final five games of the season and vying for a Champions League spot with – you’ve guessed it! – Chelsea and Tottenham!

However, even though it’s only newspaper speculation, should United fans be worried?

Tim recently signed a new 5 year contract with the St James’ Park club, just before the derby with Sunderland, and he said at the time:

“We are definitely heading the right way and I am really happy to commit my future for five years.

“Of course committing Colo, our captain, is very important for me also because that just shows the way the club is heading at this stage.

“Times are great at the moment. I owe the club and I owe the manager a lot because he gave me the chance to play in the Premier League.

“To play for this club has always been my dream and I am going to do this for the next years to come. It’s onwards and upwards, really.”

Given how well the team has performed this season, I think it’s inevitable that we are going to have a lot of interest in our players during the summer. But the timing of this particular article by the London Media is mischevious, given who we are competing with for that Champions League spot.

The Mail on Sunday article suggests that Chelsea will offer Tim £90,000 per week – which is bound to be a lot more than he is getting from United. Mike Ashley, on the other hand, doesn’t sell prized assets cheaply. Is Tim Krul only worth £15M? Or would he be a “steal” at that price? I think if United are to let our keeper go, he’ll cost a lot more than that!

What do you think?

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33 Responses

  1. It is annoying when the media make speculation like this, even if it is just an attempt to throw Newcastle a curve ball. Transfer rumours will be massive come this summer, but like all our other players Tim Krul’s signature will come at a pretty hefty price thanks to his contract. £15m would be a steal for the man who is surely one of the best keepers in the league.

    It would be nice to see one or two of our players speak out in retaliation and pledge their football to Newcastle United considering we should at least be in the Europa League next season.

    Are we in the Europa League with Everton getting beat yesterday?

  2. Just about there Marty. Everton would have to win all their games and us lose all ours, or Chelsea would have to win the Champions League …..those are the only two scenarios left that would stop us.

  3. UTD 111

    If Chelsea win the champions league,then they would qualify for next season’s CL as defending champs. The top 3 Pl teams would also go into the CL and the fourth team would drop into the Europa League, but, THIS WOULD BE AN EXTRA PLACE and have no effect on the places already allocated. We are in europe if we get another 4 points as it stands now.

  4. To be honest I hardly ever read newsnow anymore and avoid sky sports during transfer windows.
    The reason being it is out of my hands and there is nothing I can do about it.
    Players come and go and it will always happen so it is pointless losing any sleep over it or getting upset.
    Saying that any player that would want to play for a soulless club like spurs or chelsea over us can do one anyway.
    I think we are moving in the right direction,we have a great foundation to build on,hopefully the players do too and Mike continues to bring in decent players and we are pushing the top 4 next season again.

  5. Yorkgeordie – is that right? I hope so!!
    I was working on the 4th placed team taking one of the Europa League places and therefore 6th place wouldn’t be sufficient to qualify.

  6. Thanks for the clarification on the Europa League spot, I’d say the odd’s on us not making it will be pretty low. We should probably concern ourselves more with Chelsea or Spurs if they try to poach Graham Carr from the club.

  7. SJT – aye, but I still think an offer of £15M is an insult if it’s true. I was reading somewhere else that De Gea cost Scumchester £18M – and he’s not even a regular international keeper!

  8. Probably worth about £20m considering his first full season. No need to seel here though. If Ashley wants to make money it should be on Tiote really.

  9. Given that it’s mainly Chelski and little Tottenham that are being linked to our players in the London media – the best thing we can do to dispel these stories is grab that fourth place and be the club that goes into the Champion’s League.

  10. If Chelsea win the Champs Lge and finish outside the top 4, that will have a knock on effect. However, if we finish 6th, we should be ok. 4th is ours for the taking though, surely?

  11. 4th is definitely possible. People point to us having to play Chelsea and Man City – conveniently forgetting how we took Man Utd apart on January 4th 2012 (there! I got that in again!) :)

  12. UTD111 @13:

    I watched the full Man U match again last night. It is a miracle that we managed to win without Ben Arfa.

    This Krul to Chelsea thing sounds made up to me. It is true that Cech doesn’t seem as good as he once was but they have an 8 million pound ‘keeper on loan in Spain.

  13. Nowt but “Fear and Loathing on Tyneside”
    Will those suvern barstewards steal wor best players.
    Will Ashley turn down (an offer he cant refuse)the money?
    After all who was a bigger hero than Andy Carroll at the time, where not only was their no hesitation, he even used his own Copter to deliver him.
    Dont forget lads, football wins and losses are nowt, it’s all aboot the dosh innit !

  14. Do you think Alan Oliver and John Gibson are really the same person? If not, I think they went to the same tanning salon. Judging by their faces, I think it was leather tanning.

  15. I twittered this to Tim Krul earlier…..

    utd_111 utd111
    @TimKrul Tim – you wouldn’t want to go to a London club that has empty seats for an FA Cup semi in their own city?? Stay with the big club!
    Apr 15, 6:30 PM via web


  16. Dammit!

    Chelski 3-1 up – ‘Arry’s bubble continues to burst…

    Those England buggers will be coming after Pards if this keeps up ;/

  17. Whenever we tell Totts they’re not as big as us because they only get 36,000 crowds, the response is “we’re a bigger club, if we had a bigger ground we’d fill it”

    You had a bigger ground today lads. In the words of Delia Norwich….

    “Where are you????”

  18. Aye UTD,

    those empty seats were almost as big a disgrace as cheatly young’s antics.
    What a disgrace that gadj is, along with the refs that are conned by him.

  19. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    April 15, 2012 at 10:47 pm

    “Aye UTD,

    those empty seats were almost as big a disgrace as cheatly young’s antics.”

    Aye Clint, I also remember fans walking out of some place up north called St James’ Park too when their team were down 0-4 to Arsenal.

  20. worky,

    we were (well at least i was) referring to the empty seats from the beginning i.e. they didn’t sell all of their allocation for the semi final of the cup.
    Slightly different situation, although leaving just cos you’re losing sucks big ones & is to be discouraged if not derided.

  21. Clint, worky

    it just goes to show how much the spurs fans never learn.

    they hammer us at their place and every geordie sings until the last blow of the whistle.

    just goes to show Geordies are well and truely the greatest fans on earth

  22. Stepen,

    bang on brother!

    No one likes to watch a hammering, but, it has to be done sometimes, or you’re plastic/fair whether.


  23. typical thick jawdees talking about gates you lot forget in 1991 your ave gate was 15.000 and in 2000 it was 16.000 by the way your ground looks like half a mini welded to half a double decker bus….dont get stroppy coz you have stayed up your a yoyo club and u know it……a luv watching you lot on geordie shore pure inbred whoppers……

  24. Hi Pieater

    0/10 for punctuation and spelling….

    Jealousy is a terrible thing – don’t let it get you too upset!!


  25. They’ve alreay got Petr Cech and i’ve not heard anything about them selling him. I don’t believe they’d spend £15 million on a keeper when they already have a decent keeper.

    Also don’t forget that chelsea have Courtois who is an extremely highly rated keeper who they paid a lot of money for.

    I also don’t really see why Krul would want to go to Chelsea. We might qualify for Champs leage and they might not… At worst we might both be in the Europa cup. Krul has a contract and despite what Andy Carrol would have you believe, the owners of a club can’t force a player under contract to leave if they don’t want to.

    I see no truth in this rumour whatsoever.

  26. If De Gea is worth 19m or whatever Krul is definitely worth a good 5m more. He has spent his whole career – nearly- in England, he speaks good English, is young and is an exceptional goalie. If i was Sir Alex I would have definitely bought him cheap last summer.