Four or five players to join Newcastle in the summer?

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According to press reports Newcastle may sign 4 or 5 players in the summer.
Corgnet still on the radar?
Newcastle United will look to strengthen the squad in the summer (according to press reports) but who are the ins and outs likely to be?

Much of the press is speculating that Newcastle will see a large influx of players in the summer, with some suggesting that as many as five new faces might be present in next season’s squad. The books will of course still have to balance, so what are the likely courses of action?

First, players will need to leave in order to free up the cash for fresh purchases and that will begin by getting Alan Smith – and his alleged extortionate wages – off the books. Lovenkrands’ contract is up in the summer too; I have no idea what sort of wages he’s on but I’m guessing his contract won’t be renewed.

I think two players who may make an exit are Cheick Tiote and Demba Ba. Tiote was signed for a fee of just £3.5m from FC Twente in August 2010 and I’d guess he’s now worth 2-3 times that amount with Chelsea apparently front-runners to sign him. Demba Ba was of course signed on a free and we’ve since heard Harry ‘Loudmouth’ Redknapp blabbing on about some sort of release clause in his contract and that might mean we don’t get too much for him, but his excellent scoring rate this season has certainly attracted attention. In fact, Demba Ba has just been voted ‘Best Signing Of The Season’ having accrued 56% of the vote from the League Managers’ Association (Phil Jones and Scott Parker were second with 13% each).

I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t actually want to let our top scorer go but if there’s any truth in the rumours about the release clause we may not have a choice, although maybe the signing of his Senegalese team-mate Papiss Demba Cisse might help our chances of keeping him.

In terms of incoming players, we’ve supposedly signed a pre-contract agreement for 22 year-old French midfielder Romain Amalfitano from Reims, although the details are sparse and I have no idea how definite such a ‘pre-contract agreement’ is.

I think we need to look at our central defence too. When Steve Taylor ruptured his Achilles and broke the partnership between him and Colo, our defence seemed to suffer dreadfully. Even the return of Williamson didn’t repair matters, although I do feel he has been improving recently. Nevertheless, it would seem like at least one new central defender would be a sensible target.

The club has not so far reached any agreement with Danny Simpson for a new contract (although he is still contracted to us until summer 2013) and I can’t help but think the club would let him go for the right offer anyway. He should certainly be worth more than the £750,000 we paid Manchester United for him in January 2010. Even if he doesn’t go there’s an argument that some competition for the right-back position would be no bad thing, although I reckon Pardew would consider the left-back position ‘covered’ between Santon and Raylor.

The right midfield position never seems quite correct to me either and I get the impression that we’re ‘making do’ there at the moment, so that’s another area Pardew may wish to strengthen. In fact, over the last few days, the press have been linking us (and Arsenal) with Dijon’s Benjamin Corgnet (again) who has 8 goals in 26 appearances for the French club this season. Apparently he can play pretty much anywhere in the midfield, either in a defensive role or up behind the striker(s), although of course any link between him and our club is merely at the rumour stage just now.

It’s just as likely that we’re scouting players on the quiet too – those that don’t make the rumour pages of the press – but it’s a fair bet we’ll be doing a lot of that scouting in France, so stories linking us to French players generally at least sound logical even if those stories are in fact complete twaddle.

We’ve still got a lot of work to do this season of course. Things could easily slip away from us after 4 games without a win and we need to concentrate on the final 10 games. However, no harm in looking ahead, so who do you think will be leaving or joining this summer?

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58 Responses

  1. Well I don’t think Tiote will leave, he doesn’t seemed to be tpp bothered about going & just recently said why would he need to move to a big club as he’s already at one!!! now take from that what you want, the fact is, if he does leave, I doubt he’ll go for anything less than £20m if Ashley is doing the bartering, after all, we don’t need to sell to buy, we’ll have this seasons revenue & if last seasons is anything to go by, it should be even more healthier imo…

    As for Ba.. I’m not even sure he’ll leave… not getting that vibe from him, tho he isn’t playing as well as he did before the ACoN, he’s still a good player, tho if he did go, it wouldn’t be too hard ofr us, not with Cisse on our books :)

    I think Smith, Lover, Xisco, Gosling, Gutherie & Simmo will go/be sold & their wages will cover any & all new faces this summer… no real big names will leave ;) ;)

  2. Hope we can hold onto to Gutherie, still young and really developed this season (putting in some more memorable displays that Cabaye, whose gone off the boil after hitting some nice free kicks/corners earlier in season).

    i think we should think about adjusting the system we play, to accomodate HBA – or risk losing him to a 10/15m bid from a mid table team.

    Simmo will surely sign, where else are u guaranteed a RB spot with practically no competition?

    I’d expect a new RB (e.g.Clyne) to compete for that spot, and a new LB (Santon only has eyes for attack, and Raylor is a squad player).

    Plus a French/Dutch young CB, for 2/4m….

    and a similar lower league, foriegn midfielder..liike this Amarreto chap.

    Plus i’d like to finally say a fond farewell to Lovenkrands/Ranger/Xisco…..and welcome some new blood up front.

  3. As far as I recall AP said we were 3 players short when he arrived and since then its been one out for each man in.
    And don’t for get Harps is gone & Foster doesn’t want to come back – so I’m not happy with the situation if Krul is unavailable.
    So 5 would only bring us up to full strength
    – 1 GK, 2 defenders, 2 MF & 1 forward – added to youngsters on loan who should come of age next season.

  4. Good though Tiote is, I think this idea in some parts that big teams are queing up to offer £20 million for him is wide of the mark right now, more like £10-15 million.

    milner says:
    March 14, 2012 at 2:32 pm

    “i think we should think about adjusting the system we play, to accomodate HBA – or risk losing him to a 10/15m bid from a mid table team.”

    I think a big team who play a less direct style and have a manager who could bring the best out of him would be more likely Milner. On one of the front flsnks in a 4-3-3, or a 4-2-3-1.

  5. milner says:
    March 14, 2012 at 2:32 pm

    “and a similar lower league, foriegn midfielder..liike this Amarreto chap.”

    I think he’s an Italian gadgie, Milner. ;-) I think you mean Amalfitano? He plays from Reims so he might be a “Champagne” footballer. There’s that other French player we’re linked with as well, Cognac or whatever his name is?

  6. On the contrary Toon 69, i think Ashley is looking to make a killing on both Ba and Tiote, in order to fund the importation of three or four new names.
    Top of the list for me is Jr. Hoilett, can play on either wing or behind the CF, with pace to waste and knows where the net is.
    Of course we need at least one top CD plus if we got Pieters a versatile player who can also play both LB and CD if required, plus the fact Santon can cover both FB roles.
    I feel Cabaye can play the back end of a diamond,(the Ya YaTure role) with HBA at the front and Both Hoilett and Marveau filling the winger roles.
    There are a number of permutations, using Hoilett behind Cisse, with Jonas on the right, that is if Ba goes.
    A more radical change would be to use Jonas in the Tiote spot, were Cabaye to become injured, the guy can run all day and we know he can play defense.
    Better to have a lesser number of good versatile players that can fill more than one spot, than any number of deadwood.
    As for those that should be taking taxis,
    Lovenkrands, past sell by date,
    Perch, Inconsistent,
    Guthrie, same thing,
    Gosling ? havent really seen enough,
    Williams, second tier quality,
    Best, seems he’s on his way.
    Obertan, if he had a footballing brain, would be dangerous,
    Could be that Simpson may leave due to contractual problems, then Clyne could be a good replacement.
    But as we seem to do most of our business in France, who the hell knows, but it’s my gut feeling both Ba and Tiote will be gone this summer.
    Both youngsters Abeid and Ferguson, need playing time, if they are to develope, but of course everything i have mentioned is dependant on a manager with more than a hoofballing/eight men defending mentality.

  7. Tiote is a very hard one to call, though I agree that Llambias will probably only sell him for a stupid offer. I would be livid if he left for 7M. Scott Parker cost nearly that much in the twilight of his career after being relegated.

    As for Ba: either he’ll sign a new contract before the end of the season or he’ll go.

    Smith and Loven will come off the books, which will help. Gosling can go now if you ask me, on loan or a sale. Ranger can go anywhere. I don’t think anyone will pay a fee for Xisco or his wages so we’ll be paying him through 2013. He’s got 6 goals in 37 appearances while on loan. How did we get lumbered with this turd?

    Would like to see Guthrie and Simpson re-upped.

    Regarding RM: instead of playing an entire season in a formation for which we don’t have personnel or insisting on going after a right-sided midfielder, WHY DOESN’T AP JUST CHANGE THE FORMATION?!! It’s not like we’ve had great success with his standard approach lately.

  8. chuck says:
    March 14, 2012 at 3:14 pm

    ” Top of the list for me is Jr. Hoilett, can play on either wing or behind the CF, with pace to waste and knows where the net is.”

    It used to be that Stephen Ireland you had a crush on Chuck, what happened to him? Now it’s Hoilett. Canny player mind.

  9. Hoilett is a very a good player but he looks to me like HBA with less ball skill but more pace & physicality. I think we’d have the same problems finding a spot for him and getting the most out of him with this manager, his preferred formation and Ba & Cisse in the squad. I guess he could be a replacement for Ba.

  10. Workey
    Yeah ! your right, was a big fan of Ireland, saw him play some great games for Citeh, intuitive positional player who could visualise and lay on the perfect pass or score himself.
    And as tunyc sez, Hoilett is a different player, with pace and power, who i think would fit in well with this side.
    This is one of the lineups i would’nt mind seeing.

    And thats with only bringing in two players.
    Course that may be a bit confusing for Pardew, using players with technique and tactical skills, he’s not exactly Pep Guardiola is he ?

  11. i would rather have victor moses on the right.

    we wanted him before he left crystal palace but he chose wigan.

    he is doing a great job there its just a shame no one else seems to be.

    i would take victor moses any day.

  12. Stephen
    watched Jr. Hoilett lately ?
    Power & Pace !
    Yeah i recall we were looking at Moses.
    On the contrary quite a number of clubs have looked at both Moses and Hoilett and niether will not come cheap.

  13. I suppose most fans would be loath to see Tiote sold ?
    But think about it, collects a great deal of yellow cards, has not yet mastered the skill of good distribution, does’nt get on the scoreboard, hmm!
    His main role seems to be putting opposing players in the stands, when a bump or an easing off the ball would suffice.
    The guy still has a lot of improving to do and i dont see getting anywhere close to the twenty big ones for him, mentioned by some.
    One of the problems arises from he and Cabaye, playing the same DM role.
    Imo Cabaye could do the job just as well, better, as he has both the ability to score and his distribution is second to none.
    Thats why he plays for France in that position.
    Hey if we get over ten million for him grab it, it will fund reinforcements across the back line.
    Same with Ba (he of the dodgy knee)now he has proved himself as a goalscorer, there should be some decent bids coming in, grab it before his knee blows up.
    Bring in Hoilett and play him behind Cisse as it appears both Ba and Cisse are not really clicking.
    Either that or play HBA in the role with Jr. on the right.

  14. Tiote’s on his way – Owlheed put a “for sale sign around his neck only last week:

    “We’ll be losing one or two names this summer, but that’ll be regenerated back into the squad,” “For instance, Tiote has been with us a year and a half. He is out there. People know he’s a good player. He’s proven in the Premier League. How are we going to stop a “big club” from coming in for him? It’ll be very hard. If someone knocks on the door, the reality may be that we have to trade.”

    He couldn’t have done any more to broadcast that the player is available if he’d put a full page advert in Exchange & Mart”.

    Who are these “big clubs”?? There’s only 2 teams in the EPL get bigger crowds than us – and neither of them can match us for atmosphere. And don’t say it’s purely about trophies – that’s too simplistic. Nottingham Forest have won the European Cup twice – does that make them a big club?

  15. Who are these “big clubs”?? – the ones at the top of the PL year after year who have pots of cash and buy players for £20m+ – manu manc arsenal & chelski – followed by spurs & liverpool !
    We are not in this class – could be – but we are only the Best of the Rest

  16. I don’t accept that these clubs are “bigger” than us – never have, never will.

    I accept they are the current “top” clubs – that’s different. But it’s not a constant thing. Tottenham, for example, were going down before Redknapp came. Top club? I don’t think so. Chelsea were seriously in debt before being baled out by a russian oil oligarch. Man City were nobodies.

    “big” is different to “top” in my book :)

  17. Aye,
    big is different to top or winningest.

    Tiote will only leave if the offer is crazy to refuse.

    Some will be out of contract, so no brainers.
    If Simmo doesn’t wanna deal, bye!
    Same with any player, for me.

    I’d like a couple of defenders, then afford Santon a more midfield birth, he looks good in that position.

    As for hoillet, wouldn’t his pace & power as opposed to skill & flair just downgrade our play? Thought that was what we were trying to get away from?
    I think he’s a canny player for £5/6m but not big money.

  18. I think the problems with lack of defensive options will continue to limit this season’s escapades. It’s hamstringing the entire team actually, needs fixing in summer then we can have a go next season.

  19. UTD111 says:
    March 14, 2012 at 7:01 pm

    “Who are these “big clubs”?? There’s only 2 teams in the EPL get bigger crowds than us – and neither of them can match us for atmosphere. And don’t say it’s purely about trophies – that’s too simplistic. Nottingham Forest have won the European Cup twice – does that make them a big club?”

    So by that rationale… Liverpool have a smaller stadium, don’t match our crowds, so are they smaller than us?

    In my opinion any club that’s won nothing since Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon (allegedly) can’t really say it’s bigger than certain more successful clubs. I love the club, and in my eyes it is a big club. But I’m also not from Newcastle. I also view Spurs and Chelsea as big clubs too though.

  20. ive never seen hoilet play but i think i would still prefer to buy mosses.

    i think he has pace, power and skill that we could do with.

    with all the complaints of HBA needing to play for the team not him self i think mosses would bring the complete article.

    to be a top club we need to keep players as well as adding to the squad.

    imagine a squad with moses and HBA?

    if we dont start keeping key players how can we compete with teams like chlski, arsenholes and liverpool?

    we need to learn from the gaps that have been created by key injuries and make sure adequate cover in available. where would be be with two Steven Taylors? this season williamson has not been good enough.

    where has the williamson of old gone? he was great for us last season but this season seems like he is playing in pain. no confidence and doesnt look comfortable.

    if we sell players like tiote who are we but a club feeding big fish pretending we are more than guppies.

    in my opinion we need players like best and lovens to stick around for cover.

    we need at least two players for each position with young talent there to cover in emergencies.
    we need to build the squad not sell and replace. unless we are in a similar position to the carroll sale where we get a huge amount for a player and invest the cash in 3 or 4 players.

    if tiote goes to chelsea ill be more angry at ashley selling players to a team he supports. conflict of interests i do believe.

    anything less than £25 million for tiote will be a waste of time IMO.

    and it comes to my second point, the point of this whole wage structure. call it constructive dismissal call it what you want, call it similar. but if you work in a industry well known for high wages and you pay a person less that the going rate wouldnt that make that person more likely to leave?
    is fat mike and lamearse deliberately sticking with the wage structure to facilitate player sales should a huge offer come along.?
    IMO if you keep a players wage below average then should a “big” club come in for that player he will more than likely jump ship.
    the grass is not always greener on the other side, but you could certainly paint it as green as you like with the extra wage.

  21. Agreed Tunski, we need more balance across the back line. Our entire left side isn’t balanced and has been easy to stop in an attacking sense. We just need to be patient with our play and stop the hoofing. First half against Arsenal was good, we were patient. We have the personnel for a technical game, especially in midfield, though we need Cabaye for example to be the more attacking midfielder he is, and not another holding midfielder like Tiote… Though that could be due to Pardew’s lack of faith in the defence…

  22. UTD111 says:
    March 14, 2012 at 7:01 pm

    “Who are these “big clubs”?? There’s only 2 teams in the EPL get bigger crowds than us – and neither of them can match us for atmosphere.

    UTD111 i dont know about you but the atmosphere has been poor for the last 2 years it gets quieter and quieter as the season goes on.

    it was poor against sunderland last week. away games arent an issue, if only we could recreate the away game vibe at home we would destroy teams.

  23. It’s hard to say what a ‘big club’ is. Is it trophies? History? Crowds? Finances?

    And is, for example, a trophy such as the FA Cup better than finishing – say – 2nd or 3rd in the League?

  24. Stephen,

    agree re-Willo, last season he forged a great partnership with Colo, when he got injured Saylor was ready to take over & took the shirt back. But like you say Willo has displayed a lack of confidence since he came back.

    When everyone goes to games at SJP for football (purely) the atmos will improve.
    We’ve had a few years of moaning about other stuff now.

  25. A big club, for me, is a historic club.

    manusa, arse, everton, forest, villa, manc, spuds, leeds, liverpool…
    Us, of course.


  26. Yeah a big club is a historically weighty & successful club, not a financial giant – Woolworths was a big store chain wasn’t it? A big club is also not necessarily a famous worldwide one, that’s a current commercial and marketing perspective, and can change at any time.

  27. id take one too jimbob but who would we take it from that is the question?

    and do we wait until someone wins one before we take it like they did with the world cup back in 1966?

  28. Big club, small club what does it matter as long as we progress ?

    Just joined the chat on .com and I’ve just asked the question :-

    Is this team of eleven


    better or worse on paper than this lot ?

    B Arfa

  29. PS WT still working on the Pardwho masterpiece but I’m waiting for a semi decent result before I air the topic, otherwise the numpties will just say “You only whinge when we’re losing” :)

  30. Stephen, Under Ashley NUFC tend to not use much descretion (removal of SJP signs), so I’d be amazed if we could nick anything in that way.

    AndyMac, it’s worse.

  31. Richard Branson, may God place a curse on your beard.

    Take your @%&$ing ripoff @%&$ing broadband which never works, and your stupid, incompetent, lying phone jockeys and shove ’em up your @%&$ing arse!

  32. Big Clubs?
    The all-time Premier League according to

    1 Manchester United
    2 Liverpool
    3 Arsenal
    4 Preston North End
    5 Wolverhampton Wndrs
    6 Sheffield United
    7 Aston Villa
    8 Everton
    9 Burnley
    10 Sunderland
    11 Manchester City
    12 West Bromwich Albion
    13 Blackburn Rovers
    14 Newcastle United
    15 Notts County
    16 Bolton Wanderers
    17 Derby County
    18 Nottingham Forest
    19 Sheffield Wednesday
    20 Bristol City

    That’s reality!

  33. People could argue forever over what makes a “big club”. However, if you ask whether Real Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Internazionale, Juventus, Manchester United, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Ajax and Benfica are “big clubs,” there is little argument. So, what makes them big clubs?

  34. People keep waffleing on at how good our defence was before tayloy was injured need to go back and look at how many saves krul pulled off in them first 10 games,so no the defence aint good despite what 1 or 2 of the wally elerment might think

  35. AndyMac says:
    March 14, 2012 at 9:56 pm

    “PS WT still working on the Pardwho masterpiece but I’m waiting for a semi decent result before I air the topic”

    Oops missed that earlier. Aye, don’t rush it Andy. :lol:

  36. Agreed with everything you said, until you stated Williamson was “much improved of late”. After watching him week in meek out i think I’d even pick titus bumble over him. He’s woeful!

  37. Bet atop to United just isn’t going to happen though is it – he’s far too old to fit the club’s recruitment policy

  38. goodoldjimgold says: “Read between the lines a bit” – on what? a crystal ball? or UTD111’s “Fookin I-pad” more like!

  39. workyticket says: “So, what makes them big clubs?” – those stats are only the league
    – add in FA cups, League Cups and Europe and the “Big Clubs” disappear even further off the top of the table.

    I don’t know if it’s ever been done but it would be worth seeing. I presume we would just add 3 points for a win & 1 for a draw to get a fair figure.

    I assume we would move up a few places.

    Anyone know if it’s been done & where to see it?

  40. i know berbatov might be old and doesnt fit into the policy but he was a toon fan as a child and i think having him at newcastle would be of great advantage.

    if he loves newcastle as much as he says, he will understand the restrictions and structure in wages and contracts.

    berbatov and cisse makes my mouth water.

    also he seems like he has a good football brain, if he wants to finish his football career in newcastle it would be good to have someone like berbs on the coaching staff.
    his wealth of experiance would do wanders for the team.

    so i say bring him in, it cant be any worse that who we have already, and getting rid of lovens, ranger even best could make room for berbs.

    after all he will probably score more goals in the next three years than best, ranger and lovens will put together.

    give him a go, cant be bad if you ask me.

  41. Who or what’s a “BIG CLUB”it’s been done to death, RIP.

    How on earth can you reach the conclusion that power and pace in a player could possibly result in downgrading a sides performance ?
    Talking bout Hoilett.
    As for flair and skills, he’s got them too.
    As for for Williamson, he has’nt forged anything with anyone as far as i can see, except maybe with his missus ?
    He’s too busy ballwatching or on his ass.

    Cabaye plays a role similar to Fabregas, Parke or Ya Ya Toure, can lay on the perfectly weighted pass , score or put his foot in.
    Unlike Tiote who only plays a defensive role,he’s still learning to distribute the ball and his constant collection of cards is not a good thing.
    Someone above mentioned they would,nt like to sell him for anything under twenty five million.
    I dont know what planet he’s on but i would be happy to get anything over ten.

  42. that would be me chuck,

    and as for what planet im on, ive often wandered that myself.

    but £25 million to club like man c or chelcski or even arsenholes is money well spent.

    midfield enforcers are hard to find these days and when they come around they dont come cheap.

    we can talk all day about tiotes yellow cards, but it doesnt make him a quick fire sale.

    where would roy keane be without his yellow and red spotted career?

    at the end of the day keane would be worth £25-£30 million in today market at a young fresh 22-23 year old.

    putting a price tag on tiote of £25 mil is a guide not only to his worth but to his potential. taking anything less that £25 mil means we have sold him too soon for too less. two more season with us and im sure we could guarantee that sum.

  43. Clint Magnum says:
    March 15, 2012 at 10:00 am

    “Agreed with everything you said, until you stated Williamson was “much improved of late”. After watching him week in meek out i think I’d even pick titus bumble over him. He’s woeful!”

    Clint, I’m really sorry about your comment going astray this morning. Unfortunately, your ISP keeps assigning you the same IP as one of the most persistent trolls on this site.

  44. chuck,

    i was only going on what you’ve said mate.
    Give ’em enough rope…

    Keep track kidda!

    You’ve bleated on just about every f***in’ thread about how we need to play with skill, flair, be the new barca etc etc etc. You wanted s ireland cos he had flair, could spot a pass blah blah. Now you’re on the hoillet tip (nowt wrong in that, per se!). But to substitute flair for ‘power’ is a downgrade in my book like.

    As for the constant berating of Williamson, boring!

    I’m gonna spell out what i wrote:


    Ower ‘n’ oot!


  45. Ok Clint, whatever!
    Got my opinions, you got yours, just happens i’m right and your wrong.
    I,m joking of course, bit o’ banter s’ all.

  46. Chuck-check out the Guardian’s blackboards. Tiote’s been one of our most prolific and accurate passers two seasons running. He is not at all just a destroyer. Funny, I remember people thinking that about Essien for a couple years before he showed his skill going forward. Cheick’s well beyond good enough for us and I can’t wrap my mind around your perspective. I mean, yeah, we could sell every player who does well for us in the hope that we can then fund 3 more that will do as well. That works fine if you overlook the fact that we have scouted and recruited plenty of players who didn’t pan out. That will happen again. Ideally, you hold on to the Tiotes out of your recruits and sell off those of lesser potential.

    Whatever the cause, I wonder if Willo’s form could be helped by some credible competition. Couldn’t hurt.

  47. tunyc says:
    March 16, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    “Whatever the cause, I wonder if Willo’s form could be helped by some credible competition. Couldn’t hurt.”

    For the last time, apart from one stumble where he was turned inside out by the Premier League’s most prolific goalscorer, Williamson put in a good performance overall on Monday night and his “form” looked fine to me, and I was there. If anything, that goal had as much to do with Gutierrez as it did with Williamson because he fell asleep in the seconds after our goal against an Arsenal right hand side which was on top form. I notice there’s been no mention anywhere mention about Williamson saving us on more than one occaision with some good interceptions and headed clearences against a very good Arsenal side who made alot of chances for themselves.

    This has nothing whatsoever to do with your comment tunyc, but the abuse of Simpson from retarded know-nothing supporters was $@*&ing unforgivable too. He saved us with another one of his goal-line clearences too before he had the nerve to get injured after Pardew used up all of his substitutes.

    I really do feel ashamed to be a Newcastle United supporter sometimes, especially after reading some of the moronic and ill-informed abuse directed at Simpson on his (now ex) Twitter page. If I wis him, I would just $@*& off to a nicer club where he would be more appreciated.