Arsenal vs Newcastle United match highlights.

Posted on March 12th, 2012 | 32 Comments |

Two collections of highlights of the game.

Full match video, extended highlights, post-match interviews.


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32 Responses

  1. Like i said many matches ago we only have a plan A and no backup plan.

    And that ultimately we only know how to play one way and teams have started to figure us out.

  2. So close to a great result. Simpson and Willo played well. Ameobi was decent and Krul. Ba didn’t really get the chances he wanted although he had a 1 on 1 and passed back. Ben Arfa earning his starting place.

    It was a very attacking lineup from us and we created so little. Obertan poor again unfortunatley.. I really want him to do well too. He wasted a great chance.

    Gutted with the result. Well and truly out of 4th place charge.

  3. Losing too many away and drawing too many at home Norwich game a must win now and cant see Liverpool being as crap against us as they were at sunderland.Hope Everton do us a favour this week.Dont you just love Monday night football.

  4. @maze

    Willo & Simpson were weak links in defence.
    Willo is excellent in the air there’s no doubting that but he gets mugged off time and time again when the ball is on the floor.
    Simpson consistently lacks concentration, but he has good positional sense to be in the right place at the right time.

    Sell Simpson in summer for £5m+. Willo i’d say keep him as backup but that’s the role he’s playing now and he’s responsible for a number of goals.

  5. We were beaten by a better team on the night. It could have been much worse if Arsenal had taken their relatively easy chances.

    For us, I thought Willo (especially in the air), Simpson and Collo were good. No disgrace against RVP whose current goal scoring form is up there with Messi and Ronaldo. Santon was poor yet again. Is it first season syndrome for a foreigner (a la Enrique and Colo) or would he be better on the right or have we bought a dud?
    The much maligned Perch did well given that he is not a left back. Need a left back this summer.

    Tiote was his usual combative self with his usual yellow card but Cabaye looks burnt out. If he doesn’t play well against Norwich I would replace him with Guthrie till the end of the season.

    Jonas put in his usual shift but we really need a left footed left back to complement Jonas who can go either way. Obertan was a great disappointment. I think the idea was right using his pace on the counterattack but his decision making was really poor, even the Sky commentator was puzzled. Obertan always looks like the rabbit in the headlights, and often acts that way.

    I was really pleased with Ben Arfa. He is not a tackler but he is working really hard for the team and that’s all we can ask. He is not having a French strop or failing to break sweat and sulk like some many previous French wingers at Newcastle. He deserves to play every game. Great goal, very typical Ben Arfa. Ba looked good, especially in the air where he had the better of the Arsenal defence but sadly he had no support. Shola did well to hold up play.

    Dissapointing yes but who at the start of the season could have ever guessed that the Sky commentator would be saying about both teams that this was a game that each had to win for a chance of a Champions League position. We have come a long way and hopefully it is only going to get better.

  6. thanks for the highlights worky

    Kamar says – “We have come a long way and hopefully it is only going to get better”.

    Well, not with Pardew I’m afraid.
    Now that’s not just another routine knock at the man – I accept he has done well to get us where he has, but with each match it is clear that he is at his limit.

    In the 4 prof english leagues he would be a success with 3 and 3 quarters of those teams and their level of players
    – he can organise them into a simple system, play basic football and grind out results – 4-4-2, long balls to fast forwards, playing percentage chances
    – until he meets well organised better players playing superior football – at which point he futiley bangs his head repeatedly against the door

    Stick with this and we will have years of some good results but ending in the 7th-11th zone

    If we want to move up and into europe then we need a radical rethink – and I doubt he can do it!

  7. Supermac says:
    March 13, 2012 at 11:11 am

    “thanks for the highlights worky”

    Nee botha Supermac.

    Just eating some pie then the whole game, extended highlights, post match interviews and punditry gannin’ up.

  8. Super,

    I think differently.

    I would rather stick with Pardew than having to go through one new manager after another as we did under Shepherd with little or no success. Shepherd tried it and it didn’t work. He threw (other peoples) money at it and it didn’t work.

    I believe that constant hiring and firing of managers achieves little or nothing compared to sticking with a manager for a resonable period, say 5 years.

    Better the devil you know etc etc!

  9. Red meat “increases the risk of death by 13%” according to the BBC. But I always thought there was a 100% risk of death anyway. Or have I missed the government doses of immortality pills?

  10. Kamar – 5 years?
    I see your point – stability & all that, but we would be stabilising below the top – is that what we want?

    Another Everton?
    If so then fair enough – provided we win a couple of cups in that time with a few trips into europe.
    We could boast that we were the “Best of the Rest” and go home happy with 4 points off 5under1and every season.

    Are you sure that’s what we want?

  11. Hugh de Payen says:
    March 13, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    “Or have I missed the government doses of immortality pills?”

    It’s called a postcode Hugh. According to the Office for National Statistics, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is the best place to live if you want to chug along virtually forever. On the other hand, if you want to pop your clogs at 30, move to Glasgow.

  12. Alan Pardew has blamed Danny Simpson for the defeat last noght, speaking of the deciding goal, the Silver Supremo said:

    “Poor old Danny Simpson couldn’t move, and in the end, it was in his area.

    “He just couldn’t get back to defend it.”

    But if he was knackered, surely the manager should have substuted him? Or perhaps he should rely more on tactics which don’t require such a high workrate from the players, as ours do?

  13. worky,

    we’d used up our subs by the time Simpson was crocked, apparently.
    Maybe we shoulda just got everyone on the goal line for the last minute.
    Some on others shoulders…is that allowed?

  14. It’s difficult to find fault with the way we played last night. Arsenal are very much in form and if we had turned up the way we did against Spurs and Fulham, we’d have been on to a real hiding. We almost came away with a great point. As it was, we came away having given 100% and as they like to say, you can’t ask for more than that.

  15. Paul in H/wood,

    it was a tough fought game between 2 teams a few points apart & a couple of league positions.
    We were undone by the amount of ‘overtime’ webb decided to afford the arse.
    That visibly lifted them.

  16. Kamar
    Like Supermac sez, depends on what you are willing to settle for.
    With Pardew, hoofball and midtable mediocrity, best of the rest or whatever.
    Face it at his age he is not exactly on a steep learning curve, what you see is what you get and yesterdays second half was a display of desperate defending, combined with mindless hoofball up the middle.
    Then again we are not sure as to what Ashley wants?, the purchase of Cisse was a surprise, why spend that kind of cash, he aint all that ? at least so far.
    Is he (Ashley)in it to recoup his loan as a selling side?
    ready to cash in on developing young future stars?
    Or is he trying to build a competitive side ?
    Apparently Llambias is willing to let our top guys go if the price is right, which would indicate, we are in it for the money.
    Regardless! Pardew was brought here as a guy who would do as he’s told, not for his managerial skills, at least i hope thats the case, cause if he was brought here as someone with inovative or tactical skills, someone screwed up.
    There are plenty of good young managers that could utilize this squads abilities to the max, why hold onto someone who obviously has no clue, is that what you consider a sensible policy ?

  17. CLiNT FLiCK says:

    “We were undone by the amount of ‘overtime’ webb decided to afford the arse”

    Yet the stats show

    61% – 39% possession
    23 – 4 Goal attempts
    8 – 2 On target

    That suggests a hammering albeit not actually in goals and our stats are on a par with Blackburns at the Emirates and they lost 7-1 !

    Clueless football with plenty of honest endeavour, yet with the personnel at his disposal Pardwho could have done so much better. We are tactically inept, naive unimaginative call it what you will. Pardwho offers so little variation in what he does that I think he’s managing by numbers (like painting by numbers for those old enough).

    How the f he thought Obertan would come good yesterday when he’s done v little all season is just inexplicable. You cannot tell me there wasnt a better option than playing him in a central mid role yesterday ? :(

  18. Andy,
    it may ‘suggest’ that mate, but as i was there, that’s not at all what it looked like in real time, pitch-side.
    I certainly don’t recall them having 24 shots like.

    Wasn’t it Obertan that set up HBA?
    Him & HBA were swapping roles.

  19. Soz CF but I watched it on SS and could see from the comfort of my armchair that almost every time Arse went forward they looked as if they might score whereas we failed on a regular basis to keep the ball long enough to do anything useful with it.

    Note the similarity in numbers between the two games ?

    PS Not to nit pick but the Telegraph stats show Obertans average position was roughly central on the halfway line. Which is roughly about as far as he got “on average” :)

  20. Well being there, i didn’t feel at all worried by their blank firing, until the anomalous 5 mins overtime was announced, they were lifted by the extra time & made it pay.
    “There are lies, damned lies & then there are statistics”.

    & they can be spun any which way one chooses.

    As your eg’s plainly illustrate, the yawning gap between a 7-1 & a 2-1.

  21. I think you’ll find Webb added an element of “Wasted time” hence part of the extra five minutes. We didnt help ourselves on that score.

    Blackburns stats, even though they lost 1-7, show they still managed one more shot than we did. Probably because we were under pressure for most of the game even though it didnt amount to seven goals.

  22. No time was wasted by Krul last night.
    It is a typical arse crowd ploy, they always try that.
    webb did not once say or intimate anything to Krul about his game, therefore why would he add time on.
    They were trying on that shit from about 20 mins into the game, it’s a well rehearsed ploy mate.
    arse are a team that have just slammed milan & spuds & it took them ’til the 5th minute of fake overtime, at home to break us down.
    You could be suffering a slight delusion Andy, mate.
    We aren’t world beaters, we’re not even euro beaters, we’re a pretty decent top 6-8 prem team, recovering from a recent descent to the chumpionship with a relatively new team of players.
    Howay man!

  23. “You could be suffering a slight delusion Andy, mate”

    We all know you have black and white tinted specs CF but I know what I saw, albeit on TV. We were lucky to escape with 2-1 when it could have been 4 or 5.

    If we’d shown any real attacking intent after the break then maybe, just maybe we could have taken the pressure off what was a knackered defence and midfield by 80 minutes. They were all out on their feet by 90 so it wasnt really a surprise that we let it slip.

  24. Amusing comments from HW in the Telegraph

    “Arsenal’s captain had been annoyed all game at the occasional time-wasting of Krul, who could not have taken a more languid approach to goal-kicks had he dressed as Noel Coward, donned a smoking jacket and composed some pithy lines while preparing to kick downfield. Van Persie needed to be held back by his team-mates as he taunted Krul about the dangers of time-wasting”

    Presumably we’re both suffering slight delusions ? :lol:

  25. Aye mate,
    i support the Toon, no points for that like.

    You can’t argue with the assessment though, surely?
    They are champions league (17{is it?} & counting), we’re 2nd season back in the prem, rebuilding.
    They have consistency of management, we have a new manager every other year.
    It’s not hard to appraise.
    Aye, i’m dyed in the wool, but i’m realistic too.

  26. Last point about last night.

    “Poor old Danny Simpson couldn’t move, and in the end, it was in his area. He just couldn’t get back to defend it”

    “As I say, maybe in possession we could’ve done a little bit more, but we gave everything. They were bang in form, Arsenal. It was really hard to stay the course, and to get to 94 minutes, it’s galling to lose. We could have offered a bit more threat than we did.”

    No shlt sherlock !!

  27. Well,
    it’s hardly surprising that the torygraph would side with the gooners, whilst being ever so slightly sucked into some boringly popularist jibe against a (to them) non english team…is it?
    I would want them ‘backing’ me up in court like, would you?

    When a player is wasting time, the ref always warns said player about such tactics. That did not happen.

  28. Andy,
    i understand where ya’ coming from mate, really i do, i was there & it was disappointing to lose the hard fought point we almost battled our way to.
    I just think you’re being a little too hard on the Lads mate.

  29. added time was for both teams. newcastle should have been good enough to take the advantage of those 5 minutes injury time to grab full three points !!