Newcastle United vs Aston Villa long match highlights and post match interviews..

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Highlights of the game. Great debut and great debut goal from Demba’s best mate, Demba, as the Lions of Teranga combined to create double trouble for the Villans. Of course, it almost goes without saying that Demba mark 1 scored too on his return from Africa.

ps: Now updated with longer “MOTD” highlights.

Newcastle United vs Aston Villa full match video

Post match interviews

Silver Supremo

Ginger whinger.

Papiss Cisse and Demba Ba.

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49 Responses

  1. great result great team performance special praise to ?
    every man on the pitch raylor sarificed himself for the cause demba ba say no more,number nine strike from cisse perch solid guthrie excellent the back four great especially santon captains performance from the captain jonas excellent and another VERY GOOD performance from gabriel obertan mark my words obertan will be one of our best signings

  2. Jamie Rednapp reckoned that even with 2 GKs that shot would have been unstoppable.

    Were the fans singing theres only 2 Dembas? Crowd not really mentioned on Sky commentary

  3. The contract of right-back Tavernier is also up for renewal at the end of the season, but he WON’T be among those leaving in the summer.

    The 20-year-old will be rewarded with a new contract in the next few weeks as recognition for his development this season.

    He is currently on loan at MK Dons after spells with Sheffield Wednesday and Carlisle this season.

    “James is staying at this football club,” Pardew told the Sunday Sun.”

    “He will be at this football club next year – 100 per cent.”

    well done to him hope we dont sell the lad!

  4. “James is staying at this football club,” Pardew told the Sunday Sun.”

    “He will be at this football club next year – 100 per cent.”

    Probably because Simpson won’t be.

  5. Jimbob says:
    February 5, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    “James is staying at this football club,” Pardew told the Sunday Sun.”

    “He will be at this football club next year – 100 per cent.”

    Oh dear. I wonder who he’ll sign for then Jimbob.

    I thought Pardew said he was giving that kkind of talk up after ending up in the shite almost every time he said things like that before?

  6. If you don’t want to know current scores then look away now.

    Chelsea winning 3-0 at present. :(

  7. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    February 5, 2012 at 5:16 pm

    “Chelsea winning 3-0 at present.”

    Not much chance of Man U winning 11-0 then Grumpy.

    Oh! I’ve put in some slightly longer highlights to go with the original ones. they’ve taken the commentary out and replaced it with the worst music ever recorded though so turn the sound down first!

  8. Think Tav will be here Worky. But Simpson will be off.

    Should really get in a left-back. Santon never uses his left peg. Ever. I think he’d be better off on the right side, he just doesn’t look comfortable.

    Pardew likes his wing play, and Santon has to continually switch to his right foot.

    I dunno. Great win today. Looks like Chelsea are doing their best to self destruct… How bad is David Luiz… I mean for £20 mill he’s proper shite.

  9. 3 points banked fantastic strike from cisse,what a cannon of a left foot the boys got,the dream gos on another step towards european football well happy :)

  10. Yeah, great come back for ManU, Torres squandered a sitter towards the end. £50m, what does that make Ba worth?

  11. Great game another 3 points well done lads.Whos to say we cant pull off the impossible next week at spurs gives Harry something more to worry about while hes going down.

  12. officially: “Best ruled out for six weeks” AP said minutes ago. Hope we won’t suffer his absence, being boosted by new number 9

  13. Any word on what the injury to Besty was? Glad he’s not out longer and that we are now in a much stronger position with P. Demba Cisse in the side. Just brilliant for him to score on his debut.

  14. Wait until Cisse settles in! We still have Cabaye and Tiote to come back at some point too! :D

  15. What a great way to strt the day! I was done and dusted with that win by 7:30 am. I think all the players looked good with extra praise for Danny Guthrie. Even Perch is looking much less like a fish out of water and proving he can swim, not sink, in the Prermiership.

  16. well the 11-0 didnt happen not happy man u :),well pardew must be the Noah of newcastle two demba’s two Argentinians, 3 danny’s,2 taylors and a handful of Frenchmen!

  17. also shay given being called dodgy keeper by the fans bit of banter i guess, he aint all bad :)

  18. Paul, and that’s the key. We need need players who can come in and do the business. Raylor and Danny G epitomize that. They’ve both been excellent this term. We just need more depth and we’re gonna be in great shape, I think. Cisse will defo give us a boost. We really need another solid CB, but we look to be in pretty good shape. If we’re really gonna try to compete in cups though (and possibly Europe) we need a good infusion of quality into the side. We’re just to the point now where I think we have a pretty solid side for competing in the league. Too bad we’re facing spurs w/o Cabaye and Tiote, but perhaps we’re catching them at a good time, with all of the drama surrounding them.

  19. Great stuff! 24 games played & we’ve won half of them and drawn a quarter – only 14 games left ! 5th in the PL – no flash in the pan now are we!


  20. Well done to Guthrie & Perch for showing what can be done when played in a familiar role.
    Perch especially, he’s looking confident, he deserves some praise.
    Great to see some of the ‘unfashionable’ players doing a top job.

  21. Oh bollocks! Nodded off again, hardly any sleep for two days. Catching up with evertything now. Divven’t worry about prediction scores etc – on their way. Sorry.

  22. worky,

    the managers interviews never work/run for me.
    The highlights do!

    I don’t get it!
    Any ideas?

    February 5, 2012 at 6:40 pm

    “3 points banked fantastic strike from cisse,what a cannon of a left foot the boys got,”

    Toonarmy, I’ve been watching him with Freiburg since early in the season and I can say for sure that he definitely has two feet, and isn’t too fussed which one he scores with. He can whack it fairly accurately with his right too if he has to!

  24. Not for a while worky, i’m trying to keep as few apps as possible on my comp.
    It’s weird that it runs the highlights but not the interviews though, isn’t it?

  25. CLiNT FLiCK says:

    February 6, 2012 at 12:05 am

    “It’s weird that it runs the highlights but not the interviews though, isn’t it?”

    Different media players Clint. I’ve had problems with the BBC one or whatever it is, can’t seem play ’em in IE9 ever, though IE9 is absolutely shite too. I’m not just blindly biased against MS browsers, it’s just that IE9 really is a massive cock up.

  26. worky,

    don’t have beyond ie7 as 8 messes up pro tools. I run safari on pc. It does everything ‘cept the bloody manager interviews.

  27. MOTD2 praise for Guthrie & Jonas good to hear. Good analysis of Jonas’ role infront/support of defence – he gets too much criticism as a simple winger and not enough appreciation of his broader role.

    But most importantly this was a good solid guttsy team performance from all the players, everyone worked & fought from start to finish – no one hid and no one let us down.

    We are going into the last third of the season stronger & more confident than we began – great work from all concerned.

    Dare I now say “Alan Pardew’s Black & White Army” ?

  28. The manager interviews don’t work for me in FF or chrome.I always assumed it was because of a non-UK IP blocking dealie. the highlights almost always work though. I just watch the interviews on sky.

  29. Tripp says:
    February 6, 2012 at 1:17 am

    “The manager interviews don’t work for me in FF or chrome”

    The post match interviews used to work for me in Firefox but not IE9, now they don’t work in Firefox either. I’m trying to fix it though Tripp.

  30. Tripp says:
    February 6, 2012 at 2:35 am

    “many thanks, worky. Now get yersel some sleep mate!”

    Nee botha Tripp!

    Hadn’t slept for two days then I nodded off for a few hours when I should have been writing the match report. Now I can’t sleep again!

    Much better, much longer highlights from “Match of the Day” now up!

  31. Tripp, I’m just putting up a post with a link to the full game if you’re interested?

    The match report has kind of fallen by the wayside for the moment though as I’ve forgotten what a bed feels like!

  32. well it was either him or obertan.

    apparently obertan is the only one who understands everyone.

    does he not know 7 languages?

    obertan then next mourinio?