Danny Simpson rubbishes contract speculation after fan abuse.

Posted on February 28th, 2012 | 23 Comments |

Danny Simpson.
Danny Simpson: Pooh-poohing contract gossip on Twitta.
Tweeting on his Twitter page, Newcastle United full back, Danny Simpson, has rubbished the recent media speculation on his negotiations for a new contract.

It has been reported that Simpson has turned down the club’s latest contract offer, which has been variously reported as £20,000 per week with no bonuses and also £25,000 per week. The sources for these stories are still unclear, however in response to the speculation, Simpson tweeted:

“Just to clarify with all the fans, paper talk is rubbish n the main thing is 4 the team 2 keep doing well until the end of the season n I’m 100% committed 2 that.”

The player has recently been the subject of some abuse from “fans” on the same Twitter page since the stories in the media emerged, including such gems as:

“@dannysimpson12 its true, we have cabaye, benny, guthrie + guti, all good technically, then we got danny playing hoofball!!”

“@dannysimpson12 when u **** off to qpr or villa i will still be following #nufc home and away, you and williams r not good enough”

“you still like @dannysimpson12 now after his contrat “situation” hahaha”

“@dannysimpson12 hopefully u will **** off back to manchester you r **** and not good enough”


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23 Responses

  1. FFS!!! If these jokers believe what the papaers say then sure, drive a wedge between fan and player – but don’t whine when players get sick and give a collective FU to the fans – salary should be irrelevant to the fans as we don’t pay it directly, and we’d all negotiate a pay rise if we could. What we should look at is the play, and team play is about balance. We can’t all be skill and flow, we need grit and skill. Pfffft.

  2. Mothboy says:
    February 28, 2012 at 2:48 pm

    “FFS!!! If these jokers believe what the papaers say then sure, drive a wedge between fan and player”

    Mothboy, Or a certain managing director has been feeding stuff to the press too (all Mirror Group seemingly) to drive a wedge between fans and certain managers / players when it suits. That “Madness of King Kev” story was an early example and there have been several other examples including players.

    Fans don’t know the half of what’s going on, they’re being manipulated like puppets.

  3. I would like to think that players like Simpson understand that these idiots don’t represent true fans. Unfortunately I can understand how reading stuff like this will have detrimental effect on morale and certainly is not conducive to committed and confident performance. And don’t think that it doesn’t affect morale beyond those who are in direct line of this cowardly criticism. Instead of criticising the players, Pardew, Ashley and anyone else they can think of, they should start looking at themselves as a reason for the nervous performances we are beginning to see.

  4. Listen, we got him cheap and he has proven to be a bargain, a steadily improving and a no nonsence defender, who quietly gets the job done.
    I,m quite satisfied with a defender, who does’nt try the spectacular and does’nt constantly go to ground or play to the crowd with the big hit.
    And that’s Danny Simpson,too bad some of our fans choose to criticise him for things going on be-tween his agent and the club.
    Apparently he has been playing for a low figure during his present contract and we are aware that this club is presently not the most generous when it comes to contracts, let the club and his agent work it out.

  5. Tony Toon says:
    February 28, 2012 at 3:31 pm

    “Instead of criticising the players, Pardew, Ashley and anyone else they can think of, they should start looking at themselves as a reason for the nervous performances we are beginning to see.”

    Tony Toon, didn’t you once write on here that we should blame the players and their attitude, and not Pardew’s tactics for our capitiulation to Fulham?

  6. chuck says:
    February 28, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    ” Apparently he has been playing for a low figure during his present contract”

    £10,000 per week and we paid around £500,000 for him Chuck.

  7. Workyticket – there is a big difference between showing disappointment over a lack of collective discipline when we and they know they are better than that and singling out individuals for distasteful abuse and accusing them alone for all defensive shortcomings. What I was saying was that the unrelenting personal abuse can’t possibly have any positive outcome. Don’t you agree?

  8. Tony Toon
    Thats just bullshit !
    You want to blame the fans, who watch the game for the teams performance ?
    Fact is you get lousy managers and some lousy players and we got both.
    People such as football players are public figures who should be open to criticism, sometimes unjustified, sometimes deserved.
    To describe this as cowardly criticism is laughable.
    C’mon guy!

  9. Tony Toon, yes, it’s true that there is a big difference. However, in that Fulham game, Pardew was outmanoeuvred after a tactical change by Jol. I also think that generally, Pardew’s policy of criticising players in public for what are sometimes his own mistakes isn’t productive, is rubbing off on some of the fans and could affect a player’s confidence.

  10. Really too bad that he’s one of the most underappreciated members of the squad. We’ve got a solid starting RB who has personally saved a handful of points for us this season for 750K (tops). What the hell do people expect?

  11. I’m possibly opening up a can of worms here but anyway… We see all kinds of statistics on this and other sites but I think that if there was a way of quantifying the size of a club, perhaps by size of home ground support, and compared this with the number of trophies won over the past 40 – 50 years, I think that NUFC would be bottom of the list. My reason for thinking in this way is provoked by the stick some fans are dishing out to Simpson. There is perhaps a growing frustration that we are just not good enough for our size and that we deserve better. If this is the case, how can it be rectified?

  12. to be honest if danny simpson is listening to the fans he’s a bigger mug than i thought
    I def don’t think simmo is england material but he’s good enough for toon where we are now
    thick fans are living in some bygone age that probably didn’t even exist trouble with social media is that you get instant feedback, if you court this shit then you are gonna get slated no matter way happens so i have no sympathy

  13. How he has been offered a new deal is beyond me, he is the weak link in our defence with his poor positioning and marking and inability to stop crosses/shots coming in.

    Get rid asap.

  14. Simpson isn’t good enough though, can’t close down and never will, can’t go forward with the ball good enough for Newcastle United AND can’t block the ball, time and again giving horrible deflections like the ones against Wolves. The truth hurts!

  15. @15 DJG

    Can’t block the ball?

    I can distinctly remember about 4 blocked shots against villa and another 4 goal line blocks during the season.

    I like him, he’s learning and coming on slowly but surely. He’s got a good challenge in him and he came out with a wonder-strike against wolves which, unluckily hennessey was equal to. it was a good save.

    I’ll mark him down for a few way-ward passes when we’re going forward and a few wrong decisions. unfortunately for simmo when he makes a wrong decision it has cost us in the past (like coming back on to the goal line for a 40 yeard free kick)

    These things are the things people remember. If you’re looking for him to muck up (like obertan) you will pick every fault with him and brush off any good he/they does/do as a one off.

    I think he just quietly goes about his business.

    No one has a perfect game, even ‘shit-smells-of-roses’ colo and ben arfa.

  16. Also, you can’t blame anyone for a deflection. You can’t blame anyone for the laws of physics.

  17. I think we all agree Simpson is not the best right back and is off in the Summer.

    However until then, he is wearing the shirt, and slagging him off on twitter or from the stand is pretty stupid as it doesn’t help him perform for the club.

  18. Right then stato’s:

    How many goal line clearances has Simmo made during his career at Newcastle?

    How many premiership points have these clearances directly rescued?

    Not sure exactly but deffo in the region of lots.

    He’s not amazing but he’s decent,
    I rate him and would like to see him stay.

  19. All this guff about clearances off the line is a very poor excuse for keeping him in the team. Whilst Raylor was at LB, he set up and scored a large amount of goals, nobody mentions this. Danny Simpson costs us more points than he saves us.
    Yeah he cost us next to nothing, but that’s no excuse! He’s just not good enough. Whatever has caused his massive dip in form from average player to God awful, it can’t be rectified so he just needs cutting loose. Williamson and Simpson are poor, our right flank was held together by Staylor covering for Simpson every time he messed up but now he’s gone, Williamson has lost his confidence so it’s all gone to pot.
    That McClean lad will rip Simpson apart on Sunday, I just hope pardew has the brains to put Jonas at RM to cover Simpson. Did anyone notice the difference it made having Jonas on the right against Spurs??

  20. Billy the fish
    You start off by claiming you think we all agree that Simpson is not the best RB (a vague statement)and he’s off in the summer.
    Then having slagged the guy, you make the claim that slagging him of is pretty stupid ?
    In which case it appears you are invertantly calling yourself stupid, have i got that right ?

  21. Who do we get who’s better then, guys?

    Remember the constraints. Pieters at 6M? Nope. Ridgwell for 4M? Strike two. Mariappa for 3M? No dice.

  22. tunyc says:
    February 29, 2012 at 8:49 pm

    “Ridgwell for 4M? Strike two.”

    I think Ridgwell went to WBA for more like £2.5 million tunyc, though the fee was undisclosed. Newcastle’s final bid for Mariappa was highly exagerrated too.