Blackburn Rovers vs Newcastle United match highlights and post match interviews..

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Highlights of Newcastle United’s 0-2 victory at Ewood Park, with the first being an own goal by Blackburn’s Scott Dann (a deflected shot off Ryan Taylor). The Magpies’ second coming from Gabriel Obertan after he picked up an excellent pass into space by Peter Lovenkrands.

I will update these with better / longer ones when they become available, along with UTD111’s full match report.

Post match interviews.

The Silver Supremo himself.

Troubled Steve Kean.

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25 Responses

  1. lol obertan will prob get on the teamsheeet regular now oh dear bad night at the office allround but hats off tim krul and colo. best forget this one and move on . we got off handsomely.

  2. JAY says:
    February 2, 2012 at 12:18 am

    “lol obertan will prob get on the teamsheeet regular now”

    It would probably go back to Benny on the bench and two big lads upfront if that were the case Jay.

    Well, I know Cisse isn’t massive (6’0″) but you know what I mean.

  3. I think we are starting to see what Pards has been seeing for a while and that is Benny is giving the ball away too much and needs a very strong players around him to be able to take on the extra workload of getting the ball back but also being there for him when he can create a bit of magic. I have no doubt that when we have Tiote and Cabaye back as well as the threat of Ba and Cisse we will be giving other teams far more to worry about.

    Simpson is getting very annoying the way constantly lets his player get inside him, and gave away the penalty but also saved a certain goal off the line so and up and down match for him.

    Not a great match to watch but a great result.

  4. “It would probably go back to Benny on the bench and two big lads upfront” – yes, Pardew’s now got the players he needs to make 4-4-2 work, so providing he can get them organised let’s give him a chance to prove he’s right.

  5. Thank goodness we’re back to highlights after the last two rounds of lowlights. Mind you, the other 88 minutes of this match left nothing to feel very good about.

  6. well, it would seem (judging from the video) that we were hardly convincing, but we got our 3 points and that’s really all that matters. When are the Senegalese lads back in Toon? We could use them. What happened w/Cabaye? Did he do something stupid out of frustration in the FA cup match?

  7. Tripp says:
    February 2, 2012 at 1:42 am

    “but we got our 3 points and that’s really all that matters.”

    It isn’t ALL that matters Tripp, football is supposed to entertain people too. It should be beautiful as well as effective, it should be played in the right way.

  8. workyticket says:
    “It isn’t ALL that matters Tripp, football is supposed to entertain people too. It should be beautiful as well as effective, it should be played in the right way.”

    …and last night, at Ewood Park, it did not live up to expectations. In fact, it was almost as bad as the video feed.

  9. And… Pardew pisses me off somewhat by saying “To get a win on the back of Brighton was brilliant…”
    Bollox, that was the least you could provide after that dismal exit from the cup you were saying we could win.

  10. Paul in Hollywood says:
    February 2, 2012 at 3:04 am

    “…and last night, at Ewood Park, it did not live up to expectations. In fact, it was almost as bad as the video feed.”

    It wasn’t exactly “Hollywood” Paul. Some of the stats tell a story:

    Shots on Target: Blackburn Rovers 12, Newcastle United 5.
    Shots off Target: Blackburn Rovers 11, Newcastle United 4.
    Corners: Blackburn Rovers 14, Newcastle United 2.
    Fouls: Blackburn Rovers 9, Newcastle United 17.

  11. Well, it was the shadier/dodgier side of Hollywood where the streets are most certainly not paved with gold.

  12. As already mentioned, not a great match, but a good result. Now we can occasionally not play well and win matches, which is usually something that good teams do. These are the sort of results we need to get to keep up our momentum!

    A few points:

    – I agree with Simpson often being caught out of position, but think that the same thing applies to Santon, but Danny has definitely saved a number of points this season with goal-line clearances.
    – Again, an anonymous performance from Ameobi. You can forgive certain players for not being the most skillful or technically adept but commitment and enthusiasm count for a lot. However, Ameobi appears to lack both of these and is so often just a passenger. Disappointing.

    Be gentle…..this was my first time!

  13. Well it certainly wasn’t “Showbiz” or “Entertainment” anyway Paul.

    Did you know that Pardew’s motto, which he thought up for his own brand of football is “Tenacity, Spirit and Flair.”

  14. No, distinctly lacking in the showbiz/entertainment department, although I did like Lovenkrand’s flick on and Obertan’s finish.

    I will hold out on Pardew’s motto until he has his full team back. It could yet come to pass once Tiote, Cabaye, Ba, Cisse and Saylor are back, assuming all such players can be retained. Marveaux and Ben Arfa are also part of this mix.

  15. Temple Fugate says:
    February 2, 2012 at 3:37 am

    “Be gentle…..this was my first time!”

    Well it’s good to have you here Temple Fugate!

    As for Ameobi, he may not be the greatest but was actually fairly ok in the game against Brighton, not great but OK, yet some of the comments he received from fans were absolutely awful. In this game he was actually slightly better and covered a hell of alot of distance, yet people are still calling him “lazy”. Sometimes players do create the wrong impression, Shola’s general gait kind of creates an impression of laziness which is false.

    Paul in Hollywood says:
    February 2, 2012 at 3:49 am

    “Marveaux and Ben Arfa are also part of this mix.”

    I don’t know Paul. I still think he has problems with fitting in Ben Arfa to his style, though I think that he appreciates his talents. As for Marveaux, I hope I’m wrong but I do have a feeling that his groin will keep going in the future, especially with his explosive style of play.

  16. This is off topic…. But where will Newcastle have to finish on the log to make Europa league?

  17. southafricantoon,

    I think it all depends on who wins the League Cup and FA Cup and where they are in the league. I had thought that the losing team in the final would qualify (if the winner had qualified for the Champions League) but someone said sometime ago that it’s not or no longer the case. In that scenario, the qualification for the Europa League is then down to position in the league.

    Could be wrong. Need someone who knows to explain.

  18. I think that Pardew’s tactics / substitions were correct last night. Without Tiote in midfield we clearly needed a defensive player to try and break up their attacks, as we were being swamped.

    I have been impressed with the much maligned Perch. He is like Raylor in that they will never be stars or perhaps first choice but can be relied upon to do a solid job when asked.

    I think that Ben Arfa is a bit of a liability away from home. He keeps losing the ball too much and although he now tracks back alot he hasn’t got the ability to get stuck in, unlike Jonas and Obertan.

    I agree with a comment made earlier that Ben Arfa is probably best used when we have Tiote, Cabaye, Ba and Cisse playing.


  20. Great result last night who knows a result against villa and man utd winning at chelsea could see us close the gap on fourth spot unreal or what.Gutted Norwich lost though really fancied them for at least a point.Who is this Obertan by the way.

  21. Santon is far worse than Simpson for letting players get inside him. Hoilett had the inside all night.

    I insist, having watched him for a decade, that Shola does indeed switch off at times. At this point, though, the problem with him is a lack of athleticism. He’s walking around at the end of games because he’s spent but AP refuses to take him off.

  22. i agree with tunyc about shola to be honest but i and im sure i speak 4 every1 on here do not condone the idiots that have been interested in abusing this lad racialy. we have no place for u lot of idiots at our club, shola is more welcome than u anyday of the week!