Toon sweep Manchester United aside in 3-0 victory at St James’ Park

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Newcastle 3-0 Man Utd, January 2010.
Cabaye and Ba get a goal a piece.
A goal from Demba Ba, a free kick from Yohan Cabaye and – to add to Man Utd’s misery – an own goal by Phil Jones sees Newcastle United take all three points at St James’ Park.

The match started at a lively pace and it was pretty much box-to-box stuff for the first half.

The first decent chance fell to us on about 4 minutes when Simpson put in an excellent cross along the ground to Demba Ba, who was right in front of goal. Unfortunately it was slightly behind him and he couldn’t gather it for a shot.

Just over a minute later, Cabaye tested Anders Lindegaard after Ba nodded the ball down to him just outside the box. Unfortunately it was straight at the keeper and turned out to be an easy save.

Man Utd came close after 14 minutes though when a Berbatov header took a deflection and bounced off the post.

After 19 minutes an accidental handball by Cabaye led to a Man United free kick in a dangerous area. Fortunately Rooney’s free kick deflected off Tiote for a corner, which itself came to nothing.

A couple of minutes later Man Utd looked certain to score when an excellent pass by Giggs found Rooney onside ahead of our centre-backs, right in front of goal. Fortunately for us, Rooney simply couldn’t gather up the ball at all, let alone get a shot off.

At 24 and half minutes we had what looked like a cast-iron penalty appeal waved away by Howard Webb. Rio Ferdinand dragged away Demba Ba’s legs in the area and the entire population of the world thought it was a penalty except for Howard Webb (and Dwight Yorke in the studio at half-time), who was having a good half for Man Utd and a few minutes later he gave an incredible free kick in Man Utd’s favour after Rio Ferdinand felled Demba Ba after using him as a climbing frame.

The breakthrough came on about 32 minutes though and it was in our favour. A long kick by Krul by was nodded on by Ameobi to Ba who took it on the first bounce at knee height and planted it in the top-left corner of the goal. 1-0.

Man Utd tried to get back into the game for the next 10 minutes or so, but were rendered impotent by our defence.

Ryan Taylor put a free kick just over the bar after a weak Demba Ba shot saw him fouled in the process and Ba managed another shot in second minute of extra time but couldn’t connect cleanly with it.

Half Time

It seems Howard Webb had put is contact lenses in for the second half and Phil Jones was given a yellow card for a foul on Ba. Yohan Cabaye stepped up to take the resulting free kick from about 30 yards and it was a cracker. He hit it hard into the top-left corner – it might have just skimmed Lindegaard’s finger-tips but it hit the crossbar and bounced down over the line for our second goal. 2-0.

We kept on trying to go forward, not content with a mere 2-0 and at about 53 minutes we had a couple of corners that looked promising except that our players seemed to be getting in each others’ way and in the end Williamson headed it over the Man Utd crossbar.

At 56 minutes Man Utd brought on Wellbeck for Berbatov and there followed what was probably Man Utd’s best 5 minutes of the game, ending up with the ball ping-ponging around in our area and being cleared off the line by Danny Simpson.

Antonio Valencia was next in the book when he was yellow-carded for clattering Jonas to the ground, although I thought it was a bit harsh after seeing the replay.

There was a minor worry at 64 minutes as Mr T was down clutching at his hamstring for a few minutes but he seemed to make a complete recovery, which was also about the time Man Utd made their second substitution, taking off Park and bringing on Hernandez.

Tiote snatched possession off Man Utd in midfield and set Shola on his way in what looked like a good position, although in the end all he could manage to get was a corner. Ba nearly had another chance a few minutes later but simply couldn’t gather the ball inside their area.

On 74 minutes, Man Utd took off Rooney and brought on Anderson while we took off Ameobi and brought on Best, then a couple of minutes later Perch came on for Cabaye to try and shut up shop defensively.

Tiote picked up a yellow card for a professional foul on Carrick and then we had to defend a brace of corners, which didn’t really cause us too much trouble. A rare mistake by Colo meant that Krul had to make a hurried save a few minutes later but otherwise we looked pretty solid defensively.

On 89 minutes we substituted Ba for Obertan and, just as it was looking like a matter of running down the clock, a long kick from Krul went to Phil Jones but with Leon Best breathing down his neck he got a bit flustered about matters and he either chested or shouldered it past his own keeper. 3-0.

An that was it. A win we fully deserved. It’s probably fair to say that Man Utd were below par tonight but we looked organised, battled well and deserved the three points.

Stand-out players for me were Cabaye, Tiote, Ba and Santon, who still has some way to go but looks to have the makings of a good attacking full-back. Colo was up to his usual excellent standard of course. I thought Jonas had a poor game and Shola was mediocre at best but we looked a number of degrees better and more assured than we were against Liverpool last Friday.

Newcastle 3-0 Man Utd

(HT 1-0)

Ba 33, Cabaye 47, Jones (og) 90

Newcastle: Krul, Coloccini, Santon, Simpson, Williamson, R Taylor, Cabaye (Perch 77), Gutierrez, Tiote (Y), Ba (Obertan 89), Sh Ameobi (Best 75).

Man Utd: Lindegaard, Evra, Jones (Y), Ferdinand, Giggs, Park Ji-sung (Hernandez 66), Carrick, Nani, Valencia (Y), Berbatov (Welbeck 57), Rooney (Anderson 74), Webb.

Match highlights and post match interviews.

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24 Responses

  1. Hugh,

    you got in there super quick.


    I was gonna write this bugger up, i got to see every minute for a change.

    Great job though mate!

  2. Hugh,

    absolute top stuff mate.

    We played some proper good ball on the floor, quick passing, stopping everything they tried & made ’em look ordinary.

    Howay the Lads!

  3. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 4, 2012 at 11:09 pm

    “I was gonna write this bugger up, i got to see every minute for a change.”

    Divven’t get me overexcited with threats of writing a blog Clint! :-)

  4. An epic game and a superb result.

    Ba, Cabaye and Tiote were all outstanding and yes, that was the best performance I’ve seen from Davide Santon – he’s looking like a good buy.

  5. hahahahahahahahahahaha. Bloody brilliant. can’t wait to see the highlights and the sour look on SAF’s face.

  6. worky,

    I’m ganna write something anyhoo. I’m stuck at walk the noo.

    Just trying to get some time/space to meself for such things as writing.


  7. Considering how long it took Enrique to make an impact, I’d say Santon is doing quite well for himself.

  8. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 4, 2012 at 11:28 pm

    i think he’s been eased in correctly, for a change.”

    Is that what you say to Mrs. Flick Clint?

  9. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 4, 2012 at 11:22 pm

    “I’m ganna write something anyhoo. I’m stuck at walk the noo.

    Just trying to get some time/space to meself for such things as writing.”

    Clint, when you write five blogs, I’ll give you your prize money. ;-)

    Why don’t you do one of your player ratings things on this one?

  10. Hugh>

    How the hell did you write up this match review that quick?

    Good effort lad!

    Outstanding performance all round by our lads tonight.

    Great tactics, great endeveour, great team! Love it! :D

  11. I’ve just banged in the post match interviews at the bottom of this. I’ll post the highlights when they show up too.

    Alex Ferguson was very gracious in defeat it must be said.

  12. Supermac said: at 1:15 am – This is what football is all about – the buzz of a home game against manu then at home in the cup! Two wins and we’re kings of the universe !

    Billy Fury said after the match “I’m halfway to paradise
    So near, yet so far away” – bring on Blackburn !

    you know, our next 5 games now look highly winable


  13. Supermac says:
    January 5, 2012 at 12:57 am

    “Billy Fury said after the match “I’m halfway to paradise”

    I also heard him say that he was io a “Wondrous place” when that third own goal went in Supermac. ;-)

    I’ve put up some match highlights and moved the post match interviews there now.

  14. Occasions like this are just soooo good to savour….especially when we played so well. I’ve had a little tour of the Man Utd blogs this morning to give them the benefit of my advice and point out where they went wrong.

    Generous to the point of fault me like…..

  15. Wow ! some game, gotta be one of the most entertaining and satisfying matches in many a season.
    But hey I said they were a team (Man U.)on the slide and were beatable.
    From my perspective, it was a onesided game, where the Toon dominated, quicker onto the loose balls, never gave them time to settle, just simply put more effort into the game.
    One could see the growing confidence as the game progressed and the result never seemed in doubt.
    Shola seems to link well with Ba and is capeable of laying on some pretty decent passes.
    But it’s Ba Cabaye Tiote and Colo.who are that quality spine that holds the side to-gether.
    Santon also played well, could be another Enrique, as he likes to go forward.
    All in all a great win, one that will hopefully inspire and fill the side with confidence, for the final run to seasons end.
    Hopefully it will be shown again to-night on the Fox Soccer Channel.

  16. Soh ! whats up with HBA, how come Pardew aint playing him ?
    Has there been a falling out ?

  17. chuck says:
    January 5, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    ” Santon also played well, could be another Enrique, as he likes to go forward.

    Soh ! whats up with HBA, how come Pardew aint playing him ?
    Has there been a falling out ?”

    Aye he’s a proper wing back, and he’s even played as a wing forward a few times at Internazionale.

    Benny’s explained that in a moment of stating the bloomin’ obvious. He said that Pardew likes a very direct style of play where he doesn’t quite fit in. Hang on…

    “But it’s true we don’t share quite the same philosophy. For him, it’s more crosses, a bit of a more direct style, whereas I’m more the kind of player who likes to play short passes. I like to pass and move, a little bit like Swansea when we played against them. I was very impressed with the way Swansea played football.

    “That is the kind of football I like. That’s the philosophy I learned at the French academy at Clairefontaine.”

    Though Cabaye said that Pardew promised him the kind of style that both he and Benny prefer when he was persuading him to join the club (lying get! :-)

    You got me into another fight on here last night Chuck!

  18. chuck says:
    January 5, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    “…But it’s Ba Cabaye Tiote and Colo.who are that quality spine that holds the side to-gether.”

    And the spine of the side is completed by Krul of course!

  19. UTD111 says:

    January 5, 2012 at 6:06 pm

    “And the spine of the side is completed by Krul of course!”

    Aye, fair play to him for his top notch shot stopping and wonder saves. However his (just need to reach over for my tin hat again) kicking and distribution in general are still the worst in the Premier League though.

  20. Super-good call about the next five matches. Thing is, though, that our run-in is brutal. So this is the key run for us this season, especially since we’ll be without Ba. If we can get 10+ points from the next five and Ba comes back healthy, we can get into Europe.

    Then MA would have to spend…right? Right?!