Papiss Demba Cisse Toon deal agreed for “up to £9 million” [videos]

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Papiss Demba Cissé
Papiss Demba Rodney Cissé: No plonker when it comes to goals!
Papiss Demba Cisse and his current club Freiburg have now agreed a deal in principle for the player to join Newcastle United for a fee of around £7.5 – 9 million according to Sky Sports’ David Craig, though the deal will be subject to a medical.

The player was spotted at the club’s Benton trainng ground before he departs to join Senegal teammate, Demba Ba, at the Africa Cup of Nations in Gabon and Equitorial Guinea.

As I pointed out in a September story, Cisse is the striiker that Newcastle United should have been going for all along, and he should already have a very good understanding with Ba with their previous experience together in the Senegal national side.

Cisse has been prolific in the German Bundeliga for his current club, Freiburg. Since he joined from French club, FC Metz on 28th December, 2009, the player has scored 39 goals in 65 games.

More details to follow.

Postscript: The player has signed a 5 1/2 year contract and will play in the Number 9 shirt.

Cissé in hot video action

Cissé at FC.Metz

Cisse brace – Werder Bremen v Freiburg 20/08/2011.

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108 Responses

  1. Hope this deal happens looks awesome this guy. The two Dembas hopefully a frighteningly good strike partnership for the Toon. HWTL!!!

  2. i really hope he agrees terms. coz he’s a goal machine!! proper strong,powerful front man. he’s our new no9!!! ha ha a pair of demba’s up front. here comes Europe!!!!!

  3. get lost u scum pricks always the same knickin our scouting network players dinit need him any way so piss of u scumbags SAFC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Assuming this deal goes through, it is an infinitely better signing than trying to get Luiz for 10 million quid before he signed for Fulham on the last day of August. Got to hand this one to the board.

  5. at 4…… just jog on home to sunderland and the championship will ya. if you had kept hold of gyan you wouldn’t even be.commenting

  6. Kieron Stones
    Sunderland scouting network? Ha ha
    Head over to a learning establishment will you, banish those reading and writing gremlins.
    Then crawl back under your rock

  7. i reckon we’ll keep ba, but krul will be sold.
    either that cockney kid will step up, or they will put in a paltry bid for michele worm.

  8. @ 4
    firstly if ur a scum fan what are u doing on this blog and secondaly ur ‘scouting network’ is very good at getting quantity but very little quality

  9. to the SMB@4……………

    why would anyone want to join you lot over Newcastle united?
    you only fill half your stadium at best,only people from sunderland have ever heard of sunderland!

  10. I don’t know what is worse, sunderland supporters coming on this blog to moan about nicking ‘their’ player or our own supporters finding something negative to say (sale of existing players) when there is great news if it’s true we have secured Cisse.

    Very sad,

  11. He’s allegedly having his medical now and deal for “up to £9 million”. So, that’s £10 million, £7.5 million at the time I was writing this, now it’s “up to £0 million”

    Make your minds up you bastads!

  12. it must be hard for sunderland fans….bless em!
    they sign Gyan and then he realizes what a sh1t hole sunderland is and wants out! haha he would rather play in front of 300 arabs in a desert then play at the stadium of shite

  13. Now now Geordies, let’s not stoop to Mackemism just because of a few bad apples. There were some very nice ones on here the other day when UTD111 wrote his “Pax Mackemus” piece about Martin O’Neill at Sunderland..

    Kilgore_D_Sprout says:
    January 17, 2012 at 5:19 pm

    “Surely every and any deal is subject to a medical?”

    I did write “thought the deal will be subject to a medical” in the piece Kilgore. As I wrote in the comments above, they’re saying that he’s having that now.

  14. I really really cannot see Krul being sold (??) I can however see Tiote going as Guthrie is doing a good job in the same position!!

  15. how on earth can SMB @ 4 complain about us poaching their scouting network?

    every player we were looking at in the summer they poached!!!!!!!!!!

    Larson, Bendtner, Ji Dong Won, they even went as far a delaying their reactions and signed Zenden(which we were after 10 years previous) so this little guy cant talk about Newcastle poaching on of their targets when we were rumoured to be after him since Carroll left in the first place. his name has been mentioned along with 10 others for the last year.


  16. I for one am not in favour of this deal. He’s a brilliant player, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t like the idea of having 2 strikers that will be missing for all of January every time ACoN rolls around. I just think it’s a major inconvenience and disrupts the continuity and stability of the side.

    Once again – he looks a sharp player with bags of goals, but I would rather see us have a player of equal quality who isn’t going to be missing every time Demba is. Our front line right now has no real bite. Great goal from Bestie on the weekend, but he isn’t suitable replacement for Ba, and Shola was worse than awful.

  17. Scottie says:
    January 17, 2012 at 5:24 pm

    “I really really cannot see Krul being sold (??)”

    Aye Scottie, I agree ATM. Looking at it from Ashley’s point of view, his value isn’t high enough yet for him to get the return on investment he thinks he deserves. He’ll be wanting him to get a few more Netherlands caps but he’ll have to get past Vorm and Stecklenburg and though he’s been a great shotstopper, he still needs to work on his kicking and general distribution. He can get caught off his line a little too often too but I haven’t noticed that so much recently.

  18. @26 to be honest i doubt both Dembas will be in toon next time the ACN rolls around. if so i think in two years shola will have hung up his boots, Best will have moved on and lovenkrands will be playing for Hartlepool. so in two years i would think it would give ample time to find sufficient players to build our squad.

    our midfield is packed, and the way things seem to be addressed is they seem to cover a part of the pitch in one window and another part in the next.

    i very much think this might continue, Terverier has been a success so far and made pardew think twice about another defender (apparently).

    with young kids now growing old we wont need to spend to strengthen next season, hopefully Fergusson and Vuckic will be returning from loan this time next season and be holding up our defensive and midfield cover with pride.

    we have a promising youth set up and a strong and successful reserve side. so with players still to come through i.e. Phil Airey we need to hold judgment of players who may or may not be playing in the ACN in two years time.

    let us enjoy the goals they bring and in football two years in a long long time. great players have come and gone in that short time. les ferdinand, tino, ginola need i say more?

    twos years can still bring a lot of joy, lets enjoy it while it lasts and not worry about something that doesn’t last long.

  19. David Craig (freezing his knackas off): He’s been invited in so he expects announcement sooner rather than later as he has to bugger off to Africa soon (Cisse, not Craig).

  20. looks like a cracking player and already plays along side ba so shouldnt need to much time to bed in.

    i cant see tim krul leaving especialy in jan and i cant see him wanting to leave at the moment, he is settled up here and we are doing well. he will only go if he is made to. i dont think he is a greedy t**t like AC

  21. This could be a significant signing, a class player worthy of a PL top team. And along side Ba a top twin strike force! Now we have the players for a real 4-4-2 – so I’m eager to see how it works !

    btw what does Demba mean?

  22. If this deal goes through…

    If Ba isn’t sold to pay for it….

    If Krul isn’t sold to pay for it….

    If Tiote isn’t sold to pay for it…..

    If Cabaye isn’t sold to pay for it….

    If Coloccini isn’t sold to pay for it….

    If the club also sign a decent defender……(anybody know if Senegal have a good CH??)

    I might, just might start believing we can make Europe this season.

    Still won’t forgive the FCB for what he did to Sir Kevin though ;)

  23. [every player we were looking at in the summer they poached!!!!!!!!!!]

    Haha hilarious. We were linked with Cisse and Eding before you guys were. Just like Liverpool and Tottenham once we are linked we someone for a while you vultures are linked with them too.

  24. whats the scum of sunderland going on about? nobody wants to go to the stadium of shite ya mong full of inbreds n IRA supporters

  25. Just think Richard Branson suggested Ashley to spend this time rather than keep ranting how financially poor we are as a club and acting as an enemy to fans.
    When we have the funds, there’s no sense in remaining humbled. Ashley kept his word of giving us a striker by the way..
    Very impressed by the way Pardew and his team have kept the name of Newcastle attractive. Even before spending on Cisse, we were associated with top talents. Great scouting and sense of purpose by everyone at the club..

  26. Scotty-toon says:

    January 17, 2012 at 7:05 pm

    whats the scum of sunderland going on about? nobody wants to go to the stadium of shite ya mong full of inbreds n IRA supporters

    From the name you might sense that I am a Toon supporting Irishman and really don’t like the fact that you are associating the IRA with the stadium of Shite, if they are in Sunderland… it’s probably to blow it up!!! SMB


  27. Indian Toon says:
    January 17, 2012 at 7:12 pm

    “Just think Richard Branson suggested Ashley to spend this time..”

    Richard Branson is a hippy con artist.

    My braodband’s been going on and off for months now and it’s been like that all day today. It’s only a matter of luck that I managed to get this story out earlier on. I’ve also had to spend hours getting in touch with Virgin’s alleged “customer service” the last two times it’s gone down because it’s been shut down due to the number of calls from disgruntled Virgin customers.

  28. CanadaTOON says:
    January 17, 2012 at 5:30 pm

    “and Shola was worse than awful.”

    I didn’t really see that CanadaTOON. He held his post like he was almost certainly told to and did a pretty reasonable job of holding up play. He wasn’t great, but I certainly wouldn’t say that he was “worse than awful” either.

  29. Phisix says:
    January 17, 2012 at 7:40 pm
    The Mackems are getting well Papissed off on Twitter and places on the internet.

    Oh dear….

    Oh deary dear….

    What a shame….

    But lets face it – when he asked Demba for an opinion, and Demba said “fanatical, exceptional and 52,000” it wasn’t really a contest was it?

    Maiga is still available if the mackems want somebody? #dodgyknee

  30. From that first video he looks pacy and strong.

    I been saying for years we should sign Cisse, although to be fair it was a different one. :)

    Watching that clip it took me back to the old Gallowgate end at St James, when something exciting happened and we had the crush as people surged foward. Never, as far as I recall and real damage done to anyone!

    Perhaps we should put in a bid for Sessengnon. ;)

  31. UTD111 Why were you showering Branson with praise the other day? He’s a bearded twat! My BB always gans off when we sign somebody or someone walks oot!

    It’s back on again now but his customer service is still unavailable. I wouldn’t trust the bastad with any of my money either!

  32. Worky

    Big Branson fan here LOL!

    I’ve moved my entire life savings back into Northern Rock – the entire £10.45 LOL!

    Seriously though – yep, I like the lad.

  33. Great news some action at last in the transfer market.Looked at the video the fella looks a natural finisher to me,oy you at 4 you had a wash this year yet lmao,euro here we come :)

  34. UTD111 says:
    January 17, 2012 at 8:06 pm

    “PS – having a beard does NOT make anyone a twat”

    True, I meant he’s a twat WITH a beard, not a twat BECAUSE he has a beard.

    And my chin’s about as bad as his ATM anyway. ;-)

  35. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 17, 2012 at 8:17 pm
    sessengnon wants out, doesn’t he?

    You can’t blame him, he’s a canny player

    Shoulda see the kerfuffle when I posted “NUFC in for Sessegnon #SAFC” on twitter a few moments ago LOL!

  36. Brilliant news if its true. If we get mbiwa in as well I will be totally content with what the board have done since Relegation.

  37. It is a shame about our friends in Sunderland though. They were sure that they were going to sign Cisse this morning, but he got lost on the A19 apparently.

  38. UTD,
    naughty mate.

    Aye, he is a canny player, thought that soon as i saw him v us, back when.

    Ower good for them.
    Haad yersel away bonny lad!

  39. worky,
    where did this ‘5’1and want him’ come from?

    We’ve been tracking him for months, at least.

  40. Phisix,

    aye, at least.
    This scouting team seems to take it’s time, so if we were bidding in the summer, then they must have watched him for a while before, hey?

  41. avatar Phisix says:
    January 17, 2012 at 8:47 pm

    “We have been tracking him since last summer I thought? Maybe even before.”

    I’ve been “tracking” him since the end of August early September and watching him where I can. From what I’ve seen, his goalscoring has tailed off a little recently, but he was just scoring all the time before. Freiburg are in big trouble ATM.

  42. Yeah but Carr may have watched him before that. You know Carr takes his time to check out players he likes and not after a few times.

    Freiburg did just sign another striker though and that 7-10 million we are giving for Cisse will help them get someone else in.

  43. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 17, 2012 at 8:54 pm

    “The difference in prices quoted will just be a £/euro thing, yet again.”

    They’re saying it’s “up to” £9 million ATM Clint and £7.5 was being quoted shortly before I posted this story. It could be 7.5-9 depending on appearences, performance or whatever but that’s just a guess on my part.

  44. Hi all, well i am Carl i have had this Blog on my phone for Ages but couldnt find you on the internet to join up properly lol!! now i found you….

    As for Cisse the Guy looks Really good, all we need now is a Quality Defender or 2….

  45. CarlNUFC says:
    January 17, 2012 at 9:04 pm

    “Hi all, well i am Carl i have had this Blog on my phone for Ages but couldnt find you on the internet to join up properly lol!! now i found you….”

    Don’t forget to bookmark it Carl! Welcome aboad.

  46. welcome Carl.
    Cisse has my crossed fingers for this transfer. probably ba and cisse would be the best striker duo in non-top four team. With these guys we are looking stronger than Liverpool with the attackers.
    Definetely transfer No. 2 for Pardew after bringing Ba in.He deserves admiration if it works, because i don’t remember who was the last convinced Ashley to spend 10 millions for player.

  47. Phisix,
    thank you mate,
    you are faster than my fingers :)
    Now, this will be my picture of the day.

  48. Pardew happy, we are happy and Mike Ashley happy. Now go get some sleep Pardew as you will need to work on the next signing tomorrow.


  49. an interview with Pappis Cisse and Pardew is announced on NUFCTV, so workyticket, any legal way to put in here later?
    How can people without pay per view watch it?

  50. Cheers Worky and all, i be rading your posts for months and months…. just couldn’t type on my poxy phone lol!!

    I’m so Happy we have finally signed a strong striker! my only problem is we are going to rely on BA and Cisse…. so when the African Cup comes along again!! then what we rely on Best / Stroller Ameobi, whom have (Will be) been Rotting in the Reserves or making occasional Sub appearances!! But still its a massive show of intention from The Silver Supremo!! And he must had the fat mans nackres in a vice to squeeze 10 mil out of him hahaha …. HTL

  51. just watched Cisse’s goalscoring videos Worky added her and have to say : better than Maiga and Erding altogether. Probably the best price-player value Pardew could buy

  52. This is really exciting but there is that little voice on my shoulder whispering big signing in = big transfer out.Come on Mike, strengthen for once instead of balncing the books – prove you have what it takes to build the club.
    I actually hate this window,especially with David Prat Craig and Buzz Lightyear in the studio with his touch screen on transfers.
    Now for a good defender in and no big player out – fingers & everything else crossed

  53. Number 9 shirt aswell. Wonder if he’ll play with Ba in a 4-4-2 or rotated so they get rest. Either way love this signing. Krul seems the most likely to go this january if it’s one in one out.

  54. old boy says:
    January 17, 2012 at 9:40 pm

    “just watched Cisse’s goalscoring videos Worky added her and have to say : better than Maiga and Erding altogether.”

    I was saying that months ago old boy!

    On the video thing, I don’t even have a subsciption anymore. I had to give it up a while back, then I didn’t renew it in protest after that £20 membership requirement for one away ticket. I live in London and I see NUFC more in away games than I do at SJP and now I can’t even get a ticket for one of my mates!

  55. CarlNUFC says:
    January 17, 2012 at 9:33 pm

    “Cheers Worky and all, i be rading your posts for months and months…. just couldn’t type on my poxy phone lol!! ”

    Nee botha Carl. As I wrote earlier, it’s good to have you here!

  56. i haven’t commented on the site for ages but this signing makes me SO HAPPY!!!thank you the powers that be at NUFC.
    ba and cisse are probably the strongest strike pairing the toon’s seen for ages.
    i only hope that cisse isn’t a replacement for ba,coz that would really be a downer for what really is fantastic news.
    good going guys,this is the sort of signing we need to slowly creep up the table and signal that we’re serious about staying in a lofty position.
    all right,now all we need is another quality signing to bolster our defence and a clear conviction from the club that these players are all STAYING and you know what?
    i really am soo happy right now.i feel kind of silly.

  57. This is unbelievable news I can’t believe it :-). The news was made even better when I read comment number 4 that certainly made me smile he must be heart broken the poor little mite :-P lol HWTL!!!

  58. cisse and ba newcastle to win the title now ;), wonder where ben arfa fit’s in when ba does come back??

  59. arka says:
    January 17, 2012 at 10:20 pm

    “i only hope that cisse isn’t a replacement for ba,coz that would really be a downer for what really is fantastic news.”

    I don’t think so Arka. Rather, I think that if there is a problem, it could be with Ben Arfa, who is still our most talented player. It will probably be 4-4-2 all the way and despite Ben Arfa’s recent appearences on the flank, Pardew doesn’t like playing him there because he just isn’t his kind of winger. I divven;t knaa though, we’ll see I suppose.

  60. Nice signing!

    If i remember correctly, the club said we were holding back some deng for this window & lo & behold!

    Who’d a thunk?


  61. HBA now has to knuckle down & create a slot for himself in the next month or so, i guess.
    It shouldn’t be a problem for a player like him, it’s all about temperament & attitude now.

  62. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 17, 2012 at 10:56 pm

    “HBA now has to knuckle down & create a slot for himself in the next month or so, i guess.”

    No, Pardew has to knuckle down and create a slot for him Clint.

  63. No,
    HBA has to make himself a certainty, glued, screwed & nailed on mate.
    This is his big chance!

  64. Excellent! Now lets get a central defender “over the line” to create more strength in depth. Damn shame he’s from Africa though. It’s always depressing when the ACN rolls around and we lose the kinda quality players we have in the side. Just hope there are no injuries and that we get the lads back ASAP.

  65. I’m very sorry, I meant to be all clever and have a new post with lots of stuff about our new striker up. However thanks to our new sponsor and his incompetent media company, my Broadmand has been on and off for several hours today and I was lucky to get this post out.

  66. @Workyticket
    that’s a good point.i’d hate to alienate someone who’s quite clearly our most technically gifted wouldn’t do to also sow the seeds of dissent as that can spread through a dressing room like the plague.
    right now it seems like the squad is quite tightly knit and if the club can really push forward with a high league position and who knows,a FA cup final maybe,it’d be the sure shot success that’d cause ben arfa to think twice before even contemplating an easy way out.

    besides,i have the feeling this is a problem that’s the cause of much thought for pardew already and since he’s proven me entirely wrong so far i now have the impression he isn’t one to take the easy way out either by failing to address the HBA issue.he must have something up his sleeve.

    but as an armchair gaffer i really can’t picture ben arfa anywhere in the sort of traditional 4-4-2 that seems pardew’s preference.

    well,i only hope and pray for more success for the team.
    forever newcastle

  67. arka says:
    January 17, 2012 at 11:35 pm

    “but as an armchair gaffer i really can’t picture ben arfa anywhere in the sort of traditional 4-4-2 that seems pardew’s preference.”

    I know exactly what you mean Arka, but to be a pedantic old git, I would say that the “traditional” 4-4-2 was Alf ramsey’s original 4-4-2, who were known as Alf’s “wingless wonders.”

    Pardew’s 4-4-2 is very reliant on wingers but as I wrote I know exactly what you mean, the kind of thing which has become associated with the English 4-4-2 in more recent times. Pardew’s tactics are quite “traditional” in that way and reliant on hard graft and he’s quite tentative about varying things.

  68. Cmon two Dembas what more do u want this strike force will be stronger than most teams in the league as demba ba has already got more goals than few strikers combined can’t wait for ACON to be over HWTL

  69. I think this chap looks awesome… I have to say Pardew is becoming quite a wheeler and dealer within the transfer market…. All credit to the bloke…. Good luck newbie

  70. If Pardew is going to stick with 4-4-2 then he will have to get Ben Arfa to play on the RW with the option of a free play role. That would sort the problem of having both Demba’s and Benny in the squad. Especially as Obertan is a super sub at best.

  71. With cisse & ba upfront now these are players who are going to look for ball into feet so pardhew NEEDS to find a place for HBA. I personally think down the right is the only position thats unclaimed.

    We cant afford to play him in the middle of the park as he will continue to give the ball away in stupid positions and leave us exposed.

    Demba ba’s skill, hold up play & pace along with cisse’s pace nd skill. Jonas & HBA would get many chances to score every game. We need to show we can score goals from allover the park.

  72. To answer a question above-tentatively-Demba seems to be a Mandinka name meaning “peace.”

    They do look at peace in front of goal, no?

  73. Hmmm! ten big ones eh ?
    Bit of a surprise to me that Ashley would spend that much.
    However i got a feeling he will be (Cisse) paid for with Ba’s transfer come the seasons end, why ?
    Simply the wage structure, he will be offered a deal he cant refuse at another club and there,s nothing to stop him, because of the buy out clause.
    Be interesting to see how they work to-gether, or if in fact they can,being similar players.
    Would have rather seen Sow arrive, but certainly not upset with the acquisition of Cisse.
    So the big question now is who will we get as an additional CB, to eventually play alongside Saylor ?

  74. Ba & Cisse both play for Senegal-together mate.

    CB to play beside Colo man, if Saylor was without Colo again, Eeeeek!

  75. chuck says:
    January 19, 2012 at 1:36 pm

    “Hmmm! ten big ones eh ?”

    Chuck, where have you been? They didn’t announce it officially but from piecing everything together I think it’s up to a bit over £9 million in total. I think there could be a bit of performance related stuff in there etc.