NUFCBlog prediction competition results

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NUFCBlog competition results.
Close finish!
The first ‘season’ of the NUFCBlog competition finished yesterday and it was pretty close!

First of all, Happy New Year everyone. I hope it’s a good one for you all (and for the Toon of course).

Now, as to the competition, I note that three people were inconsiderate enough to finish in first place, which is a poor show.

Clint can’t claim a prize as he’s a writer here – sorry Clint but congratulations on a good finish. So that leaves El Toro and GeordieMagpie as joint winners, with GrandPooBah in third.

The draw means we have to implement the competition’s version of a Duckworth-Lewis rule, which involves much differentiation and integration. I worked on the calculations for 8 hours last night, using up much time on IBM’s ‘Big Blue’ supercomupter, and found that after much mega-mathematics it resolves down to merely totalling up the first and second prizes and dividing them by two.

Thus El Toro and GeordieMagpie will get £75 each (£100 + £50 / 2) and GrandPooBah will get £25.

Well done guys.The new competition will start in a few week’s time.

Final Table for this competition.

[fantasy-football match_ranking=2]

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68 Responses

  1. Ah, class news on this day full of hangover. Well done to everyone who battled till the end and happy new year to you’s all! :)

    As for the winnings, I do have a paypal account or bank transfer etc. would be just as easy, i don’t really mind

  2. Happy days. Well pleased with that. What a start to 2012 :D

    I dont have a paypal account mate, how about a bank transfer? ill post my details on here soon….only joking :) if you give me your email address ill forward my sort code and account details?

  3. Great competition guys, really enjoyed it. Congrats to Clint, Geordie and El Toro finishing in first.

  4. Just been looking through some old match programmes & found april 28th v Leicester. Only 2 of the squad left – no13 Steve Harper (deserves a new contract due this month) and at no23 someone called Shola Ameobi – I wonder if he’s still playing?

  5. Feck, Scumderland just beat City 1-0 with a bit of luck as the goal was offside but the ref let them have it. 9 points between us now.

  6. Firstly,
    well done mate on creating & running a top comp expertly.
    Great work, well appreciated, a big standing ovation from all whom played, i’m sure.
    well done to El Toro, Geordie Magpie & Grand Poobah, it was tight, hey?
    Great stuff lads!
    hard luck to the numerous others, be sure to try the next one, i’m sure Hugh will honour us with another.
    I won!

    Have we bought anyone yet?

  7. Right El Toro, GeordieMagpie and GrandPoobah, sorry for the slight delay, I’ve been resting in a darkened room today.

    Send an e.mail using the form on the “contact” page on this site. In the “e.mail” part, fill in the e.mail address you used to register with the site, and in the “subject” field put your site nickname, then “Prediction competition prize”.

    In the e.mail itself enclose either your Paypal e.mail address or your bank details. For the bank details I will need branch name, account holder’s name, sort code and account number and make sure you get them all right! I will sort it all out from there within a few days.

    If you have any problems, just let me know.

    Once again congratulations to all the winners!

  8. Phisix says:
    January 1, 2012 at 5:04 pm

    “Feck, Scumderland just beat City 1-0 with a bit of luck as the goal was offside but the ref let them have it. 9 points between us now.”

    I have referred to Martin O’Neill as “Martin O’Verrated” in the past, but make no mistake, his appointment as S________d manager should be a very worrying development for all Geordies in the long term. I was struck down with terror when I first heard the news.

  9. Indeed, Worky. Once he gets funds and players he want’s into his team it will be bad. He may even get a few Villa players knowing him.

  10. Special mention for Toonale,
    who came in one point back in what was effectively 4th.
    Hard luck man, top effort!

  11. Supermac says:
    January 1, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    “Steve Harper (deserves a new contract due this month)”

    Supermac, as the Joey Barton show revealed, he’s one of the last two of the bonus sheet rebels to be forced out of the club. He hasn’t even made the subs bench for several games now (home or away), with Rob Elliot seemingly taking over full time now. Either he has a top secret injury or he’s history at Newcastle United.

    Phisix, Agent Bruce just went a bit too far, and now we’re gannin’ to reap the Mackem whirlwind!

  12. I’d love to see an updated version of the photo at the top, with the Austin Allegro “Equipe” and the lass on the bonnet as they are now.

  13. worky – “Martin O’Neill’s appointment as S________d manager should be a very worrying development for all Geordies in the long term”
    – when CH was ditched I think I was not alone in assuming it was to make way for the unemployed O’Neill, so when he went to Joker Park (as it will always be to me) I was dismayed that they have him & we (for reasons known only to invaders from the outer limits) have Pardew !
    They now have a club with better management at all levels and I expect them to over-take us next season.

  14. Supermac, I’m not an “invader from the outer limits”, but know why there won’t be any reputable managers at SJP with Ashley. He only wants “experienced” managers who will do the things that managers who are in demand won’t do, and the feeling is mutual with managers like O’Neill, who wouldn’t touch Ashley and Llambias with a bargepole after what they’ve seen, and heard from previous managers who have worked under the gruesome twosome. Once they decided to sack Hughton, Pardew was the best they could get.

  15. Supermac says:
    January 1, 2012 at 11:26 pm

    “who in their right minds prefers Rob Elliot over Steve Harper?”

    Rob Elliot didn’t tell younger players to stick to their guns over bonuses, and he’s very close with the ex Charlton mafia of Pardew and his goalkeeping coach, Andy Woodman. Llambias said he wanted managers who argue back, but in reality both players and managers who attempt it are ruthlessly disposed of.

  16. worky – “managers like O’Neill, who wouldn’t touch Ashley and Llambias with a bargepole” – for some obscure reason there are still some people who don’t believe it – what more dasterly deeds do they have to do to convince them? No, don’t say anything, it will only be tempting fate!

  17. You never know, we may wake up one day to find Ashley has given Pardew a shate load of cash and we have signed a few class players and got rid of our deadwood..

    …Oh wait I was just day dreaming there.

  18. Just to echo CLiNT, have we signed anyone yet, have we, have we!!

    As for Sunderland I couldn’t care less who manages them or how well they do as long as they finish below us in the table. I also do NOT hope that they get relegated as we all look forward (them as well) to derby matches and I want to see NE teams in the EPL. I’ll be really chuffed when The Heed get there!!

    Time for some decent rumours, ie Messi and DeRossi signs in an amazing double deal!! ;)

  19. Well what a bloody awful start to the new year Bellamy sticks the knife in and the scum mug man city guess man utd wont make the same mistake on wednesday.Our season is going into free fall if we dont get 2-3 decent signings in in the next couple of weeks.Lets see what sort of ambition our great leaders have for this club.Frankly I dont think theyre that bothered but I hope they prove me wrong .The scum revival is up and running we need to get ours back on track there should be no excuse them finishing above us this season.Anyway Happy New Yeat to all.

  20. sandybaz – The word ‘yeat’ appears during World War II as a ship-to-ship Naval greeting to identify oneself as a a resident of Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA. The word has endured to this day, but the meaning has drastically evolved. While still used as a greeting, though rarely in the original spirit of the word, the word is now a profanity used in innumerable contexts.

    so be careful who you wish a Happy New Yeat to!

  21. Or better yet,
    try a different form.
    2 wingers is too easy to defend against.
    Utilize the players we have available, rather than try & squeeze players into unfamiliar roles.
    433 for eg, & attack manusa. They are eminently beatable this season. Don’t wait for them to nullify us & come on to us.

  22. maze202 says:
    January 2, 2012 at 12:01 pm

    “Obertan out for a few weeks. Try ben arfa on a wing?”

    “My view is that he can’t play out wide. He has not got the relish for it and his best football comes through the middle.” – Pardew on Ben Arfa.

  23. worky,

    i think AP was trying to say that HBA ‘wanted’ to be played more centrally, at the time, as he didn’t like being seen as a winger, though he did state he would play where he was asked.
    That was what i ‘picked up’ at the time.
    HBA ‘moaning’ about being seen as a regular winger.
    He isn’t a ‘regular’ winger, he has more fluidity than that, imv.
    He should be given the freedom to roam.

    It’s a good opportunity to get away from the 2 winger game, again, imv.

  24. I keep saying that 4-4-2 is a lost cause for us – so here it is one last time : we simply do not have the right players to make it a success!
    – We rode or luck for a while with a patchwork back 4, but that is over, we no longer have a solid defence.
    – We never had a decent front 2 to start with, Ba has been faultless but it depends on a second striker who should have contributed 6-8 goals by now – note that 2nd bottom Blackburn have scored more than we have.
    – Our strength lies in midfield – but again, it isn’t scoring goals, it is coached to cover the defence and is easily & often outnumbered.

    So with a couple of injuries/supsensions we are in trouble, with 3-4 we are beaten before we start.

    To fix this we need to get a second proven goal scorer and 2 quality defenders.

    The alternative is to play to our strengths – pick our best 11 players and then play the formation that suits their ability. Clearly this means a 5 man midfield with one CF (Ba). Tiote plays deep covering the defence (ie not the wingers) with cabaye playmaker and HBA linking forward to Ba. Depending on who is fit I’d play one winger whose primary job is to attack (Jonas) and Guthrie/Vuckic/Gosling.

    = 4-1-4-1 playing based on a diamond of Tiote-Guthrie & Cabaye-HBA

    I shall henceforth had me wisht on this subject


  25. maze202 says:
    January 2, 2012 at 1:58 pm

    “When does the next competition start anyway?”

    maze, the first games will take place on Saturday 14th January, so a little bit before that to get yourself all ready and get your predictions in.

  26. supermac,

    i reckon this is why Vuckic has been getting some game time.
    So when Ba goes on ACN duty him & best/HBA will be a preferred attack.
    It seems like a decent idea. Bringing HBA on as sub recently has allowed him to get some game time into his ‘comeback after injury’ body. Rather than expecting too much, too soon from him. At the same time getting Vuckic ensconced into the prem. Sammy also has some game time under his belt now & we have his big bro’.
    If we can get Guthrie back on the pitch for when Tiote goes off to Africa, we should keep a decent mid field too.

  27. MO’N likes to go to mid sized clubs that under achieve & have low expectations, that’s his M.O.

  28. maze202 says:
    January 2, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    “Stoke 2-0 up”

    The bastadz! They’ve got Liverpool away next though. Behind them, Everton still have a game in hand. They usually start the season like relegation candidates, then start charging like a raging bull towards the lesser Euro places as the season moves on. It seems they’re doing it again.

  29. Cheers for the history lesson on the word yeat supermac obviously supposed to be year.Not had much experince with this modern techno stuff though most of the sites I go on are a bit difficult to type with one hand.Cheers again.

  30. Stoke wins and are one point behind. Squeaky bum time if we cant get anything tomorrow. 7th place should be where we finish this year but we need to start playing better in games.

  31. Well here we are 2012!
    How do we look ? NUFC that is.
    A small squad, with plenty of deadwood, who ?

    With injuries to,

    With two of our best players off to play in Africa,

    With some buys not living up to expectations,
    Ben Arfa

    With no real bench other than our kids,

    Soh! it becomes obvious there’s a lotta work to be done, before this side is a top six competitor.

    As for M.O’N. doon the road, sure he had Leicester playing well, as for his term at Celtic, nothing special all things considered, likewise Villa, where he was’nt particlarly liked, though he did build a decent side there (while spending a shitload of money)

    Arry’s the lad !
    Has built a competitive side at Spurs with quality in depth, even fending off bids for Modric and is competing for the league.
    All this without breaking the bank, how does he do it ?
    And in such a short time ?

    Obvious he listened to Ashley and was smart enough to get on his bike outta toon as fast as he could peddle.
    Thats why we have Mr. dont change a winning side, which has become dont change a loosing side, Pardew, though got to admitt, theres not much choice.

    Soh whats on the horizon, hopefully a few quality additions combined with a clearout, by summer at the latest.
    But then what do i know ?

  32. Had a thought.. would like to see Santon start and Raylor take Obertans place. He’s always creating chances.


    Yeah that bench looks very bleak. Chances are though we will have a smaller squad after january.

  33. Klint Flick
    I came in at 4Th place as I don’t have a Bank account.
    I only live on hand outs.
    I will be trying my best next round.
    All the best for the new year to you all.

  34. Trouble is, we have nobody but Ba to put the ball in the net.
    Best has unfortunately, not linked well with him, Shola better, but it appears Shola has no inclination to defend or work hard in the secondary role.
    Let HBA roam, behind Ba, sure why not, cause a bit of confusion and perhaps he may become a goalscorer.
    As long as Obertan is fit he will get a start, we have no one else, with Raylor, dont even go there !
    LovenKrands? does’nt have the legs.
    Like to see some cameos from Abeid and Ferguson, actually like to see Jonas play in the Tiote spot when he’s gone and either of the two kids replace him on the left flank.
    Unless we strengthen the side with more than one player, we are going to have to blood these kids sooner than later.
    Though i believe they are really not yet ready to become starters.
    Hey face it this side needs help, more quality, less deadwood.

  35. Supermac says:
    January 2, 2012 at 7:19 pm

    Aye Supermac, I’ve noticed that gadgie in my trawls for dirt on Fatty.

    I tried to write a ‘blog a blog today but I just keep returning to the same thought, which is: Why on earth won’t Pardew play Ben Arfa on the wing?

  36. Eeek!

    Amazon, their site looks like an explosion in a font factory.

    I just can’t buy anything from there, i feel the will to continue living ebbing away every second i’m on there.

    Always have to get Mrs. FLiCK to shop there for me.



    you don’t need happy pills mate.

    Just tune into Anarcho-syndicalistic-nihilistic-utopian-utilitarianism,
    for a laugh!

  37. worky – Why on earth won’t Pardew play Ben Arfa on the wing?
    I presume cos Pardew wants a winger who can defend in partnership with his fullback – in which role HBA looks like a bull in a china shop, giving away free kicks & at least one penalty I recall. Jonas can do that job well & Obertan has been coached to do it.
    No doubt Pardew has tried him in practice sessions & not been impressed.
    What a waste of a good MF attacker! I bet Davide Ginolla would have an opinion – unfortunately HBA may suffer the same fate. There is no room for flair players in teams run by coaches like Pardew – they call them luxury players.

  38. HBA is just coming back from an horrendous injury & a whole year out.

    So, since he joined us, he’s played maybe a dozen times for us, most of them since the injury of doom.
    That means he’s played very little in english football too.
    Why is that not taken into consideration?


  39. Supermac says:
    January 2, 2012 at 10:59 pm

    “I bet Davide Ginolla would have an opinion – unfortunately HBA may suffer the same fate.”

    Or possibly more Souness and Robert Supermac?

    CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 2, 2012 at 11:06 pm

    “So, since he joined us, he’s played maybe a dozen times for us, most of them since the injury of doom.
    That means he’s played very little in english football too.
    Why is that not taken into consideration?”

    Because that isn’t really the problem Clint. Anyway, I don’t think you’ve quite thought that one through. If it is true that he needs more exprerience in “English football”, how is leaving him on the sidelines a solution to that exactly? ;-)

  40. The real point is – who are our 11 best players and what is the best way to play them? in what formation !
    HBA is clearly one of them – and he must start games.
    add – Krull, Collo, Saylor, Tioti, Jonas, Cabaye, Ba and now probably Guthrie
    then Raylor (now a good squad player) Simpson, Santon, Marveaux, Gosling & Willo
    then the developing lads Vuckic, Samieobe & Ferguson
    in that order, allowing for injuries & supsensions
    the rest are realy not up to scratch and need replaced

    this gives us a very good backbone of –
    Collo, Saylor,
    Tioti, Jonas, Cabaye, Guthrie, HBA

    when all fit we can include from – Simpson Raylor/Santon Obertan Best – who realy add little to our first choice strength but give us reserve choice

    so, if Santon can step up then we need 1 good defender, if not we need 2
    and a proven forward who can score 15+ PL goals a season

    with a bit of homework (which they claim to have done) we can get a classy defender for c.£7m – and I think we will
    but I do not trust them to spend £10m on a goal scorer who could move us up a class – I hope I’m proved wrong.

    That will give us a decent 1st 11 able to play 4-4-2 properly (strong defence & capable of winning games regularly) but also fluid enough to change to 4-5-1 or 4-4-1-1 – I can’t see (I’m sorry to say) Pardew trying anything more adventurous.


  41. Sorry, but this story just won’t go away, its all over Liverpool bloggs again today –
    “Liverpool striker Andy Carroll could be in line for a shock return to Newcastle on a short-term loan reports talkSPORT. The 22-year-old has struggled to rediscover his best form since making his £35million move to Merseyside last January, and is said to be willing to return to the North East.
    Magpies boss Alan Pardew is a huge admirer of the former Newcastle hitman, and has always left the door open for Carroll to return to St James’ Park”.

    ????????????? I can see the smoke – any fire?

  42. With suarez banned that would leave only old bellamy and maxi up front for them. Just cannot see it happening.

  43. I’ve just sent the e-mail over mate! Sorry for the delay, been away for a few days over new year. Cheers again :)

  44. El Toro says:
    January 3, 2012 at 3:54 pm

    “I’ve just sent the e-mail over mate! Sorry for the delay, been away for a few days over new year. Cheers again”

    Nee botha El Toro.

    I’ve checked and I’ve got your e.mail so that’s all three prizewinners now. Will get all the prizes sorted this evening or tomorrow. Definitely tomorrow in the case of the bank transfer as I won’t make it before closing time and I can’t get into my internet banking ATM.

  45. Supermac says:
    January 3, 2012 at 1:51 pm

    “Sorry, but this story just won’t go away, its all over Liverpool bloggs again today –”

    Eh! Eh! Eh! Calm down, calm down. :-)

    It’s only “Give Me Football” and “Talk Shite” They specialise in producing lots of smoke with no fire whatsoever. ;-)

  46. If liverpool lose tonight, and we beat ManU – then we’re only 1 point behind them…..why on Earth would they let Carroll join us when we’re in direct competition??

    I’d be happy with Tomkins coming into def, our 2.5m bid was turned down, so i’m assuming it’d take 4m.

    and that would leave us 5m app for a striker – cant see that happening, unless it’s a real sh*tebag, unproven lower league bench warmer – so i predict a 4/5m defen is the onlt business we’ll do this window.

  47. Newcastle may lodge a £3M bid for Sheffield United’s outstanding 18 year-old center-back, Harry Maguire.

    That was a story in the Sun late last month, and certainly the youngster looks an excellent player in the making, and already stands 6’3″ tall, and is still growing.

    Born and bred in Sheffield, the local lad has so far played 28 times with one goal for the Blades this season, and in total has made 32 appearances.

    One fact in Newcastle’s favor is that Maguire could be sold because Sheffield United are already a massive £30M in debt, and must correct their dismal financial situation soon.

  48. Newcastle have already already been linked with 21 year-old midfielder Jacob Butterfield, and now the Evening Chronicle are reporting we are keeping tabs on a young center-back.

    The player is 6’4″ center-back Lewis Dunk, who turned 20 last November and he is on a two year contract he signed back in April of 2010, which means it runs out soon.

    Newcastle have made lists of players whose contracts run out in the summer, and they include both youngsters like Lewis, and older players too

    The player was born and bred in Brighton, and is a tough tackling no nonsense center-back, but in his 23 appearances this season he has already picked up 11 yellow cards.

  49. There were further reports in France yesterday suggesting Montpellier’s Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa is the subject of ongoing interest from Tyneside. Arsenal, however, have emerged as genuine contenders for the 22-year-old’s signature.

    Bordeaux defender Michael Ciani insists he is determined to force his way back in to the Girondins’ club’s plans despite being considered by the Magpies.

    The 27-year-old, who has not figured since November 19, said: “Why would I leave when I still have a year and a half left on my contract? My desire is to find my place in the starting line-up for Bordeaux again.”

    Given Ciani’s lack of game time, it would also seem strange for Newcastle to target a player struggling to start in Ligue 1, but Pardew has an extensive list of defensive options to work on. He is, though, not looking at landing Blackburn’s Chris Samba.

  50. Soh ! whats this? do i detect a welcome home for our prodigal son, Carroll ?
    Thought anyone who left the club was considered some kinda traitor, No ?
    It’s more than likely paper talk, it happens at this time of year.
    Actually i kinda agree (i’m Embarrased to say)with Llambias, how much is he worth…….
    And if he did for some reason return, do we want to go back to playing Nat Lofthouse football, who???
    Hey! Ba is twice the player Carroll is and personally i dont see them linking up well, in which case it’s purely academic and aint gonna happen, fugedaboudit !

  51. Great competition, looking forward to second round! I may be the ‘unofficial’ winner as I only played like 3 weeks and finished 31st;). My approach? Don’t follow Lawro!

  52. Milner – you have listed some good young talent, lets hope we get 1 or 2 of them – but they are all defenders. Of course we need to be solid at the back, but be aware that if we don’t score more goals we will rack up the draws then tumble down the table. The mantra of the 4-4-2 mind is get behind the ball, keep your shape, keep a clean sheet – not score & win. We need a goal scorer now !

  53. Agreed Supermac, are you offering to step out of some kind of shadowy retirement?

    But i dont think the board are hitting any Panic buttons, preferring instead to wait for free players in the summer.

    When Ba goes to Africa, i’m guessing Shola will start with HBA, and Best plus McLoven as emergency back up. i’d prefer a new striker (who wouldnt), but i’d settle for proven strolla and HBA in the mix than that chap from Bognor who had a trial the other day…

  54. chuck says:
    January 3, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    “And if he did for some reason return, do we want to go back to playing Nat Lofthouse football, who???”

    If you mean lumping long balls to the big Geordie upfront, we actually do more of that sort of thing now than we did then Chuck. Don’t just follow the cliches, as they are frequently shite. ;-)

    We’re down with Stoke and Blackburn in the long pass stakes now. When Carroll and Hughton were here, we were around mid table in that league.

  55. Hugh’s says that he’s prepared the new competition now, and if anyone’s really keen you can start making the first predictions now apparently!

  56. worky,

    He’s being introduced gradually (HBA), 1, So he can ease in after a bad injury & get up to speed physically.
    2, Most overseas players are eased in gradually to english football, therefore it’s normal practice. In HBA’s case, that easing in period has lasted over a year, obviously hampered by said injury.

    andy carroll-no thanx!

  57. For the record, I’d have Carroll back…then again, I’d have most strikers in the PL. It’s pretty sad that Fulham has a far deeper strike force than us.

    If we’re gonna take a flier on a kid, I recommend Brek Shea from Dallas FC over here. He’s actually similar to Ba (both remind me of Anelka at earlier stages in his career)-big, but fast and a good finisher (not as good as Ba…yet) and plays either in the middle up top or out on the wing. He’ll be 22 next month and the rumor mill has SAF sniffing around. Sign him up on loan and see what he can do, AP! He can’t be making much money…