NUFC Blog competition kicks off this weekend – cash prizes to be won!

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NUFC Blog Prediction Competition
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Live life in the fast lane with the NUFC Blog prediction competition, the second of which starts this weekend. There are cash prizes to be won, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the ensuing fame leads to a book deal and your own reality TV show!

The second NUFC Blog prediction competition kicks off this weekend and once again £175 is up for grabs: £100 for 1st place, £50 for second and £25 for third.

Entry is easy. All you have to be is a registered member of this blog and then you can head on over to the competition pages and make your predictions.

The last competition – which finished at the end of last year – was won jointly by El Toro and GeordieMagpie who shared the £150 for first and second places with GrandPoobah coming a respectable third.

I should mention our own Clint Flick too as he was actually joint 1st but is forbidden from claiming prize as he’s a writer on the blog, but he certainly deserves a share of the kudos.

This competition runs from this Saturday until the end of the season. Rules are the same: you have to predict the results of Premier League matches and get 1 point for correctly predicting a home win, away win or draw, but you get 3 points if you get the exact score correct. It’s mainly Saturday, Sunday and Monday games but there are a few mid-week schedules too and I’ll try to give you plenty notice of when these are so that you don’t forget to make your predictions (the first mid-week fixture is Tuesday 31st January and Wednesday 1st February).

Give it a go!

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