Newcastle United vs Manchester United match highlights and post match interviews

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Highlights of a glorious game. Goals from Demba Ba (33), Yohan Cabaye (47) and finally, a great own goal from Manchester United’s Phil Jones in the final minute of normal time. As usual, I shall try to update these with longer / better ones if / when they become available.

Hugh’s NUFC Blog match report >>.

Post match interviews

The Silver Supremo.

Red nose.

Warning, you may be quite shocked at how gracious the old rascal is in defeat, there’s definitely something wrong somewhere! Fair play to him really though.

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13 Responses

  1. Or was it Erich Honecker?

    Longer 15 minute MOTD highlights are up now, with a bit of the usual punditry from “Doom” and “Gloom” at the end too.

  2. Happy New year to you all. What an amazing game really proud of the lads. Thanks for the highlights Workey.

  3. “workyticket says:
    January 5, 2012 at 1:58 am

    Vorwärts immer, rückwärts nimmer! As Alan Pardew once said Tripp.”

    Lol. I hink that’d be:
    Vorwärts immah, rückwärts nimmah!

    if it was the silver supremo, worky. Either way it’s 3 points and I’m well chuffed!

  4. Tiote was outstanding tonight. Id have given man of the match to him. Krul did fantastic and pardews substitutions were pin point accuracy . Pardew was out of his seat all game. Never sat down. I don’t know one player who didn’t give 1000% tonight. I had a squeaky bum from 33 minutes but what can you expect. Pardeux is doing us proud. He just needs to say NO to mike ashley a few more times or learn how to use the word.

  5. I predicted 8.30 am this morning on blog a ONE nil to toon , and the doomers and gloomers put there tuppence haapeny on as well .. So feel glad as I was confident we could do these guys , three goals was quite unexpected , and in actual fact it’s not so much the goals as NIL scored by Manu so awesome job by defence too to keep oot the likes of Rooners as great !..

  6. Whilst the whole team were fantastic my praise goes to Pardew. Many fans were moaning because they wanted Ben Arfa to start but Pardew probably knew (having seen what Yakubu did in the previous game) that the ManU central defence of Ferdinand and Jones were very suspect against big powerful forwards. Well done Alan, tactically spot on.

  7. Credit to Alan Pardew and the lads.

    I hope we can now build a team around Tiote, Cabaye and Ba who when you look at their ages could be with us for another 7 years.

    Bring on the FA cup.

  8. Most of the people I speak to in the north west see Tiote at least as being on his way out, would love to hang on to him for a few more years, but the great hairy one’s contract is up soon so MA will prob ship him out too – I sound really negative there, sorry, brilliant win(d) last night, lets hope we keep it up – as long as we avoid the Europa Cup that is