Newcastle United v QPR match highlights and post match interviews

Posted on January 16th, 2012 | 16 Comments |

Highlights of the game. As usual I will keep my eyes peeled for longer / better ones and will post them when they become available.

Post match interviews

Alan Pardew

Mark Hughes

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16 Responses

  1. there were times when i thought that we were all over the shop – i wondered if there was a game plan at all. This morning I read David pleat analysis in the Guardian (I know) – and he made it all seem sensible.

    Anyhoo – an ugly win – so what – its 3 points. It cant be Man U every game

  2. benny needs some movement infront of him and that in turn will create even more space for himself, he spreads the play well is tricky and loves 2 dribble, obertan could learn by watchin benny. jonas had a great game too, and willo read things well maybe playing next to colo it rubs off.Definately need a striker with some movement it would make Bas job so much easier when he is back too .

  3. qpr,

    new manager, players trying to make an impression & fighting for their contracts. They had a nice boost for this game & tried their best. It was ‘painfully’ obvious that their team isn’t quite good enough to take that boost & do something with it.

    A tough game with some of our key players missing in front of our home crowd.
    It all sounded like a 1-0 win to me & that’s what transpired.

  4. funny how people saying that we would win 4,5-0 Qpr managed to defend and attack made us a bit vulnerable at times. even had more shots than us so credit to best for taking his chance when it came. shola (bless his heart) :) looks very disinterested,fades away as the match goes on pardew should really make him as a late sub as i think he does better,but then again its what mood shola’s in which sets the tone of his play.

  5. Shola’s was surely the worst display he has ever produced in the black n white. Thoroughly lazy, idle,throughout. Can’t or wont be bothered to track back, has no pace and it lokks to me, very little interest. Time to get shot.

  6. guess we have to make do with him for the next couple of weeks, i mean alan smith has more chance of scoring than shola right now :)

  7. OK, we won another match & moved back up to 6th – well done lads – whatever else, we are having a good season and doing better than expected.

    So why complain?

    Well, simply we played a dreadfull 4-4-2 with players who are not up to it.
    We began
    Raylor – Guthrie – Cabaye – Jonas
    Sameobi – Best

    and we were woefull, what on earth is Pardew thinking of in this day and age? Clearly not using a system to exploit our best players, but rather shoe-horning players into the only system he understands. Be honest – Best & Sameobi as twin strikers? If this is what he wants then the only way is to get AC back!

    Hatem Ben Arfa came on after 25 (unfortunately at the expense of Cabaye) & we were transformed – but he should have been there from the start in a 4-5-1 (which we became when Perch arrived after 77).

    Despite our success & our high league position, this match highlights the glaring deficiencies of our manager and his coaching abilities – very good at defensive teamwork (clean sheets clearly give him a hard-on) but clueless at creative attacking.

    If you disagree then tell me who else would send out our team this way?

  8. supermac,

    the way i see it is that HBA has not actually played that many games here in england, due to injury, even though he’s been here a year. But just like Santon has been slowly introduced after watching & learning from the sidelines, HBA has had to do the same. While he’s excellent on his day, he can still be seen as a luxury player. He is starting to show what he can do & is getting more & more time on the pitch. All the while being asked to do what the team needs from him.
    He’s getting there!
    But, like a coiled spring, he’s ready to burst into the team. It could well be the making of his game(?).

  9. We woulda lost games like that in the last few seasons.

    Grindability is what we’ve lacked in times gone by, yea?

  10. supermac, totally argee, we are an average side, punching well above our weight.
    lets be honest the fans will not complain, with the club be 6th, but we are carrying a lot of luck.
    quite a few of our matches this season, on another day we could just as easily lost these games.

    as for the so called, “silver haired supremo”, he knows exactly how lucky he’s been.
    i will never change my opinion of him, he is a long ball merchant, and has no tactical nous.
    he has one way of doing things, and if this doesn’t work, he’s generally knackered.
    for all his crap about ben arfa, the real reason the lad doesn’t get a start, is because he does not fit in with the hoof it style, pardew has going on.
    he was the same at west ham, he would never give tevez a start, opting for the donkey, who is carlton cole.
    he nearly got them relegated, and alan curbishley was brought in, to do the salvage job.
    everyone knows the rest, with tevez scoring most of the goals, to keep them up.
    he is a gobs**te, a**ecrawler,appeasement merchant, and a complete “yes man”, and a deluded fantasist to boot.

    the football we are playing is f**kin’ terrible, and eventually this will catch us up.
    yesterday was a farce to be fair, shola and best up front is a non starter, but according to parvenu, this has worked in the past, has it balls, it has never worked.

    what is happening this season will be parnocchio’s high spot, because where does he go from here?
    imo he is just not good enough to take the next step.

  11. TROJAN RECORDS 73 says: “lets be honest the fans will not complain” quite honestly I think that a lot of them don’t know any better – in the past this performance would be booed off by the Leazes !
    OK, I remember 2nd division games with hoofers – we went to game after game but didn’t delude ourselves cos we knew rubbish when we saw it.
    And in the PL (or old 1st div) we pilloried the likes of Jack Charlton & Araldyce for percentage classless stuff like this.
    So why be grateful for this just cos we are winning 1-0 ?
    If I saw this crap when I was a kid I would not be a supporter now – in fact my Dad would not have taken me!

    In those days of 25,000 crowds we knew what was required, but now I feel that there are not enough real knowlegeable supporters among today’s fashion-shirt wearing 50,000.
    It wasn’t trendy to follow football then – now we have too many instant experts raised on match-highlights and know it all TV pundits spouting tripe.
    All that matters is goals, seen from several angles – how can they appreciate a thrilling 0-0?
    Do they notice great duals between full-backs & wingers? or CFs & CBs?
    No wonder they applaud a 1-0 from a clomping 4-4-2 – we have the players to beat teams like this by 2 or 3 goals and it exasperates me that too many don’t understand it.
    So at home 1-0 up – what masterstroke to we employ? Bring on Perch !
    Hey Gods !