Carroll, Morrison, Hoilett and Zaha. All rumours – no action yet.

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Zaha allegedly a Newcastle United target.
Zaha allegedly a Newcastle United target
Rumours abound about Andy Carroll, Ravel Morrison, Junior Hoilett and Wilfried Zaha but so far there has been no action from Newcastle United in this transfer window.

After yesterday’s rumours about Andy Carroll‘s potential return to Newcastle, people have been queueing up to dismiss it all as twaddle. Apparently Newcastle have denied they’ve had any contact at all with Liverpool about Carroll and Carroll himself allegedly Twitted that it was rubbish, although the only quoted denial I could find was from Kenny Dalglish, who yesterday said:

Och aye the noo, I am worried about the people that invent these rumours. They have absolutely no foundation whatsoever. I don’t need to justify what is in the paper. I have stood up – and always will stand up – for the players.

And yet the rumours seem to persist and a lot of the press still think Carroll will eventually return to Newcastle, possibly at the end of the season. Make what you will of it!

Meanwhile, other press reports are suggesting that we’ve had a £500,000 bid for Manchester United youngster Ravel Morrison turned down. Sir Alex has said that the creative midfielder is a “very, very talented boy” but apparently feels he needs to get away from the ‘distractions of Manchester’, which he thinks may be contributing to his bad behaviour. Morrison pleaded guilty to two counts of witness intimidation last year and allegedly keeps missing training sessions.

The Telegraph reports that Sir Alex is hanging on for a better bid than £500,000 and a decent cut of any subsequent fee when he’s sold on.

Junior Hoilett has been on Alan Pardew’s shopping list for a while if press reports are to be believed and rumours are once again bubbling up about our interest in him. The 21 year old Canadian winger – who has 10 goals in 74 appearances for Blackburn – is said to be worth £7m and a Blackburn ‘source’ has said:

Newcastle might be the club who make a move for Hoilett, that is the buzz around Blackburn at the moment.

Another player we’re supposedly after is the 19 year old Crystal Palace striker Wilfried Zaha. Apparently Palace value him at £10m, which seems a bit excessive for a 19 year old with 6 goals from 74 appearances. The Daily Mail suggests that Zaha is keen to stay with Palace until at least January 24th to see how they do in the second leg of their Carling Cup semi-final and, assuming they get through, does not want to miss his chance of a Wembley final.

Whatever happens on that one, I’m pretty sure we won’t be paying £10 for him. Apparently Stoke, Liverpool and West Brom are also interested in the player.

According to the Evening Chronicle we might well be on our way to finally getting Xisco off the books and saving ourselves £50k/week in the process. Apparently the club is trying to tempt Deportivo – who currently have him on loan – to take the player permanently. I wouldn’t bet on it – we’ve been trying to get rid of him for years and yet he’s still on our books!

So far though, it’s all talk and no action. What we’re reputed to be after as a priority is a central defender but I hope we don’t leave it too late, planning on picking up some cut-price bargain as the transfer window counts down its final minutes. We’ve fallen foul of that before.

Anyway – do any of the players mentioned take your fancy?

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27 Responses

  1. I’d love Hoilett to come here. He is a cracking player and an absolute steal for 7 mil, and maybe thats just in Ashley’s price range. Not too bothered about Zaha or Carroll tbh as far as I’m concerned Carroll has made his bed and now he has to lie in it. This united lad sounds like he could be another Ranger but for 500k its worth a punt surely and if its good enough for Carr then its good enough me!

  2. don’t worry, still 19 days to go before they will put their bids in to be conveniently rejected.

  3. Morrison and Hoilett are both really very good, do not want both but I certainly wouldnt mind 1 of them… Hoilett can give Raylor and Obiwan some competition for that RW position? Morrison would have to compete with the young lads we already have here, Abeid, Vuckic, Freguson, etc. I dont see him breaking in above Abeid right away but a mid-field of Morisson, Cabaye and HBA infront of them would show creativity like never before… Just make sure Morisson learns French;-)
    Getting this young lad would compensate for not getting a new striker this window in my opinion!

  4. Ashley has lost the cheque book again I reckon….not expecting much action this window most of the players we are linked with I have never heard of so see what happens…

  5. “i’d love Hoilett to come here. He is a cracking player and an absolute steal for 7 mil”
    Sooo easy for you to spend money you dont have….get a grip rsole…you wont earn this in your life and yet you spend it like its a bisciut in a tin…..FFS>>we as real Newcastle supporters dont need D#cks like YOU!!!

  6. zaha and morrison would be steals but what is it saying about our current reserve players who are looking to break through especially in midfield. With a mass amount of talent surely at some stage some of the young blokes would be thinking is my talent being wasted and should i be moving club?, really hoping for brad inman to come though!

  7. Carroll – Press tripe. Never going to happen.

    Morrison – ‘..bad behaviour, guilty of witness intimidation, missing training sessions..’
    Forget it, doesn’t match our character requirements.

    Hoilett – Not bad player but not at £7m.

    Zaha – Same as Hoilett.

    In general, our recent transfers have been well researched for purchase price, wages, ability, skill and personal character. And, the club’s announcements have not been preceeded by much if any rumour. Therefore, we could expect players that we have not been linked with previously.

  8. whatever happens it’s a knocking bet we’ll see – slim shady – showing a healthy profit by the 31st.

  9. Hoilett’s contract is about up, so £7m, i don’t think so.
    Half that, maybe!

    Saw Zaha the other night v cardiff. Defo not worth anywhere near their dumb-ass asking price. Very raw, raggedy talent, he could be good, but not ready by any stretch.

  10. can’t have Ravel Morrison at the same club (football or night) as Ranger!
    And jason Prior looks a no go.
    so that’s the less than £1m players sorted.
    Assuming there’s no freebies until the summer, I suppose we’re looking at the £2m ones now.
    Early days? I suppose so, nobody else seems to be buying.
    Strangely I see no rumours of anyone after Perch, Best, Shola or Lovers – but there remains a bit of hope with Smith.

  11. Kenny Dalglish said: Och aye the noo – no he didn’t, that was a translation, what he actualy said was “seeyoujimmy yaweebampot”

  12. Having a player called “Wilf” would be ok though. It would be just like the old days when real men smoked Woodbines and worked down the mines.

  13. January Windows are just an over priced rag sale.

    You buy crap at a high prices.

    They only thing Newcastle should be able to do and rightly so, is to get a loanee in for DEF. AND maybe some transfers that were in the pipe line in the summer that didnt get completed, but to be honest knowing the board, these would have been done and dusted by now. So i generally beleive we will not see a single person come into the squad until the summer. Which is not a bad thing.

    Going back to the loan thing – you have to really wait until the last couple of days for loans. The good ones normally are the result of a Jan transfer anyway. Think about Cahill going to Chelsea, maybe one of the youngsters with then be loaned out – or even someone like Alex if he doesn’t fancy QPR. In the case, maybe we could loan a Chelsea defender…

    All the stories, are just rumours, some may have a little bit of truth in them, but that’s normally just because an agent/scout has phone around to enquiry.

  14. Haha what you on about shaun? 7 mil is absolute f*** all in todays market. If Carroll is supposedly worth 35 mil then Hoilett is definitely worth 7 you moron. We spent 5 mil on santoon this summer so whats the difference in spending another 2 on someone who has done very well in the prem within the last 10 months or so

  15. According to the transfer clockwatch on sky sports news, we’ve just had a bid rejected for Ravel Morrison.

  16. Seeing the back of Xisco would be a good move for the club, even if it was for nowt, same with Zamblera. Is Nacho still on the books, someone of that name was playing for a Spanish club at the weekend and he looked halfway decent.

    Anyway I reckon we will have some new blood in’t team and we’ll be saying, “didn’t see that coming”

  17. 7M would be a good fee for Hoilett-yes, his contract is up but yes, he also has multiple suiters. So we can’t completely lowball the bid which tells me we won’t get him. Too bad as he not only can give our RWs a run, he also can play on the left or up top. Oh well.

    As for Zaha-everyone is going to wait until summer to bid but that has nothing to do with the league cup. His inflated 10M price tag is based on the fact that Palace are within touching distance of playoff places. If they don’t get promoted, that price tag is slashed in half.

  18. nicky maynard,out of contract soon,genuine speed ,eye for the onion bag and would have a sell on value if he was not premiership quality