Brighton vs Newcastle United FA Cup match highlights and interviews.

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Highlights of the game in what was ultimately a disappointing day at the seaside for the Magpies as they crashed out of the FA Cup without scoring a goal. As usual, I will post better / longer highlights, as well as post match interviews when they become available (and if you can bear it!).

A full match report from our very own UTD111 will follow in the fullness of time too.

Post match interviews and punditry

Post match interview with Alan Pardew

Post match interview with Gustavo Poyet.

Post match punditry from Stubbsy, Harps and Barnesy.

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21 Responses

  1. credit first best game perch has had for the toon ameobi should never play again very poor tactics and substitutions needed a goal should of left hba on but upfront jonas was embarressing williamson a joke so angry i could say things i would regret

  2. Which ever way you slice it, it was a crap result and a crap performance. Certain things do not seem right which showed up at Fulham and showed up today. The desire and the commitment have waned. There’s an emptiness; Colo’s still undecided about his future, so are Guthrie and Simpson. They don’t know if they’re coming or going while Pardew has had his head turned by all the talk of him for the England job. A few things need to get sorted and a fresh desire needs to be re-kindled. Otherwise our better players will start eyeing the door the same way Enrique did.

  3. That’s spoilt my weekend!

    Another og,
    another obvious pen turned down somehow.
    Another game of dominating with no end product.
    Another break away goal.

    Well done to brighton for hanging in & getting their lucky goal.

    How has the ref not given that pen?
    Hyowge sigh!

  4. Kadar must have shagged pardews wife or something.

    Lets wait until 8 minutes to go to try and win it. Pardew is a terrible manager when it comes to tactical decisions. Starts with the same plan every game but only works when the 11 best players are out on the pitch, some of those wins have been lucky as well.

    Pardew for England ? Not a chance.

  5. Derek L says:
    January 29, 2012 at 5:22 am

    “Kadar must have shagged pardews wife or something.”

    Derek, if the rumours from Southampton were true it would be more likely that Pardew was shagging Kadar’s missus.

    As for the rest, he’s certainly been trying to experiment recently, not least with formations. He’s dabbled with 3-5-2 (against Stoke when we got hammered), 4-4-1-1, 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, and today Gutierrez was playing in a freer, more central role with Best more out wide in the 3 behind Ameobi. I expect him to try the “Christmas Pudding” formation next, then give up in exaspertion, making a Mike Bassett style outburst “We’re playing four four f*****g two! He does tend to struggle with moving out of that 4-4-2 high energy paradigm somewhat. Pep Guardiola had Johan Cruyff as his mentor, Alan Pardew had Terry Bullivant.

    In the past I’ve been shown hostility and derision for my supposed antipathy toward the Silver Supremo’s tactics and his ultimate ability over the long term, mostly from people who couldn’t recognise what his tactics were one way or the other anyway. Now others seem to be catching up a little as they usually do, I feel under some kind of obligation to defend the gadgie. I’m even starting to warm to him in his current struggles with a new way forward, well I would if he didn’t blame the players quite so much when things don’t go as planned. I suppose I’ll always be a contrarian though. :-)

  6. do remember pardew at the start of the season saying at times i will make bad calls bring on substitutions at the right and wrong time’s. do credit him bringing on sub’s on the right time as it has won and drawn the game but the amount of times sub’s on have been very late to change the game. now with cisse and ba coming back likely to see shola being brought on for best if the front two don’t fire(which would be unlikely) :)

  7. Shola needs to be put in a cannon and shot over seas.

    Looks like the job is taking its toll on Pardew in that video. Still cannot fault the players? Yeah okay Pardew…

  8. seeing also that we are 6th and doing better than others expected would think that optimism is sky high the last two games has dampened things which will make everybody uneasy just thinking is it the whole team which has done the business for us or just the reliance of ba and now cisse who will be lifting the team to the heights which newcastle are now??

  9. Worky, the 4-3-3 would work well, IF the front three were Ba, Cisse and HBA. Not Best and Ameobi!

    We really should try the 4-2-3-1 / 4-4-1-1, as we just look a better team when we play that way. Cabaye is our playmaker, look at what he did with Lille. We play him far too deep, he needs more chance to push forward.

    Also, I really have had enough of Danny Simpson. Face it, he’s wank and had enough chances to improve.

    Performance was shocking yesterday, and agree with those above who say Pardew has very little tactical ideas when shit hits the fan. We should have mopped the floor with them yesterday, but somehow lost.

  10. get collo guthrie and simpson tied to contracts now. or is it a case of they have also seen the same lack of planning and ambition as nolan,barton and enrique did?, weather ashley likes it or not u cannot rite off a player because he gets to a certain age, needs 2 stop looking at it as buying a cheap bunch of trackies 4 his shop 4 sell on purposes, its a whole different business !

  11. The problem with tactics is that they must (MUST) be based on the ability and performance of the players on the pitch.
    Far too many people listen only to pundits & reporters and think it only means formations and line ups ie 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 etc.
    Very few people appear to be able to judge how well the tactics and formation are working during a game – and even less know how to adapt or change to improve.

    Good tactics must always be reviewed – even the best players can have off days, or be unable to cope with their marker, or just get slowed down by an injury.
    And of course the opposition have done their homework and plan to out wit your plans.
    A good coach spots this early and changes things by changing positions or substitutions – but always working within the ability of the players.

    A poor coach has a method – he picks the formation he knows best then slots his players into it. He relies on percentage football – his players are coached in it and know their role – he will win games & loose games, but always be average, never a successful team. No matter what players are available or whether he plays against the top of the PL or lesser team in the cup he has the same plan.

    Against Brighton, even if they were not our first choice we had the better players and we were more than a match for them on the pitch – but got beat.
    We got beat for exactly the same reason that we have had so many draws and one goal wins – because if we play this way with these players we do not score enough goals.
    Its not just the forwards to blame – this style does not bring the midfielders up to score either.
    How on earth the substitutions we made were supposed to increase the chances of scoring is a mystery.

    On the plus side – once all our best players are available again this style will work better – so he will stick to it, so we had better get used to it.

  12. more gossip about BA today – Ba will pocket £3m of any fee, according to the Sunday Mirror. The buy-out clause was inserted as the club refused to meet the player’s personal demands or pay a significant amount of agents’ fees. He wants to double his current salary to £60,000.

    So if he goes for £7m we get £4m.
    We could offer him more – or jusy hope no one will risk big money (fee + 60,000) on his knee.

  13. Smogs were winning 1-0 but the Mackems scored to equalize. Hoping the Smogs get another one!

  14. We should of been in that draw :(

    It’s just frustrating, and a bit embarrassing, that Pardew said we were going to go for this cup and we got knocked out by Brighton

  15. Jimbob says:
    “Performance was shocking yesterday, and agree with those above who say Pardew has very little tactical ideas when shit hits the fan.”

    The trouble with a performance and tactics like that is that “the shit hit the fans” and we have to put up with it.

  16. keeps faith with shameobi i think lovenkrands puts alot more effort in than him, s see if we really are gona build on a good season so far, shed the ded weight and make some more quility signings, lacking defensive cover

  17. Couldn’t believe what I was seeing on the highlights, how the Fck did we contrive to lose that game. It really only needed one of our strikers to actually convert one of the numerous chances that fell to them.

    B*llocks to the African bl**dy cup, probably cost us our best chance of silverware this year, we’d have taken LPool no bother!

    Mind you Ba and Cisse managed not to score for Senegal so who knows!!