Win £100, £50 or £25 in NUFC Blog’s latest score prediction competition!

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Want the glamorous life? Win big with NUFC Blog!
Want the glamorous life? Win big with NUFC Blog!
Ladies and Gentlemen, as the end of the year draws nigh, so does the end of our current score prediction competition. It is currently reaching it’s thrilling climax with the top prizes still undecided even in the last game!

Anyway, this article is just to let you know if you don’t already, or need reminding, that a whole new series will be running from the new year until the end of the season.

With two games per season, that’s double the chance to win!

The huge, life changing cash prizes on offer will still be the same, ie £100 for the winner, £50 for the runner up and finally, £25 for third place.

The first games for the new competition will be taking place on Saturday 14th January 2012, but the the predictions will have to be in shortly before these games start, so don’t be late! One final thing is that all competitors will have to be registered members of the site so don’t forget to sign yourself up first too if you aren’t already a member.

For more details, please check out the competition pages themselves and also this post from competition master, Hugh.

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5 Responses

  1. To whomever ends up winning one of the three prizes in the current competition.

    Once the result is decided, it would be good if you could let me know whether you have a Paypal account or not. It isn’t necessary but it would be better!

    If you have, please don’t put your Paypal e-mail on here under any circumstances, but if you could let me know what your account e.mail is using the contact form on this site, that would be much appreciated!

    If you don’t have Paypal, divven’t worry, just let me know and we will work out an alternative via cheque, bank transfer or something like that.

  2. Aye, they seem bitter

    ” Hmmm Newcastle cannot sign anyone til Jan 1st when the window opens…Pardew must have had him watched, heard we had him on a pre-signed contract and nips in with the offer of a trial to get him into January’s window. Pretty much below the belt from a club like Newcastle, but then again, they’ve been a bloody joke for 50 odd years anyway.”

    Getting stick from Eastliegh fans now [[168456309878025]]