The Africa Cup of Nations and Newcastle United – A Geordie’s guide.

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Demba Ba and Cheick Tiote.
Ba and Mr.T: Out for Africa.
As most of you will no doubt be aware, the Africa Cup of Nations will be taking place next month.

This incredibly awkward competition is held bi-annually, unlike the European Championships which are held every four years. Also unlike the Euros, it is also usually held right in the middle of the bloody football season! This time the tournament will be jointly hosted by Gabon and Equitorial Guinea from January 21 to February 12 2012, but players will usually be called for duty by their national teams some time before that, even as early as the 8th of January for pre tournament training camps and warm up games.

Cheick Tiote and Demba Ba will definitely be there representing the Ivory Coast and Senegal respectively. Inspired by Manchester City, who also wish to hold back their talisman midfielder, Yaya Toure, from joining Tiote in the Ivory Coast team for as long as possible, Alan Pardew is now trying to delay Ba’s and Tiote’s departure until around the 15th January.

If Pardew and City manager Roberto Mancini fail in their quest to hold the players back until the middle of the month, the two Silver Supremos could be missing their important players for as many as six or seven games according to my calculation. Of course, this will almost certainly have a much greater effect on the Magpies than it will on moneybags Man City with their wealth of strength in depth. In Newcastle United’s case the potential games missed will be the following if Tiote and Ba depart on the 8th January:

Blackburn Rovers (FA Cup) Sat 7th January, Queen’s Park Rangers (H) Sunday 15th January, Fulham (A) Saturday 21st January, Blackburn Rovers again (A) Sat 7th January, Wednesday 1st February, Aston Villa (H) Sunday 5th February, and finally, Tottenham Hotspur (A) Saturday 11th February.

If Pardew is succesful in his bid to keep the players back until the 15th, they will only be missed from the Fulham game onwards, however the length of Ba’s and Tiote’s absence will also be determined of course by how well their respective teams do in the tournament, however Ivory Coast are hotly tipped to win the the tournament and Senegal are quite fancied too this time, despite recent problems centred around their head coach’s contract.

I need hardly tell you how important our very own Mr.T. has been as a sentinel guarding the back four. However Demba Ba has scored no less than 13 of our 23 Premiership goals so far, so to say that his absence will be worrying would be something of an understatement. The last person other than Ba to score was Dan Gosling in our 2-1 victory over Everton on the 5th November. This game was also our last victory. With a somewhat alarming dip in form since that time, with the Magpies only collecting a mere two points in their last six games since that victory, Ba’s goals are needed more than ever. As I pointed out in this piece a couple of days ago, if the form of our last six games continued until the end of the season, despite our great start this term, we would only end the season with the same amount of points we were relegated with (34) in the 2008/9 season.

Getting back to Alan Pardew and his bid to keep Ba’s and Tiote’s absences to a minimum though, he recently said on that subject:

“It’s important to keep players until January 15. The scheduling isn’t great but we aren’t going to moan, we knew about it.”

In another interview, he said of losing Ba next month:

“He’s a great player, and you are going to miss great players. He is going to the African Cup of Nations and he will probably want to win that. Knowing Demba and the way he is playing, he probably could. He has been absolutely terrific for us.”

Meanwhile, there is the good news that Newcastle United’s other African goal machine, Shola Ameobi, will be staying at St James’ Park for the duration of the tournament. For some bizarre reason, the Fenham Eusebio has missed out amidst competition from forwards such as West Bromwich Albion’s Peter Odemwingie and Toon old boy Obafemi Martins, who is now playing for Wolfsburg in the German Bundesliga.

Finally of course the January transfer window could be a chance to bring in some reinforcements, however Pardew has been speaking more of bringing in defenders than forwards. On this he commented in a recent interview:

“We are having to look at our squad because we are stretched, especially defensively. We have made some calls to try to find out who is available, but it’s a difficult window. You want to try to get a good player in a window when teams don’t want to lose their good players, so it’s not just difficult for us, it’s difficult for every team. You locate a player, but then they have got to get a replacement and is another first-team going to let a replacement go? There’s a knock-on effect.”

We shall just have to wait and see on that front then.

Before I sign off, as this will almost certainly be our last blog before Christmas, I would just like to once again wish all of our readers very happy Christmas and a great new year!

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  2. Cabaye is going to the african cup?
    And the first game against manchester united is actually at home.

    I hate picking out mistakes but I can’t just leave them there!

    Useful guide btw, if we lose ba for 7 games I think wee’ll be at least 4 points worse off. Merry christmas to all!

  3. CLiNT FLiCK said on September 7, 2011 at 1:47 pm
    worky, if it was a much our concern as we make out, then surely we’d all get together & buy the club & run it ourselves. End of.

    Well it took time finding it, but I now have in front of me my “newcastle United Share Issue Prospectus” dated 29th october 1990 offering 8,000,000 shares of 50p each at £1 per share payable in full on application.
    I promptly sent off my application with a £100 cheque for the minimum of 100 shares – unfortunately not enough others did so and a year later my uncashed cheque was returned. John Hall (listed as having 3,095,115 shares compared to chairman W G McKeag’s 941,477) stepped in & the rest is history.

    Those that didn’t put up are cordialy invited to shut up! But I earned my right to criticise as much and as often as as I want.


  4. I don’t think there has ever been so much animosity between fans under a certain regime….it is constant squabbling and bitching.
    The way I see it is everyone who support’s the club has every right to voice an opinion.
    I have never liked Mike Ashley and in the beginning it was an unpopular stance but I did and stand by my opinions that I made a long time ago.

    Mike Ashley will be here for a very long time,he has a stadium named after his retail empire,cheap advertising plastered all over the place,he makes good wedge every transfer window (this one will be the same as all the rest) if I was him I would be here until I popped my clogs…£35mill cash up front on 1 player he must have been laughing his head of and rubbing his greasy mits with Glee!!

    Looking forwards survival is all he wants…just scraping by and showcasing cheap foreign players and freebies to sell on at maximum profit and I have to say he is doing a decent job in that department.

    Be interesting to see who comes and goes this window.

  5. Supermac says:
    December 24, 2011 at 10:41 am

    “you may wish to share this
    Christmas Message from the Queen
    sent to my professional blog To: ”

    Supermac, I removed the e.mail, otherwise it will be read by spambots trawling the web, put on to a million dodgy mailing lists then spammmed to death!

    maze202 says:
    December 24, 2011 at 12:48 pm

    “Cabaye is going to the african cup?
    And the first game against manchester united is actually at home.”

    Aye corrected now, thanks for pointing it out. I had no sleep whatsoever when I was finishing the article off, so I didn’t really check through it as well as I should have.

    And happy Christmas everyone!

  6. Xmas Poll…Hmmmm

    Expected Net spend on Jan transfers?
    Poll on which of our players will be sold this window?

  7. Xmas Poll,

    Will Skysports David Craig, on the final day of the transfer window, either:

    A) Tell us we’ve actually signed someone.

    B) Tell us we are trying to sign someone with 3 seconds left, but it’s ok because Ashley has his submarine standing by.

    C) Say nothing and indulge in some fire eating, and knife juggling in an attempt to make St James’ Park look ‘active’ on deadline day.

    Merry Christmas to all.

  8. Fifa 12 generator has us down to beat blackburn 1-2 and suprisingly beat liverpool at anfield 0-2. HWTL?

  9. …god save the queen, the fascist regime, it made you a moron,
    potential H-bomb…


    soz mate but gambling on the stock market doesn’t constitute ownership man.

    Buy out, with cash money (not theoretical promises) is the only way to properly own something.

  10. Poll idea:

    What position/s will get filled in Jan.?

    How many will come in/go?

    How much will we spend (or otherwise)?

  11. Poll idea – an end of year evaluation of where we think NUFC is & where we are going in the next few years –

    1 potential top 6 & euro spot
    2 upper mid table & cup winners
    3 lower mid table going nowhere
    4 bottom 6 with fears of relegation

    it would be interesting to know the spread of opinion and be able to quantify the mood of fellow supporters.

    I’d put us at 2 – and regard that as successful progress in our 2nd season back in the PL.