Stoke City vs Newcastle United match highlights.

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Highlights of Newcastle United’s superb 3-1 victory at the Britannia Stadim in Stoke.

A second hat-trick of the season from Demba Ba (12, 40, 81 minutes) along with a superb performance from Jonas Gutierrez amnogst others sealed the win for the Magpies, and there was also a consolation penalty for Stoke’s Jonathan Walters (75).

For a full report of the game, check out Hugh de Payen’s excellent match report.

I will also endeavour to post any post match interviews if / when they become available.

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11 Responses

  1. Those “penalties” were proper jokes. Ref must have thought better of the first one and gave it back. That’s the only way I can reckon it.

    Great finish from Ba for the first one. He’s been quite a find. I hope we don’t miss him too much in January.

  2. Been a quality signing BA works hard as well.
    Very impressed with the lads work ethic proper good shift last night and a great 3 points away.

  3. If Mike and DL start taking the club more seriously and back pardew there is no reason we can’t push on and get into the Europa’s next season.
    The current run of good form may make MA decide to cash in on players again as his gamble to get rid of Jose,Barton,Nolan etc seems to have been a gamble that has totally reaped rewards…I am astonished at where we are in the table and I don’t think that we have hit full throttle yet.
    I had the game yesterday as a 2-1 to us but deep down I felt we would be out bossed without Tiote in Midfield….I was totally wrong and the lads grafted so hard last night and made Stoke look very ordinary.

  4. tunyc says:

    “Great finish from Ba for the first one. He’s been quite a find. I hope we don’t miss him too much in January”

    The following sixteen countries have qualified for ACoN 2012 so as well as Tiote and Ba we will also miss, if the rumours are true, Maiga as well. Competition begins on Jan 21st.

    Burkina Faso
    Côte d’Ivoire
    Equatorial Guinea

  5. Andymac@4 hhmmmm…. though we seemed to do ok without Tiote yesterday against Stzoke.

    Here’s the fixtures for Jan without our “African lads”….

    4th Jan Man U home
    15th Jan QPR home
    21st Jan Fulham away
    1st Feb Blackburn away
    4th Feb Aston Villa home

    Most of those games are do-able, maybe the impact of the ANC won’t be too negative on our season, with replacements for Tiote, Ba etc already showing they are more than capable ? We just need to hope that they all come home injury-free for the big push at the end of the season !

  6. Supermac says:
    November 1, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    “@6 thanks worky – I’ll catch them later”

    Divven’t take too long Supermac, the best ones usually get taken down after a while when the BBC or Sky complain about them!

  7. Hey ! when was the last time we were sitting in third place, with the leagues lowest goals against (sorry i know i complain about stats.)
    I have to say yesterdays effort was unbelievable, each and everyone put out an effort that continued for the full ninety minutes, pedal to the mettle stuff.
    Sure Ba’s performance was great, he’s going to have some season i think, but the defending by everyone including Ba, was what impressed me.
    Stoke were forced into bad passes by a relentless attack as soon as they got possession, hell they reminded me of those terriers at Barcelona.
    Are we Barcelona in disguise ? (sorry getting carried away here)
    We solved the Stoke attack by hoisting long balls up to our forwards, over a static Stoke defense, playing high, they did’nt have the pace to recover and as time went on, began to hang back, instead of supporting the forwards.
    I’have seen Stoke play a few times this year, but no one as yet, has so decisively beaten them imo.
    No mean feat !
    I’m feeling a bit more confident about the upcoming games, certainly if we continue to put out the same effort we did yesterday and one has to remember the side is for the most part just beginning to jell.
    Many of who were at different clubs and different leagues last year, they can only improve, with familiarity.
    My one fear is injuries, as of yet we still don’t have that large a squad, compared to those in who’s company we find ourselves.
    Ah well , perhaps we will spend a few bob at Christmas, now we are showing potential, who knows perhaps there’s European football in the not too far distance.

  8. Chuck, are you feeling well. ;-)

    yeah, I’m concerned about injuries too. It was great to see Guthrie step up and put in a very solid performance in the “Mr T” role. So that’s encouraging. But up front in and back, we’re lacking. Having Obertan and HBA as potential players to lighten the strikers’ load does help some what. In defense though, we are cutting it precious fine.

  9. chuck says:
    November 1, 2011 at 8:05 pm

    “Hey ! when was the last time we were sitting in third place, with the leagues lowest goals against (sorry i know i complain about stats.)”

    Chuckles, I was looking over the stats for that game, and the funniest thing was that if you didn’t look at the goals, and Stoke’s boring and rather ineffectual play on the night, you would be forgiven for thinking that it was us who lost by 1 goal to their 3. Even their pass (or “punt” in their case) completion seemed to be better than ours.