Pardew says no thanks to England job

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Redknapp - most likely successor to Capello.
Praying he gets the England job?
Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew rules himself out for the England manager’s job, if indeed he was ever a serious contender anyway.

Pardew’s 10 game undefeated start to the season has had him ‘in the frame’ – at least according to the press – as a potential replacement for Fabio Capello as England manager after next summer’s European Championship, but the man himself isn’t interested in the job, at least for now.

Pardew Said:

It’s nice to hear your name mentioned with things like that, but in terms of the England job, it’s not for me at this time. I’m just not interested in it. I don’t think I have the experience to do that job.

There’s someone in hospital at the moment (Redknapp) who could definitely do the job though. I think he’s at the right age and he’s had the right experience in his career.

When it comes to the England job, I think the most important thing about the position is that the general public need to buy in to whoever the manager is. I think they would willingly buy in to Harry Redknapp, and I think that’s very important. He would definitely be my choice.

Which is good news if Pardew continues the way he has started this season. It would be quite annoying to lose him to the England role next season if he’s doing a good job for us. If however everything explodes at Newcastle though we can start a ‘Pardew for England’ campaign and get shot of him that way! Not that I’m fickle!

It is looking as if Redknapp is the only serious name they have for that job if they want to ‘go English’, although I can’t imagine Spurs would be too pleased. I think I’m right in saying that Redknapp has made it clear he would be interested in the job if it’s offered to him. It’s a thankless task sometimes though and – a bit like the Newcastle job – has often been called a poisoned chalice, which isn’t helped by our Great British Press. They have a habit of bigging-up our chances and whipping the nation into a state of expectancy and then crucifying managers when things don’t turn out quite right.

As a related aside, I’m finding it very difficult to be enthusiastic about English football just now. We always seem to promise so much but deliver so little, which is something I should be used to as a Toon supporter but I just find it all a bit uninspiring. I love the international competitions though, particularly the early rounds when there are three football games on a day – I get very little else done during such competitions!

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9 Responses

  1. It was Ian Holloway last year, Phil Brown before that, Paul Jewell and so on. It usually ends up being the kiss of death, though I hope that isn’t the case for Pardew.

  2. If he was offered the same dough as Capello I am sure he would be packing his bags and heading South ASAP….he could go there and even if it goes tits up he will get paid a fortune if his contract gets terminated.

  3. Does anyone fancy Chris houghton for England? Me personaly think he is going to be a top class act. Yes pardew is doing an amazing job but houghton is doing a fantastic job. As far as I’m aware Birmingham are un beaten in 8 and if last nights game in the Europa league is anything to go by, coming from 2-0 down to draw 2-2 looking for a 3rd is a testament to how he motivates his players. He has been around a while, he has worked with the best managers around. If he can get Birmingham into the premier league then he has to be a serious contender. Even if he gets them into the playoffs and a decent run in the Europa I’d give him a shot. He is working in very similar circumstances as the England manager. I.e. HD has to work with the players he has got, he can’t buy replacements. Birmingham are struggling at the moment financialy but he has got the players who have stuck around playing well. Surely he should be on the short list. Would the fa have the balls to employ England first black manager?

  4. Lee Clark’s Udders are now unbeaten in 41 games!

    Stephan C, I wouldn’t wish the England job on anyone. Capello was once the manager of one of the all time great teams and for all the money he’s getting, I would be regretting it if I was him. Sven was one of the world’s premier managers too when he took it, now he’s gettting sacked by the likes of Leicester.

    If Hughton’s career goes very well he may end up as a Tottenham manager one day.

  5. CH – I mentioned the other day that it would be a great homecoming if he brought Brum to SJP next season – providing we stuffed them!

    England’s first black manager? you know, it puts those Samiobe idiots into perspective to say that I hadn’t actually thought of CH as black.
    Then again, he’s not even our first black manager – after Guillet. I could describe Guillet many ways, most of them not complimentary, but I’ve never actually thought of him as black either. We appear to have done the decent & correct thing without thinking about it – judged them (one good & fondly remembered the other not) simply as managers of NUFC.

  6. Supermac, one of the veiled racist accusations that black managers sometimes get usually goes like;

    “Well, he may have been a good coach, but he doesn’t have the leadership capacity to be a good manager” which white equivalents don’t get nearly so much.

    Before that it was that while black men may be great players, they didn’t have the ability to be good captains for the same reason.

    Before that it used to be said that black players may be good in attacking roles, but they couldn’t be defenders because they were impulsive creatures who couldn’t concentrate the way white players did. This happened even though there had been a few great black defenders who had blazed a trail already.

    All of which, of course, was/is complete and utter shite. It may not be overt, but it still happens unfortunately.

  7. @worky – “Well, he may have been a good coach, but he doesn’t have the leadership capacity to be a good manager” which white equivalents don’t get nearly so much

    You mean the same sentence that Keane is getting at Blackburn (amongst many others less complimentary)

    All coaches who take the mgmt job get this comment as soon as it goes tits up
    Bizarre that the press don’t seem to rate Chris Hughton as black – he never gets a mention and they seem to think Powell at Charlton is the highest profile coloured manager in the country !!