Newcastle United vs Everton extended match highlights, interviews and match reaction.

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Long match highlights of yesterday’s Newcastle United v Everton game. Also includes post match interviews from Alan Pardew, David Moyes, Ryan Taylor and pundits analysis from a certain TV highlights show.

Below – The full post match interviews with Alan Pardew and David Moyes. If you are having problems playing the interview videos below, it may be because you are using Internet Explorer.

Alan Pardew seems to think that we would have lost the game if it had been at Goodison and the lads didn’t have the Geordie crowd behind them.

I divven’t knaa about that one, but we were certainly lucky that Johnny Heitinga gave us our first goal on a silver platter. While Danny Simpson’s low and curling cross into the danger area was enterprising and testing, Tim Howard would almost certainly would have had it under control if the daft Dutchman didn’t lunge forward and throw his size ten into the mix in a horrendously botched attempt to kick the ball out of play after Tim Howard had moved off his line to collect.

We were also lucky not to have a penalty awarded against us when Dan Gosling handled the ball whilst recumbent in the box in the 54th minute. Even Ryan Taylor’s wonder strike had an element of luck about it. His long throw was headed straight back to him by Everton’s Jack Rodwell as he followed up to close in on the box. Full credit to him though for his excellent technique in chesting the ball down, then launching a sublime lobbed half volley with an amazing curve and dip on it. It left poor Tim Howard with no chance.

Pardew didn’t say much about worrying knocks to Yohan Cabaye, Sylvain Marveaux and Leon Best though.

David Moyes confesses that his side were “rubbish” for half an hour. Their goal apart, Everton’s finishing was lousy overall. Though ex Toon player, Louis Saha, had a brace of chances, he couldn’t hit a cow’s backside with a banjo yesterday and he wasn’t the only one.

They certainly seemed to pick up a head of steam when the abovementioned Heitinga was hauled off for Tim Cahill in the 56th minute though. They had us under some real pressure after that, but they still couldn’t hit the proverbial cow’s backside and finish things off.

Howay the Lads!

Match Details


Newcastle United (4-4-2): Tim Krul (G), Danny Simpson, Steven Taylor, Fabricio Coloccini, Ryan Taylor, Sylvain Marveaux (Sammy Ameobi 53), Yohan Cabaye (Dan Gosling 36), Danny Guthrie, Jonas Gutierrez Leon Best (Hatem Ben Arfa 72), Demba Ba.

Subs: Rob Elliot, Davide Santon, James Perch, Dan Gosling, Hatem Ben Arfa, Sammy Ameobi,

Everton (4-4-2): Tim Howard, Tony Hibbert, Leighton Baines, Phil Jagielka, Johnny Heitinga (Tim Cahill 56), Seamus Coleman, Royston Drenthe, Phil Neville (Sylvain Distin 39), Jack Rodwell, Leon Osman, Louis Saha.

Subs: Mucha, Bily, Stracqualursi, James McFadden, Sylvain Distin, Tim Cahill, Vellios.

Yellow cards: Johnny Heitinga (50), Leighton Baines (64), Danny Guthrie (77), Ryan Taylor (81), Royston Drenthe (82).

Red cards: None.

Referee::Andre Marrinaer.

Attendance: 50,671.

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49 Responses

  1. Injuries are going to cause us problems. Cabaye, Marveaux, Obertan and Tiote are out. Shola is out as well. If we field Gosling and Guthrie in the centre for Man City, we will be murdered. As much as I like Gosling, and want him to succeed, he just isn’t ready yet to be in the starting eleven. Worrying times ahead.


  3. Dani,

    I wouldn’t be too worried Dani as the general consensus of opinion is that ManC will beat everybody.

    So it doesn’t really matter who we put out as they will get beat. Therefore it may be better to give some of our key players an extra week to recover from their injuries and be better prepared for ManU and Chelsea.

    It’s not being defeatist but more realistic as I think ManU are more beatable than Man City.

  4. wow it’s really buzzing on here today….probably due to an indifferent result yesterday.

  5. Rudd Guillet spoke a load of nonsense as our manager – but he was correct when he said that it is not so important how well you do against the top 5-6 teams cos they beat every body, its how well you do against the rest that count – if you get decent results against the other 14-15 sides then you succeed –
    so even modest results in our next 3 games would be OK provided we can recover and out-class the rest.

  6. Supermac says:

    November 6, 2011 at 3:00 pm

    Aye he did say something like that Supermac. I remembered because I’ve thought the same thing before. Thing is though that whilst it seems to be OK for the big teams to field whatever team they see fit, smaller teams seem to get into trouble for it with the powers that be, especially when it’s against the bigger teams. The last two I remember are Blackpool and Wolves, for fielding what the FA saw as weakened teams against Aston Villa and Manchester United respectively. The fine seems to be £25,000, but if “lesser” teams did it all the time, they would probably get far more important kinds of sanctions against them eventually.

  7. DaniM
    Yes i agree, following the substitutions it became obvious our only hope would be to hang on to the lead.
    There was little confidence on my part, we could score, unless by an odd incursion by Sammy, who by the way is showing a lot of promise, but is not as yet what i would consider a starter.
    Gosling following a long time out, is obviously not up to speed, understandably so, perhaps he should be playing regularly with the reserves, instead of sitting on the bench.
    Guthrie ? has his moments, but doubt if he will ever be the quality needed, harsh but hey !
    Seems, Abeid, Sammy and Ferguson, are part of our future and both the reserves and youth sides are all doing well, but they are only expectations, this is a tough league.
    For instance, how many youngsters break through to the first team from any club, the Busby babes and Fergie’s
    lot , plus three or four Liverpool lads breaking through are long gone.
    Look at ourselves, emptying the french league, where they are younger,better and cheaper.
    Guess we can use a few more of them, cause we still don’t have quality in depth and it will be proven by the inevitable injuries that will take place.
    Are we going to start with people like Guthrie , an unready Gosling and kids not yet ready ?
    And thats just the midfield, can you imagine if a couple of our defenders end up with injuries, who do we have, Sandon and Perch, rest my case !

  8. to be honest as far as injuries go i don’t think we will have much to worry about.

    have the injuries been confirmed yet?

    we have a two week break now so by the time we return, tiote, obertan, marvaux and best will probably be back although cabaye looked like a strain of either the groin or hamstring so he might be a while longer.

    but i think it is time we brought in vucik a great strong player and probably going to be one of our stars in the next two years. i think its time we give him a game or three.
    vukic, looks like Carroll, Tall like Carroll and Good on the ball, unlike Carroll.

  9. C’mon guys, bit of a defeatist tude going around, about the upcoming schedule.
    Watched QPR and Chewsea yesterday, believe it Chewsea are suceptable and imo QPR were unlucky.
    The Man. Citeh side had their (self admitted) toughest game of the season and only scraped by.
    As for Man. U., sure they are getting results, but IMO this is one of the poorest sides in years, with some aging vets and some not that great youngsters, the can be beat!
    Ya gotta believe !

  10. Stephen C@8…you’re talking a lot of sense mate. Don’t worry about it if some blokes on here don’t understand it…

    btw….don’t forget that Vukic is…1. Just returned from injury himself, and 2. Way down the midfield packing order…

    Who do we leave out to give Vukic “his big chance” ?…Tiote ? Cabaye? Guthrie? Marveaux? Ben Arfa ?…don’t think so…

    Vukic’s time will come, but it will come in the form of a couple of 25 minute cameo performances when the senior pros have gotten the game stitched up. The lad is young and has plenty of time…he knows that too.. Krul, Saylor, Vukic, Sammy and a bunch of good toon youngsters who at the moment are shining in the bairn teams will form the backbone of the toon side for years to come..

    Yesterday we beat a good Everton side with a makeshift midfield for goodness sake, but also with a strong defence. Don’t let anyone say we were lucky, cos good defending is an art in itself, and in Collo and Saylor, plus our defensive unit in general, we are getting results in games.

    The deluded whingers need to recognise that we ARE a top 4 side at the moment, and we are there on merit, say whatever you like. Are we to feel sorry for average teams like Stoke, QPR, Wolves, Fulham, Wigan etc cos they are just not good enough to score against us, or cos we beat them at there own game ? Haven’t you recognised yet that we have SEVERAL match winners in the toon line up, blokes who with a flash of brilliance can win games for us. Ba, Best, Jonas, Saylor, Obertan, Tiote, Shola…all impact players.

    Our lads deserve a lot more respect from some of our deluded fans who just like to whinge and offer constructive criticism when it isn’t really valid.

  11. Munchen
    Yeah i got the insinuations.
    A long statement for you, even though you were all over the place, bit incoherent , as usual!

    Soh! was reading, we are offering a five year deal with an increase in salary to Colocinni, don’t think we have to worry too much.
    What surprised me was the Mirrors suggested present salary of fifty five grand a week ?
    Thought he was getting more.

    Then there was the suggestion that not only are we to sign Miago, but may also go for De Jong, @ around ten mill.+ ?
    Seems very unlike anything Ashley has done so far, unless of course he is enthused enough by the present run
    and wants more?
    What would that do in regard to our other target, Blackburns upcoming free agent Jr. Hoilett ?

    As far as the defense is concerned, apparently we will do business with the Brummies and Chris Hughton, for the big tough defender Ridgewell.
    To sweeten the deal perhaps we could find loan positions for some of our up and coming youngsters, who need competitive playing time and who better to bring them along than Hughton, who has turned the side around to the point they are making steady progress up through the division.

    Hell i would like to sign all of the above, but realize, it aint gonna happen, who knows maybe by next summer, but we still are short on depth and a bad run of injuries could be a problem.

  12. Chucky….you don’t need to try and fathom out football mate, cos to be honest you haven’t got a clue. Is that elequent enough for you ?

  13. Munich Mag says:

    “Chucky….you don’t need to try and fathom out football mate, cos to be honest you haven’t got a clue. Is that elequent enough for you ?”

    On the subject of those without a clue……..

    Munich Mag says:
    “Batty, that’s what I was hinting at on a previous thread. I reckon we were well worth our win, having not seen the game though, and irrespective of the two poor decisions which went in our favour”

    Munich Mag says:
    Toonsy@51…I was thinking the same about Simmo. Regarding the penalty that never was, why on earth did he tackle the bloke, a good defender would have just jockeyed the Wolves player out towards the bye-line.

    (Note It was the larger framed and paler skinned S Taylor rather than the smaller, darker shaded D Simpson to which who MM refers :( )

    ben replies: what an absolute moron (MM). watch the match and have a look at the match statistics after you plank.!

    People who live in glass houses…….

  14. I rarely respond to your inane drivel nowadays MM because I realise you are one of life’s also rans.

    The only reason you still appear on this site and spout nonsense is because the other site has no time for you either.

  15. Andy Spack ..what do you know about me you fool. Better being an also ran than a zero I would imagine..

    Chucky…am I getting you wound up cos I’m not following your and Andy Macs anti Pardew blather..?

    The only reason I come on this site is to have a laugh at the drivel you and your henchman spout in the name of following NUFC…

  16. Munchen

    Perhaps you should find a blog where you are welcome and find like-minded subscribers.
    That’s it from me .

  17. Why Chucky ?….don’t you like my opinion ? Who are you to tell me I’m not welcome, and at the end of the day who are you to tell me anything at all ? Somewhat arrogant of you don’t you think ?

    There are a few like minded “subscribers” on here, I have no problem with that, and enjoy partaking in NUFC banter with these guys.

    At the same time there are two or three “subscribers” who blather the same Anti Pardew guff, even when we are successfully pushing up the league. so you might get a teensy weensy response from me…but that’s just what a blog is about surely ?

  18. Well I do think its a bit childish to carry on the Pardwho? line.
    I think he has answered that one quite emphatically.
    11 matches undefeated, with 7 by ko.
    Its about time some credit and respect is given. He has done enough to convince me he is the right man for the job and deserves the full backing of the fans now.

  19. I have not used the Pardwho line for quite some time now anywhere. Just Pardew now, but that “may” change to something even better at the end of this season.

  20. Now that we are doing well it seems that we can’t have a go at the owner, newspapers, referees, manager or players – so we now slag each other off!
    The last time I checked the U in NUFC stood for United !
    Geordies versus the rest !
    It’s two weeks to the next match – so if you havn’t got a point to make about football, wrestling, UFOs or the price of beer then resist your PMT urges and had yer wishts.


  21. well i like to use the term Pardeux after the french connection.

    on the vucik subject!!!! its mentioned that he is way down the order, yes maybe. but he is now one of our only mid fielders and may i ask if any of you have seen him play?, he is a good prospect.

    like i mentioned in two years or so he will be one of our main men. watch this space. very much like Carrolls build but a lot better on the ball. to be honest is a better player than any in the central midfield. he is fast, skill full but inexperienced.

    in my opinion it is this lack of experience that is preventing him having more first team games than he is.

    and all those questioning my motives!!!

    how many of you (chuck) seen him play?
    how many of you here have actually watched both home and away games this season or any season?

    how many people on this blog actually travel to home and away games?

    how many people don’t scramble for free internet links?

    ill tell you i am one of those who hasn’t missed a home and away game in two and a half years.

    and what i see in vucik is above what i see in tiote and guthrie.

    tiote is top class, guthrie is skill full but with the height and weight of vucik you can all suck my d**k when you see him play.

    yes he has just come back from injury but imo he would have been starting more games if he had not have injured his arm after coming on as a sub a few weeks back.

    his momentum was broken. but in the up and coming games vukic is a player i like and a player who can hold his own. Man u wont like his physical approach and either will City.

    so mark my words he is going to be a very useful player when he gains experience.

    don’t write him off because he is way down the order, only write him off due to lack of experience.

    he wont gain confidence, experience or games if people keep slagging and writing him off. he has earned his stripes just like any one else at the club. he wouldn’t be here if he was a plank.

    put it this way in my opinion he is going to be one of the bigger stars at this club over the next few years.

    he is fast, big, good in the air and very skill full.

    and it is those reasons why im not worried too much about the current midfield injuries as i know we have a good crop of highly talented players who will be stepping up to the plate and doing a good job.

    how many of you thought it was a disaster when the news of tiotes injury was mentioned?

    i was the first to say guthrie would do a great job, and he has.

    in my opinion tiote might struggle to get his position back immediately.
    but depending how long cabaye is out for, pushing guthrie further forward and giving tiote his position back will be the answer.

    guthrie has done an amazing job over the last few games and has earned his place.

    so maybe this is a good thing, maybe the injuries have come at a good time. not many of us expect much out of our next three games (i wont mention i think we could get points from all 3) but i think dropping some of are younger players in at the deepest end can only be a good thing. especially when we have nothing to lose.

    if marvaux, cabaye, obertan and best are all out for the man city game it might be a good test to start with the vuciks’ Samiobis’ and fergussons of the world after all if this is what they are there for.

    what would be the point in having a youth or reserve squad if it could not be called upon.

    and at the end of the day if these players are going to be our future then we need to make sure they know what the future is going to be like.

    there isn’t much point holding players back just for the lack of experience.

    and put it this way as far as watching NUFC play i’m well experienced in that.
    and i know a good player when i see one.

    has any one noticed the leagues? we are top of the youth league, we are top of the reserve league and we are third in the premier league.

    so lads take note, I’m not worried and i personally cant wait to see vucik warming up, just like i was when i saw samiobi warm up and ferguson warm up, Why because i know that we have some top class talent waiting in the wings to shine like a star.

    and personaly speaking i would have vucik ahead of gosling anyday.

    is it just me or does he never seem to impress when he plays. and we were lucky not to concede a penalty yesterday due to his hand ball in the box.

    although he has chose us over everton does that mean we need to feel sorry for him and stick him on the bench with vuckic and ferguson lurking around?

    let me know.

    Vuckic For King. Long live the Toon.

  22. if marvaux, cabaye, obertan and best are all out for the man city game it might be a good test to start with the vuciks’ Samiobis’ and fergussons of the world after all if this is what they are there for.

    Sorry, cant agree with this. Most likely setting the younguns up for a slaughtering at the hands of manc shitty. What good would that do them? What message would that send out too? A heavy defeat could totally knack their confidence. I just dont think they are ready for this yet.
    We should however be trying to introduce them to 1st team bench with short sub appearances when possible.

    Of course I am far less knowledgeable than your good self, as I dont travel to away games. (Just a part time fan in your eyes,lol)


  23. What a belter from Raylor, hey?

    Was this game a test, did we pass?

    Anyone consider the idea that the ‘injured’ players could be a comfortable ploy to avoid them playing meaningless international football?

  24. Agree, would like to see more of Vukic, but maybe he isn’t doing enough in training or summit.
    Perhaps AP doesn’t rate him as highly as you do.

  25. Dont think it works like that Clint.
    They have to be independantly examined by their own countries FA’s medical teams.

  26. Good points in what both BB & stephen C say like.

    Don’t think Gosling meant to handle & Krul had it covered so it wasn’t going in, despite what moyes said.

    That ‘renaming’ of the manusa stand looked tacky (the lettering stuck to some scaffolding poles), cheap!

    I guess it’s the thought that counts?

  27. BB,
    aye i know, but that doesn’t stop it happening all the time with arse, manusa, etc.
    Then they’re back immediately after the int’s are done.

  28. BB/Stephen,
    i think AP might be trying to work an opening for Vuckic & the like.
    We’ll see a few more ‘little injuries’ occasioning the inclusion of squad players.
    A la Guthrie for Tiote.
    Clubs/coaches don’t like dropping/openly rotating players anymore do they?
    They have to claim injuries a lot these days, then no one loses face.
    Sad but true!

  29. Mr. Boots

    if marvaux, cabaye, obertan and best are all out.

    who would you expect to start with?

    who is left?

    abeid? gosling? Guthrie?

    i would stick vuckic in there just to make a nuisance Man U and Man City wont like his physical game.

    who was it that mentioned that pardew should play his strongest team against that weeks opponents and not particularly the winning team?

    Jackie Charlton was a great ambassador of that game plan and it worked.

    to be honest if best is out who will win the ball in the air? Best wins nearly every ball in the air he goes in for. against man city especialy the long ball or high ball might be are only chance of a decent attack or defence if we are under the cosh. what would be the point in hoofing the ball up to make up ground for no one to win the ball.

    Vukick is the only player strong enough to get stuck in.

    his physical game will improve im certain and its better to get slaughtered by man u or man c than get slaughtered by a lower club.

    i have every faith in vukic and to be honest this rings bells of when carroll was in the reserves i remember people calling for him to be played but it wasn’t until shearer managed us that he got a few games.

    he turned out a good player while he was here.

    so its not long ago we actually had a situation very similar.
    and until people are brave enough to walk the plank we will never know if they will sink are swim.

    and there is only one way of knowing……..

    premeturely sell them to liverpool for and exclusive overpriced rate.

  30. There are only 6 teams unbeaten in major European leagues this season – Man City, Barcelona, Juventus, Benfica, Porto & NUFC ! Not bad company to keep.

  31. Stephen,

    i don’t think high balls are the onl way to get something out of manc, did you see there game with qpr? One was a great header, but manc are susceptible at the back. They have great attackers but lack a certain cohesion in defence, they ship goals.
    It would be coming straight back at us if we try & bombard them all game long.
    Keep the ball, frustrate them. We can’t afford (no team can) to keep giving them the ball back.

  32. Stephen C says:

    “how many of you (chuck) seen him (Vukcic) play?
    how many of you here have actually watched both home and away games this season or any season? how many people on this blog actually travel to home and away games? how many people don’t scramble for free internet links?

    ill tell you i am one of those who hasn’t missed a home and away game in two and a half years and what i see in vucik is above what i see in tiote and guthrie.

    tiote is top class, guthrie is skill full but with the height and weight of vucik you can all suck my d**k when you see him play”

    Thankfully that looks like that wont be happening for a while then Stephen ?

    The United boss said: “Haris Vuckic and Mehdi Abeid – there is a good possibility they’ll go out. They’ve done absolutely brilliant and they should be playing. (Shane) Ferguson too. Absolutely it’d be Championship, I wouldn’t go lower than that.”

    PS Before you head off on another rant I’ve seen all of Vuckic’s LC games plus two friendlies and IMO (as well as Pardwho’s ?) he’s not ready for the top tier.

    For what its worth I’ve also been to Villa and Wolves this season despite not wishing to give Fatman any more money until he shells out some of “ours” on a quality striker !

  33. Chuck says:

    November 6, 2011 at 10:29 pm

    “Munchen Well i wont be back untill worky bans you .”

    Chuck, why can’t you just ignore him like everyone else does? ;-)

  34. Workey
    I,m not that childish that i would refuse to comment on the blog, because of what someone said.
    Unfortunately if you check my supposed comments @31# you will find it was posted by someone other than myself.
    For what reason i really have no idea, i suppose you have the ability to do that ?
    Anyway i’m off fishing, weathers decent and the stripers are running, back later in the week.
    Actually though i dont care that much, wonder who the mischief maker is, a case for Sherlock no doubt ?

  35. chuck says:

    November 7, 2011 at 3:05 pm

    ” Actually though i dont care that much, wonder who the mischief maker is, a case for Sherlock no doubt ?”

    Chuck, it was Munich’s mate, Duncan Murray aka “batty”. It was batty who forced Ed to have to go to registered comments only after constantly impersonating other users too. It’s about time someone reported him to BT Centralplus (his ISP), and the Police for sending malicious e.mails.

  36. chuck says:

    “Anyway i’m off fishing, weathers decent and the stripers are running”

    Have you missed a ‘p’ out Chuck and if so where are they running to ? Is this a more adult version of the Pamplona festival ?

  37. Andy mac.

    i was referring to his potential. the offerings i saw vucick bring were far better than what i saw Carroll bring.

    if i’m honest i was never too impressed with carroll as a under 19. i saw carroll play in the reserves when we drew 3-3 that guy we were trying to get on loan scored a hat trick but carroll didn’t really impress.

    vucick did impress me a huge amount and i think at the same age vucick has a great future and has more of a game about him than carroll did at 19.

    and and i wasn’t having a go at people who don’t see many games i was having a go a certain people who claim to know everything and mention they watch “citeh” and “bathelona” but yet come on here expecting to drag us all down with their over achieving opinions.

    lets just remember where we are.

    and at least we have a depleted squad to blame for any loss to man u. city and chelskea.

    there is no doubt in my mind that if we had a full squad we would annihilate all three but that is life.

    and when you all see vucick play feel free to suck my duck. its finally made it way back from bombay he said he got lost and couldn’t find the road signs. he said all his family have changed their name, his whole community have been brain washed.
    i asked why.
    he said “they all think they are Mumbai duck”
    some ducks are just quackers.

    to be honest i think vucick has a hell of a lot in his box of tricks. i watched him the the league cup and i thought he did well. people didn’t like his physical style. i didn’t think gosling did to well and to be honest i think i would rather go for vucick rather than Gosling