Could Marveaux’s latest groin tear be a major worry?

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Sylvain Marveaux: Big groin history.
Sylvain Marveaux: Big groin history.
As most of you no doubt know, Newcastle United suffered several injuries during last Saturday’s early kick-off against Everton.

Well before the game, Alan Pardew’s usual right wing choice, Gabriel Obertan, had to pull out from selection with a toe infection. Then, during the game itself, Yohan Cabaye was the first to go down with his groin. Apparently, he felt it very early in the game but struggled on, eventually having to pull out in the 36th minute when he was replaced by Dan Gosling. Next came Sylvain Marveaux, who was replaced by Sammy Ameobi in the 53rd minute after a foul by Jonny Heitinga shortly after the the resumption of play for the second half. In an afternoon of groin and toe worries, striker, Leon Best, was also pulled off with both groin and toe problems in the 72nd minute and replaced with Hatem Ben Arfa.

Speaking on Cabaye and Marveaux’s woes, Alan Pardew commented:

“They’re both groin injuries, and I’d guess they’d be difficult to heal in two weeks. We’ll have to wait and see.”

The Silver Supremo did offer some comfort however when he added:

“It’s not like they’re huge tears and they’re definitely out of the next game, I’m just assuming it will be a tight call for them.”

It could certainly be argued that Cabaye will be the bigger loss of the Gallic pair, bearing in mind that he has been a constant factor in Newcastle United’s great start to this season’s Premiership campaign, with Marveaux playing more of a peripheral role coming off the bench every once on a while. However, Cabaye does not have any history in this department, and there is no reason to suspect that this will be an ongoing problem. Marveaux’s groin on the other hand has been a constant thorn in his side (if that makes any sense) in the past couple of seasons. with the player being laid off for many months in the past for adductor muscle tears, complicated by calcification issues and surgery. This was something I covered in a previous post from June of this year.

Hopefully, it will indeed be the case that Marveaux, who signed a five year contract for the Magpies last June, will be fit and working again in a matter of weeks. However another groin tear, however small, could be the last thing the flying Frenchman needs bearing in mind his previous war wounds in that location, which saw him sidelined for two lengthy periods in his last year with previous club, Rennes.

Fingers crossed that there is no relation between this and his previous, more serious tear, or that he hasn’t aggravated the old injury which has caused him so many problems in the past.

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32 Responses

  1. How’s Tiote coming along? will he be back in time for City?

    Bit of a threadbare squad if he’s out as well.


  2. CLiNT FLiCK says:

    November 7, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    “Let’s hope that it was a precautionary measure, taking them off the field.”

    Pardew did say that they both have groin tears though Clint.

  3. Lets just hope that with internationals thy’ll av time to recovr. With full team available got a feelin we can take maybe 4point frm nxt 3 games, city a no go bt manu m chelsea r gd opportunitys t gt something against the big clubs. Looking at them as 6pointers now


  4. worky,

    aye, but Cabaye has gone to France & will see their Drs. AP also said they weren’t bad tears.

  5. AP is also trying to get Cabaye to not play the France games, as manure, arse etc. always do.

    It’s funny how they have it all worked out & you never hear any ‘come back’ about those teams ‘withdrawing’ players.

  6. Funny how our english, best defence in the league players didn’t get a call from the fa, hey?

    Ok, maybe not.

    They don’t realize that Newcastle is ‘officially’ in england i guess.

  7. As long as we get Cabaye back for Man C I’ll be happy. Without Best I can see us starting HBA playing just behind Ba.

  8. markp29 says:

    November 7, 2011 at 8:48 pm

    “Don’t mean to be picky but marveaux was at rennes, Not sochuax.”

    Oh FFS! Didn’t change that. I wish they’d stop gannin’ on about that Maiga. Of course he was Mark.

  9. Munich Mag says:

    November 7, 2011 at 9:09 pm

    “Wasn’t marveaux at rennes, not sochuax ?”

    Yes he was at Rennes Munich, that’s what it says in the piece. :-)

  10. Rennes ! come on, sort your shit out. I only signed up to say that in the long term war, you are slowly losing to but you guys are better writers!!!! come on guys, get your shit together…. I want more debate!

  11. So, i guess it’s safe to say that we’ll be going into the next 3 games with a depleted team.


    That leaves 3 important places to be filled.

    Who’s it gonna be?

  12. crappy_punk says:

    November 7, 2011 at 9:32 pm

    “come on, sort your shit out. I only signed up to say that in the long term war, you are slowly losing to”

    Crappy, you’ve been signed up here for quite a while as “Bloonsby” so what’s all this “I only just signed up to say…” crap all about? :lol:

  13. rarely log in, and thought i signed up again, how many posts i got, 4? 5? just don’t want this blog to fall away.

    Guys I really loved it when you started, toonsy and all. Sure now Toonsy is not here, and i get the feeling the walls are very slowly caving in. Albiet, that was a year ago, but dammit, this should still be king.

    Anyone that drives a MegaBus, shouldn’t be winning a blog war (No offence Toonsy)

  14. crappy_punk says:
    November 7, 2011 at 10:09 pm

    “rarely log in, and thought i signed up again, how many posts i got, 4? 5? just don’t want this blog to fall away.”

    I’m very sorry crappy. It’s just we’ve had quite a few members and contributors from posting abuse under false names in the past, and other stuff about how is beating us in some kind of “war”. I was totally wrong to write that about you.

    Sadly, we’re all a bit busy with other stuff ATM. Thanks for the kind words.

  15. its a worry alright, but its better that they get the time required for the probs to heal properly than rushing them back. I think it’s fair to say they we expect the coming games to be tough and it might be an interesting chance to get some players who haven’t seen as much time on the pitch a start. i hope that last sentence makes sense!

  16. Aint been signed up lng bt gta say this is a quality blog n great thanks t whom set this up. Sad mayb bt cudnt gt thru day without readin up on ere.

  17. Well we’ll have to use some of the younger players like Abeid, Vuckic, Fergie, Tavenier, etc etc won’t we lads…

    They all seem to be doing a job for the reserves, aren’t they top of the northern league now without loss too???

  18. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Cabaye and mr peanut head will be fitting fit come the city game. And HBA will come on in place of Besty. Then city will role over and well win 3-0.

    Hopefully!! HWTL

  19. The day I start worrying about some bloke’s groin will be the time to call it a day! Let’s get some cheerleaders in bikinis on the pitch then I’ll start thinking about groins.

  20. Give young boys chance vikic n tavenier. He bk frm loan spell at carlisle were he showd hie class. AP send mre young lads t carlisle for bth clubs sakes give our lads some game time n help out thn mighty blues.


  21. think ben arfas tym will b soon. Shud start at city wen thy look at our team sheet n weve (hopefully ) gt full team n ben arfa startin evb those superstars will b brickin it. If we cn hld solid at bk particually against city there will b chances for us to score.
    Lets all pray we av full team.