Wolves v Newcastle United match highlights and post match interviews.

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Highlights of the game. Includes goals from Demba Ba in the 17th minute, an excellent strike from Jonas Gutierrez in the 38th minute, and a consolation for Wolves from Steven Fletcher in the 88th minute.

In what was quite possibly the most exciting, and surprisingly nerve-wracking Newcastle game so far this term. A few excellent individual performances, not least from Tim Krul, and more than a little help from referee, Mark Halsey, helped Newcastle United ascend even higher, to third, in the Premiership table.

Despite a couple of helping hands from Halsey though, a denied penalty and a perfectly good goal for the home side ruled out, We just scraped over the finishing line in the end though! More than a little of this was thanks to Tim Krul in the Newcastle goal, helped out with yet another potentially match saving blockage for Steven Taylor to add to his collection.

I have now put the longer 13 minure highlights up.

Post match interviews

Alan acknowledges a “fortunate” victory.

Mick’s sick as a parrot with the referee, but acknowledges some poor defending and missed chances.

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40 Responses

  1. Thanks Worky! We sure created a bit of good luck for outselves in that one. Too bad they didn’t show some of Krul’s outstanding saves. Mind you, given the form he was in, he might have saved the penalty had it been given. The heady heights of third! HWTL, and credit to Pardew for building this team up.

  2. Paul in Hollywood says:
    October 1, 2011 at 8:03 pm

    “Thanks Worky!”

    Nee botha Paul, I’m glad that some people appreciate it.

    Did you see the whole game? We were indeed rather fortunate there!

  3. The penalty looked rather like a dive to me, however, Simmo shouldn’t have been so aggro there. the player was moving away from goal. Just needed to stand him up. It wouldn’t have surprised if a penalty were awarded there, but looking at it, the guy looks like he just left his feet at the hint of contact. Glad we scraped through it. We’ve been on the other side of that coin in the past, so I’m sure wolves fans feel rather aggrieved. But it’s 3 points to us this time and I’ll take it. Glad to see Jonas score a crafty one.

  4. Another awful game almost as bad as the QPR match, well from a spectator perspective, that is.
    Were it not for Krul and Saylors performances, plus the poor efforts of the Wolves forwards, not to mention the input of the officials, we could have easily came away with nothing, but we got three points and have probably reached our high tide mark for the season.
    Hey it’s deja vu all over again, same as last season, where we never knew exactly which team was going to show up, the Jeckle and Hydes of the EPL.
    Has to be something to do with match-ups, why we play so poor against certain teams, different styles?.
    Perhaps instead of playing the same side every week, we could pick horses for courses and tactics for the different styles played by those sides.
    Would it be a good idea to field the same side against both Arsenal and Stoke ?
    To-day Jonas got his goal and did a good job tracking back, but in general his efforts in possession were infuriatingly wasteful, the man has to learn to do something useful with the ball at the end of a field-long run, it drives me nut’s !
    Think it’s about time to give Marveaux a start, put Jonas on the other wing, see what happens ?
    While were changing things lets either play Davide at LB or Perch, both know how to bring the ball up, while Raylor is a converted midfielder who only plays back.
    I’m beginning to think Pardew is afraid to tinker with what is a still unbeaten side, well that aint gonna last long , all you gotta do is look at the upcoming schedule.

  5. I definitely think that some of those refereeing decisions would have put Mick McCarthy’s nose out of joint.

    Boom tish!

    I’ll get me coat…

  6. chuck says:
    October 1, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    “Another awful game almost as bad as the QPR match, well from a spectator perspective, that is.”

    Howay Chuck! It was quite an exciting game.

    Though some of that was because a few cracks were papered over with more than a little luck on our side; something we’ve had in general this season, for a change!

  7. Hi Worky, no – I was unable to see the whole thing though I tried with Geordiedan’s (?) links. I was pushed for time. Did not work out.

  8. Chuck:

    We had the better of the first half and also missed a few good chances. We sat back in the second and that allowed Wolves to play.

    You make a few good points, but cheer up man. We’ve got 2 weeks until Spurs and we could easily win against them. They have good players but ‘Arry has no clue about tactics.

    It will be interesting to see if Raylor plays against Bale. I hope not, even though I have never seen Santon play, at least he is a seasoned full back.

    Watching Napoli beat Inter 3-0 at the San Siro.

  9. It’s basically the inverse of the match against Citeh last season where willow “brought down” Tevez a couple of yards outside the box and Citeh get a penalty shot. Then Shola gets brought down in the box and we get nowt. Was that the same match that Ben Arfa’s leg got torn off? Yeah, that match was worse for us than this one was for Wolves. Sh!te happens. For a change it didn’t happen to us. We did score two good goals. It’s quite different to the QPR match in that respect. But hey, three points away. We’re on 15 points on Oct 1st. Who’d have thought that would happen? the important thing is that we’re beating the beatable sides and collecting points off of them. Sure we’ll be lucky to beat the likes of citeh and mancs but if we keep up our form against the sides that are beatable, we’ll have a good season. Marveaux will get his chance, Santon too. I think Raylor proved he can do a decent job at the back if required and that’s a good thing to know given the shortage of bodies back there right now. If we’re playing badly and still picking up points, that’s a good sign. Hopefully we’ll get more consistency and maybe another body or two in through the door come Jan.

  10. Good result for us. We were a bit lucky today, but there have been many times in the past when the luck was against us. It doesn’t take away from the brilliant goal keeping of Tim Krul or the work rate of Jonas. Best is beginning to find his confidence and works well with Ba Centre Midfielders are great. So while some people will still winge, lets take the points and give credit where it’s due to Alan Pardew’s vision.

  11. MM:

    I lived in Munich four times working in Youth Hostels and a beer garden. I was 19 when I first went and stunned by the goings on in the English Gardens and by the Izar.

    I went back for a holiday about 5 years ago. In my opinion it is one of the most underrated cities in the world and you can get to Italy or France in a few hours.

  12. Paul in Hollywood says:
    October 1, 2011 at 9:21 pm

    Hi Worky, no – I was unable to see the whole thing though I tried with Geordiedan’s (?) links. I was pushed for time. Did not work out.

    One of those links you mention was fine for the whole gmae Paul. I’ll make sure I get the longer highlights up for you ASAP anyway. ;-)

  13. bet your glad to be rid of that clown Barton.. Your not that good toon, poor Wolves today made you look better than you are. Also poor showing from your fans today, honestly is that all you can do ? Sunderland bring down better fans

  14. GS….good to hear you had such a good time in Munich mate. I’ve lived here for 10 years and love it here. The English Garden is really nice, and the Isar just brilliant…We were in Tirol a few weeks back, 2,5 hours drive direction Italy… If you like the great outdoors this is a great place to be…

    Which beer garden did you work in. I know …err… a few of them in Munich like….

  15. MM:

    Did Octoberfest finish yet? I only went once as I saw enough drunk Brits, Aussies and Yanks at the Youth Hostel.

  16. GS…not yet, it finishes this coming Monday. I’m going myself on Monday with my company…should be fun.

  17. Waldwirtshaft out in Pulach. The Youth Hostel is a converted castle and about a mile from there.

    The beer Garden is probably the most picturesque in the city as it is on the cliffs above the Izar. They play New Orleans Jazz and the acts are usualy English.

    When I first worked there you could drink unlimited amounts of beer. They cut it back to only 4 steins per shift though. I wasn’t the best worker, but the owner would always hire me as he had a hard on for my girlfriend at the time.

  18. Game was available on “Fox soccer network”, as was the Man. U. and the Villa/Wigan game’s.
    As for the Wolves game, exciting ?
    To paraphrase John McInroe, “you can not be serious”!
    It started as if it was going to be a decent game with some decent football, but following the goals, deteriorated into a slow motion drag, both sides were as in the QPR game simply awful.
    It became even worse in the second half, with us doing everything but line up eleven players on the goal line, to prevent losing, it appeared as if we had completely given up on any further attempt to score.
    With the Wolves forwards (hapless as they were) lining up to take shot’s on our goal.
    If that’s how you define exciting,well….
    Guess if it’s excitement, gonna have to watch the Yankees vs The Tigers (that’s Detroit Tigers) in the first game of the series, (as in World Series)playoffs
    to- night.

  19. Well, aye Chuck, admittedly it was “exciting” though mistakes, but that’s often what makes games exciting anyway. I’ve often fallen asleep watching highly disciplined top teams cancelling each other out.

    “Kelvin” Henry (as Barton calls him) must have been their worst player until he was pulled off by bendynose. He’s been awful since Joey started winding him up again, not just in this game either. :lol:

  20. Chuck:

    I don’t know what the World Series is, I am a Cubs fan. There was nothing wrong with the Wolves game and I have seen many, many boring baseball games.

    What would you prefer, that we got beat 3-2 so you can have a bit more of a moan?

  21. chuck has formaldehyde for blood, obviously.
    Or maybe dry-ice?

    Good win for the lads today, nice to put paid to the winless streak at wolves in the big league, although we’ve probably only played ’em about 10 times in the top league since 1958. Might be the last time for a few years too.

    Horrible scrappers, degrade games. They tried every home team trick in the book & lost.

  22. thanks for the early previews worky!
    Just watched MOTD – what a match – Jonas’s goal magnifico – Krul’s saves great reflexes.
    Wolves unlucky, but we’ve also been there often enough and didn’t get the breaks, I seems our luck has turned so let’s ride it.
    OK, chelski will win tomorrow and reduce our altitude but until then I’ll stick a tampax up each nostril to cope with the nose bleeds and say it again ….

    we’re 3rd !


  23. supermac says:
    October 1, 2011 at 11:47 pm

    “thanks for the early previews worky!
    Just watched MOTD – what a match – Jonas’s goal magnifico”

    supermac, If you mean the match preview the other day that was Jimbob’s this time.

    That tackle from Jonas was so bad it was funny though. I think he thought he was playing for Argentina in the Rugby World Cup for a minute there rather than Newcastle United in the Premiership!

    I think that both Krul and Hennessey pulled off some good saves today.

  24. The more I like at the penalty the more it looks like a dive. Is it just the lambic talking?

  25. Tripp says:
    October 2, 2011 at 4:28 am

    “The more I like at the penalty the more it looks like a dive. Is it just the lambic talking?”

    Tripp, first one 100% penalty inside the area including a forearm to the back of the head from a stupid S.Taylor when he wasn’t even facing the goal. Second one, not a penalty by any stretch of the imagination.

  26. if anyone can make a Demba Ba song out of the vaccines song wreckin bar that would be f****** incredible cheers lads

  27. Nige @ 18 you talk absolute bollocks mate. I was at the game. What I saw was 80 minutes of good football where Newcastle defended well and wolves couldn’t hit a barn door from 5 yards. Poor wolves? Demba BA was brought down in the box nothing said. Better than we are have a look mate, better than we are? Are you blind? Best defence in the prem so far this season, you are living on past glory, we are a new stronger team, welcome to Newcastle united Nige. Get used to it. And our fans? All I can say is you could hear a pin drop for 80 minutes if you were sat in yellow. Our fans were loud and never give up. And as far as numbers are concerned Mr. Ashley has a new policy NO GENERAL SALE. Which means you need to be a season ticket holder or member to purchase. Sunderland bring a better crowd? Well sorry if molinuex isn’t used to singing mate. FFS. Must be one of those southern social workers with a blind opinion on everything. New season new rules. Long live the TOON. HAWAY THE LADS .

  28. GS said…..Waldwirtshaft out in Pulach. The Youth Hostel is a converted castle and about a mile from there.
    The beer Garden is probably the most picturesque in the city as it is on the cliffs above the Izar. They play New Orleans Jazz and the acts are usualy English.

    I know it well mate, great place, half an hour from wor hoose on me bike. Last year we attended a classical Sunday there…immense. Was out there cycling a few weeks back along the Isar 50k round trip, stumbled across the youth hostel, it seems a cracking place. They have built the German Spy HQ close by, Pullachs best kept secret…! Must be great staying at the hostel, they can probably get every TV station in the world judging by the number of antennas around there !

  29. The first one was never a penalty, and the second one was over the line, the linesman got it spot on both times.
    The best team won by far. Howay the lads…

  30. Lucky Toon

    You’ll be hanging on by the skin of your teeth at the end of the season. Pardew is a Championship level manager, at best.

  31. For any of you lot who want a laugh get on the sunderland message board SMB talk about sourgrapes saying we have been lucky so far which i can agree with up to a point but it has been earned.Lawrie Mcmenemy Steve Bruce continue the good work kings amongst men.