Top 6 finish on the cards, says Kev

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Keegan speculates that Newcastle may finish in the top 6.
Keegan gets crystal ball oot
Former Newcastle United player and twice manager Kevin Keegan tips a top 6 finish for the club this season.

Kevin Keegan has, as part of his punditry, tipped Newcastle for a top 6 finish, although he does qualify that a bit. Thrice Messiah Keegan said:

Long may their good start continue.

The results for Newcastle have been surprising, but they are doing very well.

You’d hope they can continue it. They don’t want injuries as they haven’t got a massive squad.

If they do avoid them they could finish in and around the top six, which would be an amazing achievement.

He’s right about the injuries. We seem to have players to spare in midfield but are a little more stretched in attack and defence. If we accumulate injuries between now and January, I guess there’ll be an opportunity to address them in the winter transfer window, so all is not completely lost I suppose.

What’s worse though is that former midfield lout Robbie Savage has tipped us not to finish in the top 6 and he’s wrong about almost everything.

I must admit I’m very wary about any sort of expectation building up around Newcastle United. I prefer us as underdogs and tipped for nothing and, anyway, top 6 is too ambitious an aim for this season in my humble opinion.

The danger of course is that if too much expectation is built and we don’t live up to it then the idea of failure could easily form. I’ll stick with 10th being a mediocre finish and 8th or 9th being decent. Anything better than that will be exceptional.

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20 Responses

  1. Sixth place you say ?
    Well that aint gonna happen.
    Look anyone who’s watched this side struggle against the likes of Wolves and QPR, should be aware of just where this side rates among the EPL clubs.
    With a bit of luck we could have a finish in the top ten, but the top six is a stretch imo.
    Yeah i know everyone is on a high and ready to believe those pundits, who change their minds more often than their sox, it’s what they get paid for !
    But having watched this side a number of times, i just don’t see them as being a top six side and for those who can, talk to me around the end of the year.

  2. yup – we struggled against qpr and wolves but still managed to get results, last season we wouldn’t have so it all stands us in good stead, reckon we can get a result against spurs – Novemeber will prob tell us where we really are when we have the two manc clubs followed by chelsea, I’ll take 6 points now, be happy with 2 but expect 1 at best :)

  3. 4411
    Yeah, you got that right, i would be happy with two or three points out of the Spurs, the Manc clubs and Chewsea, games.
    Gonna be a reality check for a lotta fans i’m afraid.

    On saying that, gotta comment on KK claiming he was the originator of the present Barca. style of playing.
    This guy is delusional and admits the style just evolved due to his buying, mainly attacking players.
    It was obvious that as a manager, especially when in charge of the England squad, he was totally out of his depth, with zero understanding of tactics of any sort.
    Kind of strange for a player who was considered astute and got a lot of his goals by a good underrstanding of positional play.
    Go figure !

  4. That’s the kiss of death then!

    It’s like the weather gadjy telling us what the weather was like 4 hours ago.

    Krystal kev!

  5. a top 6 finish could look like this –

    Man City
    Man U

    I have thought 8th for a few weeks, with Villa & Arsenal above us.
    Why not? we are better than the rest!


  6. In the poll 67 have vote “never”.
    We are 4th!
    Not if we finish 6th? Win a cup? Play in europe? or just be a stable, financially sound good team?
    to say “never” in those possible circumstances is sad – why don’t they just pack up their tents and quiety depart!

    I’ll never forgive Gordon Lee – he was crap and a failure, that is my yard stick – this lot are cuddly pussy cats in comparison.


  7. At best we will end up 10th or 11th. It’s always best to look at the glass half empty then you
    Never be let down?????? That’s what me thinks anyway, take it on
    Board if you like the pessimistic optimist in

  8. Chuck says:
    October 7, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    “On saying that, gotta comment on KK claiming he was the originator of the present Barca. style of playing.”

    If he said that he must be insane and should be taken forthwith to an institution. Tell me he didn’t Chuck?

    If he was alive, Bobby Robson could have that he managed Guardiola, or “Gladioli” as he called him for a year, and was also at the helm when Carles Rexach found a tiny little bairn who needed treatment for a growth deficiency called Lionel Messi. Otherwise it was the ex Ajax mafia, Buckingham, Michels, Cruyff etc going way back to the ‘seventies.

  9. Cabaye was taken off after an ankle knock and is doubtful for France’s next game on Tuesday.

  10. supermac says:
    October 8, 2011 at 10:58 am

    “Cabaye was taken off after an ankle knock and is doubtful for France’s next game on Tuesday.”

    Aye supermac. Ankle ligaments allegedly.

  11. Who would have doubted king kev but sixth place dream on a finish in the top 12 would be pretty good going the spurs game will be the tester.

  12. sandybaz says:
    October 8, 2011 at 3:22 pm

    “but sixth place dream on a finish in the top 12 would be pretty good going the spurs game will be the tester.”

    As I’ve written before sandy, somewhere between 10th and 12th would be about par for the course with a squad of Newcastle United’s current strength. If we finish above 10th, we’ve done well, or very well if we are a long way above that. Conversely, if we finish below, or well below 11th or 12th, then we will have had a poor season.

  13. I wouldn’t count on finishing fourth, I think relating back to the teams we have faced and the teams we are going to face, I don’t think fourth is an option. There are much more stronger teams in the league like Liverpool, Spurs and Arsenal (when on form).

    We have not yet played Manchester United and City, Liverpool, Chelsea, and we are about to play Spurs. Unless we do well against Spurs I’d say an 8th finish, at best, and that would be a terrific achievement.

    People who think Villa will finish above are insane. I don’t like Villa, their football is quite poor and although they have some good players e.g. Bent, Agbonglahor, Dunne, Hutton, Given and NZog, I don’t think they’ll finish above us.

    KK should shut his mouth. Everytime we say something like this we always knack up. He should keep his opinions to himself and stop having a say in everything. He’s starting to remind me of Fergie the way his mouth goes.