Thieving Magpies! Wolves vs Newcastle United match report, highlights, interviews and stats.

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4 goals in 2 games for Demba Ba.
4 goals in 2 games for Demba Ba.
Venue: Molineux, Wolverhampton
Date: Saturday, October 1st, 2011
Kick-off: 3:00pm
Referee: Mark Halsey
Goals: Ba (17), Gutierrez (38), Fletcher (88)

In what was quite possibly the most exciting, and surprisingly nerve-wracking Newcastle game so far this term, some brilliant individual performances, and more than a little help from referee, Mark Halsey, helped Newcastle United ascend even higher, to third, in the Premiership table.

Despite a couple of helping hands from Halsey though, a denied penalty and a perfectly good goal for the home side ruled out, We just scraped over the finishing line in the end though! More than a little of this was thanks to Tim Krul in the Newcastle goal, helped out with yet another potentially match saving blockage for Steven Taylor to add to his collection.

After the sides felt each other out in the opening period of the game, the first real chance went to Wolves after ten minutes when Matt Jarvis put in a decent cross to to Kevin Doyle right in the middle of the box. However his right footed volley was tipped away by Tim Krul. Doyle had another crack three minutes later after reciving a headed ball by Steven Fletcher. Once again, it was easily saved in the middle of the goal by Krul. Newcastle’s defence certainly didn’t look like an almost impregnible unit which had only let in three goals in the season at that point.

Give or take a wide shot across the goalmouth from Jonas Gutierrez, our first proper chance came when Cabaye put in a nice, highly flighted corner to Ba’s head in the 17th minute. It was at very close range, and as if that wasn’t enough, it seemed as if Hennessy was blinded somewhat by the glaring sun at Molineux. Hennessey was surrounded by a few bodies too, sadly for wolves, none had been marking the Senegalese striker. Though it was a good, powerful header from last week’s hat-trick hero, with all those factors he could hardly miss! And so it was that Newcastle took the lead. Wolves 0-1 Newcastle United

As I wrote earlier though, as the match progressed, it proved to be a very exciting and open game overall with pressure from both sides. It was around three minutes after the Ba goal that Krul performed the first in a series of excellent saves. In a typical “route one” move for which the Midlanders are so well known, Hennessy made a long punt right up the pitch from the Wolves goal to Steven Hunt who passed it to Kevin Doyle, who saw his shot take a wicked deflection which was only saved by a bit of inspired Dutch leg! It wasn’t over though as the ball rebounded, requiring an excellent block from Ryan Taylor

There was a fairly sustained of Newcastle United pressure after this though with some good moves from the Magpies. However it wasn’t until around ten minutes after the Krul save when a couple of excellent chances came our way, with Hennessey in the Wolves goal proving that he could put on a goalkeeping show too with a couple of excellent saves, the first being a low and fairly powerful drive from Tiote, with an even better reflex save coming after a close range shot from Gutierrez soon after that.

The excitement continued with cut and thrust on both sides of the pitch, eventually though, it was the brilliant Gutierrez who provided what was possibly the highlight of the match with an excellent solo goal in the 38th minute. After Wolves’ “Kelvin” Henry needlessly lost possession like a “Sunday League” player, Guti picked up the ball on the left flank. After evading two or three tackles with great aplomb, he then cut inside. He then capped things off with an excellent low finish stright into the corner of the net. Howay el galgo! wolves could have made it slightly harder for him than they did perhaps, nonetheless it was a truly great strike from the ponytailed maestro. Wolves 0-2 Newcastle United

To add insult to injury, Henry was booked shortly after that for making an indecent lunge at Cheick Tiote. Also, to add further insult to injury, Wolves had TWO penalty appeals turned down as the half time whistle loomed. The first was a definite one as Steven Taylor felled Wolves’ Jamie O’Hara about a yard inside the box. Bizarrely though, Halsey seemed to think that it happened outside the area and only awarded a free from the left hand side of the box rather than pointing to the spot. The second one a few minutes later wasn’t a penalty by any stretch of the imagination though. Shortly after that, it was time for the whistle. Half time: Wolves 0-2 Newcastle United

As the second half was just getting into it’s stride, saint turned into sinner as Gutierrez imagined for a moment that the was playing rugby for Argentina in the current world Cup rather than football for Newcastle with a ridiculous arms around the waist tackle which saw him rightly booked. It was so ridiculous it was actually funny! He soon gets back into saint mode again though and returns to putting in some good probing runs down the left flank.

Wolves were upping the pressure in the second half and a dangerous looping shot from O’Hara tests Krul, forcing another nice save from the flying Dutchman. Mick McCarthy decided that the time was right to ring the changes though. As the hour mark approached, Kelvin Henry and Steven Hunt were both pulled off by the bendy nosed supremo and replaced by Adlene Guedioura and Adam Hammill. Henry was pretty awful, and has been ever since his old enemy, Joey, restarted his ribbing campaign once again. He certainly looked like something approaching approching a Sunday League player in this match and his last one, and the manager who can smell ’round corners was right to pull him off, though possibly wrong to put him on in the first place, and make him captain!

Ba maybe Mr.Goals at the moment with four goals in the last two games, however his touch deserted him when his partner in crime, Leon Best, did some great work battling for the ball. When it broke nicely for Franco-Senegalese hitman with just Hennessey in the Wolves goal to beat, he dragged it wide when it may have been easier just to score. Ah well, can’t win ’em all.

Shortly after that came what was possibly the highlight of highlights in what was an excellent game for Tim Krul. This time it wasn’t just a great single save, but a great, instinctive double save, first from Steven Fletcher, then Adam Hammill on the rebound. Wolves seemed to be pressing more and more, and could even be said to be on top in these latter stages of the game as the Magpies tried to hold on to their lead. By this stage they must have been feeling that it just wasn’t their day however, but there was even more to come…

For they next twenty minutes they tried and tried. Then, at last after 87 minutes they finally got the goal they deserved when Hammill floated in a great high floating cross for Steven Fletcher to powerfully head the ball past a goalkeeper who had seemed almost invincible up to this point. Overall it was a move which was slightly reminiscent of Newcastle’s first goal. Wolves 1-2 Newcastle United

With Newcastle almost on the ropes as Wolves’ pressure continued, they had the ball in the back of the net once again in what looked like another perfectly good goal, only for one of the officials, this time the linesman to interceed on Newcastle United’s behalf. Close to the line, Wolves’ Matt Jarvis headed a looping ball right across the Newcastle box for Doyle to head home. However the linesman adjuged it to have crossed the dead ball line before it reached Doyle in a decision which wasn’t even marginal.

It just wasn’t their day at all.

Full time: Wolves 1-2 Newcastle United

Match stats

Goals: Ba (17), Gutierrez (38), Fletcher (88)
Possession: Wolves 53.7%, Newcastle United 46.3%
Shots on target: Wolves 7, Newcastle United 5
Shots off target: Wolves 12, Newcastle United 5
Corners: Wolves 10, Newcastle United 5
Yellow cards: Wolves 1 (Henry 40), Newcastle United 2 (Gutierrez 52, Krul 90+2)
Red cards: None.
Match highlights

Post match interviews

Alan acknowledges that the Magpies had a “fortunate” victory.

Mick’s sick as a parrot with the referee, but acknowledges some poor defending and missed chances.

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30 Responses

  1. We rode our luck a bit but hey its about time we got lucky krul was amazing motm for me role on jan couple of strong signings and dare i dream of europe COME ON tHE TOON

  2. What has happened to the good old fashioned Indirect Free Kick. A lot of the kids out there may not even heard of it as it hasn’t been used for such a long time. I think I’m right in assuming that it hasn’t been deleted from the rule book and perhaps may have been applied yesterday in the Wolves penalty shout.
    As the player was in effect running away from goal and therefore not deprived of a shooting opportunity,and he was not actually in control of the ball as both he and Saylor were chasing the ball, should this not have been a classic case of IFK. Just a thought and a nice point for an argument ??? Don’t give a sh!t anyway cos we are third. Some of our football is off another planet lately and I love it . Well done the mags.Fetch on the Spuds.HWTL.

  3. Maybe I’m stuck in a timewarp in my previous but any refs out there could give me a clue. ?

  4. Anyway, don’t feel sorry for Mackem Mick as it’s only pay-back time for his thugs for kicking us up ahight last season. I’m sure things will go against us before too long so enjoy it as long as it lasts. Howaaaaaaaaaay the laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaads.

  5. That is a superb summary & write up, well done. I don’t get the papers until later (Tesco’s chuck waggon at 2pm) so many thanks.
    Someone said before the match that this was a test of our progress, but it’s a bit soon for that – however I think it’s been a key game in our development. Wolves threw everything at us, they were hard and uncompromising and would have beaten most teams with that commitment – they lost not due to lack of effort but to a combination of bad luck and outstanding displays by our whole team.

    We won when a draw would have been honourable and a defeat no disgrace – and a win like this is a sign of a good team, a team who makes a habit of winning, a team to be respected!
    Spurs will be looking hard at this performance and will be sweating.

    GS @ 3 – Harps is not listed as injured by the club as far as I know – I hope we are not messing him about.


  6. Someone somewhere posted that apparently “Harper doesn’t travel to away games to sit on the bench”. Not sure if there is any truth in it, but he is the clear No 2 for the goalie position at the moment, behind young Timmy….

  7. Munich – “Where have all the Pardew bashers gone ?…a deathly silence prevails”.
    They’ll be sharpening their knives waiting for a slip up and out they’ll come with their “ah told you so”.

    If he makes a cockup the he will have to carry the can, and he appears man enough to do so. To his credit he fully acknowledged how lucky we were yesterday, praised players who earned it and made no claims about himself. I doubt is any other available manager could be doing better than we are now.

    Well done Pards – you are not one of us yet – but at this rate you could well become one of our best!


  8. supermac…it’s understandable that some fans are waiting for Pardew to fail, but in the mean time it’s great to be flying high again.

    Once we have a few bad results, the knives will be out, it’s the nature of football, fans tend to be fickle like that…

    Still reckon Pardew could sometimes take the pressure out of situations with more canny substitutions, but I’m just nit-picking…

    Howay the lads !

  9. What goes around comes around. Remember all the sniggering last year (Yes, Shearer I’m including you as well as Mackem Mick) when the appalling referee ignored all Wolves’ filthy play, particularly against Joey? With a proper ref we would have been playing 9 or 10 men, taken 3 points from the game and the dropped points and 1 or 2 subsequent suspensions might have been enough to send Wolves down.

    And credit to AP for his dignity post-game.

  10. Amazing how a shit game where we lucked out getting all three points can be turned into a pro Pardew celebration by some, with adjectives like exciting, even brilliant thrown in for flavor.
    C’mon folks let’s get real here, it was almost as bad as the QPR fiasco.
    Yeah Pardew was his brilliant self, following Wolves changes and their domination of the second (our midfield won the first half, theirs the second)what was his answer, nowt, had’nt a clue !
    Had it not been for Tiote, Saylor and Krull, they couldda had a bagful of goals.
    Fortunately the hapless play of their forwards combined with the decisions of the officials managed to saved our ass’s.
    We can of course celebrate being the current no 3# in the league, but lets not get carried away here and start to believe that its a true reflection of the quality of the side.
    Yeah enjoy the ride, but talk to me around the end of the year, when reality has run it’s course.
    Now go and watch a real football game, the north London derby, currently being played !

  11. Inspirational stuff all over the park yesterday! fluid movement upfront(can’t actually believe I can say that) and give your it all defending… balls to the decisions, we’ve had years of bad ones… bout time someone smiled on us.. HWTL

  12. Agreed Chuck got back this afternoon and read the stuff on various boards and suddenly Pardwho is the next Mourinho :)

    Yes we bossed the first half yesterday and we looked good, when on top, but by the time McCarthy made his substitutions they were beginning to bite back. I checked the stats on Hunt v Hammill and the sub did more in 30 minutes than Hunt managed in almost an hour.

    The Wolves fans I spoke to are getting tired of MM constantly playing his “favourites” i.e. Karl Henry, Hunt and even new boy O’Hara. Which is not dissimilar to our own Clueless One choosing Lovenkrands yesterday to solve the newly created problems in midfield ????

    We all know Loven is Championship quality so wtf doesnt Clueless recognise it ? Yesterday we were crying out for more support in midfield yet Loven comes on and does………..nothing. In fact when MM saw Loven on the pitch I bet he told his back four to push up and not bother marking him :)

    If, Pardwho had seen the extra impetus that took over the Wolves midfield and did something to counter it, then maybe we could have won this game more convincingly ?

    HBA and Marveaux on (in a five midfield) and the lacklustre Obertan off (when will he learn to track back like Jonas does ?)would have given Wolves a lot more to think about and would probably have prevented them from going all out in the last quarter.

    Sorry boys but Pardwho still has a lot to learn !!!!

    On the plus side I wish Tim Krul was English as he will become the next Buffon as Pasquale Sensibile foretold not so long ago :)

  13. AndyMac says:
    October 2, 2011 at 6:50 pm

    “Agreed Chuck got back this afternoon and read the stuff on various boards and suddenly Pardwho is the next Mourinho”

    Don’t mean the next Guardiola Andy?

  14. workyticket says:

    “Don’t mean the next Guardiola Andy?”

    No :lol:

    PS Respect for the MOTD highlights and stuff. It appears (looking over Newsnow headlines) you guys are in a race to get there first with the post match action :)

  15. AndyMac says:
    October 2, 2011 at 7:28 pm


    I haven’t heard any comparing Pardew with Mourinho Andy, though I have seen two or three comparing Pardew’s “flair” with that of Barcelona, which almost made me spit coffee all over my laptop.

  16. Munich Mag says:
    “Batty, that’s what I was hinting at on a previous thread. I reckon we were well worth our win, having not seen the game though, and irrespective of the two poor decisions which went in our favour”

    ben replies: what an absolute moron. watch the match and have a look at the match statistics after you plank.!

    Munich Mag says:
    Toonsy@51…I was thinking the same about Simmo. Regarding the penalty that never was, why on earth did he tackle the bloke, a good defender would have just jockeyed the Wolves player out towards the bye-line.

    AndyMac replies Maybe when you watch a game MM you can slag off people who bothered their arses to travel to the Black Country and who give their opinions freely having seen what ACTUALLY TOOK PLACE ON THE PITCH !!!!!!!!!!

    PS Maybe Ben has a point ?
    PPS It was Saylor who tackled O’Hara in the box :(

  17. AndyMac… what is YOUR point ?

    Regarding “slagging off people” sorry, take a good look at ALL of my posts and you won’t find a hint of slagging off. The only “slagging off” is coming from you, as usual you plank.

    Sorry, I cannot get to the games too easily from Munich, and I didn’t see the game yesterday, only the highlights, but I’ll keep my opinions to myself in the future. Yeah right..

    Your right, Taylor fouled the bloke not Simpson, my bad.

    Having trouble with the toon at the top of the league are you ?

  18. FarleyManchester says:
    October 3, 2011 at 1:42 am

    “Well done Newcastle. Luck was on your side in yesterday’s last half though.”

    Of course it was Farley, but we’ve had enough bad decisions go against us in the past. I was pleasantly surprised the managers interviews after the game, they were both uncommonly gracious and honest in victory / defeat compared with the norm.

    There were other factors too though. Henry looked like he was trying to live up to Joey Barton’s assessment of him as a “Sunday League player” and Wolves were a better team after he came off. Bendynose was right in his assessment of Wolves’ weak spots too.

  19. FarleyManchester says:

    “Well done Newcastle. Luck was on your side in yesterday’s last half though”

    Luck shouldnt be playing a part in a game which we dominated for 45 minutes only for Pardwho to feck things up with a very poor effort in tactical substitutions.

    “Alan Pardew – 6

    No matter who is in charge, or who is playing, we have a well earned reputation for not being able to defend a lead. We have seen over the years that our goalkeeping coach or our attacking coach has left or been replaced, but I suspect our “defending a lead with minutes to go” coach is probably our longest serving employee.

    While everyone may be shouting about our defensive record, at 2 up they were rattling them across the goal, lobbing them into the box and pinging them over the bar near enough at will.

    Our best defender by far was their inability to finish.

    So why even consider defending a lead?

    Short of pushing the midfield either backwards or forwards and telling everyone to “run fast” I’m still at a loss to describe our “tactics”. Feel free to chip in here boys and girls.

    I suspect Best has been told to play off Ba which seems to be working well, but the apparent attempt at the occasional 2-4-4 formation just seemed to leave us short at the back.

    Pardew gets a 6 only because we took 3 points”

    Even if some of the opinions on this site are somewhat flawed there has to be a consensus that we failed in the second half to put them under any real pressure thus reaping the “rewards” of a nervy, nail biting last twenty minutes. Yet the bench contained three potential game changers :(

    So which one of you pro Pardewites can raise a valid argument for Lovenkrands appearance as a second half sub over and above any of the others ?

  20. Should have credited “Archie” and his alternative assessment for the Pardwho analysis above :)