Taylor conked – Ameobi crocked

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Steven Taylor to wear mask to protect broken nose.
Artist's impression
Newcastle United have two injuries to contend with – a minor one for Steven Taylor and a more significant one for Shola Ameobi.

Alan Pardew is considering playing Steven Taylor with a broken nose on Wednesday, by which I mean Steven Taylor has the broken nose rather than Alan Pardew. At least I don’t think Alan Pardew has a broken nose, although it’s not important if he does – to me, anyway – because the conk in question in this article is Steven Taylor’s.

Taylor got is nose bloodied after a clash with Mohamed Diame in our game against Wigan on Saturday, although this is the first I’ve heard that it was actually broken.

Mike Williamson’s ankle/foot injury won’t be healed in time and it seems that Pardew doesn’t fancy someone like Perch at centre-back. Pardew said:

We might have to look at him wearing a mask or something but we have to make sure he looks after his looks. He lost a lot of blood and we had him off the pitch for five minutes. It’s something we’ll have to think about for Wednesday night.

Perhaps this issue highlights that the biggest weakness we have in terms of depth is in defence and maybe that’s something we ought to be addressing in the next transfer window.

You have no doubt already heard that Shola is now sidelined too. In his case it’s a troublesome hamstring and it’s likely to keep him out for 4-6 weeks, which is bit frustrating as he seemed to have found a run of startling form lately, particularly against Spurs. Alan Pardew said:

Unfortunately we lost Shola on Saturday so he’s going to be out now for, we think, four to six weeks.

That’s a blow to us. He pulled a hamstring after about three minutes of coming on, and still played on which just goes to show you what sort of a character he is.

He’s going be a loss to us and I think our fans will see that now, how important he is when he’s not there.

We do appear to have a bit more cover offensively than we do defensively though with Ben Arfa, Lovenkrands, Sammy Ameobi and Ranger lined up as backup for Best and Ba, who seem to be our first choice strikers so far this season.

I’m presuming Alan Pardew is going to take this League Cup game against Blackburn fairly seriously and will play something quite close to his first choice team. Ashley wasn’t too happy that Chris Hughton didn’t take the cup seriously enough last season and I can’t imagine Pardew wants to make the same mistake. And that would be in accord with a fans’ vote we had on here a little while back where a massive 90% voted in favour of going all out for the League Cup.

Maybe our stunning start in the league has afforded us the opportunity to do that.

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49 Responses

  1. Can Santon not play CB??? I would like to see him given a shot as Raylor is playing really very well and so this could be his opportunity to prove his worth?

  2. Can I ask a question lads. Would you have Carroll back at St James? Or have we moved on? Daglish is rumored to be offering him back to us but I imagine we still wouldnt pay 25mill on offer to us.
    Dunno just a though.

  3. No way, Do we want to go back to hoofing it up the field. We do need another centre forward but lets make it one that can score goals primarily on the deck. Anyway 25 mil is still 10-15 mil over what he is worth. And by the way lets not start feeling sorry for the boy, he is comforted by his reputed 80k a week.

  4. I’m worried about the gaffers broken nose!! Will he still be able to give his rare interviews?

  5. to be honest as far as i’m aware i think santon can play anywhere across the back 4. he is right footed so could play in saylors position. as far as i’m aware both santon and pieters can play across the back four so i think both of them would be good additions to the first team.

    but let us wait until January to see what father sportsdirectus brings us for joy and good will to all men.

    as far as saylor is concerned it might be the case of once out hard to get back in.

    i get the feeling the back four are competing to stay. raylor playing his socks off, simpson was top class against wiggan and now saylor has broken nose he will be flapping at the thought of a possible right footed defender taking his crown like willo did.

    so i say give santon a go at center right back. and leave raylor where he is.

    to be honest i never thought raylor was comfortable at right back. but i think raylor at left back is amazing, he is working harder than enrique did and the defense is gelling like never befor.

    i think there will be good to come of this situation if santon gets the nod instead of saylor and we might find we have adequate cover given the chance.

    santon is a very good defender and had ronaldo in his pocket when manure played millan so let us not forget his experience and work rate. and not right him off too soon.

    santon is young, but has a wealth of experience. we are lucky to have such a talent on board. let us use him now to find out what he is good at.

    i’m my opinion he will fit in the saylors role quite well.

  6. Hugh – great photo.

    For the cup at Blackburn I’ve see the following “probable” lineup suggested –

    Perch, Coloccini, S Taylor, Santon
    Ben Arfa, Gosling, Abeid, Marveaux, Ferguson

    Not actually a bad team, and a 4-5-1 formation, so I have mixed feelings.
    Defence looks strong, midfield completely changed but still very tastey, everyone given a chance – lots of positive points and shows what a good squad we have.

    But – are we taking Blackburn & the cup seriously? Does this team say we want to win it? No, not really.

    If it gets beat – well, I’ll be peedoff for a start, it will spoil our record and run of luck, and end our best chance of a trophy (again).
    If we win – well ……. I’ll be well chuffed, but it will show how little I know about football selection.


  7. to be honest if saylor doesn’t make it there it only one man in my opinion who could fill the void, santon.

    do we go with perch? or do we go with santon?

    seems like a obvious choice.

    it was mentioned on the tv that 8 of the 11 who played against wigan have played every league game this season.

    so i think we will start with at least 7 with tiote out for two games, blackburn and stoke.
    it will only be a case of krul or elliot in goal as to weather we start with 6 or 7 of the players who have served us well.

    personally i would sacrifice stoke for a stronger squad and win over blackburn.

    if you are going to play any players who are going to play against stoke then you might as well play them all. after all if our players want European football they will have to get used to playing full strength teams on a Wednesday night in the Europa league, and playing again on a Saturday or Sunday.

    let us not fool ourselves to think that footballers cant play two games in one week, that is just sheer laziness.

    get them all on the pitch, two changes, get the job done. move onto next round. no excuses.

    keane will need to win this game to secure his job and win over the fans.

    i don’t think for one second he will field a weaker side and worry about the league he might not even be managing in come Saturday.

    he will go all out regardless to turn us over. after all i don’t think he has much to lose. his fans will half expect to get beat at the weekend so feilding a strong enough side to turn us over will be his only option IMO.

    don’t expect to get an easy game if we field a fringe squad, i think we need to take this round serious and get the job done. no point wingeing come Monday when we play stoke that we are out the cup because we didn’t field a strong enough squad.

    we have an extra two days on the other clubs as we don’t play until Monday night so let us get behind the team and hope pardeux goes all out to destroy Blackburn while we can.

    no point moaning the day after the night before as we all know this is our chance to take things forward.

    time and time again we learn when we field a weeker team we get beet. Forrest away is prime example.

    i personally would not be impressed if pardeux fielded nothing but his strongest side on the night.

    replace only the injured, saylor, tiote and ameobi.

    but do by all means take samiobi, ferguson, vuckic, gosling, guthrie, smith, elliott

    my team for tomorrow

    Simpson Santon Colo Raylor

    Obertan Guthrie Cabaye Jonas



    Subs. Elliott, Smith, Vuckic, Marvaux,Samiobi, Ferguson,abeid, lovenkrands, gosling

    i’ve mentioned 9 subs i know you can only name 7 its debatable weather or not smith will travel but you never know. and its a toss up between Ferguson and gosling.
    and Demba might very well stay at home and we play lovenkrands behind best instead.

    in my opinion if we field a weaker team will will return out of the cup, it is as simple as that.

    i think with tiote out for two games this will be a test to see who we play in the middle.

  8. Tooneye & Toonanti :
    “Do we want to go back to hoofing it up the field?” no, this is not a hoofing team – so could AC fit into it if he can’t cope with the Liverpool style? I doubt it.

    “Anyway 25 mil is still 10-15 mil over what he is worth” – true. And they paid cash up front, not instalments. When they got Rush back from Italy they more or less just cancelled the HP payments outstanding.

    Could they then just massage the fees for Collo & Raylor (15m + 10m) and offer a swap?

    But despite Dalgleish’s fantasy football day dreams the fatal stumling block is “his reputed 80k a week” – and there is zero chance of us ever paying that!

    So would we ever know if a return would work out? – well, if he is 4th choice & unpopular, the loan window opens soon!

  9. If we want to win a cup (as the league title is beyond us) then we have to play our best team. We can afford to lose a league game but not a cup game. Therefore I would play our strongest side:

    Simpson Perch Colo Raylor
    Marveaux Tiote Cabaye Jonas
    Ben Arfa

    On the assumption that Saylor is out, I would play the much maligned Perch instead of the untried Santon. Perhaps in the weeks and months to come when Santon has got used to the Premiership then he would be able to slot into central defensive. I even think Kadar would be better than Santon alongside Colo.

    I think that Marveaux and Ben Arfa deserve and need a full 90 minutes.

  10. Just read that Tiote is out of the cup game and perhaps the Stoke game, therefore my team for Wednesday is:

    Simpson Perch Colo Raylor
    Marveaux Guthrie Cabaye Jonas
    Ben Arfa

    I wonder whether Pardew will consider Abeid ahead of Smith as a replacement for Guthrie.

  11. supermac do you really think Carroll would want to come back?

    on loan especially? i think Carroll wont come back. you will probably see him roaming around the country like a lost sheep like Bellamy did when he left us. claiming to be the best like Bellamy did.

    you might find though spurs might stand more of a chance to get Carroll on loan. Spurs, Everton, Stoke even bolton but i doubt pardew would be interested in doing a deal for carroll too much of that £35 million would have already gone on fees, training development(under soil heating at the training ground)and the younger players we have brought in.

    why on earth would ashley be interested in authorizing a swap for a player worth £10 million and lose players valued at £25 million because a club knowingly over paid £25 million for a player?

    does he look like a guy with a guilty conscience? he protects those who like him and protect him. hence why he stripped down the singing section and is reducing season ticket prices to those who are left and have been loyal to him.

    he is no mug.

    why on earth expect to get rid of two top class players in raylor and collo for the sake of a home grown player when we can keep the two players we have and buy maiga in January.

    IMO any deal that chips away at the remainder of the £35 million will weaken the clubs ability and weaken the squad.

    what would we buy a replacement for collo and raylor with? fresh air?
    do you think ashley would subsidies two replacements? i don’t.

    any deal involving any players leaving would have to be for cash so we can break even and or make a profit. as well as find replacements.

    expecting a deal to go through which would see andy carroll turn up and collo and raylor leave in my opinion is sheer stupidity.

    we would have no cash to invest on replacements.

    after all liverpool are well accustomed to buying players and then reselling them to the previous club for a lot less than they paid. any one remember Keane from spurs to liverpool and then back again?

    if anything, offer £15 million for carroll (just under £19million in real terms when taking away the 25% sell on) and keep collo and raylor.

    one top class team.

    money still in the bank and a squad that looks better than its been for a while.

  12. kamar i’ve put Guthrie down as my tiote replacement.

    he seems to come back better than most players who sit around the bench.

    and for that reason alone Guthrie id my first choice tiote replacement.

  13. Stephen C mate, my view is “could AC fit into (our team style) if he can’t cope with the Liverpool style? I doubt it”.
    But I wondered what others may think.
    Am I suggesting we get him? No – but Dalgleish wants Collo and Raylor and there is a hint (fantastic) of AC being involved in a deal very mutch to Liverpool’s favour – but its only an opening to test the water.
    Will we be consulted? of course not.
    Could it happen? I doubt it.
    Would it work? I doubt it – but a loan deal would sort it out once & for all.
    Is a loan possible? Well, if we keep offering £6m-8m for foreign strikers valued by their clubs at £10m-12m, then yes it could be our last way. And I think dalgleish will go for a CF in Jan., pushing AC down to 5th in the pecking order.
    Stranger things happen!

  14. Bye the way – CA is probably worth about £15m max – and Collo about £11m max Raylor about £4m max.
    Why bother talking about it? Collo is 30+ on big wages and stalling over a contract just like asbo & Nolan. If Dalgleish is serious then he will get him!
    So we will need a new CB whatever happens (I see the young Birmingham lad is linked again today).

  15. Supermac @ 16

    ‘Collo is 30+ on big wages and stalling over a contract just like asbo & Nolan.’

    Collo is 29.

    Collo is not stalling over a contract. Pardew has explained that Collo’s agent lives in Argentina and communication between him and Newcastle suffer accordingly. Rarely if ever does a contract gets agreed on its first presentation. Its offer and counter offer until a compromise is reached between both parties.

  16. i wasn’t having a go supermac.

    i agree with you.

    do i think he would fit? yes. i think there are a lot of factors to take into account….

    but…. would the changing room fit with Carroll? no…

    it doesn’t matter how many times people shake hands and say done is done, we all know inside it still hurts.
    bringing andy carrol back would be in my opinion a destabling move.

    lets move forward and move on. 5 years time bring him back. but not now, when we are having too much fun without him, at his current employers exspence.

    when andy carroll had that fight with saylor a friend who workd at the training ground said there were two aliegences one was Barton, Nolan, Carroll, Smith and Harper. when the trouble happened they all went to the manager saying they wanted saylor sold with imediate effect.

    so it now looks, with the iminent sale of Harper, it has back fired.

    good player or bad? do we want his type of person in the changing room?
    i wouldn’t.
    his cronies have gone so he would have to find solace in who ever he could find, with nolan, barton etc no longer there he would have to chip away to get back into good books.

    in my opinion, he should stay where he is. he has made his bed.

    Mike didnt hold his hand when he signed on the dotted line.

    either did he when he signed a new contract for us.

    pure greed. let him rot. and after the tapping up of enrique i would not trust dogleesh as far as his haggis breath could reach me.

    i would not do business with liverpool as long as they were around us.

    does it look like the club has no ambition? it looks like we are becoming a force to be reconeed with both on and off the pitch.

    let us realise why we have been able to improve this season.

    there comes a time when we get too old to borrow daddies cash and need to stand on own two feet.

    to be honest i would rather not have to rely on mike ashley and his cash and instead i would rather do what we have been doing thus far.
    build are team on the sales like we have and buy players.

    andy carrol sale had secured we dont need to lose colo,tiote, ben arfa.

    so please lets just stop this scouse driven shit and send carroll and his scouse followers packihg where they belong.

    in the shit.

    bad business by liverpool. not our problem.

    let us gloat while they strugle to find more cash to spend on a striker. and lets make sure we dont make life easier on them by giving them cash to spend on players by buying a thug who had bad press when we was here for the short time he was.

    keep carroll in red

    collo and raylor to stay in what is becoming a happy family

  17. I seem to remember when the fans all backed Carroll in his punch up with Saylor (he being a real Geordie like) how things change !
    As for having him back, would that not mean going back to 50’s. style football ?
    Wellie it into the box and let the big guy nut it in ?
    Wellie it up the field to the target man ?
    Look we got some good technical players, lets make use of them, if Pardew had any clue he would attempt a 4-6 lineup.
    I recall when we used both Duff & N’Zogbia on the left with both interchanging positions, caused havoc with most defenses.
    At present we have the players to do that on both sides,
    just like both Barca and Citeh did to Man. U.
    Where the vaunted Man U. defense were totally confused by a six, well actually in our case it would be more of an 4-1-5, Tiote sitting in front of the back four, the others interchanging up front.
    Apparently Fergie got a wake up call, just as he thought he had it covered, he found out his tactics belonged to history.
    But then in the past, any UK managers with tactical nous, usually ended up plying their trade elsewhere, innovation was something sneered at, we invented the game and we know how to play it !
    Does Pardew have the abilities to understand and adapt to the most recent tactical adjustments being used by the teams such as Barca and Citeh, doubt it?
    Point is, if we continue to add talented young players to the side, doncha think it would be a good idea to bring in a talented young manager, who can make the best use of these players, seems like a reasonable request,no? ?

  18. Stephen C
    Pretty childish tude there pal, he’s gone, deserted us he’s a jerk !
    Look it’s nothing to do with one big happy family shit, that’s simply PR.
    It’s about MONEY and business, grow up !

  19. Chuck @ 20

    LMFAO mate grow up? no offence mate i look at things realistically.

    he left, no one forced him. no one held his hand. if he didn’t want to leave then he didn’t have to climb into the helicopter.

    i don’t sit with the opinion he is a jerk because he left.
    and i most certainly don’t sit here with my hanky because he did either.

    he left, why even think about him like he’s a shearer? because he is no shearer by miles.

    just because we all deluded ourselves to think that he could be “the next big No. 9” doesn’t mean he actually will or could have been.

    we will never know. why? because he would rather make £60 more thousand pounds than pull on a shirt and play for us, the boys, the lads, his locals, the ones who watched him grow, the people he lived down the street from, the people he went to school with, the people who went to work to pay for season tickets for their families, the people who would die for the opportunity he had to wear the black and white shirt.

    if i need to grow up because i feel bitter then fair enough but at the end of the day Chuck he left us because he was greedy and wanted more.

    no one made him.

    did ashley throw him into the helicopter? no.

    well sorry, Andy wanted more cash and wanted to leave, he left. yes he was a good player but he would have to change his attitude to come back. the rat pack have all gone so you have to look between the lines to see that there might have been underlining issues at the club that have now all been addressed by sales.

    we all heard the rumors about nolan picking the team.
    and players unions having more say at what was going on.

    well all those have gone and we are starting to look good. the rumors may have been false, but it doesn’t take the wildest of ideas to think the opposite.

    yes i still would like to see carrol back in a black and white shirt but certainly not with the ego he became before he left.

    you don’t see players at stoke, everton, wolves and blackburn spitting dummies out because they think they are great.

    this whole carroll issues has been blown out of all proportion.

    we got £35 million for a player worth £10 million max.
    we got the good deal.

    i’m not saying we should cast him away, but many fans like myself, who aren’t violent and enjoy family life don’t like those type of men around. and you cant blame us.

    not all men are violent and aggressive so you shouldn’t expect people to parade people like that like heroes when they work hard every day helping stop crime and try to educate people into doing the right thing.

    how can a parent teach their children to do the right thing when their idols act like dick heads and people egg them on.

    at the end of the day i remember when the carroll saylor thing kicked off, most of the people i spend time with who travel to away games, who don’t drink great deals, who might wear slippers on an evening and read broadsheets and enjoy the odd sherry, they were disgusted at what happened.

    time hasn’t changed its just now the silent majority are being heard.

    as for the lump it and see football we were supposed to play. i cant recall playing the long ball much.

    he is useful when playing set pieces but the long ball game wasn’t used much when he was here. so in my opinion it wouldn’t change our style of play.

    he would offer much more than ameobi, and scare defenders shitless, but scaring our own defenders in doing so isn’t something we need to clog our changing room.

    let us build on our future with the cash we have, not contemplate losing two top class players for a player who could destablise the team.

    why even worry about events that might not even happen?

    can anyone see Andy coming back?

    can you see him wanting to? being booed so much at the liverpool away game last season?

    lots of fans, not just me, don’t like him. yes we maybe bitter but he turned us down.

    he didn’t want to work for the ladies and gentle men of the north east so he sold us down the river for £60 more thousand pounds worth of cash.
    his choice, not ours.
    no one made him, he signed the contract himself, and we are stronger and better without him.

    but it doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be ever stronger with him.

    id like to give him a second chance if he changed his attitude and became more of a role model and shone in the same light as shearer and milburn.

    scoring goals isn’t just what we look at the No. 9 jersey for, its inspiration and sorry Andy doesn’t seem to give that to me.

    but who am i? pretentious? arrogant? selfish?

    no i just want the best for every one at the club i love and if that means i have an attitude then so be it.

    but at least i give a shit about everything involved in NUFC not just the 90 minutes we play for.


  20. Stephen C: “i just want the best for every one at the club i love and if that means i have an attitude then so be it” – well said, I like your style, say what you feel mate!

  21. Wow, are we really bringing up Andy Carroll’s departure again? He’s been gone for a while now and would offer nothing to this current team. End of story.

    And people, Santon joined to play fullback so that he can use his attacking prowess as well, not be a cb backup! Santon to start over Raylor or Simpson, easy. Ferguson might even get a run out at LB as well, who knows. Ben Arfa will start in the hole behind the striker as he did in the last cup game. Done.

    This weird talk of keeping our current mediocre fullbacks is ridiculous. They are our weakest points on the field, so their replacements need time to play, to push for a starting place with Santon obviously pushing hardest

  22. Chuck @ 19 who is this talented young manager you would like to bring in?
    Clearly you dont rate Pardew, even tho he is doing ok.
    Maybe in a few years time we will be in a position to change manager and move things forward, but for now what we need is a period of stability, in the top half of the premier league, with a couple good cup runs thrown in.
    We need to have all the fans back on board and fully behind the club, manager and players. These things take time and patience.
    If we try to run too soon we will fall over again.

    “Does Pardew have the abilities to understand and adapt to the most recent tactical adjustments being used by the teams such as Barca and Citeh, doubt it?”

    A strange statement this one. Based on what I do not know???

  23. Agreed BB. Although whose to say that Pardew won’t emerge as a top class manager while with us? He is certainly proving quite a lot of people, myself included, wrong about his employment. We’re playing attractive football, unbeaten, winning games, and bringing up quality young players in the process. Long may it all continue, pushing for Europe even!

  24. Exactly Andrew, I want to see Pardew here for a good few years, and if he is, then he will be doing something right. Cant see any reason why he cant improve and grow in the role the longer he is here. I think he is already learning and improving his own performances since he has been here.
    I was one of the many that said “Pardwho?” when he came, but I take that back now, he is winning me over, with the things he says and the way he has the Lads playing on the park.
    There will be some dark days ahead no doubt, and it will be interesting to see how he copes with that.
    For now tho he has my full support.

  25. clearly 10 o’clock was lights oot lol

    Well ok, for your benefit, ‘Hoots’ is doing a fine job at Birmingham. The championship is a good place for him to learn to be a good manager, as opposed to a good carpet.
    He did a remarkable job for us following our relegation, for which we are rightly grateful. But there was obviously something going on behind the scenes which we will never know about, which led to his sacking.
    Its time to get over it now and move on. Unite behind the manager that we now have, and have a period of stability at the club for a change.
    There will that do?
    Probably not. Night night.

  26. Toonanti says:

    “No way, Do we want to go back to hoofing it up the field”

    Yeah we’re just like Barca nowadays :)

  27. AC,

    No thanx, made ya’ bed, lie in it.

    Why would we want that problem back?
    He’ll soon be making the front pages rather than the back, through frustration & boredom.
    Why should we accommodate liverpoop for ‘trying out’, what is this ‘try before you buy’?
    Na, we’ll keep the £35m, you keep ‘hoofy’.

    Similar team, if not the same, as forest tomorrow, probably!

  28. Good luck to the lads at Blackburn the morra.
    Don’t let Yohan catch yer having a beer to night!


  29. Agree with ya clint re AC.

    He chose the bright lights of cesspool, he wasn’t forced, altho maybe badly advised by Nolan.
    There can be no going back for him now, and we have moved on considerably without him.
    As far as I am concerned he has blew it, and long may he regret it. I’m sure the big bucks and loose women help to ease his pain. Fool.

  30. BB,
    Can’t argue with that either mate.

    Like chuck says, it’s all about the money.
    Hope he’s very happy with it.
    Robbing liverpool is a nice feeling.
    They’ll probably try & swap him for Colo, again, no thanx!

  31. Clint I hope Colo tells them to sling there hook somewhere else. I dont think Ashley will tho and this worries me greatly.
    I dont want january to come round as I feel sick at the thought of it.
    Its all this self sufficient stuff, means we gotta be selling someone.
    Alan Smith anyone ? A real bargain at £10M :lol:

  32. BB,
    at least we seem to be selling at ridiculously high prices, too good to turn down even.
    So it could be worse.
    I wouldn’t sell Colo though, so it would have to be a mental price.
    Maybe we can single-handedly bankrupt liverpool?
    dogleash is already morally bankrupt!

  33. worky,

    hate’s a bit strong, don’t think i’ve ever used that word.

    Bit obvious though, init?
    dog-boy ruined a great Newcastle team as manager, although he did buy Solano, oh! & didi hamman for liverpool.
    I don’t hate liverpool, & i have a whole bunch of scouse mates that i have great craic with. But they are a rival team, they beat us in the ’74 cup final, helped manusa to the title by beating us 4-3.
    Of all the north-midland teams they are probably my least hated actually.

  34. worky,
    i know a lot of spuds fans, loads.
    They are some of the least gracious fans i’ve met, ever.
    I have mackem ‘associates’ that have more about ’em.
    Igor is a canny coach & a ‘wheeler dealer’.

  35. Didn’t dogleash sell Pedro?

    But, as a Newcastle fan, everyone is fair game, they’re all on an equal par, not Newcastle.

    I appreciate good football & count myself as one of those fans that will quite happily applaud a team that comes to SJP & beats us fair & square with top football. Which does happen sometimes.
    Ok, maybe not the mackems or manusa.

  36. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    October 25, 2011 at 11:52 pm


    hate’s a bit strong, don’t think i’ve ever used that word.”

    You’ve used quite a few others Clint!

  37. Beardsleys boots

    I would have Steve Clarke, ex Chelsea, ex W/Ham, now @ Pool’
    Or Martinez at Wigan, both advocate a style of football, which is both entertaining and modern, both well respected!
    There are a number of good young could be managers around, just a hard nut to crack, managing an EPL side.

    Stephen C
    Can you try a little brevity, your comments are only slightly shorter than “War and Peace”

    To reiterate, my point was there aint no Santa Claus, ALL players are here, or at whatever club, only FOR THE MONEY, well perhaps we can throw in a bit of ego too.
    If this club achieves any success this season, we will have the big boys sniffing around and if there’s a decent profit in it, Ashley will sell, that includes anyone and everyone.

    This is the age of the badge kissers, who will kiss whatever current badge, they happen to be waring.
    Club Loyalty? maybe in the day !

    As for the Pardew fans, up until he arrived here, he was nothing special, probably better known for keeping the two Argentino’s on the bench at W/Ham.
    Like Ben Arfa and Marveaux at present and fearful of changing an unbeaten side, regardless of who’s not playing well or who we are playing.
    As for tactics, i think it’s more about the styles played by the players, than any overall Pardew plan.
    Tight defense ?
    Put that down to Tiote !

  38. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    October 26, 2011 at 12:04 am

    “Didn’t dogleash sell Pedro?”

    Clint, he was about 36 by then, though Rushie’s the same age as Pedro and he bought him.

  39. worky,
    don’t think i’ve ever even said that i don’t like liverpool mate.
    I’m subtler than that man.
    You may have noticed?
    Pedro was slightly more useful than rush at 36 too.

    Steve Clarke refused a job at the Toon mate.
    Martinez was advocated by some of us on here at the time.
    He’s a good young coach imv.

  40. CLINT
    Yeah he had a choice between a coaching role here or at Liverpool (Clarke) obvious he took the choice most (except Geordies) would make.
    We shouldda offered him the Managers job IMO.
    But there are still plenty of good young talented wannabees out there.
    Sounds like the Joey line, “younger, cheaper and better” !