Pardew talks about Colo and our response to the Blackburn defeat

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Pardew hoping League CUp defeat won't affect League form.
Disappointed ... yet confident
Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew has been talking about Liverpool’s alleged interest in Coloccini and the defeat we suffered at the hands of Blackburn on Wednesday.

Alan Pardew has responded to recent press speculation about Liverpool’s interest in Coloccini by saying:

Liverpool like looking at our players, don’t they? But I don’t want to add any more to that. He’s been outstanding for us as a captain and a player and we’re in negotiations with him on a new contract.

Somehow that’s been taken to mean that negotiations are going well by some elements of the press and blogosphere, although that’s not something I’d extrapolate from the above quote. Not that it matters much what Pardew thinks anyway – it will be Ashley’s decision based on the results of the contract negotiations between club and player and on any offer we receive from Liverpool, if indeed we receive one at all.

Fingers crossed on that one.

Pardew also went on to talk about how the Blackburn loss was disappointing but how we’re not going to let if affect our league situation:

We were disappointed that we lost in the manner that we lost because of the influence to a degree of the referee. I think he got three key decisions wrong and that’s a lot to get wrong in a game of that magnitude.

We can’t let that affect our minds, no team ever stays unbeaten. It won’t have knocked our confidence, the feel-good factor is still there. Had Spurs won that game 2-1 and we didn’t respond like we did, that would have been a very different feeling to what we’ve got now.

There was honour in the performance at Blackburn and looking at my players individually, even though one or two were slightly below par, I thought the guys who came on, Guthrie in particular, did well.

There were big bonuses to take away from that. It was the first game for Santon, he’s briefly experienced the Premier League and he’ll learn from that. He expected a couple of free-kicks where he got brushed. In Italy he’d have got those free-kicks 100%.

He stopped playing, but you don’t get them here, but he’ll learn from that. Technically, when he had the ball you could see that he’s going to add to us.

I’ve been reading that Tiote is 50-50 for Monday’s game, so it’s possible that Guthrie will get another chance to impress the boss against Stoke.

Steven Taylor has apparently had an American specialist in to address his ailing hooter by way of face mask, so the it’s looking likely he’ll play on Monday, albeit perhaps looking a bit like Lee Marvin in Cat Ballou.

Monday always seems like a long time to wait for a game but I’ll be hoping QPR do us a favour tomorrow with an unlikely result against Spurs.

Right, well I’m off for my usual Saturday brunch of blue whale kedgeree garnished with white tiger cutlets. I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend.

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11 Responses

  1. Blue whale kedgeree and white tiger cutlets? Hugh? Are you having brunch with Gary glitter again? What ever you do, don’t get out the hymen canapes otherwise you will never get rid of him.

  2. In Pardew speak does this mean Collo is toast ?….can’t he leave for nowt next year…we recognise this scenario don’t we ? Liverpool are playing Mike Ashley at his own game, trying to poloign our players on the quiet…gggrrr…

  3. Wow – Saylor “looking a bit like Cat Ballou” would be fantastic with superb boobs and long blond hair, can’t wait – Cat was Jane Fonda, Lee Marvin was the bady with the tin nose.

  4. “hoping QPR do us a favour tomorrow with an unlikely result against Spurs”
    and Manure, Chelsea, WBA and (I hate to admit) 5under1and! good luck to you all.

  5. You’re right SM. I meant to put “looking like Lee Marvin in Cat Ballou” but I think I’ll leave it as it is as I fancied Jane Fonda much more than Lee Marvin anyway.

    Not sure what she was like on a football pitch though.

  6. She used to be called “Hanoi Jane”. This was after she visited North Vietnamese soldiers, posing and singing Vietnamese freedom songs by one of their anti anti aircraft guns while the war was still on. That was slightly controversial in the US at the time!

  7. Ho Chi Minh used to live just a few yards down the road from me when he lived in London.

    He was also a Chelsea fan! He used to go to games at Stamford Bridge regularly.

  8. workyticket says:

    “Ho Chi Minh used to live just a few yards down the road from me when he lived in London”

    At various points between 1913 and 1919, Cung (aka HCM) lived in West Ealing, west London, and later in Crouch End, Hornsey, North London. Minh was also a regular visitor to Chelsea FC during his stay in West London.

    So how old exactly are you WT ? :)