Pardew has no fear of relegation and will “attack” the cups.

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Alan Pardew.
The Silver Supremo: Greedy for silverware.
Speaking in a rare interview, this time for BBC Radio Newcastle’s “Total Sport”, Alan Pardew has given his strongest hint yet that he no longer fears relegation, and will go all out for the FA and League Cups.

When he was asked by Total Sport listener, “Liam,” on whether going further in the League Cup would be a “realistic target”, and whether he would be fielding a full strength side in Wednesday’s fourth round tie against Blackburn Rovers, the Silver Supremo was unusually secretive, but for obvious reasons.

He started by saying:

“I knew this was a question that was going to come up today! And Mick (Lowes) will tell you that I sidestepped it this morning and there’s a good reason for that. I think that Blackburn will be watching everything I say and I don’t want to give them any indication of what I’m going to put out, because they’re in a situation where they have real pressure on them in terms of the bottom of the table. So I’m going to watch their selection at the weekend. I’m going to watch how they approach this game. I know how I’m going to approach it, I’ve already made my mind up. So I’m afraid I’m not going to give you any clues on that!”

But he then then added suggestively:

“We want to win, we want to win it. Don’t worry about that!”

Moving on, Radio Newcastle’s Mick “Lowesy” Lowes then said:

“Interestingly, it was the FA Cup at West Ham which really helped you crack it at Upton Park. If you can’t, and it is unrealistic at this moment in time to think that you can challenge in the League, then the cups have got to be your best option, haven’t they?”

To which Pardew responded:

“Absolutely and the fact that Birmingham won the (League) Cup last year gives everyone, and of course, they get relegated on the back of it, and you can see managers and chairmen perhaps looking at that and fearing it. I don’t fear it and nor do my board. We’ll go and attack the cups, we’ve got a strong squad, and I think, I’m hoping that we can get through Blackburn and get a home draw (Newcastle have had three away ties in a row so far). That would be nice, because that’s an advantage in that competition because it’s over on the night. You knpw you’ve got penalties definitely affects those and you know it might be a penalty competition at one end of a stadium that sways and get you to the final.”

Mick Lowes: “And the semi-final is two legged as well.”

Alan Pardew: “That will help, at least we’ll have a home game in that!” (mild chuckles all round).

And that was that on the League Cup, and we’ll see on Wōden’s Day evening how much he really wants to win it from the players he puts out. Of course though, Alan Pardew being Alan Pardew, he also spoke extensively on just about every other issue in the known Newcastle United universe too, and the full audio stream of the interview is available here.


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10 Responses

  1. with every interview i warm to pardew more and more. came in under very difficult circumstance, has done a very good job, assembled a team that can challenge the european spots and always says the right things. how long before we are chanting ‘one alan pardew’ at st james’? i dont think its far off.

  2. With his many personalities we’re more likely to be singing “two Alan Pardews!”

    He’s doing a good job with the team, i just wish he would stop the “Crazy talk!”

    Just when everythings going our way he reminds the world every player is available at a price!

    Could to hear from him at last though, its been so long!

  3. Well we are now arguing about winning something which is the best indication of our progress!


  4. Just finished my mornimg trawl down newsnow – not a single negative media story about NUFC! I think they like us – and what’s not to like!


  5. I was quite impressed with that interview and in paticular his comments about dicipline – not just about Ranger but the club in general. When I heard about Cabaye coming back two days early to get stuck into training and help prepare for the spuds, and hear journo’s complimenting Newcastle defensivly it makes me feel proud to call myself a toon fan. Can’t remember having that kind of pride in Newcastle for many a year.

  6. I really enjoyed the interview, I think he answered the questions, some of them a little tricky, with honesty and he strikes me as a straight talking guy who really knows football & footballers and how to handle them properly.

    Regarding our best players being available to the “big clubs” none of us want to hear this or think about this, but it is the reality of where we are at present. What is the point of Pardew saying no it won’t happen like he did with AC in January and then be accused of being a liar after the event.

    Damned if he does and damned if he does not it seems, give the guy a break he is doing a great job in extremely difficult circumstances and I for one am now 100% behind him despite being one of the nay sayers when hw was apointed in December last year.

  7. I agree with you Dave C – have to admit I was not happy when Pardew was appointed but things are going very well and he deserves some credit. Of course tougher times lie ahead and the true test of our spirit and the attitude of our fringe players will be when we experience defeat. Will they bounce back or will cracks appear? How Pardew comes through those times will be the key to how we do this season. As I mentioned above, hope the professionalism and spirit is what takes us forward and isn’t just evident during the good times.

  8. I know the FA cup has some great history, but both cups are cups, and a day out at wembley. Am I missing something by not being too bothered which one we win? (wishful thinking)