Pardew: “Bringing in a player would be a really good tonic”

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Modibo Maiga remains Newcastle's top target.
Maiga - still top target?
Newcastle United are riding high in 3rd place in the Premier League but groundwork is already being undertaken in preparation for the January transfer window.

The last 10 minutes or so of yesterday’s game against Wolves nearly caused me to “‘ave a connery“, as DelBoy might say, but a combination of good fortune and good saves from both Krul and his defenders saw us take all three points and raised us – at least until Chelsea play – to the lofty heights of 3rd in the table.

I think we certainly rode our luck yesterday as we have done in a few other games this season but, credit where it’s due, we have also defended very well and look to be getting things together as a unit a bit more now.

I think 3rd place flatters us but even if we say that Lady Luck has gifted us 6 points this season, we’d still be 7th, which isn’t too shabby in itself.

We also have ‘significant’ players still on the sidelines. Neither Ben Arfa, Davide Santon, Silvian Marveaux, Haris Vuckic nor Dan Gosling featured yesterday through either injury or lack of opportunity, so it would seem we have talent in reserve. Let’s not forget the likes of Medhi Abeid, Shane Ferguson and Sammy Ameobi from the ‘youth’ setup either.

A lot of teams would be happy to have that sort of talent ‘in reserve’ and could be forgiven for wondering why we’re looking at the transfer market at all. But, according to an interview with Alan Pardew in the Sunday Sun, that is indeed what we’re doing. Pardew said:

The stuff behind the scenes continues – absolutely.

We had an agent at the training ground on Thursday who represents young players from South America, we’ve got a situation where I’m trying to get someone to the Barcelona Academy, just because we haven’t been there for a while and it would be a good time to have a look around.

All of those processes continue.

And in terms of looking ahead to the next transfer window, Pardew said:

I don’t think you can change your opinions over the course of a couple of games. I think we have a long way to run before we get to that window opening.

Four weeks before that we will need to nail down what we’re going to do because if we leave it too late we might end in the same situation – not correcting what we think might be wrong.

At the moment the team is functioning well but you want to improve all the time.

So bringing in a player in that window would be a really good tonic, whichever position we’re in.

I’m presuming that one sort of player Pardew is alluding to is the striker he missed out on in the summer transfer window and top of the list, according to the Sunday Sun, is Modibo Maiga. Apparently we’ve had scouts watching Sochaux twice since the transfer window closed and Maiga has knocked in 4 goals in the last 3 games (4 from 6 in total for Sochaux this season).

We’re not exactly popular with Sochaux, who were extremely grumpy about some of our ‘transfer tactics’ in relation to Maiga this summer, but it seems that Newcastle feel they still have a chance of prising the player away from his current club in January.

So what do you think? In what positions do we need new players?

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13 Responses

  1. Although we are all delighted with the first teams fantastic progress this season we are only now getting a glimpse of the very positive things going on behind the scenes which is very encouraging.

    Professionalism and good management is breaking out all over the place at Newcastle United, not something that has been said very often before, if at all !

  2. I’m as happy as anyone to see United up there amongst the so-called “big” clubs…but I really think some of our fans need a reality check….we’ve been carrying a lot of luck – and yesterday’s performance by Krul and our tame referee and linesman were examples of this. With our weaknesses up front and in defence a small number of injuries could have a significant effect – but so far we’ve been lucky there too.

    The problem with statements from Pardew is – can we believe him? He’s been found out in the past “Andy Carroll is going nowhere” etc etc

    We can only hope these latest utterances have some substance.

  3. i think pardew has been shit on from above too but fair play to him he,s only let it happen a few times then he,s put the ball back in their court, bring on the spuds , if we win that game then things are definatly looking first class

  4. What will be the criteria for chosing a new player?
    To fill an identified weakness – or because he’s a cheap, young & available investment?

    Then what happens to the “one in one out” policy?

    We don’t have a real need for another midfielder or winger – but I wouldn’t be shocked if we got one (or more).

    And we collect goalies – one more for the set?

    We are actually not desperate for a new CF – but a good class scorer is allways welcome.

    It’s defence where I see our weakness – no criticism of the recent displays by the current back 4 (in fact the meanest defence in the PL – well done) but they can’t be expected to keep it up for a whole season. Santon will take his place soon but we must make a priority of at least one (pref 2) quality defenders – let’s go back for Pieters who can play anywhere along the back.

    So I’d be happy with one defender & one CF please – and that we invest some decent cash for quality rather than cut price bargains.


  5. Id like to see some of the deadwood shifted out to male space for some decent signings but wel have to be realistic,cisse would be my choice but would we spend? Plus pieters has to be worth trying for again,on another note ive heard that harpers our sub for home games,and elliot for away,anyone know why?

  6. I reckon yes, we’ve been very fortunate in a couple of games so far but what people must not loose sight of is that wwe’ve worked extremely hard for our luck. The harder you work the more good fortune you get.

  7. The spurs game will be the real test but i have been saying that for the last few weeks .Obviously this good run cannot last but there seems to be a good team spirit there at the moment and if we can snatch a few points like we are doing with a couple of decent signings in january who knows where we could end up.Enjoy it while we can.Cannot fault the lads spirit keep it up.

  8. Jamie el says:
    October 2, 2011 at 2:12 pm

    “on another note ive heard that harpers our sub for home games,and elliot for away,anyone know why?”

    Jamie el, a rumour has been put around that Harper has refused to travel to away fixtures just to be a substitute in a Tevez style wobbler. It’s just the usual cobblers that you see in forums and such with no substance whatsoever.

    Pardew has only said that he wants to alternate the goalkeeping subs so that no one feels left out and there’s another voice in the changing room. It was Pardew and Andy Woodman who gave Elliot his big break at Charlton Athletic in 2008, bringing him back from loan at Accrington Stanley and eventually promoting him to the Charlton first team.

  9. Ah thanks worky,harper isnt and never has been the type of player to do that really,as for elliot time will tell I suppose,pardew must see something in the lad with working with him before,its obvious timmys number 1 & quite rightly,heres hoping no bids come in for the lad in the summer

  10. Hugh
    Yes indeed we had Santon, Gosling, Marveaux and Ben Arfa, sitting on the bench for the entire game.
    Mc Carthy changes his inside midfield, which in turn changes the direction of the game.
    Whether the side were instructed to go out and defend the lead only, which is exactly what they did, as they appeared to lack any desire to either counter or organize any offense.
    With Santon and Gosling, sitting there how come he injects a mediocre Guthrie, when two decent defensive players were available to relieve a tired Tiote and Raylor ?
    Look i have seen this same thing happen in a number of games and have my doubts whether Pardew has any clue as a tactician.
    As for our upcoming game against Spurs, having watched the north London derby to-day, gonna be a tough match-up.

  11. Bemoan the bad times, but enjoy the good ones.

    We’ve had more than enough bad luck down the years, but we shouldn’t use that as an excuse, hey?
    We’re lucky to be 3rd though, hey?
    The league never lies i hear people say, well at least it doesn’t when we’re wallowing.

    & that Jonas, beating 8 to score, what the hell was he playing at?

  12. By September 30, 2013 – 3:27 pmIf what you say is right then do something about it. Hit him where it hurts.DONT buy into Sports DirectDONT buy anhniytgAnd hang your head if you buy WONGA.Support the Town / team but not the owners or the puppets that run it.Mick