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Alan Pardew and Harry Redknapp.
Maybe it's because I'm a Lahndoner...
In the wake of Jimbob’s thoroughly excellent and extensive Tottenham Hotspur match preview and tactical musings the other day, I thought As a kind of addendum to that, I would add a piece about what the manager’s were saying on the eve this important game.

Bearing in mind the undoubted quality of the oppostion, this could be a watershed in Newcastle United’s Premiership campaign. After what has been a very good start, a victory would certainly greatly enhance our credentials and be a huge boost in confidence which would take us forward. On the other hand, a right old pasting would be a real reality check for the lads and could make it look like we have been somewhat “lucky” so far.

On the negative side, we could look at games such as the one against QPR, where we were dominated throughout the game and it was only their lack of quality finishing that enabled us to hang on for a draw. We could also look at our last game with the Barcelona of the Midlands, Mick McCarthy’s Wolves, where we were needed more than one helping hand from a blind referee, and were still holding on at the end for a three points that even Pardew himself admitted was “lucky.“

On the positive side however, we could also look at more convincing performances such as our 3-1 victory against Blackburn, and though only a 1-1 draw, we turned in a very creditable performance against Aston Villa at their place too. Despite being ultimately frustrated in terms of a win, mostly by Magpies old boy, Shay Given, we turned in a very stylish, flowing and creditable performance overall.

But over to the managers. Alan Pardew seems to see this game as a huge test for his side’s true credentials too, saying:

“It’s going to be a tough test for us.”

“Some of their offensive players are very exciting but first and foremost we must impose ourselves on them. If they manage to impose themselves on us, it could be a difficult afternoon because they are very good going forward but if we manage to make them defend then we can cause them problems, as we have shown in our previous games.

“Spurs carry much greater threat than most, so we will need to maintain the high standards that we have managed to set so far this season.”

However, imposing ourselves on a team such as Spur’s is easier said than done of course, where pushing forward can lead to us leaving ourselves open at the back against a skillful and high scoring team. On this Pardew mused to the Shield’s Gazette:

“You can’t throw bodies forward unless you know what you’re doing at the back.”

“We’ve managed to deal with those crisis situations very well, but we’re up against a team which causes a crisis every few minutes. It’ll be a test for us, and I don’t expect to keep a clean sheet, if I’m honest.

“If we can keep them down to one goal, or maybe even two, we can win the game.”

The Silver Supremo also compared the development of the two sides squads, seeing theirs as being somewhat further down the road than ours. Speaking on this he said:

“That’s something that’s been in process there, not just under Harry, probably you would have to say before that.”

“They have bought some very good young players and they have taken their time to build and are in a fine financial position.”

“That’s what we are trying to do, but we are much earlier down the line than they are now. The start of their process was probably about five years ago.”

Meanwhile, on the other side of the fence, ‘Spurs manager, Droopy Harry Redknapp sees this as a tough fixture too, but he was bullish about going for an away win saying:

“We will go to Newcastle hoping to pick up the three points. It will be tough but that’s what we’ll be looking to do.”

However he then went on to pay tribute to Pardew, the club, the players and the fans at St James’ Park adding:

“Alan Pardew has done a great job and it’s a great club.

“There will be 50,000 Geordies singing their hearts out and they live for their football.

“They are a strong team there. The midfield two are very strong, Tiote is strong, aggressive, a very good player, Jonas Gutierrez on the left is playing well at the moment and he’s a threat.

“The front players work their socks off and Alan is getting the absolute maximum out of his team, so they will be dangerous, that’s for sure.”

Well as always, time will tell as to what the result will be, but I do think that all of us will have a better idea about Newcastle United’s real chances for the season ahead when this game is over.

Howay the lads!

Newcastle United vs Tottenham Hotspur match preview

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19 Responses

  1. Imo I think the Spurt always bottle it when they come to the Toon, 1 win in 9 games, we’re defo their bogey team & the fact we’re on an unbeaten run too, will boast our players confidence against these wannabe top 4 team…

    Whoever is played on the right will have to subdue Bale, with Cabaye/Tiote cancelling out VDV/Modric, our defenders Colo/Saylor will keep Adebayor in check while Best/Ba rampage their over-the-hill defense to bang in a couple of goals… a lot of other teams are not concerning themselves with Besty & seem to think that Ba is our main threat but thats good because we all know Besty can pocket a few goals for us..

    Floppychops team will be 1-0 down by half time & then they’ll have to attack but with our introduction of HBA, Marv & possibly Abeid at the hour mark, they’ll not be able to contain our attack as well as attacking themselves… I’m going for a 3-1 home victory, which will after yesterdays results put us 4 pts clear of Cessepool in 5th…

  2. If it wasn’t for the Cockney influence Newcastle would still be in The Championship.
    Spurs have already played City, Man U, Liverpool and Arsenal and we’ll be level forth with a game in hand when we beat you.
    I find it difficult to understand how you lot can be so insulting about Spurs, when you all wear your football shirts like overgrown kids. Don’t you realise that the rest of the nation laughs at you?

  3. East End Spur….don’t take things to heart mate, you don’t need to feel envious of the geordies passion for their city and there soccer team. I can understand your frustration living eternally in the shadow of Chelsea and Arsenal.

    Need to keep an eye out for the spuds fans wearing their shirts today, to see if they look like overgrown cockneys :lol:

  4. ffs east end spur,are newcastle fans the only people to wear football shirts?,get a grip…
    it is always a good game when the spuds come to town,personally i cannot call this game today.
    anything can happen and normally does,but we are some what of a bogey team for them,so lets see what happens.

  5. are spurs fans even classed as cockneys?,they are north london,everyone from london must be known as a cockney,these days.

  6. East End Spur –
    About 10 years ago (in KK’s messiah era) I was on a couse in Watford and went to a wed night league cup game
    where a very good spurs thrashed Watford (0-3 I think).
    After the match I went for a ruby murray – it was packed with spurs supporters. After a few minutes one lad asked loudly “anyone know how noocarsal got on?” when the reply was “they won ansomly myte” they all cheered!
    I was very touched and thought, well, what knowlegeable and fair supporters – I still do, but I think we will beat you 2-0.
    Welcome to fortress St James!
    You’ll never take the Leazes!


  7. Will the 9 who voted in the poll that Colo is not a good captain please explain why – you never know, you might be right, but I’d like to hear your case and alternative suggestion.

  8. Redknap is spot on when he says “Alan is getting the absolute maximum out of his team” – he has gathered a good team and is using it well.
    This team will get stronger as they mature together with a few quality imports
    – keep it up Pardew me old marra, at this rate we’ll grow to like you
    – succeed and there’ll be a statue of you outside SJP one day and every one will say “ah new it as soon as he arrived!”.

    NUFC 2 Spurs (definately cocknies) 0


  9. TROJAN RECORDS 73 says:
    October 16, 2011 at 10:51 am

    “are spurs fans even classed as cockneys?,they are north london,everyone from london must be known as a cockney,these days.”

    Trojan, everyone south of Durham City is a “Cookney”, didn’t you know that?

  10. supermac says:
    October 16, 2011 at 1:06 pm

    “he has gathered a good team and is using it well.”

    Supermac, most of the players we have signed were being pursued before Pardew was manager.

  11. Jimbob says:
    October 16, 2011 at 1:37 pm

    “I don’t want to come off as childish… But I hate Tottenham.”

    Alot of my friends are ‘Spurs supporters and I quite like ’em TBH Jimbob. They’re very bitter about Arsenal and the events of 1913 (was it 1913?) when the Gooners got a special dispensation by the League to move from Woolwich in South London and pitch up camp right on their doorstep. WHL may have been like the Camp Nou nowadays if it hadn’t been for that!

  12. I know a lot of Spurs fans Worky, and the majority of whom I know, are twats.

    Just can’t stand the club, it’s stadium is shite… Have you been to WHL?

    Usually every time we play them, the NUFC blogs are full of moronic view points, that are just intended to wind people up… Take note, a few articles this past week.

    Always from Spurs fans named ‘Dave’ or ‘jay’ or ‘Alan’… There are however some decent comments and views from a select few… I’m not in the capital, so you probably get to chat to a vast number of them, where I’m from, they’re all the same…

  13. And I get what you’re saying about their stadium. Wouldn’t go as far as saying they’d have a Camp Nou though! Still doesn’t deter from the fact that WHL is a s**t hole.

  14. worky – “he has gathered a good team and is using it well.” – Supermac, most of the players we have signed were being pursued before Pardew was manager.

    That’s a bit harsh mate – all managers inherit players but at some point it becomes HIS team.
    For one reason or another out went Carol, Jose, Asbo & Nolan. Krul replaced Harper. That’s half CH’s team gone!
    Add Perch, Xisco, Foster & Raylor etc. on loan (or soon will be).
    In came Tiote, Cabaye, Obertan, Ba, (Marveaux & Santon soon). Plus youngsters than any manager would inherit.

    From this Pardew chooses the team & style – so it’s fair to say that by now it’s HIS team, HIS stlye.
    So I agree with his peer & rival that he “is getting the absolute maximum out of HIS team” – all credit to him and long may he prosper!

    NUFC 2 Cockneys 0


  15. @ Trojan.
    As you can see by my name I’m from The East End of London. That’s why I use the term ‘Cockney’.
    Anyway, good 2nd half. I suppose the draw was fair.
    Pardew has got Newcastle playing well and you were better than I thought you were.
    Spurs will finish 4th and I think Newcastle should be happy with 6th.
    I look forward to our teams meeting at WHL.
    Until then, good luck for the rest of the season.