Demba Ba may miss Tottenham game with sprained ankle.

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Demba Ba: Knacked ankle?
Demba Ba: Knacked ankle?
There have been some reports that Newcastle United’s top scorer in the Premiership season so far, Demba Ba, may miss Newcastle United’s next game with Tottenham Hotspur in two weeks.

According to the AFP (Agence France-Presse) newsagency, the player turned his ankle before just before being substituted by Peter Lovenkrands in yesterday’s game with Wolves at Molineux. In their report of the game they wrote:

“But midway through the second half they had to make a change up front as Ba, having seemingly turned his ankle, gave way to Peter Lovenkrands with 20 minutes remaining.”

Meanwhile another source has suggested that the player may be out of action for a period of around two weeks, which would be a day after the time of our next game due to the International break next weekend. Of course, Ba scored in the Wolves game, and also scored a hat-trick against Blackburn in the previous game and would be a big miss for the team against the strong North London side.

However it should be stressed that details seem to be rather sketchy and mysterious at the moment and nothing official has been mentioned by the club at the time of writing, so it is by no means a certainty.

We will try to keep you updated should there be any further developments on this story.

Time will tell as always!

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34 Responses

  1. Bad news with Ba just as he was hitting form. Step forward Ben Arfa playing off Best. Marv instead of Obertan and the spuds will go crashing.

  2. Ba was derided by most – including me – only a few weeks ago. Now he is a crucial player for us, with Best working hard but still missing too many important chances.

    Arfa’s return beckons now, just hope Best can get read his clever creative play.

  3. Well hopefully that means HBA will come in then. I would really love to see HBA, Cabaye and Tiote against VDV, Modric and Parker. Would really see how good our midfield is.

    Boater…i dont recall Best missing many important chances? He missed some sitters by his standards against Blackburn but they were hardly important.

  4. It’s still early days in the league, with only seven games completed, but already we are seeing the effects of possible injuries.
    With only a small group of defenders available i dread to think of what a couple of serious injuries, would involve.
    At present our forwards can be replaced by either, others or midfielders, but our back four must be strengthened, if we are to achieve anything.
    We will have to eventually adjust to a number of our African players miss games due to International duties, not to mention the large French contingent who may be called up for the same reason, though they will playing during the time allocated for it, without missing any games.
    So for those who believe we have more than enough midfielders,imo there’s never too much quality depth, which will become obvious as the season progresses.

  5. Well, lets hope not. I guess it’s fortunately we have the int’l break to buy him a little extra time.

  6. chuck…i agree with the defence needs strenghtning, every team needs 4 centre halfs. We dont even have any youngsters anywhere close to ready as Kadar seems to be dropping off the radar.

    Midfield Guthrie, Gosling, Abeid and even Raylor who did well against Chelsea, can come in. The signing of someone like Ridgewell wouldnt have been a total disaster as its experienced cover at centre half and left back.

  7. Defense is definitely the most worrying spot, though at least we were able to get Santon “over the line” and we now know that Raylor can do a job back there, which is encouraging. What’s the status on Williamson? We seem wafer thin on CB’s right now and that’s definitely worrisome.

  8. Speculation or it could be an excuse so he does not have to play in the meaningless international.

  9. Watched the N.London derby to-day, Bale is going to be a handful, with his pace and abilities.
    Harry has built a real good side there, which i think can finish in the top four.
    The way they took care of both Arsenal and Liverpool was no accident, they have quality in every department.
    So for all those brave forecasts by our fans, well if we beat them it will be against the odds.

  10. Was watching Ginola on Goals on Sunday saying Ben Arfa will be one of the best plauers in the league this year. I really hope so but there’s the worry that fatty will sell him in the summer to one of the big four if he plays well. Need to build the team around Krul, Colo, Cabaye, Tiote and Ben Arfa. Buy defensive cover and a striker in January and we could push for the top 8.

  11. mango says:
    October 2, 2011 at 9:49 pm

    “I really hope so but there’s the worry that fatty will sell him in the summer to one of the big four if he plays well. Need to build the team around Krul, Colo, Cabaye, Tiote and Ben Arfa.”

    mango, “fatty” would sell any of them if the price was right, and he isn’t just looking at the big four in England.

  12. If Ba is out for the Totty game, I just hope Ben Arfa playes instead of Lovern or Ameobi partnering best up front.

    Maybe it Benny was used instead of Lovern on Saturday we may have played better than just sitting back and defending.

  13. Phisix says:
    October 3, 2011 at 2:13 am

    “If Ba is out for the Totty game, I just hope Ben Arfa playes instead of Lovern or Ameobi partnering best up front.”

    Phisix, as I write in the ‘blog, there are certainly some sources saying that Ba has a slight problem with his ankle after the Wolves game, and I wouldn’t have written about it if I felt there wasn’t at least something in it, however he still may be fine for Spurs.

    If he is out for two weeks, then Shola’s shoulder is expected to be ready at more or less the same time. I think that Lovenkrands gets a very hard time, as Best used to.

  14. ……?

    Harry has built a real good side there, which i think can finish in the top four.
    The way they took care of both Arsenal and Liverpool was no accident, they have quality in every department.
    So for all those brave forecasts by our fans, well if we beat them it will be against the odds.

    Spoken like a true toon supporter….wait until 50K Geordies get fired up on the hill then we’ll see what happens.

    Chucky have you ever experienced +50K supporters behind the toon in real time ? If so you know what the 12th man can do.

  15. Paul@8, I’m with you on that one…. Hopefully theres nowt in the Ba injury rumour…

    Defensive additions in the transfer window would be welcomed.. A versatile centre half / defender would do nicely. Would be great to get Pieters in, we’re gonna need strenghtening when the injuries kick in, it’s gonna be a long season…

  16. It could just be ‘mind games’ with AP & ‘arry Igor?

    spuds have a decent team, but they do have a very brittle coat & a soft underbelly.
    This game could go either way. We nearly had ’em last year with less in our locker & the gap between us & them was wider.
    They got their equalizer in the last minute.

    Get into ’em…

  17. It’s funny how they(motd etc.) didn’t do the ‘computer imagery’ thing where they try to show whether the ball was over the line or not. That usually means the refs ass. got it right.
    Notice they didn’t bother with the bolton ‘goal’ over the line too.

  18. Clint Flick…the voice of reason as usual. Spot on @19 imo…

    Let’s get mucked into them…then we’ll see what happens. Part of Pardew’s “learning curve”, hope he’s up for it….

  19. MM,
    alreet mate, how ya’ deein’?

    We just need to go into these games believing we can get something, we’ve done it before, we can do it again.
    It’ll also be interesting to see who (from spuds) comes back from the internationals fit. They probably have more international starters than we do, but as always, happy to be corrected on that.

  20. Yalreet Clint…all good here mate.

    Would be happier if Spuds didn’t have Adebayor up front, but we’ll still give them a good game. Good point regarding international injuries, seems like VDV is becoming a key player for them, but Mr T will fix him hopefully !

  21. charlie nicholas, what a card!
    He seems to think wolves non-goal shoulda counted cos the refs ass. was wearing a cap, & he’s never seen that before, weirdo!
    Then he thinks wolves ‘keeper should’ve worn one, weirdo!

    Obviously it sticks in his throat that we are doing alright & arse aren’t.
    The pundits ability to disallow us any ‘rub of the green’ is pathetic, after all, we’ve we’ve been on the other end of it so many times, surely it’s normal that you get a bit sometimes?

  22. Clint, a couple of interesting points from the Wolves game actually…To be honest I’ve never seen a linesman wearing a cap…a wig aye, cap …never.

    Regarding Saylor’s forearm smash in the box in the first half. Have a look at the highlights, the linesman on that side is no-where to be seen. (Maybe just as well like cos he would probably have helped the ref oot !) He wasn’t even in the attacking half of the field. Not sure if it was the same bloke with the cap or not ? I thought he should have been up with the play, though I’m not sure how it is these days, whether the linesman only covers one half of the field and the ref does the rest. Or maybe he thought he couldn’t keep up with the speed of the toon attacks, so just stayed up at the other end waiting for Lovenkrans to tear up the touchline ?…and show of his new ACDC cap…

  23. MM,

    I think the ref didn’t see the forearm, it looked like a shoulder charge initially. When you see the replay, it looks like a forearm, but refs don’t get replays.
    He was going away from goal & goes down outside the box or at least on the line.
    I remember suarez diving into the box last year up against Willo, they got a pen.
    Swings & roundabouts, hey?

  24. Anything on the Colo contract? Seems to have gone cold but with an international break it should/might get tied up.
    But knowing Newcastle, anything could happen.

  25. My Prediction for next five games:
    Tottenham – 1-0 Spurs.
    Wigan – 4-1 Newcastle.
    Blackburn (League Cup) 3-1 Newcastle.
    Stoke – 0-0.
    Everton – 2-2.
    All in all, 8 points and then a killer run of games with Man City Away, Man Utd, Away and Chelsea Home.
    But then again that’s only my prediction.

  26. I think you gotta be realistic NUFC havent played any decent side yet (Arsenal aint decent)…..we will be judged after the spurs game.

    With our huge pitch it really suits there players, Bale against Simpson could be a disaster and Kyle Walker against whoever at left back will be scary as that boy looks amazing.

    Playing Obertan, Guitterez, Ben Arfa and Cabaye against a midfield of VDV, Bale, Modric and Parker could be disastrous.

    I would go for a solid look we cant take them on at there own game, they scored 4 but should of had 6 against Liverpool and scored 2 but could have easily had 6 against Arsenal….with Adebayor they are a different animal.

    My Team
    Krul, Simpson, Taylor, Col, Santon, RTaylor, Tiote, Cabaye, Guthrie, Ba, Best

  27. Jay Playing 5 defenders is like accepting defeat. The only way we are going to win is by using our attaking strengths.

  28. Demba’s injury could prove to be a big loss for us at this stage of the season. It’s early days and we are having a howl at the moment, but anything can happen and I’d rather have all my players available to me when things do change.

    I hope Pardew has some sense and plays Ben Arfa behind Best, instead of starting Shola, because he could be back for Tottenham when regarding the amount of time he has to recover.

    I’d love it if we beat Tottenham on Sunday next week because we might then convince people that we are a force when attacking and not just had a lucky start to the season. Beat Tottenham, then I think the only teams we should worry about is City, United and Chelsea. Liverpool we can beat, easy.

    Howay the lads!