Coloccini: We haven’t been tested yet

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Fabricio Coloccini
Sideshow Bob: It won't all be plain sailing.
After Newcastle United’s very good start to the current season, which sees them in the top four after seven games, the clubs captain, Fabricio Coloccini, has joined manager, Alan Pardew, in sounding a note of caution.

Speaking in an interview, he suggested that while everything is good in the Newcastle camp at the moment, we have yet to see how the new look side will react when tougher times inevitably come. After describing the team spirit at the club as “outstanding” at the moment, he also described it as “different” to last season thanks to the club’s fortunes in the League so far. On this he said:

“We’re happy because we’re working well and things are coming right for us.”

“The team spirit is different to last season. When you start well everything is good, everyone is happy. It’s different. We’ll find out more when we have some bad times.

But now the spirit is fantastic. We have some good people in the changing room and I think that’s the key for us to keep winning and playing well.”

A sterner test may come when the Magpies face Tottenham Hotspur, who have looking threatening since getting over a dissapointing start in the Premier League, which saw them fall to bad defeats against Manchester’s United and City. They have won all of their Premier League games since including a comprehensive 4-0 demolition of Liverpool. Another sticky patch may come when the Magpie’s face a terrible trio of games against Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea in succession from the 19th November onwards.

Meanwhile, the Newcastle United captain was noncommittal on looming contract negotiations, with the Collocini’s contract set to expire in June 2013, and current owner, Mike Ashley, seeking to purge older, more highly renumerated players from the club, it is thought that he may only be offered a much reduced salary package to his currently estimated £80,000 per week. If this was the case, Coloccini may prefer to run down his existing contract in the hope of reaping the financial benefits of being a free agent, or the club may feel forced into selling the player while they could recoup at least some of the £10.3 million paid to Deportivo La Coruña in 2008. But I digress.

Getting back to the main point, when the permed one was asked whether he would pledge his future to Newcastle United, as fellow Argentine Jonas Gutierrez has recently, he began by saying:

“I’m very happy here, so we’ll see what happens.”

Then adding on Gutierrez’s recent two year contract extension, which will now last until 2015:

“It was important for Jonas to get his new deal too. Then he scored against Wolves, so it was a good week for him.”

However Gutierrez is on a lower wage than his captain and compatriot, so time will tell.

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9 Responses

  1. Joe says:
    October 6, 2011 at 3:59 pm

    “If anyone deserves 80k surely Capt Colo does right.”

    Joe, Ashley dfinitely seems to have changed his ways since he paid £10.3 million (after a wrangle with Deportivo over the price) and gave him his original £80,000 per week contract. Even at the age he was when he joined the club, Colo would also seem to be a little old according to Newcastle’s current policy, with the emphasis on younger, cheeper players who can be sold on at a profit.

  2. I wouldnt swap our central defence or central midfield for any other partnerships in any PL team,and Colo is the best ball playing centre-back we have had since Phillipe Albert !

  3. @Worky …. I’ve long given up trying to understand what goes on in Ashley’s mind but it does seem as u say that he’s changed the policy since those days. But I’ve noticed also that neither Carrol, Nolan, Barton or even Enrique complained much about the wages being offered. They were just against the length of the contract except for Enrique who wanted champs league (which is why he went to liverpool uh wait what???).

    I dunno, have a feeling we’re paying average wages in premiership which is definitely higher than other mid table teams in other leagues. If we offer decent wage with a 2 year extension I think Colo might sign. I hope he will.

    By the way don’t quote me about no one complained about wages cause I’m not to sure about that. Just that I don’t remember if anyone did

  4. Joe says:
    October 6, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    “@Worky …. I’ve long given up trying to understand what goes on in Ashley’s mind”

    Look at Sports Direct and the brands he purchases and you may get some clues Joe.

  5. We must have some experienced players, that means they’re ‘older’ usually.
    But older players that are either gobshites, not up to it, or not up for it, get rid, every time, all day long.