Blackburn Rovers vs Newcastle United match highlights and interviews

Posted on October 27th, 2011 | 12 Comments |

Newcastle United suffered a Carling Cup defeat at the hands of Blackburn last night after, but only after we scored 2 goals in injury time at the end of full time, forcing the game into extra time.

There simply weren’t any feeds to last night’s game and the best we could do was find radio coverage, from which I can’t really attempt any useful sort of match report.

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12 Responses

  1. Looks like we we’re very unfortunate not to have won. Ba looking lively just not his night.

  2. To be fair worky, I was listening on the radio Newcastle and the commentators on there said we barely had an attempt on goal during the 90 mins… so not sure what they could have shown by way of highlights.

  3. Paulos says:
    October 27, 2011 at 4:01 pm

    “To be fair worky, I was listening on the radio Newcastle and the commentators on there said we barely had an attempt on goal during the 90 mins… so not sure what they could have shown by way of highlights.”

    Aye Paulos,

    I heard the same thing for much of the game, probably the same commentary. However it was 2-2, not 0-0 at the end of normal time. This included a last minute equaliser from us, a penalty appeal from us turned down after Ba was wrestled to the ground in the area, only for them to charge down the pitch to score seconds after. Then, there were three more goals in extra time including a last gasp winner from them. Doesn’t sound too bad to me!

    Of course, I am a biased Magpies fan too! ;-)

  4. Saw the goals on the telly dahn a rub’a dub, would have been an interesting game, had the score gone the other way.
    Was’nt to be, ah well, only the rabbit shit cup.
    Would have been a good opportunity to introduce some of the youngsters, but it’s hard enough to get this guy to make any changes, other than when forced by injuries.
    No vision, running scared, hey, whadda ya gonna do !
    Well hopefully now we have finally lost one, there will be a re-evaluation of the lineup and like other EPL sides, we can pick a lineup, that best matches up with the opposition.
    Not as we have seen, a one size fits all side.
    Is that too much to ask ?

  5. There’s got to be a lesson in this defeat to a team we recently slammed, especially regarding the score.

    When was the last time this side gave up four goals ?
    And why ?
    Obvious, no Tiote!

    Yeah the defense has been given good reviews for the most part this season, but few have noticed the real reason.

    Which is Tiote breaking up one attack after another, in some games the defense couldda stayed at home, well almost.

    It’s also obvious we have no one to fill in for this guy, Guthrie, no way ! Gosling, who the hell knows we have’nt seen the guy yet ?
    Smith, fogeddaboudit !

    Cabaye is possibly the best we have, but he’s primarily a playmaker, not a stopper.

    The recent rumor of signing Celtics, Brown, imo would be a very good move.

    The guys on the final year of his contract and not that anxious to extend, (testing the water)
    Celtic payed over four mill. for him, we could possibly get him for four.

    A twenty five year old, who can run all day,put his foot in, a veritable Tiote clone, go get him !

  6. chuck says:
    October 27, 2011 at 5:21 pm

    “Not as we have seen, a one size fits all side.
    Is that too much to ask ?”

    Chuck, he left ages ago, he plays for QPR now.

    BTW, are you gradually mutating into a Cockney as a result of some CIA transmutation experiment that’s gone horribly wrong?

  7. Nah, learnt it from the barra boys dahn the end of Walton St. spent a few years living there, until your friend Maggie drove me back to the US, which was back in eighty.
    Different city in those days, not quite so expensive and nowhere near as sophisticated as to-days London, quite the gastronomic center now, not the orrible stuff they used to dish out then.

    Used to walk along the Fulham Rd. to Stamford Bridge and scalp a ticket on the weekends, never got used to being herded by the police or used to being segregated by team support.
    Never forget the first time i heard the monkey chant, could’nt believe it, see it’s still going on according to the Ferdinand brothers,well racism that is.
    Guess things have changed for the better, for the most part though, at least in the stadiums i have visited throughout the uk.
    With the two exceptions in Glasgow of course.
    Gotta say the most scarey footballing experience was at the Galatasaray stadium in Instanbul, those people are whack!
    Caught a game there during the 08-09 season, it’s like being in a continuous riot,or hell, just insane.
    Anyone having been to a game in Turkey will understand, but the fact Galatasaray are known to be the craziest, was one hell of an experience.

  8. Chuck,

    There;s always been a “sophisticated” London of you moved in the right circles, but I know what you mean, gastrnomy and such has reached the lower echelons of society.

    As for “Maggie”, well, you had Ronnie over there not long after. She was only promoting the kind of financial inequalities and the “greed is good” philosophy you have over there anyway. ;-)

    Funnily enough, my first face to face experience with the inequalities over there was when I went to see a Miami Dolphins game (against the Dallas Cowboys) when I was about 16. The area around the Orange Bowl was a real ghetto full of poverty, and everyone was penned in with razor wire in the area around the stadioum.

    It’s certainly a bit of a mixed bag compared with the old days, though much less so if you’re a member of an ethnic minority obviously. Apart from the huge change in the overt racism you used to get back in those days, I generally hate the world nowadays. Thanks to that dumb cop from your particular metropolis BTW for giving us “zero tolerance” or “intolerance” as it used to be known in the days before all the dreadful “newspeak” we have now.

    I’ve known a few lads who used to be Chelsea “Headhunters” from the days you wrote of, still do know one of ’em, though he certainly isn’t a “racist”. On the racism of a certain Glasgow club, it’s quite hard to talk about without sounding like a bit of a bigot oneself.