Blackburn vs Newcastle Carling Cup Match Banter

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Blackburn v Newcastle, Carling Cup 2011
Battling for a place in the last 8
Good evening and welcome to the match banter thread for tonight’s Carling Cup tie between Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United.

A place in the last 8 beckons for one of us and I’d quite fancy our chances at this one if it wasn’t for a strange sense of foreboding I’m feeling about the game.

As you all know by now, I’m blessed with more than the mere 5 senses of normal mortals and both my 17th and 23rd sense are tingling slightly. Although that might just be the curry I had last night.

For more details about the game, my colleague has prepared an excellent match preview and a look at what the managers have said ahead of tonight’s game.

Without Cheik Tiote (knee) and Steve Taylor (conk), Pardew will be forced to make a few changes and it will be interesting to see who gets the nod. I wouldn’t be surprised to see appearances by Smith and Perch in this game and I reckon Benny will get a starting place up front with either Ba or Best. But I’m just guessing. .

As per Workyticket’s post about what the managers have said, Alan Pardew came out with this gem:

My team selection will be very much what I think is needed for the game.

I’m pleased about that because for one moment there I thought his team selection might be based on what was was needed for some other game.

Anyway, enjoy the game.


Blackburn Rovers: Mark Bunn (G), Jason Lowe, Christopher Samba, Gael Givet, Martin Olsson, Ruben Rochina, Radosav Petrovic, Morten Gamst Pedersen, David Hoilett, Ayegbeni Yakubu, David Goodwillie

Subs: Robbie Cotton, Grant Hanley, Mauro Formica, Simon Vukcevic, Myles Anderson, Paul Robinson, Jason Roberts

Newcastle United: Tim Krul (G), Danny Simpson, Davide Santon, James Perch, Fabricio Coloccini; Sylvain Marveaux, Danny Guthrie, Yohan Cabaye, Jonas Gutierrez; Hatem Ben Arfa; Demba Ba

Subs: Rob Elliott, Mehdi Abeid, Dan Gosling, Haris Vuckic, Sammy Ameobi, Gabriel Obertan, Nile Ranger, Peter Lovenkrands


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122 Responses

  1. Howay the Lads.
    We can do this.
    Thats a good strong line up. 2-0 up by half time and bring on the kids.
    ‘ave it.

  2. Basically the squad I would have picked. So I can’t blame AP for whatever they do, now can I?

    I have a sense of foreboding about Perch, specifically. I think Blackburn would be very, very foolish not to go after him. We have to be very careful not to allow them the matchups they want on set pieces. I’m guessing Ba will have some defensive responsibilities

  3. Howay the Lads!! Rooting for the team out on the West Coast. (Beautiful sunshine… just for a change!) I generally follow these things on when I cannot find a stream.

  4. So i assume Perch will fit into the right CB role , with Santon @ LB and Guthrie in the Tiote role ?
    How daring and inovative !
    Thought we would see Abeid and perhaps Ferguson getting starts.
    Wouldda given Jonas a well deserved rest and have him fresh for the next league game.
    Well at least he has included Marveaux and HBA, who need playing time and should be starting.
    Soh ! if we have a lead going into the final stages, perhaps we can give Abeid, Sammy and Vuckic a run out,
    Keep em happy and show they have a future here.

  5. Also: quite surprised that Raylor didn’t make the squad. I mean that’s literally no, as in zero, defenders on the bench.

  6. Erlend says:
    October 26, 2011 at 7:58 pm

    “Thanks a lot workyticket!”

    Don’t thank ne yet Erland, It’s just gone off now we’ve got to the main event! :-(

  7. This is killing me. Damn text updates on BBC haven’t updated in five minutes, except to issue some “corrections” that don’t do anything except change the passive voice to the active…

  8. Now I’m just hoping we’re saved by the bell before conceding again.

    AP has his work cut out for him at halftime. If he knows SAF so well, hopefully he’s learned the hairdryer treatment from him.

  9. Sorry I had music on so did not see hear the commentary. Thanks.

    Half time now and we have been appalling. Hope Pardew does something to change this for the next half.

  10. 5 mins left and there is no sign we will even get one goal. We need class replacements in Jan as well as class back up such as to replace Perch! :(

  11. WOW… 91 mins 2-0 down.. Now extra time. I’m speechless although not fingerless… which allows me to type.

  12. Can’t wait to see cabeye’s free kick. Phil Thompson on sky just said 35 yards, perfect into the top corner. Come on, let’s put this to bed now!

  13. Phisix says:
    October 26, 2011 at 9:33 pm
    Should have started with Gosling over Guthrie and a reserve defender instead of Perchy.

    Phisix says:
    October 26, 2011 at 9:48 pm
    5 mins left and there is no sign we will even get one goal.

    Phisix make another comment like that and we’ll probably get a third a few seconds after! Keep ’em coming! :lol:

  14. Some excellent substitutions have changed the flow of the game. Well done Alan Pardew, came up trumps again…excellent !

  15. Deana says:
    October 26, 2011 at 10:10 pm

    “Phisix…… Yes we will…. Come on keep the faith.”

    Deana, every time he made comments like that before, we scored, so I told him to keep ’em coming! :-)

  16. Yes-yes-yes-yesYes-yes-yes-yesYes-yes-yes-yesYes-yes-yes-yesYes-yes-yes-yesYes-yes-yes-yesYes-yes-yes-yesYes-yes-yes-yesYes-yes-yes-yesYes-yes-yes-yesYes-yes-yes-yesYes-yes-yes-yesYes-yes-yes-yesYes-yes-yes-yesYes-yes-yes-yes!!!!!

  17. Oh, just mentioned on radio ne it’s penalties if it stay the same. I think they should let us through on the away goals.

  18. It was still a good game and well take something away from having come back from being goals down twice. Rest up boys and look forward to Stoke.

  19. Excitement aside, this has been a pathetic performance from our defense…they’ve got a lot of questions to answer.

  20. obertan is useless. one decent ball the entire game. the rest of the time dining around instead of whipping the ball in. Even the BBC radio crew were on his ass. Marv to start against Stoke

  21. I really hope AP can keep his twaddle in check and stick to: it’s a disappointing performance and we’ll address the problems it exposed. I don’t think there’s anything to take from this game-kids didn’t a run out and we didn’t get a result.

  22. Phisix says:
    October 26, 2011 at 10:35 pm

    “Okay guys, it’s anger and depression mode time.”

    They should all be flayed alive, hauled over hot coals then hung from Grey’s monument for the birds, if that isn’t too good for them?

  23. Err Man City will probably win this competition anyway, probably win everything eventually… But I am upset though, thought we would progress further.

    Really should not be conceding four goals, especially to Blackburn who are shite.

    Shows how fragile our defence is, one suspension or injury and we’re in a little trouble. That’s seven goals conceded (Forest, Blackburn) when we’ve alternated things, and we will have to alter the team more soon, as injuries and suspensions happen.

    Anyway, Stoke on Monday! I hate it when there is no game on the weekend!

  24. Jimbob says:
    October 26, 2011 at 10:48 pm

    “Really should not be conceding four goals, especially to Blackburn who are shite.”

    It certainly isn’t unusual for a club that’s in big trouble in the League to have an excellent cup run. The Smoggies used to be specialists at that, then Birmingham last year and others.

  25. Sounded like Guthrie had a good game, scored a goal as well. Don’t know what’s wrong with Gosling, but seems as though he needs to get a grip.

    Also, according to the team sheets in the above article, we had 8 subs… Excellent management that.

  26. Yeah Worky, but that doesn’t excuse conceding four goals… I want to see this bloody Cabaye free kick so I can go to bed! FFS Sky Sports News.

  27. Their goals were an early strike, a dodgy pen(apparently), a deflected free kick & a last gasp hail mary.
    Not so much shit defense, more a rad unlucky & switched off at the death.


  28. Nah, every action has a reaction… No luck / lack of luck involved :-)

    All the bigguns are through then, Arsenal. Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea… Seems as though they take this comp seriously now, as any of them could win the FA Cup or Premiership, they need to keep their options open.

    Or maybe their squad players are just quality.

  29. according to Blackburn’s own web site we had 70% of the posession – anyone know what we did with it?

    This was fantasy time for Pardew – would he put out this team in the league? So why do it tonight? We are not a big squad with european games who need to rotate in this lesser competition – it’s just Pardew playing the big manager, and now he’s blownit!

    I was begining to be impressed with him – but no longer – this was a team chosen by a bullshiting second class manager.

    Sad,disappointed & angry

  30. The last goal they scored was shocking defending, and the first was poor also.

    Guthrie scored a cracker, as did Cabaye.

  31. It feels wrong to criticise after such a good start to the season beating everyone’s expectations…….. BUT. This competition should be the most important to us as its our only chance of success. My main gripes are ‘perch in the team’ and ‘Tiote not in the team’. I don’t believe he’s injured, he was rested as pardew thought we could do it without him. We couldn’t and that’s pardews fault. Gutted but hey….. We’ve been in much worse positions. Chin up lads and behind the lads and Pardew for Stoke. Toon forever!!!!

  32. Supermac says:
    October 26, 2011 at 11:06 pm

    “I was begining to be impressed with him – but no longer – this was a team chosen by a bullshiting second class manager.

    Sad,disappointed & angry”

    I thought you were an evangelist who’d had the treatment Supermac? That was a quick conversion to the dark side!! :-)

  33. Whatever, we faced very long odds given who’s left. Citeh have now scored 45 goals in 15 comps this season. Bloody ridiculous.

    let’s just move on. Nowt to be done about it now. Roll on Stoke.

  34. worky – “That was a quick conversion to the dark side!” – anger worky, heart not the mind. I should have kept me gob shut until the morra – but I’m so, so disapointed – and I should be used to it by now! So I’m off to bed in disgust.

    but despite every thing – HWTL !!!

    and thanks to Hugh for the preview

  35. Pardew put out just about the team that everyone seems to have been asking for. Marveaux for Obertan, Ben Arfa behind the main striker and brought in Santon for 1 of the full back positions.

    The other changes were due to injury (Perch for Taylor and Guthrie for Tiote)… so please don’t try and blame Pardew or go into negative mode.

  36. Supermac says:
    October 26, 2011 at 11:58 pm

    “and thanks to Hugh for the preview”

    I spent feckin hours through the neet writing the two League Cup previews bedore this one Supermac. I was so knacked that I fall asleep when the lads are finally on the telly, and I divven’t get nee thanks!

    Ye bastad :-)

  37. Could,nt get the game, so naturally dahn the rub a dub.
    Erm, everyone sounds really pissed off.
    Hey it’s just football, y’know you win some y’lose some.
    Lucky it was in the rabbit shit cup (carling)
    Soh ! looks like a lotta you guys no longer look at Pardew as the Messiah ?
    Cant imagine why ?
    Fecking Blackburn, and four goals to boot?
    OK, back to the drawing board, it’s obvious we lack quality in depth across the back four, we need help there, but if Ridgewell is the best we can do, fuggedaboudit !
    On the other hand, had we Scott Brown out there in place of Tiote, mightta been another story ?
    It should be obvious to anyone with a brain, how much Tiote means to this side, four goals say’s it all.
    I just dont see the importance of signing a big time striker right now, cause what we need is someone to platoon with Tiote, or play with him when we need to defend, Scott Brown’s yer man!
    In addition we could use some help across the back four, as you can see any injuries expose our short-commings there.
    Still think we are a top four side or is this a reality check ?

  38. That’s more like it, the Pardew bashers are back in force. 14 games unbeaten run, fourth top, at the moment, and bringing a smile to the faces of the fans. A fighting defeat away to a tough Blackburn side and the dummys are out. Pathetic really, too many Champions League youtube viewings for some blokes.

  39. Ah Munchen !
    True to form i see, dont have to be Sherlock Holmes to see who you are taking a shot at.
    Why dont you just have the gonads to be direct, instead of a sneaky insinuation.
    And true to form, no actual mention of football, only a personal attack.
    Hey ! it’s ahbaht footie pal!

  40. Chucky…you used the right term there “true to form”…look in the mirror.

    By the way, I have the gonads to post when I think there is something to be said. If you feel targeted when I make a general comment about the Pardew bashers, then that’s the way it goes, that’s just my opinion.
    Just cos you don’t like it doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop.

    “14 games unbeaten run, fourth top, at the moment, and bringing a smile to the faces of the fans”…that’s what I posted, read my post…that’s also about football pal..but a poor performance and a defeat against an improving Blackburn and the same old blather comes out..