Toon target Maiga punished for trying to force move

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Maiga made to play in the reserves.
Slapped wrists
Newcastle United summer target Modibo Maiga is suffering disciplinary action by his club.

Modibo Maiga is suffering for his attempts to force a transfer during the summer as he has been ordered to play in the reserves, as has fellow contract rebel Kevin Anin. Sochaux Chairman Alexandre Lacombe told L’Equipe:

We are working with the ones who want to work. I told them what I had to say – that is enough – it has become unimaginable. Now it is just up to them to let me know when they will be ready to be serious and reliable.

And Sochaux’s grumpy manager Mecha Bazdarevic added:

It has lasted two months now. We have been docile and tolerant enough. They must not do that, they have to respect the club, the group and the job.

They have been put apart until it is be sorted out. It could last two or three days, we will see.

Modibo Maiga vented his opinions on the matter too, saying:

I am not thinking about the summer anymore, I just want to play. The chairman is the boss, but it is useless to keep me and treat me that way. I will go with the reserves and give my best, but I can’t understand. Maybe he wants revenge.

So all is not rosy in the Sochaux camp even though the transfer window is firmly shut. I wonder if we’ll be in for Maiga again in January?

To be honest I don’t really approve of players going on strike to get their own way like Maiga and Anin did. If they want to go then they should just submit a transfer request. Beyond that, it’s up to the club and the club is perfectly entitled to hold them to the contract they signed.

I say ‘entitled’, although whether it’s advisable is another matter. I think if a player really wants to go – as opposed to just ‘a move would be nice’ attitude – it’s difficult to keep them enthusiastic about things where they are. True, they are (or should be) professionals but I think there are certain elements of human nature that can’t be avoided and both Maiga and Anin are no doubt disappointed they weren’t allowed to leave.

If Newcastle are indeed ‘in’ for Maiga in the January transfer window, I wonder if the sort of behaviour he has shown will ring any alarm bells. He could do the same to us if he fancied a move to, say, Chelsea after he’s been with us a while.

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50 Responses

  1. So what was the point in stopping his transfer if all they’ve done is put him in the reserves??? that BS about not letting him go until they had a replacement in was just them being complete arses about the player going on strike… as if he was that important to the team, he wouldn’t be playing in the reserves now would he….

  2. As for him going on striker at the Toon (if we get him) I think Ashley would have something in his contract that would not benefit the player, like stopping his wages or give him a good kicking.. lol

    Saying that, any player can go on strike tho, it’s pathetic that these contracts they sign are completely worthless, the FA, Uefa, Fifa really need to get something sorted that stops this sort of thing from happening… its just too easy for players to move these days, shows no commitment or loyalty to a club, even players who’ve grown up supporting a certain team don’t give a shyte about them these days ie Carroll….

  3. I see 5under1and are 16th !
    How much did they spent in the summer? Makes our transfers look brilliant – what were we complaing about?


  4. Back to football – Villa don’t fancy their chances! Their blog is worried – this is how others see us!

    A hard team to play – I also fancy that Newcastle are going to be tough this season. It is only a hunch, but like us, they’ve not lost and if their supporters want to, they can make wherever they go, quite intimidating.

    But regardless of the atmosphere on Saturday, Alan Pardew will have his team playing a certain way which will make it difficult, but at the same time, they are not going to be the threat that Newcastle teams of old were.

    In their four games, they’ve scored three goals. Yep, three goals and they have eight points and are fourth in the table, what does that tell you? You are right – it isn’t about the free scoring, so far anyway. That could all change, but I think the emphasis on Saturday has to be going all out for it.

    Prediction and odds – I think I predicted a draw last time out but had a bet on us winning and if I was a sensible gambler, I think I’d have a bet on a draw again. It isn’t because this manager sends his team out to draw, it is because he sends them out not to lose – he sends them out to play cautious football and more often than not, that means you’re not going to see us ripping teams apart and scoring for fun.

    I should throw in a disclaimer right about now, that it could happen, but it isn’t going to happen every week. I’m throwing that in, because you know what, we could go and score a few this weekend, if he sends them out like that.

    Not exactly confident! A creative 4-5-1 will sort them out, probably a 0-0 or another lucky 0-1.

    But we need midfield goals!


  5. How some others see us – Harry Redknapp has compared the England job to the manager’s position at St James’ Park – a “poisoned chalice”.

    Hard to argue really.

    Gosling served up a timely reminder of his own potency with a double in the reserves’ 6-0 demolition of Norwich on Tuesday and is convinced he can help out if manager Alan Pardew gives him a first-team chance. Gosling said: “I will bring a lot of energy and I want to bring some goals to the midfield as well. “We have lost 12 goals in Kevin Nolan, so if can score some goals and help the team, hopefully we will be all right.”

    Gosa !


  7. Fabricio Coloccini says: “I do not have any worries about our attacking.

    “I know we have a side that is capable of creating chances and scoring goals and you will see that in the next few games. It was difficult on Monday because I thought QPR played a very good game and prevented us from creating too many chances. They pressured the ball very well. But I don’t think there is any issues in terms of us creating things – we scored three goals in the two games before that.

    “We have very good creative players. We have strong attackers and strong midfielders. I really don’t think there will be a problem in terms of scoring.

    Well I think he is partly right – we have creative strong midfielders – but I don’t know who the strong attackers are – and we allready appear to have problems scoring!

    Still, early days, we havn’t seen our strongest side yet!


  8. A rather belated few additional comments adding to what has already been said in some detail about the QPR game.

    As I was watching the game I was struck by the serious lack of movement by our player. At throw-ins for example they just stood waiting for the ball rather than trying to create any openings. This also was creating huge gaps in our defence given them the chance to ping “Long Balls” (it can be done) at will all over the field.

    Anyone attend training sessions, I’d be interested to know if they actually do any tactical training, it certainly don’t show on the pitch. Unless you count the last ditch defending that got us a point.

    More of the same also makes me uneasy about the rest of the season. With the pace of the Villa forwards I think we might get a nasty shock this weekend. I just hope AP might have something up his sleeve and can surprise us, or am I more likely to see a flock of pigs over the Town Moor? :)

  9. Well if Pardew gives Ameobi snr another start I can’t see anything but a draw at best. 4-5-1 with either Marv or Ober behind Best with Tiote and Cabaye as the enforcers would give us the best chance of getting a goal at least.

  10. I just can’t make my mind up over Shola, he is such a paradox. At times he looks (almost) a very good player others he is a clown. Refs do not seem to like him though, he gets jostled, pushed, pulled, tripped and seldom gets any fouls given on his behalf. If he tries to get physical he is immediately pulled up. I’m sure there is a good player in there screaming to get out, perhaps he needs a good sports psychologist.

    I agree with many of the comments made re. Tiote he is rubbish at the present, almost like a different player from last season, does he have an evil twin?

  11. if i was maiga i would be a little disappointed that newcastle didn’t do enough to sign him after going all out for the move now he has to face the next couple of months not knowing where his future lies, of course all of that could change come January IF we sign him up but he would be in my opinion a little bit hurt.

  12. From what I’ve seen of this Maiga he looks shite anyway. Move on.

    Grumpy Old-Toon, out of 5 games, Shola will be crap in 4 of them. He will get knocked off the ball as if he only weighs 3 stone, then sit on the floor with his arms out, with a confused look on his face whining. Then he usually takes ages to stand up.

    If he were a dog or a cat, he’d have been put down years ago.

  13. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    September 15, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    “I just can’t make my mind up over Shola”

    Grumpy, Over a decade in a Newcastle United shirt and you still can’t make your mind up? :lol:

  14. also seems newcastle having a clearance on all training tops a new sponsor coming in from the wings maybe??

  15. nufc337 says:
    September 15, 2011 at 1:40 pm

    “also seems newcastle having a clearance on all training tops a new sponsor coming in from the wings maybe??”

    Or sales are shite compared with what they thouight they would be nufc337?

  16. yeah could be, someone on this blog mentioned about us signing with nike next year just got me thinking they have a sale and clear all the puma gear. just me clutching at straws since my Newcastle top’s stitching is not up to scratch

  17. Santon out 3 months Knee injury.
    I Said he was a crock waiting to happen and was laughed at on here by the usual Ashley Tool Suckers.

    Going to be a long hard season but we are top 5 best start in a 100 years – bunch of short sighted arseholes you know who you are.

  18. I’m having real trouble convining myself to be interested in this. I can’t see what this guy has done at any point to be worth the trouble.

    If we go up against Villa with those same tactics, Zog and Bent will run riot.

  19. nufc337 says:
    September 15, 2011 at 2:03 pm

    “yeah could be, someone on this blog mentioned about us signing with nike next year just got me thinking they have a sale and clear all the puma gear.”

    Now you mention it nufc337, Puma’s shirt deal was only for two years when it was signed originally, so that would only be until the end of this season unless some extension has been signed since then.

    Perhaps we’re both right nufc?

  20. sirjasontoon @21 -FFS! I’ve been having the same experience on another blog. What a joke. This is what you risk when you won’t pay for the top shelf stock.

    Villa definitely to start Zog on the right.

  21. Must be the Cockney upbringing in Wallsend JimBob.
    Well at least our strikers are on fire and BA’s knee has not exploded….yet!
    I don’t think players like Gosling,Obertan,Santon,Ben Arfa,Marveux etc are going to set the premiership on fire anyday soon.
    Just looks a disjointed mess.
    Watched Benfica last night really nice link up play and movement and a bit of flow about it…hoofball is an insult.

  22. “Santon out 3 months Knee injury.
    I Said he was a crock waiting to happen and was laughed at on here by the usual Ashley Tool Suckers.”

    There is no mention of him being out for three months. He is just having a scan on it and it may just be a knock.

  23. I heard 3 months earlier.
    Not gospel yet but very worrying has a bad history of knee problems to begin with.
    Anyway the Pardew show must roll on as we push up the table with the Elite of English football.
    I see this disjointed mess of a team getting a few serious hidings very soon….but I will let Mike Ashley’s little bum lickers enjoy their time near the top.

  24. sirjasontoon says:
    September 15, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    “Not gospel yet but very worrying has a bad history of knee problems to begin with.”

    Right knee, torn lateral meniscus, surgery. Out for a while, came back, out again requiring more surgery on same knee.

  25. tattyheed says:
    September 15, 2011 at 3:36 pm


    cheer up ffs”

    tattyheed, if SJT cheered up, it would cause such a disturbance to the delicate balance of the Universe that the whole space-time continuum could implode.

  26. We know Ashley likes a gamble, and buying players like Ba and Marveaux is a risk, but we have other players who can operate in those positions, though obviously up front our replacements are a bit shite.

    But to buy a injury prone left-back, who is our only left back, is total madness. I’m glad we have Santon, but we needed 2 left-backs FFS!

    If he’s out for as long as is rumoured, we will get raped using a right-midfielder at left-back. SWP, hadn’t played for a while and look what he did on Monday. Ferguson is no left-back either unfortunately. I dunno, maybe play a 3-5-2 :-) Oh, we can’t do that because Williamson is injured and all we have is Perch…

    Sheer short sightedness from the board have left Pardew with no cover, and people are saying what if Colo or Saylor get injured, but what about suspensions, Saylor’s already got 2 yellows in 4 games.

    Well, lets just hope we can maintain our battle with Stoke City for that 4th place until the seasons over.

  27. If push comes to shive we could bring Jonas back to LB and start Marveaux on the left. At least Jonas has got international experience at full back.

  28. Harry says:
    September 15, 2011 at 4:30 pm

    “If push comes to shive we could bring Jonas back to LB and start Marveaux on the left. At least Jonas has got international experience at full back.”

    When I suggested such a thing, even in a slightly less than serious way, I was told I was “a complete waste of a human being” amongst other things so get your tin hat on before you suggest such things Harry! :-)

  29. Yea I thought I had read that article! Seems to be the only option if Santon is out for a while as Raylor didn’t impress me on Monday night. There are better wingers than SWP in the prem and he gave him a torrid time.

  30. Alreet Worky wasn’t responding to your comment bud,you getting paranoid or something?
    Our squad is looking desperate.
    Ba,Lovenkrands,Best,Shola Ameobi-I am dreading this season.

    Bet prem defenders are Shatting themselves.

  31. @McNallyMirror Santon Is Out For A Long Time By Look Of It Why Was His Knee Problem Not Picked Up On The Medical.

    Not Gospel just posted on Twitter.

  32. Yes, Jonas has played fullback. And yes indeed, he was terrible, nearly sent off, dropped for the next game and didn’t play again in that tournament.


  33. Worky, yeah I know what you mean, its easy to call him carp, but I really feel he tries so hard and sometimes looks as if he might succeed, but!! Wonder how he would do as a left back?

  34. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    September 15, 2011 at 7:19 pm

    “its easy to call him carp”

    Obviously not that easy Grumpy, unless you meant to compare him with a type of fish? :lol:

  35. Looking at the headlines of Ed’s blog, guys really got a positive tude, why ? no idea !
    We apparently got at least three could-be sick notes, not to mention a returning two in Gosling and HBA.
    One guy on here thinks the villians are afraid of this side,another thinks we got a tough defence, there’s even one who suggests AP is a good tactician
    Might be a good idea perhaps if everyone would only post comments when they are not under the influence of whatever, cause theres some crazy s**t being posted here.
    We are gonna get beat at Villa and gonna start a long slide in a southerly direction in the league, because reality will out.
    Sure we got a few decent players, Cabaye, Tiote, HBA, Marveaux, Colo, Saylor, the rest are mediocre.
    Plus the fact we got rid of our inspirational backbone in the two scousers.
    We still lack a squad that has quality, im not talking about quality in depth, apart from those mentioned above we have no quality.
    Our squad is short and we know with all the sick notes, it’s gonna be tough.
    Hopefully our owner will realise before the Christmas window he’s going to have to add some quality to the side or face a relegation fight.
    The dizzying heights of being number four has apparently blinded some to the realities we face, with a manager who could’nt even hold a job in the second tier, who’s tactical knowledge could be summed up on the back of a book of matches, a bunch of imports (Perhaps technically and tactically decent players)who dont seem to know what’s required of them, a side fumbling their way through games.
    And thats just the positive side of things,
    But then what the hell do i know ?

  36. tunyc says:
    September 15, 2011 at 7:13 pm

    “Yes, Jonas has played fullback. And yes indeed, he was terrible, nearly sent off, dropped for the next game and didn’t play again in that tournament.”

    Didn’t he play three games for Argentina at right back in the World Cup finals tunyc? He played in the qualifying games too. Maradona seemed to love him. Perhaps it was the long flowing hair?

  37. workyticket says:
    September 15, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    “Didn’t he play three games for Argentina at right back in the World Cup finals tunyc? He played in the qualifying games too. Maradona seemed to love him. Perhaps it was the long flowing hair?”

    Could be the Cocaine, that can alter your perception on things slightly.

  38. Stoke , Brum , Fulham , and to a lesser extent Spurs , all playing in europe tonight , brings home the fact, as to how far we are behind these middle order clubs , I would certainly liken ourselves to Spurs in ambition, size of fan base and pedigree, but it certainly appears harry has them performing at a better level , than we can at present ,
    and stoke , they are just behind us in current table so they are no flash in the pan !
    we need to realise we are not a major force anymore and aspire to be like spurs to begin with before we can get anywhere near bigger fish …

  39. nzedtoonman says:
    September 15, 2011 at 8:21 pm (Edit)

    “Stoke , Brum , Fulham , and to a lesser extent Spurs , all playing in europe tonight”

    Howay Chris Hughton!

    nzed, On the subject of ‘Spurs, their squad is a world away from ours, and they are still hobbled by a stadium which is far too small for the club.

  40. OK, all the drugs are affecting my memory. Jonas started two group-stage games at RB at the 2010 WC (the tournament I’m referring to). He collected two yellow cards for his troubles and wasn’t used there again as Maradona reverted to Burdisso at RB.

    I’ve seen a lot of Argentina’s matches, being based in the western hemisphere, and Jonas really isn’t used at RB except when they’re short. I’ve never seen him look very good at it. And I don’t think he’s ever played LB. I mean, is Chris Samba a FW because he’s been used there?