The number 9 Newcastle United really missed out on?

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Cissé at Metz – 2008/9.

In all the numerous striker targets Newcastle United were linked with and failed to “get over the line”, one name seemed to be something of an afterthought, though according to his current club, German Bundeliga side, Freiburg, Newcastle United actually did made a late bid for Papiss Demba Cissé which was refused.

Newcastle were reported to have bid around £7 million for Demba Ba’s 26 year old Senegalese striking teammate, though there didn’t seem to be any official confirmation of the amount, just that a bid was made. One thing which is certain though, he is worth quite a bit more than £7 million and his current contract contains a release clause of around £14 million. Though such release clauses, which are quite common on the mainland of Europe, are usually inflated in terms of the players real value, in this case it isn’t.

In his last season in the Bundesliga, Freiburg’s number 9 scored 24 goals in 34 appearences, and this season, his total is 4 goals in 4 appearences so far. His international career for Senegal started in 2010, and so far, he has scored 7 goals in 10 appearences for the “Lions of Teranga”.

Since I’ve started watching out for him, he seems to have the kind of pace, strength, heading abilty and excellent ball control that makes £35 million for Andy Carroll look like quite alot really when I think about it.

It has been reported that Newcastle will have another go at Sochaux for Modibo Maiga when the January transfer window comes around. True or not, perhaps this is the player the club should really be going for?

Judge for yourselves.

Cissé at Freiburg

Cisse brace – Werder Bremen v Freiburg 20/08/2011.

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12 Responses

  1. The lad looks quality and even at £14 million could make Ashley £10million quick profit if that’s what he wanted to do. If he plays like he is in the bundesliga in the premier he would be awesome and the bundesliga is a much stronger and tougher league to score goaks in than in France so cisse over maiga looks a no brainer. He won’t come but I’ll be following him more closely up to January now. Get a deal with Freiburg agreed now so he’s our number nine on january 1st.

  2. I have to say that I think that at 14 million, he looks cheap against today’s market.
    I wanted to post last night but got in too late in from the pub, but am still wound up over those rediculous comments by Lamearse. Whats the point of having the piggybank chocker-block and nothing to spend it on. As much as I want Newcastle to be a beautifully ballanced club and a shining beacon amongst her peers, whats the f*****g use if your in the 3rd division.
    Cisse looks like a real gem and should have been snapped up double quick. You can bet He’ll be going somewhere else at Christmas now that we’ve highlighted his case. Just one more Bo**ick Derek.!!
    Can’t you just feel the tide of discontent gradually turning from those who were nothing but supportive of these Rapists of our great institution.
    My heart bleeds for those who have purchased season tickets and are now between a rock and a hard place. No-one can or should advise you my friends. look to your hearts. This is your club and will still be when this crock of crap is gone and finished and we are once more victorious in our barcodes an universally loved and reveared wherever we go. Please lads and lasses, keep the faith. Howay the Lads.

  3. It doesn’t matter how much a player costs or how much he is worth, we will either offer too little or too late.

  4. I agree, there isnt even a plan or a transfer budget as such, just 2 men in a room talking shit to each other,right hes our number one target but we cant go over 8 mill for him, right hes gone, ok hes our 8th choice ok but we cant go over 12 mill. what a bunch of jokers, best thing they can do is decide on a budget and let pardew negoitiate for players, at least he is a football man, all these 2 are doing is giving newcastle utd a terrible name both at home and overseas, well will we wake up from this nightmare?

  5. cisse was the small margin from being a great transfer window with great ambition from being a average transfer window with no ambition. as someone who stuck up for the broad, i feel let down and very disappointed by this, and no matter what lambiarse says, there’s no excuse for not getting a striker, and i will not be sticking up for broad anymore till they show some ambition, if they even know what that is.

  6. It does`nt matter how good the player is if he does`nt fit into Ashley`s tranfer policy of young, cheap with a big transfer sell on it does`nt happen. Cisse is 26 and does`nt fit into Ashley`s policy. I honestly think that Pardew has had enough this time, he knew the same as the supporters that we needed a pacy goalscoring striker! Hence the reason for Lambsarse making a statement. I don`t think that Pardew was prepared to front up anymore and take the shit for those two pricks. It will be interesting to see what happens in the future but I`ve got a feeling we could be looking for a new manager sometime this season.

  7. With 35 million in the bank, he is a no brainer at 14 for everyone else than for cheap Ashley. No way he will pay 14 million for anyone as long as we are not pushing relegation in january. He does not care about trophies, only money

  8. Considering I had suggested Cisse as a potential AC replacement earliier this year then wtf was Carr doing looking at a bunch of French players who didnt want to join ?

    Surely “scouting” a player also includes sorting out whether, in a “hypothetical situation” i.e. before you’re officially allowed to talk to the player, the bloke wants to join the club or not ?

    Quite why we chased Gameiro and Erdinc for so long when Cisse had stated that he would have jumped at the chance to join the Toon is puzzling !

  9. Porciestreet says:
    September 4, 2011 at 8:19 am

    “Cisse looks like a real gem and should have been snapped up double quick. You can bet He’ll be going somewhere else at Christmas now that we’ve highlighted his case. Just one more Bo**ick Derek.!!”

    Other teams are alredy after him Porciestreet. Fulham were going for him until they got Ruiz and Arsenal are seemingly the favourites ATM. His current claimed that there were three bids on him in the last window, but they want to keep him until someone offers something like his true value.

  10. The problem is of course even if by some miracle we did sign him which we won’t he is from Senegal and likely playing in the African nations in the new year so we wouldn’t get the real benefit until next season. Plus we are losing Ba and Tiote to the same fate so really need a non African option.

  11. He scored some good goals there.
    Two points :
    You could assemble a video of Shola’s best bits that would look as good. We all know Shola is not a £14m player. Most of us think he is not Premier League standard.
    Most of the defending looked pretty poor. Defenders or goalkeepers would prevent a lot of these goals in the Premier League.

  12. WallsendLad says:
    September 4, 2011 at 4:37 pm

    “You could assemble a video of Shola’s best bits that would look as good.”

    Try watching some full games of him in the Bundesliga WallsendLad.