NUFC Fans United – the way forward?

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Bring back the scarves.
Unwavering support.
Yesterday evening I attended a fan meeting at The Irish Bar. It was a bit weird being in the Irish with 20-20 vision but once I got used to sobriety, we began discussing the items on the agenda.

In that meeting were some of the online elite of Newcastle United fan reporters. Malcolm Dix, shiteseats, Newcastle United Mad, MAOC, Steve Wraith and various other supporter groups. Myself, naturally, being the guest of honour.

Joking aside, the meeting in total lasted around 3 hours or so and we discussed a good few things and especially regarding the supporters group, the club, campaigns and various other things.

This article is primarily to bring awareness to certain fans. My notes are actually subjects for articles and I feel I’d be doing some of them a disservice given the weight of some of the points that were made.

Having not attended the first meeting last month, I had obviously missed some of the initial points. Gladly it seemed that didn’t matter and we blew into a rather straight forward agenda and generally just chatted, let out feelings out on some of the hot topics such as the sign removal/replacement, the standing problems and various other things that it would be difficult for any supporter group to really do much about.

The Evening Chronicle questions were an interesting subject as it seems the club had informed the Chronicle that the deadline was to be closed early. For what reason, we don’t know, but it’s definitely a curious decision although not entirely unexpected.

A lot of what was discussed was fairly straight forward and resulted in a bit of discussion and fairly straight forward answers as you would probably expect.

NUFC Fans United are primarily peaceful and admit whole heartedly that nobody will ever agree on any given subject, they also encourage opinions and disagreements if it can present a different perspective. They also encourage everybody to come along and join in regardless of your views and opinions.

The primary goal of NUFCFU is mainly to continue the work that they left off with the Fans Discussion Group they had with the board before relegation but as one man rightly said: “How long is too long without communication?”

One thing that did bother me about the meeting is that it felt almost as if they were attempting to set themselves up as a regulatory commission for other fan groups and protests; something that cropped up when we were discussing about the fans spreading themselves too thinly in regard to protests, boycott and so on. Of course I’m likely to have read it wrong but it appears that I wasn’t the only person who thought this.

Another group that caught my interest was the Mike Ashley Out Campaign who are very much a more pro-active group. I shared a pint with these lads after the meeting and must say I agree with a lot of their points which I will get into, again, on another article.

We did throw around some ideas for a protest and there were two that I very much enjoyed. One is, as we all know, the Bring Back the Scarves campaign which is something we all should aim for if we’re going to a match at the Cathedral. The other is one that was presented by the MAOC lads which is probably my favourite.

The idea has been brought up once or twice in various ways, shapes and forms and it’s primarily appealing to Ashley’s frugality. Basically we would wear our pre-Ashley era shirts with some of our old number 9 stars, or even just the old shirts – it’s up to you. It’s a simple yet effective effort to passive aggressively give Ashley a very big hint. Another idea was raised that it should just be the number 9 without any name on it at all.

I’ll be writing various articles over the next few days to cover the more important points.

All in all it’s definitely a group that could go the distance and it will be very interesting to see what comes of this. Only time will tell.

If you’d like to attend the next meeting, it will be on the 3rd of October at 6:30 PM at The Irish Bar.

NUFCBlog Author: Thump Some say his bones are black and white but that is yet to be medically proven. Currently writes for a few different publications and likes to assert his imaginary authority on nobody in particular. Beware: eats children. Thump has written 36 articles on this blog.

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27 Responses

  1. “Another group that caught my interest was the Mike Ashley Out Campaign who are very much a more pro-active group.”

    Aye, it sounds like it Thump. Were they the ones handing out the Kalashnikovs and the RPGs?

  2. Malcolm Dix!?what he doesn’t know about NUFC is worth knowing.
    Please get some credability mention!!!@
    someone who wasn’t related to the last Hall/ Shepperd disaster.

  3. I cannot believe all the hate floating around Newcastle Nation. In fact, I’m afraid some borderline nut case is going to do something rash beyond comprehension.

    Let’s face it, MA is going to try to run NUFC like a business. He owns the whole store, so and his staff make the calls. You & I are along for the ride, through both good and bad decisions. Try to enjoy it for a bit. The bit ends when NUFC have a set of financials that meet any accountants approval.

    Once the club is on a firm financial footing, both MA & the Newcastle fan have won. Now MA can splurge or sell, the Newcastle fan has a sustainable EPL team to support.

    So my suggestion is now that many are at the depth of despair, is “Why not a second honeymoon with MA?” He was our buddy-buddy when he arrived, he shows he likes to party as recently as the last weekend. Give it a shot, you really have no other option that is good for your mental health!@

  4. Monty Python’s Life Of Brian….

    Brian: Excuse me. Are you the Judean People’s Front?
    Reg: F**k off! We’re the People’s Front of Judea

    ’nuff said

  5. good article thump,it’s funny to see all the ideas,that the meeting threw up.
    in all honesty these meetings will achieve nothing,the protest involving the wearing of newcastle shirts,what’s all that about? mike ashley will not be bothered one bit.
    what does a bunch of fans waving scarves do?,probably nowt.
    there is only one way to get mike ashley out of newcastle,and that is to not attend matches.
    mike ashley is not liked across the board,and not just by newcastle fans,everyone in the business world hates him also.the man has a thick skin,it goes with the territory,a few daft protests here and there will make no difference to him.
    the only language the man understands is cold hard currency,cut off his supply line and he’s basically knackered.he will only vacate the club,if he is not making any friend to the krays can bump his gums all he likes,but he’ll still be giving “jabba the warehouse” his hard earned cash.
    for me this is where it all falls down,you either take direct action and stay away,or you keep giving him your is painful to walk away,but it has to be done,it’s the only way to get rid of him.
    there was an article in the chronicle about the empty seats,and it was true,the biggest problem the club will face,will be it said in the article,there will be no banners,no chants,just empty seats.
    i think it is starting to go beyond hatred and any other emotions,apathy will be the catalyst.
    we live in a time where football is becoming something that people are starting to turn away from,you can see it happening at other clubs aswell.there are more and more empty seats,as the average man is sick and tired of the high wages,the extortinate prices to go to games,and these playboy footballers,who couldn’t give the proverbial flying for their clubs,fans etc.
    mike ashley’s carry on is just going to hasten events in that direction,the only silver lining will be him doing one back down south,when he realises,people will no longer subsidise him.

  6. BeeGuy says:
    September 6, 2011 at 6:13 pm

    “Let’s face it, MA is going to try to run NUFC like a business. He owns the whole store, so and his staff make the calls.”

    Perhaps BeeGuy, but in Europe, while football clubs may be businesses, they are not ordinary businesses. They are not “stores” and they are not “franchises”, they are local institutions. When businessmen take on football clubs they have to bear this and other things in mind. In some respects it is more like dealing with the performing arts. Besides the fan aspect, footballers and managers can be something like “Divas”, and must be handled in a certain way. Mike Ashley hasn’t got a handle on this at all, which is why the club is now so alienated in the football community, which IS bad for business in the long run.

  7. Worky…football clubs are institutions but the incumbent owner has to run it on the financially sound basis to ensure the institution remains. Football clubs are subject to the same financial regulations ALL businesses are subjected to & Ashley has made it clear we’re not going to be subsidised like the ‘performing arts’.

    Herein lies the dilemma cos id much rather watch a play starring Al Pacino than one with ‘Ashley’ from Coronation Street in it…it’s a good point & I feel it’s a hybrid between a business & performing arts.

  8. Witters says:
    September 6, 2011 at 7:41 pm

    “Worky…football clubs are institutions but the incumbent owner has to run it on the financially sound basis to ensure the institution remains”

    Who said that they didn’t Witters? However this silly “well at least he isn’t Freddy Shepherd” argument, suggesting that there is no way to run a football club apart from the either the Shepherd way or the Ashley way is becoming tiresome now, and has no merit in itself.

    On your other point, are you assuming that all performing arts are subsidised? On the subject of Al Pacino, films like The Godfather trilogy and Scarface made absolute fortunes, and they probably wouldn’t have if the Producer thought Pacino, De Niro and Brando only deserved half the fees they would have got elsewhere, and got in actors from Corrie instead because they were a bargain. :-)

  9. Just watched first half of England v Wales, and gotta say am impressed with that Ashley Young , he is CLASS , his finish for the goal was shearer-esque,but his cross with hardly any space on the left into Rooney was SUBLIME , like Brazilian . His touch looks so assured , and he is only 20 or so. Now Man U have shrek and him up front , no wonder they scored eight against Arse , dreading going to old traff…!!

  10. Just sounds like yet another attempt by the likes of Dix, wraith et al to usurp all other ‘groups’ & form one, which no doubt, they would ‘rise to the top’ of.

    Maybe it’s time a few of these people did a ‘united of manchester’ & formed Newcastle City F.C. or something?

    i don’t think a young is only 20 y/o mate.

  11. ” Another idea was raised that it should just be the number 9 without any name on it at all.”

    Great idea. Thousands of people all going into a Newcastle United shop, buying a jersey and then paying a bit extra for number 9 on the back.

    I’m sure the huge windfall of cash that Ashley would receive would really make him want to sell up.

  12. clintf,
    just read a funny blogg on bbc web , titled ‘ ditch the chelsea pensioners ‘ we need somr new english blood , guys who want to play not just pass it back and forth on oor halfway line we looked transient , and capello is looking jaded and worn eh …

  13. Protests are pathetic and pointless!

    Just get behind the lads. If you all put as much effort into organising support of the club instead of support against the club we may see some positive change.


  14. you can have a fans meeting every night of the week for the next 12 months & it would’nt make one happeth of difference how these lot run the club.

    the only way to make the fat man – shape up or ship out – is by cutting off his money supply & that’s done by staying away.

  15. I like the shirt idea. We’ve all got an old shirt kicking around. Imagine if shirts sales were down by say 40,000 this time next year! That’s over a million quid.

  16. Those of you who wish to stay away please do so. I for one have bought a season ticket because I want to watch premiership football, and hopefully see Newcastle perform and do well in this competition. I’m satisfied with how things are going, I wish we had been able to bring in better players but sadly we’ aren’t Real Madrid or Manchester United and so don’t have the drawing power to attract the top millionaire players to the club. Ashley may or may not be total tw*t but personally I don’t really care I haven’t paid my money to watch his business dealings…as I said earlier I just want to watch football. I don’t subscribe to this whole ‘toon army’ thing…I don’t see myself as part of a supporters army being directed by a bunch of megalomaniacs who want to dictate when I can stand up or sit down, who I should want out of my club and who I shouldn’t telling me when I should get the bed sheets out and start parading like an overgrown school boy because the tuck shops stopped selling curly-wurlys. But I say again that’s your prerogative… I and probably quite a few thousand others would prefer to give it a miss if it’s all the same like! Possibly things could improve if Ashley & his circus left town, but I also suspect things could be an awful lot worse, not all Russian oligarchs & Arab crowned princes are benevolent philanthropists and frying pans and fire come to mind here!

  17. Roscoe says:
    September 7, 2011 at 7:08 am

    “Protests are pathetic and pointless!”

    Try telling that to Mohandas K. Ghandi, or Nelson Mandela, or Dr Martin Luther King Jr, or the anti Gadaafi opposition in Libya. How pathetic and pointless were they Roscoe?

  18. worky,
    i think they’re saying this is football!
    While there are parallels with said dictators, it’s not quite the same.
    Though it’s said that MA does like to ‘park his tank…’ etc.


  19. nzed,
    aye mate,
    that was a dire ‘performance’ wasn’t it?
    If Earnshaw had scored that sitter, they’d have gotten a well earned draw.
    Gaz Baz & lumphard need to hang their boots & heads in shame.


  20. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    September 7, 2011 at 12:54 pm

    i think they’re saying this is football!
    While there are parallels with said dictators, it’s not quite the same.”

    You’re right Clint, Newcastle United is none of our concern. We may as well just roll over and let them get on with it.

  21. worky,
    if it was a much our concern as we make out, then surely we’d all get together & buy the club & run it ourselves.
    End of.

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