Mike Ashley: Bringing dignity and pride back to Newcastle United?

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Mike Ashley stripping and flagellating himself.
“Get ’em off Mikey boy.”
As published in today’s ‘People‘ newspaper, this is a photo of Newcastle United’s proud and dignified owner, Mike Ashley, doing a striptease and flagellating himself to Tom Jones’s “You can leave your hat on” from the soundtrack of “The Full Monty” film.

According to the newspaper, Ashley was pictured at a birthday celebration for a Sports Direct employee at a Chinese restaurant near the company’s headqurters in Mansfield. It reported that:

“As he undressed, workers yelled “More” and “Get ’em off Mikey boy.”

Then quoting from a reveller at the Ash bash, it read:

“Mike was in great form. The DJ started playing that song and all the blokes were egged on by the girls.

“Mike was one of the first up, to applause and cheers. He didn’t think twice about stripping, ­especially as he’d sunk a few pints.

“Mike gets stick from some people but he’s a brilliant boss.”

I don’t really do moral indignation, especially after some of the things I’ve done in the past. Like most Geordies, I wouldn’t say that I am lacking in a sense of humour either. However, as with some previous incidents involving Mike Ashley, as well as his predecessor, Freddy Shepherd, some fans might question if this is seemly behaviour for the owner of a proud local institution, and a Premier League football club which is in the world spotlight.

I wondered to myself that if this was a player at the club and similar images were revealed in the media, would that player be disciplined and fined for bringing the club’s name into disrepute? I seem to recall Alan Pardew leading a probe into the behaviour of Leon Best and Stephen Ireland for merely lifting their T-Shirts for a moment at a Newcastle nightclub called the “Tup Tup Palace”, though they were injured, sober and not involved in any games at the time. The image of the players exposing their well chiselled torsos along with reserve player, Stephen Folan, was merely published on a Facebook page rather than splahed across a national newspaper.

Divven’t have nightmares!

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38 Responses

  1. GeordieDan says:
    September 4, 2011 at 10:38 pm

    “I’m going to be sick. :C”

    Whenever I see Ashley, I’ll think of that first “vinegar strokes” photo now Dan. :-(

  2. Mike Ashley is ruining Newcastle United bit by bit, hes turned us into a selling club, he has no connection with the geordie people, he is making us a laughing stock time and time again and even though we had 35 million to spend this summer he still didnt put a decent bid in for anyone. Looks like hes enjoying his self tho eh? Mike Ashley if your reading…….. do the decent thing and sell us to someone who as a bit ambition.

  3. Ah so what, who hasn’t done something daft. He is a normal bloke having a laugh. Noone would care if he was a good chairman lol.

  4. You reckon that’s Lambiare’s hand on his chest in that photo? Oh dear.


  5. Terry says:
    September 4, 2011 at 11:23 pm

    “He is a normal bloke having a laugh”

    He isn’t though Terry, he’s the owner and custodian of a Premiership football club and local institution and as such, he should behave in a manner which upholds the reputation of that institution as we’re already enough of a joke thanks to him and his predecessors.

    I have behaved far worse in the past myself, but if I had been the owner of an institution such as Newcastle United, I would have moderated my behaviour accordingly out of a sense of duty to the club and the fans rather than drag it’s reputation still further into the mire.

  6. GeordieDan says:
    September 4, 2011 at 11:31 pm

    “You reckon that’s Lambiare’s hand on his chest in that photo?”

    Aye, he’s just about to give him a “pearl necklace” Dan.

  7. If he had sunk hundreds of millions (which he has) into us, or more rather hundreds of millions for incoming transfers you would all be saying ‘what a hoot’ I guarantee ;)

    Get yourselves to this fairjobmother thing at Northumberland Street on Sat so we can collectively bitchslap Hayley Taylor and do something productive with your lives for once.

  8. He needs to open up this way with the Toon Army. He’d realize what a great club he owns and we could have a win-win situation, not the impasse/Llambias that now exists. Take note Mike…

  9. is there any news on if the newcastle united sign is back up on the east stand, has anybody been inside the stadium at all??

  10. Paul in Hollywood says:
    September 5, 2011 at 2:36 am

    “He needs to open up this way with the Toon Army.”

    He did try that once Paul, mingling with the fans on the terrace at games, going out drinking in local bars etc until the Keegan fiasco. I don’t think he’ll ever know what a great club he owns though. It may be a old cliche now, but he really is the kind of man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

  11. I think you’re absolutely right Worky. I think Oscar Wilde called such a person a cynic. It would probably fit here. Something of a lost soul, which is an irony given that he owns a football club notorious for the soul of its fans.

  12. Paul in Hollywood says:
    September 5, 2011 at 3:07 am

    “I think you’re absolutely right Worky. I think Oscar Wilde called such a person a cynic.”

    Spot on Paul, it was Lady Windermere’s Fan.

    “What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

  13. Not sure about fans of other clubs, but I am sure our fans would give him a second chance if he starts to deliver his promises.

  14. nufc337 says:
    September 5, 2011 at 2:42 am

    “is there any news on if the newcastle united sign is back up on the east stand, has anybody been inside the stadium at all??”

    They did choose a very good time to take it down nufc, with an international break, then an away match. Being a sad bastard with a blog, I tend to read alot of forums and such, and one fan on one forum observed that the last picture of the stadium, which accompanied Derek Llambias’ statement the other day was an unusual view taken from the Leazes corner, and gave no view of the East Stand at all.

    Read into that what you will.

  15. When the seams of Backworth Colliery
    return to producing coal
    and there’s not one Geordie living on the dole

    When Wallsend shipyards return to building cruisers
    and the Stadium of Shite is not filled
    with scummy Mackem losers

    When trolley buses run doon the Cowgate Hill
    and the trains are once again on time in Byker
    That’s the time the fat arsed man
    will buy the Toon a Striker

  16. Shit-for-brains disgrace to both the club and the area. like you say’ we’ve all been there but this tosser is unbelievable. The mind can only boggle at what his weasly little mate gets up to .Hmmmmmmmm !

  17. Jinky @ 25

    ‘….there’s not one Geordie living on the dole…’

    You know Jinky that will never happen, sadly.

    There are more people on the dole, on benefits, on disability and ‘working’ in the public sector in the North East than any other place in England. The North East (and that includes the unwashed) is heavily subsidized by the South, in the same way that the bloke in the pictures subsidizes our club. Terrible these southerners, ain’t it?

    If I got a bonus the equivalent of a years salary would I be too bothered about my boss (whose efforts have given me and thousands more a job) enjoying himself at a staff do? Course not, brilliant.

    Before I retired, our American bosses used to come across the pond, let their hair down and get thoroughly smashed with us Brits. We thought a lot more about them afterwards than the stuffed shirts, stuck up snobby British management.

    Good on you Mike, enjoy life.

  18. @25…. is that Byron with his modesty veil on?

    Nice perm though!!

    As a by-the-way…. bet the poor sod that took the photo’s wondering what’s gonna hit him/ her when…. not if…..

  19. “Newcastle United Sign Lingerie Deal”

    “Newcastle United has become the latest football club to sign a deal with a leading underwear retailer.

    The club has signed a deal with football-related underwear specialists Premier Lingerie to stock the official club shops with special black and white underwear emblazoned with the club’s logo”

    It just gets worse, before long we’ll have forged links with Lidl and Poundshop:(

  20. Schitt Andy @32, when you said that Newcastle United had signed a Lingerie Deal.. I thought we’d finally got a number 9!

  21. lesh says:

    “Schitt Andy @32, when you said that Newcastle United had signed a Lingerie Deal”

    We sorta, kinda did when we signed Shola on a two year extension…..cos he’s pants :lol:

  22. Taking all into consideration I dont think he is the wost chairman out there.

    We are stable which is good for our future and the signings he has done offer something completely different to what we had before. Cabaye, Obertan, Santon and Marvouex (Think this is how you spell these names) are players of real quality given a little time. Yeah we have sold some of our best players however put your self in his shoes. Carrol, THUG!!!! BROKE STEVE TAYLORS JAW, Enrique, Didnt want to be at newcaslte. Nolan, Wanted a 5 year deal which is a joke, Barton, Claims he wanted to stay and fight however in the next breath he left but all in all he would be a pain in the arse for any boss.

    Mike didnt buy a striker that we were promised and i would be one of the first people in line to say it was bang out of order however taking this into consideration, Mike pays with CASH for everything, No Loans, No Payment Plan. This is whats keeping newcaslte on a good footing for the future. Do i think he will be the one to take us to the next level, NO but at least we aint facing Administration. We were in over 100MIL of debit before he took over. For someone who has a personal forture of £1.6 BIL, £200 MIL plus is a hell of a lot of money, Having to invest this with no sponsership income aswell so basically he was only getting PL money which is around £50 MIL a year and around £50 MIL for ticket and merchandising costs it not a great turn over when you are payng £85MIL in maintanence fees and wages.

    He is are demon but also are saviour. ON THAT NOT GET HIS PUPPETS OUT! Lambias i cannot stand! Soooo up him self. He posted in the match day program that he was gunna get a LB and a ST in before D DAY but nothing.

  23. Lee says:
    September 5, 2011 at 7:29 pm

    “We were in over 100MIL of debit before he took over.”

    We still are over £100 million in debt Lee, to a Mr.MJW.Ashley.