Demba Ba talks about his hat-trick and the happy squad at Newcastle

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Demba Ba talks about his hat-trick for Newcastle United vs Blackburn.
It was fantastic, says Demba
Demba Ba talks about his hat-trick for Newcastle United and how a happy squad is one of the keys to good performances on the pitch.

Shortly after yesterday’s 3-1 win over Blackburn the BBC interviewed Demba Ba and this is what he had to say:

Interviewer: Demba, your first goals for Newcastle and your first Premier League hat-trick – how does that feel?

Demba: It was fantastic, scoring a hat-trick here in these conditions and on this stage. It was fantastic.

Interviewer: Your team mates all signed the ball for you as well.

Demba: Yes, I’m very happy for that. The ball’s going to be home and the whole family is going to look at it and they’re going to be happy because they all came down from Paris to watch the game today, so I think they’ll be happy tonight.

Interviewer: It seem a happy team at Newcastle and all the players seem to get on. How important has that been with the good start that Newcastle have made this season?

Demba: I think very important because when you play with some guys and understand good with them it can only be good on the pitch. And when you look at the team mates I have, all of them are nice and we’re having some good times on the training ground.

Interviewer: This club is known for strikers: Alan Shearer, Malcolm Macdonald, Andy Carroll, Michael Owen. How aware were you when you came here of just how the crowds love people who score goals?

Demba: I know they love people who score goals and for me it was important to come here and score goals because I’m a striker and a striker wants to score goals, but apart from that I’m a strike who likes playing and having some good performances – it’s not all about goals. And that’s what I did today I think and last week was a good start because the start of the season was not all that good. But I just keep on working and improving in training every week.

Interviewer: Finally, your third goal today was almost not your goal. It was almost scored by Leon Best.

Demba: Yeah and my pass was for Leon Best and fortunately for me nobody touched it, so I got my goal, I got my hat-trick. I’m very happy.

Let’s hope it continues. He had a poor start to the season but certainly had no problem finding the goal yesterday!

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24 Responses

  1. Very often there is only one standout person in a match but yesterday Tiote and Obertan stood out to me in addition to Ba and Best.

    What was really pleasing about Best was that he was always getting into scoring positions and although he didn’t score it wasn’t for the lack of trying.

    A big mention for the often much maligned Simpson whose game seems to be improving with every game.

  2. Kamar – I agree, quite honestly I could see no weak link. If one lad has a quite match someone else steps in and shines. Ba & Best could make a great partnership – I think we should forget out signing an unknown expensive foreign CF in the window and concentrate on defensive cover (Peiters?).
    As I pointed out yesterday, amazingly our 5 forwards cost us a total of £2m ! Which would’t buy the left bollock of a certain Liverpool misfit 4th choice striker (not mobile enough apparently).
    The great thing is we havn’t seen our strongest team yet, but I think we have an idea of what it is – and what a team it could become.
    Feeling good this morning, just off to get the papers to see it in print that we are 4th & unbeaten!
    After this I just hope we are not overconfident when we go the Blackburn in the cup!

    Well done lads!


  3. Bye the way, I was there for another debut game hat trick (against Liverpool) from a CF many years ago – a certain Malcom MacDonald!
    £180,000 well spent!

  4. Munich Mag – yes mate, in my mind!
    But there will only ever be one Supermac – the hero of saturaday afternoons in my youth!
    Even bought a pair of purple velvet flairs from his boutique! – circa 1972 ?


  5. supermac…I’m from the same era mate, though too young to remember from his debut against Liverpool. Was gutted when he went to Arsenal, but by then he had scored a shed load of goals for the toon, and had paid his dues by then in my opinion…

    Intersetingly he managed to find his way back to the toon after he fell off the wagon, instead of staying daaan saarf…probably down to his old mates here John Gibson etc….

  6. Aye Supermac so was i but I was also at Arsenal to see him score a hat trick in his debut against us! 4-3 to them? Correct me someone.

  7. geordie85 – in arsenal’s first visit to SJP after his departure supermac was injured & couldn’t play – but minutes before kick off he took a seat in the director’s box & the crowd went wild! The deafening chant of “Supermac – Supermac” went on past kick-off until he stood up and raised his arms in salute – what a welcome! What a thank you for an ex-hero!
    Gordon Lee could easily have been lynched that day!

  8. Hugh de Payen says:
    September 25, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    “Blimey, 500 – I hadn’t noticed.”

    I thought it was 495, but your canny new about the writer thing drew my attention to your sloppy categorisation. ;-)

    You missed five out but I’ve corrected it now.

  9. “How aware were you when you came here of just how the crowds love people who score goals?”

    Supporters of other clubs aren’t that fussed about players who score lots of goals then?

  10. Tripp says:
    September 25, 2011 at 3:56 pm

    “At least he’s wearing if fore and aft not athwartships.”

    I suppose that would be even worse Tripp.

    On second thoughts, I suppose that most footballers have “special needs” anyway.

  11. Lol worky. Yeah, that was such an asinine comment from the interviewer. I’m sure that most other clubs hurl abuse at those brave enough to score for their sides to collect their scoring bonuses.

  12. Hi Supermac @ 3 and Geordie85 @ 7, I was also at that game at SJP and even ran on the pitch after Supermac scored his second only to find he lacked his two front teeth! I also remember Kevin Keegan had a great game for Liverpool in the same match.

  13. Tripp says:
    September 25, 2011 at 4:12 pm

    “Lol worky. Yeah, that was such an asinine comment from the interviewer.”

    Aye Tripp, we Geordies are just simple folk though, who don’t understand the subtleties of the game. We don’t appreciate superb playmakers or great defenders. All we’re interested in is lumping it to the big gadgie who has the number 9 on his back.

  14. “All we’re interested in is lumping it to the big gadgie who has the number 9 on his back.” which is tough when no one’s where that number on their shirt. On a different note, Ba’s English is really pretty good for someone who hasn’t been in country all that long.

  15. Tripp – what’s his geordie like?
    I would be great of all the foreign & southern lads took lessons.

    Paul in Hollywood – well done mate!


  16. Don’t really want him anyways Supermac. Seems a really tosser. We’ll just have to see where we are in Jan. Not much we can do until then anyways. I hate the idea of paying out the nose for somebody then. Hopefully we’re not in a situation where we feel compelled to do that. Fortunately, a few of our mid-fielders can slot into the “hole”, which might take some of the pressure off if we’re short of players up top (when will our first injury crisis hit?)

  17. Hope Ba and Besty can do the job, they both know where the goal is, but obviously a new striker in Jan would be good – if it’s the RIGHT MAN, and not an impulse.

    But CB is what we really need covering, i missed the Forest cup match, but considering we conceded 3 – one seemed Elliots fault perhaps – but wondered:

    How did Perch play at CB?

    And, Darnel Situ couldnt get work visa for Swans, any chance that might be resolved for us to buy him in Jan?

  18. What I liked about Pieters was that he can play at LB CB or RB – he was keen to join us so we should try again.