Davide Santon’s right knee: A history…

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Davide Santon: Knee knacked again.
Santon: Knee knacked again.
Earlier today, Davide Santon injured his right knee once again in training.

Speaking in a rare interview, Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew, suggested that may have been another recurrence of a *lateral meniscus injury which have haunted the Italian since it was torn in an Italy Under-21s game against Luxembourg in November, 2009.

Pardew said of the latest injury:

“Unfortunately, Davide hurt his knee this morning. He’s going for a scan today. That’s not good news for us.

“He’s having a scan on what looks like a cartilage. His knee looked a little bit unhealthy after training today.

“It’s an injury he’s had previously, so I think it’s very wise that the doctor and his team have him scanned today to make sure.

“I’m not actually sure of the mechanics of it. It’s very important he has a good start at this football club, so we want to make sure he’s 100%”

Returning to 2009 though, Santon’s original injury left him out of the game for just under two months following arthroscopic surgery. he rurned in January as a sub against Bari. However, the problem came back and seemed to be worse than first thought. A serious case of knee inflammation left him on the sidelines, and in the spring of 2010, it was decided that surgery was required once again, which he underwent on 7th April that year. This kept Santon out for the season, missing Internazionale’s Champion’s League success that year and a potential World Cup place with Italy.

His eventual return came on 4th August, when Santon trotted out as a second half sub for Inter’s pre season friendly against Panathanaikos. Although there there were no recurrences of the injury, and Santon got a good run in the first team thanks to injuries to Christian Chivu and Maicon, Santon failed to recapture the form which won him so many plaudits before his injury. Hence, he was eventually loaned out to smaller Serie A side, AC. Cesena at the end of the January transfer window. This brings us as far as his transfer to Newcastle United.

So although Santon went a full season without any recurrences of his right knee problem, it is to be hoped that his latest knee episode isn’t indicative of a constantly recurring injury which will haunt the player throughout his career. It is also to be hoped that he can recapture the form he displayed before his original injury at the end of 2009.

*The Lateral Meniscus is a “C” shaped piece of cartilage which rests on the outside of the knee between the thigh bone (femur) and shin bone (tibia).


Speaking in a later interview, Alan Pardew has given an update on Santon, saying that the player will be out for at least a month. Here’s what he said on the latest injury:

“It’s a worry. It looks like it could be a cartilage and it’s not something you want when he’s just come into the building.

“Maybe we’re looking at a month out. He’s going to have to get it cleaned out, it’s keyhole surgery nowadays which is a quicker operation but it will certainly mean at least four weeks out.”

“He’s been through a really thorough medical and he’s a little bit unlucky as we’re only a week or so on from the medical. He trained today and trained well.”

“It was just when he came off, he complained a little bit and we’re erring on the side of caution with him.”

“Davide has had a few injuries in the last couple of years which isn’t ideal.

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50 Responses

  1. Darnel Situ has not been given clearance by fifa to join swansea i see, bit of good news a bid in January in the offering!

  2. I have seen players playing with broken arms, slings being worn , even once saw a player play 15 minutes with a broken shoulder, bert troutman rip, played a full half or so in a cup final with a broken freakin neck ..

    Vuckcic ‘s got a bleedin thumb/ wrist injury oot for 2 weeks bless him !

    Sorry but bring back performance related wages !

    Sorry to hear aboout santon, but if it was hidden , can we not sue oor medical staff for not identifying this or surely we have an insurance clause in the deal ??

  3. tunyc
    no it hasn’t come to an actual bid but if he was trialling with us then im sure Newcastle would take advantage of the situation and put a bid in

  4. That will be at least eight weeks. They are trying to play it down. Hence the reason we needed two left backs.

  5. its an old cliche but .. you get what you pay for. Santon is damaged goods and this will always be the case. there was a very good reason we why got what was once touted at a world class player for what was peanuts. His knee is shot, end of.

  6. Agree Craig,cheap damaged goods.
    Just hope I am not around when Demba Ba’s knee explodes that will be one big fookin mess I can tell you.

    I said on here when we signed Santon he was an accident waiting to happen just like Ben Arfa who I can’t see playing much again this season.

  7. Maybe Marveux’s Thigh will explode before Demba’s Knee?

    In fact, his weakness lies inside. While he rarely gives up on the pitch himself, his body has been regulating things for him. He is an athlete, a powerfully legged sprinter, and his thighs have often been a strain to his progression. In summer 2008, after a good first season and a disappointing second term, he picked up a benign thigh injury during a France U21 game. Recovery should have been straightforward, but instead he met calcification issues and was forced to undergo surgery… he would miss the following 8 months. Tough luck can strike anyone, true, but the same thing happened to him once again this season, and a minor thigh muscle strain against Brest in November was enough to rule him out for the rest of the current campaign.

  8. Ah well, looks like it might all be down to the youngsters, at least till the January window when we will sell, sorry I mean buy some star players. Probably a striker 2 new left sided defenders and a goalkeeper.

  9. I must assume that Marveux would have gone to liverpool if he had passed their medical – so their loss is our gain! On a free transfer the risk was was worth taking.

    At LB it appeared to be Santon or Peiters – did we just go for the cheapest but riskier option?

    As for signage – when does rock’s sponsorship end? Will we then get Sports Direct on our shirts? Would you wear it?

    Also, I noticed Maiga’s shirt on yesterday’s blog had four sponsorship logos – anyone know the rules on this? Could a SP logo be added?


  10. I can see the Toon wearing Lonsdale Kits with Sports direct logos on in the not to distant future…should please the Ashley lovers.

    The puma kits are a joke the template has been used on many other puma team kits,fabric is awful,badges are chat and the profit on these must be amazing as the cost can not be anywhere near the £4 it cost to make an adidas ones.

    Just wish this Ashley nightmare would end…can’t see him leaving any day soon if there’s a fat pie full of easy money Mike with be poking the back end out of it…..

  11. SuperMac, I can’t see the gain if the free signings spend most of their time in the treatment room. Sounds like an expensive luxury to me. Is there any other team in the EPL who has signed as many crocks as we have?

  12. I think it’s only a matter of time before we see BA breakdown with his exploding Knee,Marveux exploding thigh,Shola exploding hip,Gosling….exploding face….I expect Ben Arfa to make a brief appearance in the next 8 weeks and then be back in the treatment room within 2/3 games.

    Not to worry though Pardew is happy with his squad and even expects the strikers to start performing…in the next 3/4 games.

  13. Didnt lamearse say there’d be no “knee jerk” purchases ?

    Santon has a dodgy knee so presumably Lamearse is the jerk who bought him ?

    Or did he just mean nee “jerk purchases” in which case why is Obertan here :)

  14. Twenty years old, already had two major knee surgeries, made 35 appearances in the last three seasons. Any doubts as to why he was chosen over Pieters or Cissokho?

    Also, again, I’m less than impressed with out negotiators. We sold a perfectly healthy (his immaculate health is an underrated part of his quality), PL-experienced LB to one of the top teams and biggest spenders in the league. Then we turn around and buy a guy who had lost his place, been loaned to a lower league side (who declined to sign him, by the way) and has major injury history for over 90% of the fee received for JE? WTF? It’s eternally amateur hour in this front office.

    nufc337 @7: I hear you, but I wonder if our passing on him wouldn’t put him off of us. Either way, it’s kind of sad that our ambitions amount to poaching players that were kept from signing with Swansea on a technicality.

  15. What do our medical staff acctualy do when new players come in? I mean seriously how can they miss the fact that haf th players are shot to bits.

  16. Toonforlife says:
    September 16, 2011 at 1:05 pm

    “What do our medical staff acctualy do when new players come in?”

    I think that Ashley might be having a punt on players who are talented but gannin’ cheap because they are a bit dicey injury or temperament wise Toonforlife. He knew that both Ba and Marveaux had already failed medicals before they passed into the hands of Newcastle United’s quacks. In Ba’s case it was two medicals.

  17. Threabare by xmas.
    Then the usual transfer window crap from the board and Pardew.

    Llovenkrands was talking earlier that we will get goals because we scored goals last season,I think he may have forgotten a few players have moved on since then.

  18. Anyone that thinks we have done well with players like Gosling,BA,Santon,Marveux,Ben Arfa [I was told 5 appearences so far] not checked yet…the team is going struggle I have no doubts about it.
    We played a crap Arsenal side and created little at home,QPR would have hammered us if they had a decent striker and we where totally lucky against a spirited scunny side.

  19. we really need some striker power…why not consider Michael Mifsud from Malta…???!?! he’s fast not very young tough not very old neither…

  20. BBC’s preview of the Villa match contains this neutral & very sensible opinion of our position –

    Alan Pardew finds himself in a political minefield of his own. If he doesn’t criticise the Newcastle owner’s lack of spending then he is perceived as a yes man for the Mike Ashley regime; if he does then he risks getting the sack. So far he has steered a course through the troubled waters pretty skilfully. I also think Pardew has pulled off two deals in the transfer window which will prove to be extremely good business – Yohan Cabaye & Davide Santon.

    I can’t argue with that.
    Villa are also unbeaten but not “united” – they are there to be taken
    – I hope for 0-1 but 0-0 is realisic.


  21. Come on you lot! we are talking about an unbeaten team sitting 4th in the PL! From your attitude anyone would think we were 4th bottom – if that’s what you want change your stripes to red & white!

    My glass is three-quarters full (& its your round) – we only need a decent CF to fill it to the brim! Till then give me a 4-5-1 with Bestie up front.


  22. Grumpy Old-Toon @ 17 – yes, point taken, but we have had a shocking injury record for years – even Stephen Ireland on loan never got a game last season! Is it just us?

    Incidently – how’s Ireland doing now? Last I saw he was given the 7 shirt for villa, so could face us this week – plus Given, Zog & Jenas, so no favours there then.


  23. We are up near the top worky…I am pissing myself with Glee.
    I am top of the predictor as well #naturallyexcellent

  24. sirjasontoon says:
    September 16, 2011 at 2:00 pm

    “I am top of the predictor as well #naturallyexcellent”

    Oh aye SJT, I noticed. Well done so far!

    I’m not in it, but I predicted a 0-0 draw for the QPR game.

  25. Supermac @ 27–thanks for that view from BBC. Makes sense that Pardew must walk a fine line between alienating the majority of the fanbase and p%ss@ng off his employer.
    As far as Cabaye and Santon are concerned I hope the former stays healthy and the latter gets his knee problem fixed properly.
    I’m also hoping that BA has been checked by not only the team medical people, but third party doctors as well to give the go ahead for him to return. Would hate for him to be back in the squad too early eventhough it has been forever since he last played.

  26. Listening to people say “we’re 4th”… Woo fcking hoo.

    If we were 4th bottom, them same people would turn round and say “it’s only 4 games in, ignore the table, blah blah”.

    The truth is, it won’t be until at least 10 games in that we can take notice of our position, and Christmas will give a better view.

    Our squad ain’t big or strong enough, for the duration. And Santon won’t be seen until nearer Christmas time either, Pardew is lying to play it down, just like he did with HBA’s return last season. Shocking gamble.

  27. Supermac @27: That’s a sensible opinion, if you ignore that homeboy contradicts himself. If AP will be fired for criticizing the board and therefore does not, he IS a yes-man.

    We only need a decent CF? Santon was the only defender on the bench at QPR. Pfft.

  28. tunyc says:
    September 16, 2011 at 3:10 pm

    “We only need a decent CF? Santon was the only defender on the bench at QPR. Pfft.”

    Never fear, Perch is here.

  29. tunyc,

    It could be said that all managers are “yes men”. The only thing is that top managers won’t be yes men for Ashley, because his name is dirt in the community and they’ll have to make themselves look like ciphers and buffoons.

  30. JimBob If we were 4th bottom, them same people would turn round and say “it’s only 4 games in, ignore the table, blah blah”.


  31. I live in the countryside, I know better that to say to a farmer “good year for barley!” cos the miserable sod will reply “worst year for mangleworzles in living memory, the worlds coming to an end”.

    I’ve been a NUFC supporter for over 50 years, I should have known better than to say “great start, 4th, good signings, just need a couple more” cos some miserable sods will reply “early days, wait to christmas before you chance a smile, squad too small, should get a vet in to sort out our crocks, we prefer to be miserable, morcambe & wise weren’t funny, if I smile my false teeth will drop out etc etc etc”.

    There’s ups & there’s downs – we were down, now we are up – enjoy it!


  32. Soh ! we got screwed with our panic buy, damaged goods, FFS how could the next Maldini be available for next to nowt.
    Do we have a medical staff at the club ?
    Well actually, they probably had nowt to do with it, same as Marveaux and Ba, well known injury problems, but the price was right.
    So who to blame ?
    Obvious, the man who makes all the decisions, the man who played those brinksmanship games all summer long, where we could have picked up a decent replacement for Enrique and a striker.
    It should be obvious to all, this guy has no intent of putting out one thin dime (unless threatened by relegation, that scares him)
    He’s happy enough to have a mid level side that he can make a few bucks from, plus use the club as an adjunct to his real business, the rag trade.
    Of course he being a control freak , firmly believes he is capable of not only running Newcastle as a profit making enterprise, but to an extent revolutionizing how things work in the league.
    Is he right ?
    Time will tell ?
    Is he good for the club and fans, club possibly,keep us in the EPL hopefully.
    fans ?
    If you like watching a mediocre team,then ok .
    It’s doubtful he will sell any time soon, as he believes he’s on a roll and as mentioned will attempt to use NUFC to promote his other business.
    So there’s the future, our (the fans) only hope is some
    one or group, similar the Fenway group at Liverpool, who’s primary interest is a winning, therefor profitable side, to make him an offer he cant refuse.
    Don’t hold your breath !

  33. Do we have more injuries than other teams?
    Are there any statistics?
    We have allways had injuries – is this more than usual?
    Or is it just noticeable cos they are new signings?

    Was shearer a bad buy (world record) cos he was out for a season & we nearly got relegated?
    Or Tony Green? Every season it happens – I remember suggestions that it was the fault of the training pitch – so why now?

    Or is it just cos some people simply hate the owner and would eagerly blame everything on him – if a tsumami hit SJP I know who would get the blame! And it wouldn’t have happened if we had got a CF etc.


  34. He won’t sell anytime soon cos NO ONE WANTS TO F***ING BUY A PREM CLUB.

    He isn’t gonna make any F***ing money either, it’s a book balancing exercise FFS.

    Haven’t you been paying attention?

    Or d’y’just like the sound of y’own thoughts.

    This is ‘obvious shit 101’.


  35. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    September 16, 2011 at 9:48 pm

    “He won’t sell anytime soon cos NO ONE WANTS TO F***ING BUY A PREM CLUB.”

    He probably won’t sell anytime soon Clint, but how long is it since Chuck’s example, Liverpool FC, was sold in the misdt of a world recession?

    Blackburn too?

  36. worky,
    2 completely extreme ends of the spectrum aren’t they mate?
    Liverpool=world name in football & their ex owners seriously needing out for financial reasons, blackburn=cheap entry level prem team.
    The world & his wife know how much NUFC would cost & every little twist & turn of finance, fan issue, injury, tea lady, etc etc.

  37. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    September 16, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    2 completely extreme ends of the spectrum aren’t they mate?”

    If they are from extreme ends of the spectrum as you write, doesn’t that just make them better examples? It just shows that different kinds of Premiership clubs can appeal to someone, somewhere.

    And why are you being such a radgepacket with Chuck?

  38. worky,
    i think it polarizes the point, one’s a chance in a life time, the other is entry level.
    While clubs like us, everton & the like offer different & difficult propositions, let’s say.

    On the radgy thing,
    soz mate, it’s the constant repetition of cynicism that every now & then pushes a button. I don’t mean owt by it & a think chuck takes it in good faith as we always have a bit craic.
    So divn’t worry mate.
    You musta spotted by now that i’m either super subtle or subtle as a sawn-off.

  39. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    September 16, 2011 at 11:07 pm

    “soz mate, it’s the constant repetition of cynicism that every now & then pushes a button.”

    Clint, to (incorrectly) paraphrase Mike Ashley’s role model, Gordon Gecko:

    Cynicism is good. Cynicism is right. Cynicism works.

    So does repetition as Mike Ashley’s acolytes have found recently. It goes both ways though.

  40. I’m as cynical as the best of ’em mate in me daily life.
    But i try & refrain from that on here as it never comes across in the right way in the typed word imv. You need to see the body language/glint in the eye for the full effect.

    Is that Gordon Gekko of ‘wall st. fame’, i thought he he ‘greed, for lack of a better word, is good’.
    Didn’t he?

  41. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    September 16, 2011 at 11:54 pm

    “Is that Gordon Gekko of ‘wall st. fame’, i thought he he ‘greed, for lack of a better word, is good’.
    Didn’t he?”

    That’s why I wrote “(incorrectly) paraphrase” Clint.

    The original quote from “Wall Street” was:

    “Greed is good. Greed is right. Greed works.”