Colo urges us not to get carried away about our 4th place position

Posted on September 29th, 2011 | 18 Comments |

Newcastle United captain wants to keep his feet on the ground.
Colo: let's not get carried away
Newcastle United’s current 4th place position is very pleasing, if a little unexpected. But how does this bode for the rest of the season?

We’re 4th in the Premier League and we can afford some optimism about that, although I think that should be guarded optimism as I suspect the only way from here is down. Captain Coloccini’s Bouffant has been speaking recently about how we should keep our feet on the ground too. Or at least that’s the way our Assistant Manager tells it. John Carver said:

We’re not getting carried away – it’s important we keep our feet on the ground.

There are some good characters here, and some different characters.

The first thing Colo said after coming off the pitch was that we need to keep our feet on the ground. That’s important coming from the captain.

There are people here who’ve been around the game long enough to make sure not one person gets carried away with what we’ve done so far.

Where we are in the league table’s an added bonus, but if you get carried away, it can bite you on the backside.

Quite so.

I always think it’s the slog after Christmas, when injuries start to take their toll on the squad, that’s the really telling time. But what is realistic in terms of our finishing position?

Well, I think we’re getting stronger. We may have ridden our luck a bit in the first few games but recently – certainly against Blackburn – we’ve looked liked deserved winners and then some, and it looks like things are starting to ‘click’ a bit.

We’re up against Wolves next and, whilst they can be a tricky team to break down, I think we can get at least a point at The Molineaux. But the match after that – at home to Spurs – will give us more of an indication of what we’re about.

At the moment I would still suggest that we’ll be doing well to get a 9th or 10th place finish but if we keep improving – and if we can take points off teams like Spurs (and Liverpool) – I might well revise that upwards by a place or two.

Well, that’s what the optimist in me says, anyway.

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18 Responses

  1. Divven’t worry Captain Colo, I’m not getting carried away!

    “At the moment I would still suggest that we’ll be doing well to get a 9th or 10th place finish but if we keep improving – and if we can take points off teams like Spurs (and Liverpool) – I might well revise that upwards by a place or two.”

    Hugh, that sounds like a very good call to me. As I pointed out in a previous comment somewhare, the strength of our squad dictates that we should finish around about eleventh, much as we did last season give or take a place. I’m not saying that we will, but that we should if things are about average. Anything significantly above that would be something of a success with our resources, and anything significantly below that, the opposite.

  2. Don’t get carried away, but don’t leave any points to be had by not grabbing for them. The schedule will toughen up soon enough so it is to the squads advantage to get every point secured. Any ones nicked now will be with credited for the entire season.

  3. It would be disappointing not to finish with more points than last year after the start we’ve had.

    The team has so much more pace too.

    Cabaye & Tiote in midfield look solid.

    HBA back, Marveaux, Obertan and Santon …

    I think we’ll have a fantastic season.
    I really like the way we are beginning to play.


  4. more excited about our style of football to be honest, we’ve had to put up with some shite over the last few years

  5. 7th – 10th would be fair enough.

    So long as we get at least 10th.
    We probably over achieved last season, first season back, although if we’d held out v wba we coulda been 9th, that woulda been tough to beat this season, so it was probably fair & par for the course.


  6. I think we’re capable of an 8th-9th place finish, providing if we are able to bring in reinforcements come January 2012. We need a centre-back cover, a natural left-back and a striker, as I expect potential injuries in the near future!

  7. yup. Injuries are always the dark horse and could have a major impact on our fortunes depending upon who falls victim.

  8. Jobs for the boys seen Partridge,Ashley and Owlheed at the casino…you can just spot partridge in Ashley’s back pocket :lol:

  9. sirjasontoon says:
    September 30, 2011 at 12:18 am

    “Just sent you the pic on your twitter.”

    I saw something about that on Twitta. Didn’t see nee pics like SJT.

  10. So what if they are in the casino? I personally couldn’t give a flyin fcuk if they gambe 7 days a week, its their money and their private lives so what the hell has it got to do with us?

    I am much more interested in how the team plays and so far so good and long may it continue. I agree that we will probably finish inbetween 8th and 10th place this season although I hope for better with luck.

  11. So what if they are in the casino?….dead right. Some blokes just cannot resist having a go, probably down to envy I would imagine. Look at that dastardly Ashley drinking beer…way out of order…

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