The NUFC Blog Live Transfer Window Countdown!

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Hello, good evening and welcome to the NUFC Blog transfer window countdown conundrum!

With the Summer tranfer window ending at twelve this evening. Of course, Newcastle United have already brought in new recruits such as Yohan Cabaye, Sylvain Marveaux, Demba Ba and most recently, Davide Santon and Rob Elliot as well as youngsters such as Mehdi Abeid. However, we have also lost a few key players such as Kevin Nolan, Joey Barton, Jose Enrique and more, with many fans feeling that the club should still be bringing in some new faces in certain areas.

One things for sure now, If Newcastle United were to bring any more players into the squad, it will have to happen this evening or not at all, so stay Tooned to keep up with the events live!

Please feel free to leave your thoughts, or any piece of transfer tittle tattle in the comments section below, or even in the box above!

Howay the Lads!

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43 Responses

  1. SSN just in-

    RUiz bid accepted by FC Twente !

    Might be a decent end to the window yet lads!

  2. He has just finished his medical at Fulham though and Fatman’s helicopter is on stand-by to get him here if he chooses to speak to us himself.

    Play in front of 23.5 people at Craven Cottage or 50,000 up our way?

    I’m biased but howay! Nowt to consider surely?

  3. The Italian job… Macheda and Bolletelli to join santon at the toon….everything else looks dead in the water!

  4. ruiz would be a good signing if it to be true thought toon would of gone in for dan from birmingham good centre back he would come to sjp than blackburn we could do with him

  5. Apparently just exhumed Jackie Milburn , and he’s been seen looking at houses with his mr.s in darras hall , just a rumour , maybe a bit slow to start with , but with some jump leads he’ll be ganning like me old capri !

    Need to get John Tudor next for canny knock doons in the box !

    Looks like oor No. 9 enlistment is not dead ! or is he ???

  6. Hey guys, just checking, of all the transfer rumours on our striking front, which is the rumor which would most likely cause you to wet your pants in excitement??? I was thinking about it and realized I dun know too much about maiga or roux to be all that excited about seeing them in our jersey although they seem to be the strongest links as of this point in time… I’d actually be a whole lot more excited about gignac as he’s a player I’ve seen a little bit of and actually do rate as a footballer. Being French, there’s no doubts he’d adjust well too. I think we were spot on to go French in the market…. Our french players over the years have been really successful, ginola, Robert, benard come to my mind immediately… I think macheda on loan would be good too… Hopefully Simpson and Oberton can convince hin to switch on perm basis if the loan is successful!!! What do you guys think??? Just your general thoughts on things???

  7. NUFC bid for Liam Ridgewell from Birmingham as cover for left-back and centre-back.

    Decent move again from us imo. As cover of course.

    Please please please get a decent striker!!!!

  8. Anyone heard bout a forward lads?? Wev gota get somethin man,chelski knocked us back for a loan for sturridge,any news on macheda? Hes not my 1st choice but as well as quality I suppose we need numbers

  9. goodoldjimgold>

    What a buy he would be…if he was 5 years younger.

    He’d be great for a season or so maybe but then what what would we do with him? Lose an absolute fortune on him.

    Still not my money though and I could care less what happens to Fatman’s pockets.

    Lets get

  10. Agreed mate,lets jus hope th fcb isnt so retarded he realises we need a lad in up front,and not a freebie or lower league signing

  11. NUFC Ruiz bid still a bit of a long shot with things almost done with Fulham apparently but nothing is impossible. Could defo still happen.

    Very likely Macheda on loan if we’re unsuccessful tonight.

    Very predictably sloppy end to our transfer window. How could NUFC have failed tall ko even register an interest in Ruiz until tonight?

    I won’t vent though until 11pm and we all know the crack.

    C’Mon NUFC get them signed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Ur rite like geordiedan smacks of desperation tryin to hijack at last min,fair enough we got knocked back by a few lads but surely we shoulda had somethin up our sleeve,not to fussed on macheda like

  13. Wtf is wrong wi ashley th tool!?! Fulhams givin better wages out than us,fair doos a wage cap but haway man

  14. He never intended to pay the wages. At least ashley and his yes man can say we tried to sign a striker right until the end. Bollocks!

  15. Yeah just “couldnt get it over the line” pile of shite dont know why I built me hopes up

  16. Typical fatman end of transfer window smoke screen knew we wouldn’t sign a striker, we spent about £1.75m this transfer window. Can’t stand David Craig SSN he really is Mike Ashley’s bum buddy.

  17. Very disappointed like lads. Absolutely fed up, all this time to get a striker in, absolute joke. No excuses will be accepted because there are enough strikers we could have gone in for, bendtner, Ruiz, maiga, gignac, yakubu, all better than what we have, Pardew is a cock, ashleys a fat lying bastard

  18. Ashley u fat stinking cock I hope u or 1 of ur bumboys read this page,your th most hated man on tyneside,why do you feel the need to mess us around and knack this club up time after time?? U r an absolute bellend,tighter than a nuns bits

  19. Same old shite! Not a mention about ruiz until tonight and now “couldn’t get it through” bullshit! What about all the other strikers we could have had? It’s like bullseye!

  20. Most frustrating thing of the whole transfer window, is the our #1 Target should of been a top Striker.

    If we got Ridgewell & Ruiz i would of been delighted and even would of praised Ashley, Llambias & Pardew.

    Somebody is better than Nobody >:(

  21. TYPICAL f***ing fat twat RUIZ we tryed at least pardwho and the rest of the muppets are looking like idiots now GET THE F*CK OUT BOYCOT he is maken a joke of this club 8 fucking months to sign a quality striker and we try to steal a player from Fulham at the last minute JOKE

  22. Absolute disgrace!
    sell your homegrown CF for £35m then no decent replacement 7 months later – this last minute scrabble was a complete farce
    hang your heads in shame!

  23. despite this disappointment (which I feared would happen) we must get over it – we have a team to support – its our team no one elses

  24. It just makes no sense, you sell your main striker and promise a replacement will be signed, that gives you 7 months to get a player in and draw up a list of targets and all we could muster up was a ‘bid’ for Ruiz? Load of rubbish, Pardew can do one aswell, just as bad for lying to us, he knew we wouldn’t get a striker in. Why did we not move for Bendtner on loan? Sturridge? Not even Macheda! What a joke, I know we should get over it and not take it as a shock but it’s just ridiculous. What a waste of a large space you are Mike Ashley, you fat bastard! Sell up and do one!

  25. Undersoil heating still not paid for lads.
    Agent Fees Huge today too.

    Shambles….surely no MA lovers left after this window?

    Goodnight Dreamers.

  26. Sorry about any slight glitches, delays odd dropped comments, and Mackems sometimes. It was a very last minute experimental ‘happening’ type thing to test the live event thing out. It will be much better and more well prepared next time.

    Thanks to everyone who contributed.

  27. Well at least we can look forward to the out of contracts to look forward to. And all I can say is. 6 months in sunderland doesn’t make you a Makem. Funny that el radgie diuf has just been released by blackburn. And James beatie by rangers. Which one you think? One or both? Sheet kuqui revisited.

  28. I still belive in the squad capability of the striker department to contribute goals till JAN again.LOL.

    last season,we don’t have decent assisting for the strikers,but they still score goals. we now have slightly improve it,so should be fine.

  29. have you seen they are taking down the newcastle united signage from the east stand nobody body does that its the most symbolic bit of the stadium that’s the final straw for me get this fat twat out sick of it

  30. Worky dont worry was canny a reckon,out of beattie and diouf id rather diouf simply as hes got more pace than beattie,wev got th big lads in already,however useless they may be,id say im disapointed but what else have we come to expect

  31. Jamie el says:
    September 1, 2011 at 11:00 am

    “Worky dont worry was canny a reckon”

    Thanks Jamie. It was good practice with the live thing and I know it much better for next time we have a ‘live event’.