Sunderland v Newcastle United match highlight videos, post match interviews etc…

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Match highlights. We Geordies could easliy been crying into our beer, rueing one or two important decisions, such as Larson’s handball which denied us a goal earlier in the game. However just at the right time, the sometimes derided Ryan Taylor unveiled the best weapon in his armoury, with a fantastic set piece straight into the back of the net!

Howay the Lads!

Post Match Interviews.

Alan Pardew salutes Ryan Taylor’s “fantastic weapon”.

Steve Bruce: Ten new players, and none of ’em could score.

Quote of the day: “We’ve been beaten in a Derby game, again!” :lol:

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22 Responses

  1. refereeing standards seem to be falling to shite every single season.What a joke of a decision.what’s the point of all this new tech if a blatant bloody handball ain’t penalised.good thing we got our just rewards in the end

  2. sunderland’s turning into an awdully physical team.almost like the other red and white stripped monsters from stoke.
    some really rough challenges on their part.
    for the first time,i think tiote was rather sloppy today.
    however the best part for me was how Fantastic a keeper Tim Krul is turning out to be.we Really really need to hold onto this one.he’s an absolute gem i tell you.sorry steve harper,but looks like there’ll be no getting back into the team for you if krul keeps up in this manner.

  3. Thanks Worky for getting the highlights out. Always wait to see them, especially when WE WIN!

  4. “That right foot of his is a fantastic weapon,” Pardew told BBC Sport.

    “We are trying to bring in another left-back, but he will have to be a good one to take Ryan out of the team.”

    The man talks some utter bollocks at times

  5. Worky>

    Aye, Krul’s a great up and coming keeper but I still feel more comfortable with Harper between the sticks right now.

    All that experience is hard to ignore.

  6. things might be looking up… Now sign a striker and a left back… Iv been feeling miseralbe lately but this just might be the kick up the arse i needed COME ON THE TOON

  7. Paul in Hollywood says:
    August 20, 2011 at 7:04 pm

    “Thanks Worky for getting the highlights out. Always wait to see them, especially when WE WIN!”

    Nee botha Paul,

    As I wrote above, I’ll put MUCH longer ones up if they come out, which thay nearly always do so stay Tooned!

    They’re usually around 10-25 mins.

  8. Great result but we STILL need a quality LB and ST!!!!!! FFS why are we soooo slow to buy and so fcuking quick to sell!? Pieters a FULL Holland International for only 6M and on low wages and we THINK about it or don’t even bother!!?? WTF! I have been trying to ignore this but even with this fantastic result I have to worry about the fact we still cry out for these 2 players to come but never seem like arriving. My patience is on empty and now Pardew might be lowering our expectations even further with that rather bizarre quote “We are trying to bring in another left-back, but he will have to be a good one to take Ryan out of the team.”- WTF does that mean?? I support Pardew just not MA and LLambiarse but that quote really is a strange one. Pardew’s lack of trust shines through evertime he says we’re “trying” to get the players in. He should be confidently saying “we WILL GET the players in” knowing the board backs him up, sadly neither Pardew nor us know WTF MA is going to do with his precious money these remaining 11 days of this transfer window.

    Sorry to be negative but with time running out fast, these latest worrying quotes from Pardew and with MA STILL not digging into his pocket for a quality LB and ST it’s really hard not to be.

    NOT EVEN THIS BRILLIANT RESULT CAN HELP ME FORGET THE FACT WE HAVE TO GET THESE 2 PLAYERS IN ASAP. I’ve never felt like this after a derby win it just proves to me how incompetent MA is that I have to worry in a special day like this.

    Well that’s just me… we should enjoy the day so I’ll try not to think about it too much.

    Bragging rights are ours again LOL

  9. Gotta say team looked together,nice set piece but when are we going to get some punch up front as one set piece goal in 180 mins is a bit worrying , but 4 points in first two games is great !

    Gotta share this Roker park nufc 2-2 draw april 77…

    08.04.1977 Barclays Premier League Sunderland Newcastle United 2-2 ,

    Got beaten up oootside roker park , there was aboot 50 of us visiting roker and we were forced the wrong way up a back street by crowds after the game , must have came across about 250 scum fans all bursting for a fight, we had to run, and was kicked and punched to the floor was only 16 at time, so quite upset, and shaken, dont know who kicked us but me testicles were out of order for a month …

    SO IT’s particularly pleasing to beat the mackem b***tards , and to whoever kicked me april 77 hope your toe fell off with an ingrowing toenail in later life !!


  10. worky/hugh/thump/jimbob,
    i’ve hoyed a match report in if anyone has time ‘where with all’ to schlep it up,tomoz is probably good.
    Ta lads!

    Howay the Lads!


  11. just been thinking lads who’s free kick is better ryan taylors goal or emres goal tough one to pick

  12. Nufc337,

    Gotta go for Emre’s Free Kick, though Raylors was wicked.

    Man I’m Drunk…

    Hope You’s been celebrating tonight. :-)


  13. Sweet Clint.

    Let me know alls good. Hope everything goes OK tomorrow.


    Fabricio is a good name! :-)

  14. I forgot to set match of the day to record…

    Fck man.

    I’m assuming we was last on anyways…

  15. Jimbob says:
    August 21, 2011 at 1:27 am

    “I forgot to set match of the day to record…

    Fck man.”

    Don’t despair! The MOTD highlights should be up online soon anyway Jimbob. I hope so anyway!