Pardew finally talks about Barton. And Enrique. And Barnetta. And Twitter.

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Alan Pardew talks about the Barton Twitter outbursts.
Finds his voice again
Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew returns to the public eye today with comments about Barton, Enrique, Twitter and Tranquillo Barnetta.

Inevitably Alan Pardew eventually had something to say on the whole Barton debacle. Allegedly the Newcastle manager’s tongue had to be put in a splint following an accident as it attempted to break the land speed record, but it’s now back in action. Pardew said:

I’ve never closed the door on anyone and I’m not closing the door on Joey.

He trained with the development team today and, who knows, he may train with the first-team soon.

Who knows indeed. Pardew continued:

It’s a situation I didn’t envisage being in.

Joey is a great player and you want great players in your team. It’s very important as a football club that you are all pulling in the same direction – at this moment of time where Joey is not pulling in the same direction. That’s not to say that can’t change in a short period of time.

I’m still reflecting on the situation, as is Joey at this present time, on how best to resolve this issue. I think that is important at the moment.

Pardew then goes on to talk about Twitter in general:

Maybe if it wasn’t for Twitter and this instant media it may have got resolved on Monday morning with me and Joey in my office.

The problem with Twitter – we need to get a hold of this. We have got nothing from the Premier League on how to deal with this.

I spoke with Sir Alex Ferguson today and he’s had this problem with Twitter before.

You cannot be critical of the club within a personal account. You shouldn’t do that on your own account.

We’re now following the guide that Sir Alex has said they have done.

I’m not against those sites, and I don’t think many managers in the Premier League are, but they have to be careful not to mention the football club.

Pardew also had something to say in reply to the comments by Tranquillo Barnetta’s UK representative which implied Barnetta was ‘insulted’ by the Toon offer:

In terms of those comments I’m not even going to go there.

But he does anyway …

To say £40,000 is a derisory offer – that’s ridiculous.

Then, summing up one or two other outstanding things, he says:

It’s obvious we need to resolve the Joey Barton situation. We also need to bring some players into this club.

We need a signing or two. I haven’t even considered a replacement for Joey Barton.

Enrique is still here and will play on Saturday. I don’t see an issue that he won’t start.

I know there’s interest in Jose, but no concrete interest. We are poised to react to that.

I think I’ve just wet myself with excitement.

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24 Responses

  1. Doing a U turn on the Barton problem is strange, either the club realise it was a harsh decision or Ashley knows all will be revealed if joey goes, Ashley has also probably realised we will demand a decent replacement and doesn’t fancy paying wages and a transfer fee. As for Barnetta, I can’t believe he’s earning £40,000 at Leverkusen, if that’s not sufficient then I agree with Pardew in the sense of thinking sod you then, it shows he’s looking at money. I think we’ll get a couple of players in, hopefully a striker, would like to see Bellamy return personally, other alternatives would be Santa Cruz or Shane Long, any if those would be great. Any news on Benny Arfa?

  2. the club should tell this barnetta and his agent to go elsewhere if he is so good and worthy of bigger wages!

    clubs negotiate fees and wages all the time and for them to go public is a red flag for me and an indicator to move on to another target. his agent must be sniffing glue to make such a comment while trying to negotiate a deal for his player

    good to hear the barton sarga may land with him manning up and taking his fine then playing for us this season and letting his feet do the talking!

    i also hope the club are holding firm with liverpool on jose as they are getting desperate for defenders and we dont need to sell so fingers crossed they might go elsewhere! wishful thinking mind as the club will probably cash in

    this could all have been resolved a long time ago if both players were offered sufficient contracts and kept at the club for the time being at least

  3. @ flash jones

    the epl do a podcast and have a bellamy interview for some bizarre reason on one of the episodes in which he says he

    “would never go back to newcastle as there is no one else to play for up there since bobby robson”

    hes basically calling the fans on it as well.

    some footballers do have very selective memories

  4. Anyone else just bored with all this negative crap that seems to be continuously spewing out of our club?

    I’ve almost switched off to listening to all the non-transfer/Ashley’s a tw*t/Barton BS now. Not even mentioning the Enrique problem.

    Its embarrassing and as much as I love the banter on the blogs I’m fed up of just talking about the same bollox all the time.

    Just wish that we finally sign someone really worth having a good bit crack about SOON!Surely we’ve got to get a bit of good news soon right?

    AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggghhhhhh! lol

  5. Enjoyed the Hughmour as per, but as Dan said, generally a bit fed up with all the bollocks re NUFC.

  6. Marley’s Ghost, it’s bowburn! Haven’t seen you around for a while! How are you keeping, mate?

    I’d love to have been a fly on the wall at a meeting between Pards and Ashley, like.

  7. bowburnmag says:

    “Enjoyed the Hughmour as per, but as Dan said, generally a bit fed up with all the bollocks re NUFC.”

    Ditto !

  8. Doing well cheers Thump, working up in Edinburgh.

    I beg everyone’s pardon but I spend a lot of time on Talk of the Tyne on Vital. Keep meaning to get back over here more often. I was reading through some old threads last night after monkeyspantry reminded me of my Kenny Everett blog. Good times despite the bollocks back then too. Feels like two steps back, one step forward and another step back. I’m hoping the last step backward step is as bad as it gets.

    Hope everyone is in good form.

  9. BTW BBM where have you ended up this season at SJP (having been a Level 7 resident last year) ?

  10. Good to see you BBM. Hope you’re well.

    What you say is true. There were ructions at NUFC when you were writing here and there are ructions again now. Nowt’s changed.

  11. Andy, I haven’t renewed. I was in two minds anyway but Finances made the decision easier. Now weekends have to be about the family as I’m up in Edinburgh Mon to Fri. It’ll be frustrating I’m sure but not sure I could go back in good faith anyway.

  12. Yo’ bowburn,
    you been revived by the yellow fever mate?

    Sounds about how you’d expect, this whole thing, doesn’t it?

    More ‘wind & watta’ in the me, me, media, jumped on from a superannuated height, for ball all but more ball ache.

    Barnetta’s agent, funny guy.
    That’s what they ALL say mate!

  13. Hey Hugh, hope you’re on better form of late. Through necessity I’ve entered the mercenaries world of contracting. I have an interview tomorrow as my current one ends this month. Much easier financially but tough to be away from the family. Although they’re actually up here this week.

  14. Clint – it goes without saying that forums are both a blessing and a curse for football supporters. Much easier to wind up wound up these days.

  15. Hope all’s well mate,
    Edinburgh ain’t such a bad place.
    You doing any festie stuff, it all kicks off about now doesn’t it?

    sometimes you just gotta step back & take a deeeeeep breath.

  16. pardwho…. Time to shut up talking crap just try and get ashley to dip into his pocket and spend a few bob getting sick of hearing where linked with this player and that player just blooddddy SIGN a couple of half decent players and id be happy… At the moment i can see us being in alot of trouble come january squad is just too small if we get a couple of injuries were done for plain and simple!

  17. Clint – aye booked in for a couple of gigs, one next week. Just looking forward to heading straight from work and stumbling on a random great night with acts I’ve never heard of. Life could be much worse.

  18. @ 17 gd

    whats pardew supposed to do its a press conference? he has to answer the questions or people would accuse him of dodging it????

    hes not got a blank cheque book and im sure he above everyone else would like a few more players in!

  19. Sounds like it could be a laugh mate, enjoy.
    At least it’s a proper ‘cultured’ city man, like you say, it could be way worse.
    Didn’t you have to suffer s*land on your travails?



  20. If Joey story is sorted at Newcastle,How would his team mates respond to him? and would Joey cope with what could be a backlash from fans of this club and other clubs in the future?

  21. geordiedug,

    we’ve reached a new nadir mate, any reason/excuse.
    Not blaming, just observing.

  22. Barnetta ? guy aint coming, so why get upset about it, shit rather have Joey in any case.
    As for Pardew, he’s been shoved out to answer questions that niether of the the top bananas want to deal with and just happened to dig up Fergie to substanciate his tude concerning players and the use of twitter.
    Kind of like asking whats the governments tude towards anarchy, idiot!
    When is this shit ever going to end ?
    The fact is Freedom of speech may be the next Eastham/Bosman type case resolved by the courts, face it freedom of speech is a guarantee, not like in the US where its a constitutionary right, but surely by the Magna Charta, being the UK has no written constitution.
    But i am sure it must be inclued in the recent EU constitution , all one million pages long, well who knows? only the people who wrote it, as not too many seem that interested in what their rights are it seems.
    Anyway Joey’s my hero, refusing to co-operate and collect his £60k. per week, Ashley must be fuming.
    A small victory, which proves that the present regime have no clue, I mean would this shit happen at a proper club ?