“Not a hope in hell Barnetta will come to Toon!”

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Tranquillo Barnetta definitely not coming.
Not a hope in hell?
This is old news as we all know but there seems to have been an interesting development regarding this outburst by a certain Barry McIntosh.

In a slightly amusing twist of fate, and if North East football correspondent for the Sun Steve Brenner is to be trusted, Mr. McIntosh doesn’t even represent the player! This actually makes a lot of sense as Swiss TV was reporting Barnetta was on a £27k p/w deal – whether or not that is converted or in funny money, I have no idea – nor do I know the difference.

The words the spook agent used were:

“They have made an approach, but their offer equates to somewhere in the region of £40,000-a-week – which is just ridiculous. Why on earth would Tranquillo move to Newcastle for less money?”

“No offense to Newcastle, he would possibly consider going to Arsenal, Liverpool even Tottenham for less – but not Newcastle.”

If truth be told, that’s a rather scathing attack on us for very little reason but, seemingly, to get his name in the press. Personally I think this is all hilarious now the truth has came out – and it certainly appears to be true as Sky Sports have pulled the article from their website.

Steve Brenner said this on, of course, Twatter Twitter:

So loudmouth Barry McIntosh doesn’t represent Barnetta at all. Yet he was slagging off #nufc bid this morning? Agents pretending to be agents.

Sometimes you can’t help but laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of it all and hopefully most of you join me in a good old fashioned, hearty, Geordie guffaw – you truly couldn’t make this stuff up.

Being of a generally inquisitive nature and in the mood for some e-sleuthing, I stopped trying to find out who was threatening Duncan Bannatyne’s daughter and turned my intentions to this curious fellow and was unsurprised by what I found.

Turns out he appears to be one of those “expensive free agent” pushers, representing a certain Ewerthon who we were chasing last January after the sale of a certain Andy Carroll. At the time he handled himself with a certain grace and dignity in his dealings, saying simply that Ewerthon was considering his options.

That reply is short and sweet thanks to the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that everybody discussing a contract (the agent) is required to sign. Basically saying that the details of such will not be given to the press, so why did he say those mean, mean words about our beloved club?

Well, it’s obvious he wasn’t under any particular NDA and if he was it must have been very loosely worded to the point where “can complain in the press about nasty, nasty Newcastle about somebody you don’t actually represent.”

It makes you wonder if the reason we didn’t land Ewerthon was due to the end of season deal and wage demands by the club that the ageing striker and agent were not happy with. Instead he went to Terek Grozny under which a certain Ruud Gullit managed and was sacked due to a bad run of results. How the mighty have fallen!

I’d like to think for his sake that these words are taken very much out of context, otherwise he’s made himself look quite the Trotters Independent Traders, if you get my meaning.

As a Toon fan I can honestly confirm that the fun simply does not stop!

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20 Responses

  1. Erm ! said a coupla days ago that Barnetta was an in your dreams buy.
    And ?
    Looks like Joey is sticking it to the powers that be, by refusing to do anything but collect his £60k per week and laugh at the amatures who think they know what they are doing with this club.
    In which case they use Pardew to make a cociliatory move to Joey, morons !
    It just gets more ridiculess as each day passes, we are the laughing stock of the PL, when are these ass **oles
    ever going to get it?

  2. Well it just show’s everyone yet again that Agents are on the whole Tw@ts and don’t think about anyone or thing except themselves and their bank accounts .

  3. Aye Axel,
    a greed.


    chuck man,
    you’re just trying to make assumptions to fit an agenda mate.
    Any f***er can dee that man.

    It seems to me that AP has tried to ‘build bridges’ or at least, not ‘burn bridges’ with Joey from the start of his contract negs. Stop trying to conveniently forget past interviews.

    Don’t give that so-so crap that i think it’s all rosey in the NUFC garden either.
    I don’t, but i ain’t no gold fish either.
    ;) (makes quick double clicking noise with tongue)

  4. does anyone think that the fact that no champions league clubs are after barton that it puts us in a stronger position to negotiate a new contract?

  5. al,
    i think he had a chance to sort it. He wanted more years than the club were offering, apparently.
    These days, any club worth it’s salt starts offering 1 year extensions when a player reaches 30. We’ll see a lot more of it from now too. Obviously, there’ll be the odd exception, especially with the more desperate clubs, like say s*land, wham, etc.

  6. Clint
    I call em as i see em!
    Fact is Joey had it right from day 1
    They want younger , cheaper and better and no one can disagree with that.
    I wrote a comment earlier in the year about a clearout of highly compensated players and those who i believed were designated to be moved on because of their influence in the dressing room.
    Well our most influential player in the last two years has been moved and they are trying hard to dump Joey and Smith too.
    Now dont get me wrong it’s not about loyalty, loyalty is a joke, it’s about money, most of us understand that.
    Nolan made the best deal he could, Smith aimt going anywhere,why should he?
    Joey aint going anywhere either unless the right deal comes up.
    What i am saying is, it’s all business, but this cadre of casino refugees we have in the top mangement roles , from Ashley to Pardew think they have it covered, a new way of operating a football club profitably, when in fact they have’nt a clue.
    Believing retailing and show business are the same thing, buying cheap and selling at a profit, hey! it’s bullshit and i am sick and tired of these guys and their barrow boy attitudes.
    And if i have an agenda here, it’s to see this club rid of these parasites and have a proper owner who responds to his/her customers, instead of ripping them of and ignoring them.

  7. clint
    Are you saying Pardew has anything to offer this club other than being thrown out there by Ashley to be a mouthpiece, come fall guy.
    And do you really believe he actually has any controll over anything ?
    His decisionmaking ability is one fat zero, face it how many times has he put his foot in his mouth, how many times has he been contradicted and had to retract statements.
    Dont you get it he’s owned by a control freak owner, cause any manager with an ounce of self respect has already turned the job down.
    And another thing, this demonising of agents is really childish amd the fact is they are an essential part of the business, they represent the players interest’s and it’s the players who generate the money.
    Get it ?

  8. chuck,
    fair enough, most of that mate.
    it neatly overlooks the fact that these players were offered contracts that took them to & just above 30y/o, they wanted more, didn’t get it, so have either walked or moaned.
    That’s all i’m saying.
    That seems pretty cut n’ dry to me.

    As for the ‘profitable’ club thing, well ALL clubs have to start breaking even next year/season, new rules. Looking forward to seeing how it pans out like.

  9. chuck,
    you’re talking about AP as if he’s any different to any other manager out there.
    KK & SBR were perennial blatherers of what can only be described as pap.
    Loved both of ’em, but they spewed crap. Ap is no different.

    On the agents thing: The agent had a go first mate, AP replied, apparently.
    That is if you believe any of the rags vomit.
    Agents are middle men, that’s another word for wanka/moneygrabber, howay man.

  10. Clint
    Yeah i got no problem with the basic plan if in fact you are willing to be an Aston Villa or Bolton, around six to tenth place, in other words second rate.
    But i also think that a bit of expierience never hurt any side,
    Seems like the plan, buy young players under 25yr. old, sign them to a five year contract to prevent them leaving, unless there’s a decent profit in it, may be considered ok as a moneymaking operation, but does little in the way of achieving success on the field.
    And after all, aint that the idea, bit of silverware once in a while.
    Look i understand the rules have changed because of super wealthy owners, who make it tough to compete with, like Spurs trying to hold onto Modric and be a top side, aint easy.
    But to spend (as of now) nothing of a promised £35m. just does’nt show any ambition and smacks of a screw you tude to-wards the fans and could end up as a gamble in regards to relegation.
    Without players like Carroll, Barton, Nolan and Enrique, arguably our four best players gone and an untried group of French players replacing them ?

  11. Chuck – So younger, better and cheaper is a bad thing?

    Nobody knows if Joey had it from day one, as all we’ve had is his opinion, not “the truth”, as many are now branding it. Seriously, do you even know who Joey Barton is?

    Sr. Joey, the patron saint of poor litlle ol’ hard done by souls. This poor lad was asked to take a pay cut while he was in prison for battering a teenager. The cheek of it.

    The bridge building situation works both ways, as it happens. Perhaps Barton and his pal Willie have realised that Newcastle can’t give him away. Let’s be honest, would you front sixty grand a week for this kind of baggage? No wonder he’s trying to build bridges. Maybe, one day, he’ll do what’s best for everyone and learn to keep his ego in check and his opinions to himself.

    Quick question; would you have stood faithfully by his side two seasons, or even one season ago?

  12. @ chuck

    if you were alan pardew and you got the chance to come to newcastle you would have snapped ashleys hand off! its a massive opportunity for him and he doesn’t want to look stupid!

    pardew is trying to manage the team as he sees fit on a shoestring budget so i think its unfair to call him as he aint done much wrong! granted he was not my first choice but hes who we have and jumping on his every word aint going to do nobody any good! do you really think he doesnt want to sign a replacemnet for carroll?

    hes handled the barton and enrique affairs well by keeping the doors open for both players who can only blame themselves for blabbering on twitter and getting fined and transfer listed respectfully!

    and as clint put it kk and sbr (whom i am massive fans of) liked the sound of there own voices at times which i dont really have a problem with

    nolan wanted a four year extension or somewhere in the region of that! which just doesnt make sense on the wages he was on as he aint getting any faster and would struggle to hold a first team place down this season so if he wanted to drop down a division then let him go! smith is a prime example!

    you cant really say anything yet until the end of the window and we see whos in and out and how the season goes in the first 5-10 games!

    one thing we must all surly agree on is nobody knows what ashleys grand plan is! i think the man is a complete b******d but i cant complain with him cutting the wage bill down. we have lived way and above our means for too long now and its time for a bit of realism to hit certain nufc fans! i just hope it for the good of the club and not ashleys wallet!

  13. playing devils advocate as i often do, maybe our issue isn’t spending money on transfer fees but the fact that if we bring in say 4 players with 20-30m outlay their wages will probably be in the region of 200-250k a week, putting us back to square one in terms of spenditure on wages (a gearing of 50-55% wages/revenue is considered healthy for a football club, not 70-80)

    maybe we will see more spent if we can shift the likes of smith, xisco, routledge is off the wage bill now, lovenkrands, shola, guthie deals ends next year, if enrique does go im sure his replacements salary will be a lot less, as would bartons

    so perhaps what is holding things up is not spending money on players to improve the team but still paying over the odds for a number that don’t?

  14. Couldn`t agree with you more BAG, I Wikipediad (God that sounds dirty) him and nothing came up on the twat, oh well, your typical agent I suppose, lecherous bastards the lot.