Newcastle won’t pay over £4.3 million for Pieters? [updated]

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Erik Pieters
Pieters: Fatty's wallet remains closed.
De Telegraaf in the Netherlands have reported that Newcastle United will only pay a maximum “ransom” of €5 million (around £4.3 million) for PSV Eindhoven and Netherlands left back, Erik Pieters, which falls far short of the £6-7 million PSV are looking for.

However they also state that the reason is that moneybags Manchester City have revealed that they would be willing to pay a “substantial share” of the wages of redundant left back, Wayne Bridge, in a loan deal, with a rental deal for Bridge being allegedly a more appealing option for Newcastle United’s notoriously mean owner. It goes on to report that Ashley would be looking for Man City to pay at least 50% of Bridge’s current £90,000 per week salary.

Meanwhile, Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew, went to see Pieters for himself in yesterday’s game between PSV and ADO Den Haag, a game which I saw myself due to the wonders of modern televisual technology. Pieters looked solid enough, not so much an attacking left back in the manner of Ashley Cole etc, but that is not a criticism. However the quality of opposition left alot to be desired.

Speaking on a possible move to the Magpies, Pieters himself has said:

“I’m open to this step, but if it fails I am not disappointed.”

Match highlights ADO Den Haag v PSV Eindhoven.

I have updated this post with some extended highlights of the ADO / PSV game from yesterday.

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49 Responses

  1. WE WONT SIGN ANYONE… the tight fatman wont spend any money
    and as for bridge he can stay where he is raylor will do a better job then that HAS BEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thought the fat man was an astute business man paying 3million pounds in wages to a over the hill has been makes no sense why not just pay the money for pieters out of the money we got off Jose

  3. Nice to see this blog is full of the gloom merchants. Aslong as they’re away from the original, i’m happy.

  4. poolietoon says:
    August 22, 2011 at 4:01 pm

    “why not just pay the money for pieters out of the money we got off Jose”

    And Nobby, and Routledge, and Carroll…

  5. If Bridge is what the fat man wants don`t bother. Give me Taylor any day of the week over that mercenary. But it should`nt have to come to this should it? Where is all of the money? We have made a good start why has the fat man got to tarnish anything good?

  6. But Poolie if we spend the money for Jose on Pieters what will poor old Mike have to spend in Greggs.

  7. of course I didnt really attack as I played centre half, did you even watch it? hope pardew was there i would welcome a move to the premier league

  8. Wayne Bridge is the worst player in the premier league by a country mile. I’d rather go with Raylor and Ferguson until Jan and then take stock, reflect and if needed splash the dough then.

    In other news, I hear from my mate ‘in da South’ that we have agreed a £2.2m deal for some young right wing-back from Watford, apparently capped at u-19 and u-20 level.

  9. If this is true, I don’t get it at all.

    What is there to lose? You pay £6-7 million for a 22 year old, Dutch international left-back, who will eventually be signed by a top 6 club if he does well, hence you will make profit as you will sell him for more than £6-7 million? If he as is good as people say, he won’t be hanging around Newcastle for too long will he?

    Isn’t that dip sh*ts transfer policy?

    I’d rather Raylor at left-back than Bridge.

  10. erik pieters says:
    August 22, 2011 at 4:14 pm

    “of course I didnt really attack as I played centre half, did you even watch it? hope pardew was there i would welcome a move to the premier league”

    No, you played left back you idiot! :-)

    Bouma and Derlick were in the centre. Watch the highlights above.

  11. fat mike makes me sick there is no logic to this man trying to get a dutch international for 4.5 mill. psv are not one of his cheap shop every chairman must be laughing at us if he thinks you can fill a team with cheap players he should get the gates he deserves 20000

  12. FCB knows he wont get Pieters for £4.3M. He is not going to spend anything unless we are in danger of the drop in January. There are 14 clubs playing for absolutely nothing in the Premiership this season apart from staying clear of relegation. If he had any interest in the team & its supporters he would go out and buy a quality left back, a solid centre back (to strenghen in case of injury) & oh yes a proven goal scorer but what does he know about football? Bridge is no better than what we’ve got.At least Raylor is a dead ball specialist!If he wants to help Man City why not take either Adeybayor or Santa Cruz on loan

  13. Nah, come on, the choice between a young Dutch iternational for £6-7m (at most) plus £35k pw wages and an over the hill player on loan and we pay £45k pw with no return from the loanee of course.

    Can’t be serious…. can he?….. or can he?

  14. i think you can refer to this as “calling ones bluff” lamearse knows all about this being a Casino owner. i think the aim is to make it look like newcastle dont need a left back as urgent as first thought and there for take away the “Suply In Demand” price football clubs seem to request when they know a fellow club is in desperate need.

    i can see ashley and lamearse calling bluff but i can also see them falling for a double bluff and losing out all round.

    if their ploy works we could see us get a top player for nearly 2 million less than they want and maybe push that in a quality striker.

    either way i think if we sit firm and watch and take the experiance lamearse has in the gambling world we can quickly learn how they work and not have to beat ourselves up when players dont come in as fast as we like and the club drag their heels to crawling pace.

    9 days to go and come full time after the up coming fulham game on the 28th august we could be in the driving seat, if raylor comes good again it takes the heat off and then we might get our man for less, if not entering the last two days with a defeat to fulham and we could be spending a little more.

    let us hope Mike and lame arse can work with this and win as it seems theres only afew clubs left in the weeler dealer market and not so much risk of being caught out by another club poaching our find.

    so let us prey their gamble pay off and we get a couple of players for a few million less and get the players we want and the terms we need. after all 2million in our bank is better than 2 million in theirs.

  15. If Enrique, a proven left back in the Premiership, is valued at £6 million then Pieters, an unproven player in Premiership, must therefore be valued less. How much will probably be down to horse trading, bluff and counter bluff.

    If we want him then a compromise will be reached between the clubs but I doubt very much the value will be greater than the amount we sold Enrique for.

  16. Kamar says:
    August 22, 2011 at 5:13 pm

    “If Enrique, a proven left back in the Premiership, is valued at £6 million then Pieters, an unproven player in Premiership, must therefore be valued less”

    Kamar, does that mean that if, say, Marcelo, wanted to transfer from Real Madrid to the Premier League, he would have to be less than £6 million?

    Netherlands players have hardly ever had a problem adapting to the Premiership anyway.

  17. Kamar, I don’t understand:

    “If Enrique, a proven left back in the Premiership, is valued at £6 million then Pieters, an unproven player in Premiership, must therefore be valued less.”

    I don’t think that logic can apply, just because the lad hasn’t played in the Premiership and Enrique has, so Enrique is worth more?

  18. Stephen,

    No disrespect to Pieters and the Dutch national team but Owen, Luque, Boumsong, Viduka, Carr and probably a few more we have had in recent time were internationals.

    There have been quite a few recognised foreign internationals who have failed to make the grade in the premiership. The Premiership is a tough league to step into. Colo, Jonas and Enrique all struggled to begin with, but to be fair to them we were a pretty poor side then.

  19. Darryl says:

    “Nice to see this blog is full of the gloom merchants. Aslong as they’re away from the original, i’m happy.”

    I dont normally bother to respond to these puerile comments which suggest that these dickheads live in a “happy clappy” NUFC tinted world.

    FFS this is CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM we have here. If you think thats doom and gloom then try the “Animal Farm” blog where all folk are equal, opposing views are down to a minimum and everyone has a group hug every 24 hours :)

  20. I’m sure we’ll get the players we need over the line in time for the window closing. It’s not as exciting watching us in the transfer market now like it was before MA took over but we used to spend way over the odds for players that were over the hill and useless. There is nothing wrong with getting the best deal possible. We have an incredible scout in Carr. He’s picked out some beauties! The type of players we are after are fantastic prospects for the future, that is how we should be building a squad. Why spend over the odds for players and only get 2 or 3 players for the £35. Let’s spend the money wisely over the next few transfer windows in building a squad capable of breaking into the top 6. It’s a risky strategy buying young unproven talent from the continent I admit, but let’s be positive about the season and the future. I believe we have a great manager in the making in AP that can carry the club forward. Let’s stop moaning about MA and DL and let them get on with it, they have made some terrible mistakes over the years but I believe they are slowly building a club back up that will hopefully be right up there in the near future. Let’s start being optimistic! TOON TOON BLACK N WHITE ARMY!

  21. i think the reason ashley doesn,t pay out enriques transfer money is ashley is obsessed with paying up front for our transfers and the rest of the pl pay their transfer fees over a period of time three years.

  22. Enrique was worth a lot more than 6 million so it’s probably a fair deal. PSV are also one of the best sides in Holland so in my view 6-7 million is a very good deal for a dutch international.

    @ 9 Is his name Lee Hodson?

  23. Kamar says:

    “If Enrique, a proven left back in the Premiership, is valued at £6 million”

    Sorry Kamar no logic exists here :( Jose was a “wantaway” player with 12 months left on his contract. The market states that players in the last year of a contract are deemed to be less “valuable”. Whether thats right or wrong is irrelevant, we fecked up for leaving Jose unsigned or unsold for so long and therefore we either find a similar player in a similar position with his own club (Neil Taylor springs to mind and we fecked that too) or we stump up the cash or we dont bother.

    My moneys on the latter :(

  24. Harry says:
    August 22, 2011 at 5:50 pm

    “Enrique was worth a lot more than 6 million so it’s probably a fair deal.”

    It depends on his contract and other factors Harry, such as the fact that Enrique was gagging to leave. We were never going to get £10-15 million for him.

  25. Fatboys transfer policys this window all point to one thing- in my opinion I Think the club will be sold very soon! He’s trying to make it look like a worthy investment and balance the books with a low wage bill so as to not put off any potential buyers. Watch this space!

  26. 5.5M might be a good middle ground. You can’t often get a decent left back for less!

    Maybe we should try Marveaux at lb against Skunkthorpe? Just an idea!

  27. p.s – I’d still far rather we were owned by Ashley than any sovereign state entity like Man City, or any billionaire like Chelsea. To some extent that’s almost fake football…

  28. @ 29 Yeah in terms of his contract that was probably all we could get but in terms of ability he was one of the best LB’s in the Prem.

  29. @Belly 24

    Love it man, I agree with everything you’ve said, Life is what you make it – as far as I am concerned everyone has 2 choices, 1- to look at life in a positive way and see the benefits, optimism and enjoyment or 2 – to believe that there is always an ulterior motive, find the negative and make everything about the worst possible scenario

    I’ve been going to the toon every game since 1985 and I have always chosen option 1

    Those who choose option 2 aren’t wrong, just different

    Howay the Lads !!!

  30. Adam says:

    “p.s – I’d still far rather we were owned by Ashley than any sovereign state entity like Man City, or any billionaire like Chelsea. To some extent that’s almost fake football…”

    I think you’re in the majority of fans Adam. When Citeh win the League (as surely they will) their fans wont be able to tell if they won it because they deserved it or simply because they had more money than anyone else ?

    Citeh have reached an extraordinary situation where they cannot get rid of surplus players because no other club can afford the over inflated wages they paid their players in the first place. (Which reminds me that Smudger was signed by Allardyce but under the chairmanship of a certain Fatman)

  31. Kamar i can see your concern but i think netherlands are a better outfit than some of the afor mentions players national teams,
    after all only Owen in his early 20s was on fire for england time after time, looking back to the goals he scored against agentina and germany, his early days for england you couldnt question his ability and would be unfair to put him in a league with luque or boumsong.

    although you could say boumsong played for france, 27 apearances since 2003.I would say they would probably be down to inuries to other players in same position.

    albert luque, spain 18 games and two goals during his spell at deportivo. 2002-2005. hasnt been picked since.

    mark viduka, ausie was prolific at Melbourn Knights, Croatia Zagred, Celtic and leeds. we bought him 10 years too late.

    Stephen Carr did well at spurs from 1993 we signed him after severe knee problems took away 2 seasons out of his playing time.

    my point is, for one, comparing a old cart horse of a former decent player is hardly the same as comparing to a youthfull version of the same player, unfortunately we bought them towards of the end of their playing time.

    for two, it seams that pieters is first choice for his position and other that Owen and Viduka i very much doubt Boumsong and Luque would have been first choice for their countries.

    and thridly comparing them to when they played for us rather than when they were 23 (same age as Pieters) and in their prime is hardly a good comparison. owen at 17-23 wasnt the same as Owen at Newcastle United bought at 26 years old. and i wouldnt be the first to say owen was burnt out when liverpool sold him to real madrid anyway. had newcastle bought him at 20 years old it would be a different story.

    fourthly netherlands have always been a national team that have been consistant in producing top class players, their couching and ecademy seem second to none, the list is endless when you look at top players that have come from their ranks. need i mention Gullit as a player? one of the best in the world at that time, and a typical example of what ive already mentioned, Patrik Kluivert, compare him to a 23 year old kluivert in his prime to the 28 year old player we bought with well known off field problems.

    and yes i agree it will take him time to settle, but if we were going to purchase any player from any part of the world netherlands is probably the best place to buy them from in that perticular position.

    and he must have something as pieters in stepping into van bronkhorts boots. and that cant be bad. especialy with a 2012 olympics and a 2014 world cup. a player like pieters playing for holland will surely have a higher potesial residual value than most. and at 23 has plenty of time and tv coverage to achieve a decent value before he is 23 – 25 when each repsective tornament takes place.

    25 years old with the coverage of a world cup finals will surely be 6 million well spent. if we miss out this could be another blooper in the hands of victory.

    did we not turn down a young zinedine zidane for the same reasons? only had a few apearances for france and wasnt a housold name. lets not make that same mistake again.

  32. Group hugs…sounds nice that…less opinion more hugs is the way forward I think.
    Maybe have a little virtual rose garden, 60’s flower power music and gay flares :lo:

  33. @ sirjason lets hope the FA accept virtual points at the end if the season
    and virtual faxes when it comes to dead line day.

    and lets hope more importantly enough , PSV accept virtual cash.

    doesnt look like they will get anything other the way its going.

    i wander if they accept paypal?

  34. Stephen C,

    You forgot the greatest player, manager and football thinker in human history, and the inspiration for all the great Dutch players you did name in that list. He was also the originator of the modern Barcelona team and ‘tiki-taka’ football. I am of course referring to Johan Cruyff as well as his almost as great partner in crime, Johan Neeskens.

    Incidentally, I wouldn’t put much store by that Zidane Toon story, it was merely the word of a complete arsehole called Barry Silkworm.

  35. Good (and long) reply Stephen.

    All I’m trying do is understand what could be the club’s negotiating position or reluctance to meet PSV’s asking price.

    No one would accept an opening price. Therefore wrangling would centre on some points that the other party cannot substantiate in monetary terms, therefore experiance of the much tougher premiership because I doubt there is any problem with Pieters ability.

  36. looks like we are leaving it to the last minute! If I was buying a car I’d be just as canny – let’s be honest, all fees are rediculously high – just look at the situation in spain with a players strike, it could happen here if we don’t operate sensibly

    anyone know what happened to the trialist we had last week?

    anyone see this young lad? – FORMER Cray Wanderers academy player Jonathan Hooper has joined Newcastle United following a successful trial with the Premier League giants.

    The 17-year-old striker was part of the Cray academy before following the club’s coach, Darren Anslow, to Kent Premier League side Sevenoaks Town. Hooper, who is known as JJ to his team mates, was then invited to a trial with the Magpies and impressed sufficiently to be handed a two-year scholarship deal. The Greenwich-born marksman celebrated his move by bagging a hat-trick on his debut against Chelsea Under-18s on Saturday and is seen as a very bright prospect by Newcastle acamdey boss Joe Joyce.

    Joyce told Newcastle United’s official website: “JJ has been with us for three weeks now and was very impressive in his trial period. He did well during our tour of Scotland and last week we got him signed on a scholarship.
    “And I think he showed everybody the qualities he has against Chelsea on Saturday.”


  37. supermac says:

    “looks like we are leaving it to the last minute! If I was buying a car I’d be just as canny – let’s be honest, all fees are rediculously high – just look at the situation in spain with a players strike, it could happen here if we don’t operate sensibly”

    If you’re buying cars supermac then I’d understand that argument particularly if there were 75 “Pieters” standing around on the forecourt waiting to be sold. When you’re buying “one off” players who fit your need its an entirely different ball game.

    Unfortunately Fatman sees it very much like you so we’ll finish this transfer window either with an inferior (to Jose) replacement or nobody.

  38. woky ticket i was going to give those a mention but i was trying to restrict my reply to 10,000 words. the list is endless when talking about the greats coming from the netherlands.

    to be honest i will probably be reduced to embarasment but is the premier league really all that? to the extent we need to quarenteen every player without prem experiance to pergatory.

    the prem is built on the foundations of the exact factor people seem to forget. unknowns becoming housold names.

    looking back at the origons on the prem, as far as i can recall we had a handfull of internationals in the prem. chelsea probably had 80 percent. add in cantona and that was probably your whack. bring in Arsenic Winge-er and the revolutiuon took place.

    if i look back at players who have failed in the prem you have the likes of Forlan for man u. who did well else where but still didnt do too badly here, up against teams that were very impresive and good tactical and skill full players.

    the amount of players who actual fail in the prem arent that great in numbers, the majority being instant success. few and far between actualy fail to break into a decent run.

    if Torres had just signed from athetico madrid to chelski we would no dobt be saying that he couldnt cut it. but it just goes to show at liverpool he was on fire. so there are alot of factors to be taken into account.

    when was the last time a top player actualy failed to impress? when was the last time a half decent player failed to impress somewhere.

    fair enough, forlan didnt to amazingly like he was expected but that was in a Man u side up against Arsenal, Us, liverpool. he would have probably fit quite snugly into a team like wigan or everton or even us.

    this myth that players need to have prem experiance in my opinion is a myth. some teams are difficult to adjust to than others. and obviously the culture, area and mamanger all need to be looked into before we even start to look for perfonamnces on the pitch.

    we all have a private life and unfortunately even in the real world it does overlap in to our working lives. unfortunately thats the way humans are.

    lesser players have done well and still perform for lower clubs. its entirley the players pretence and not on the players ability, in my opinion, that is more the major factor on why certain players dont settle.

    so my point is you dont need to be the best to fit in the prem, bokonegra, insomnia, saha etc. in my opinion there is always a team suitable for any decent player, its just weather or not that player accepts that he isnt as good as he thought, a player failing in a side like Man u doesnt mean he would fails at a club in the top ten.

    satna cruz at blackburn he was great, man city flop.

    adebyore at arsnenal did great, man city it seems he had attitude problems. when spurs sign him i think he will do great.

    unfortunately though some players just werent good enough and were way too over rated.

    but my point is the list of players that have failed is hugely out weighed by the players who have succedded or atleast done a half decent job, better than their british equilivlant.

    need i mention, phillipe albert, olivia bernard, and the greek guy we had in defence.

    each team has players who dont make it but this big argument is blown way out of proportion due to the attitude of that player, over inflated egos, agents and maybe a half decent world cup.

    and those who argue can take a look at the prem now. 80% non-uk players most of them unknown with little international experiance.

    as far as im aware insomnia only had 1 cap when we signed him look at him now.

    its all one big myth.

    please do tell me if im wrong.
    but the numbers might tell me im not so.

  39. Enrique,shot us in the stotts by not giving an answer “once we were safe”- Even Big nose Thompson value him @12-15ml

    IMO, it has taken Enrique 60 games to get Decent, and still make stupid mistakes.
    Don’t think he will displace Evera for a long time yet, ulikley to become full international.Peiter is a full international NOW.Saleable assent in the future !!!
    30k pw for a asset is better business the 45k for a loan.
    IS FCB hoping Fergy will be the finished article in a years time ?.
    AAAGGHHH totally frustrated

  40. Stephen C,

    He’s the last one I’d miss out though. ;-)

    Offhand, I can’t remember any Dutch players who have really failed over here, unless they were just poor anyway, which happens, even with Harry Redknapp and Boogers in his proto YouTube signing method.

    I would agree that it’s somewhat overexaggerated generally, but there have been a few, especially when it come to more ‘Mediterranean’, usually Spanish, and possibly a few South American players.

  41. worky ive just spent the last few months in the USA.

    and i can tell you one thing, i set foot off the plane at newcastle and i havent taken my jumper off yet. divent panic im sure a night out in the big market might change that.

    but my point is i spent three months there and when you enter the UK and you suddenly get hit by this weather front unlike any place on earth its hard to deal with.

    mediteranian players atleast have somewhat of a predictable weather front and can more often than enough play decent football.

    for dry, hot, humid south americans its even worse. why should a player earning £140,000 per week with his head up in the clouds and the whole world owing him a living, need to put up with the british weather.

    you can almost time the transfer requests tevez puts in by his mothers barometer. guarantee it. next time he is in agentina the fear of semptember sets in. its all snow ploughs and rain september onwards. poor tevez wont be allowed to wear his snood this season either.

    nowhere to run no where to hide you’re neck and face in the cold weather.

    but i must say if half of these meditiranians and south americans had a jumper they’de be dangerous.