Let’s all do The Poznan?

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Let's all do The Poznan
City fans inspired by Lech Poznan
A group of fans have hit upon a way to protest against Ashley, without damaging the team. It has garnered a fair support so far with the likes of United for Newcastle (NOT to be confused with NUSC) taking an active role in spreading the word and it may be worth considering if you’re interested in protesting against the board.

Recent events have shown that our owner and “provider”, Mike Ashley, appears to be very worried about a little known thing such as “player power”. The general gist of this is to show Ashley that his priorities are woefully wrong and that it is us, the fans, who truly hold the power.

It was the fans who kept singing despite being 0-4 down at home to Arsenal that gave the players that extra strength to kick it up a notch. It was the fans who showed up time and time again to matches in the Championship, giving us the third highest average attendance of the season in English Football and it was the fans who signaled to Mike Ashley after relegation to sell up – admittedly, there were no offers but the point remains that we got our message through to him.

The statement on the Facebook page reads as follows:

I’ve had enough, we’ve had enough. So what do we do now? Try something new:

1. Watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5RtnXcQ_lw&NR=1

2. Get to the match 15 minutes before kick off

3. When the announcer reads the teams out we turn our backs on Ashley

4. Pogo up and down singing ‘We want Ashley out’

5. The ref blows the whistle we turn around and support the team

6. The ref blows the whistle for halftime we turn our backs on Ashley and start again

This’ll look great on the TV particularly when they cut to Ashleys devasted dafty moy. If you’re in the Milburn stand you’re lucky you get to turn round and see Ashley crawl under his rock. Like and share with your pals if you want to try something new, this is just one first step out of many.

I wouldn’t worry about nicking it off Man City, they filthed it off Lech Poznan in Poland ;)


“But Thump! We can do this anyway and we don’t even have to turn around and jump!”

Of course you can! The desired effect is simply to turn our backs to Ashley and during what many see to be the most important part of the game – the team sheets. If you’re fortunate enough to be sitting in the East Stand, missing the team sheets is a minor issue as the PA system is awful over there so Poznan your heart out!

We are the fans and we do hold the power. We have new players in the squad who are going to need our support – more so now than ever. Personally I think this is one of the very few ways of doing things that will not be too damaging on the new lads.

Like the Facebook page if you agree with this – let’s show Ashley that we are the heart and soul of the club. Let’s remind him that it’s our club, and it’s a great club – let the Gallowgate shake.

NUFCBlog Author: Thump Some say his bones are black and white but that is yet to be medically proven. Currently writes for a few different publications and likes to assert his imaginary authority on nobody in particular. Beware: eats children. Thump has written 36 articles on this blog.

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109 Responses

  1. an empty stadium would show the world that this man has done his work and needs 2 moove the foook on, so we can have a chance in future ! sooner the better

  2. I don’t want to touch the people in the adjacent seats and I’m sure as hell not letting them touch me.

  3. Yeah whatever floats your boat :(

    Aint gonna happen and we all know it. The Level 7 gang has been disbanded and are now spread all over the shop. The chances of the rest of the Toon faithful protesting are small to miniscule and the Fatman knows it :(

    Real opposition comes when you have people who really care !

  4. As long as we make sure for 90 minutes + stoppages we’re fully behind the team every game i’m fine with that

  5. Really?????
    Whats the point in protesting any more??? tried so many times and MA just doesn’t care what we say or do. Do you really think he’ll find us turning our backs to him as shocking??? he’ll just laugh at the stupidity of us, turn round and go for a pint.
    Totally demoralised about what’s happened to the team since Carroll left, really don’t know what the point is any more.
    Heartbreak seems to be just round the corner for us and of course lets not forget the national humiliation which I can just find over sound of raucous laugher aimed at us.
    I’ve had enough, I’ll start supporting the tiddlywinks league, has to be less stressful.

  6. @ 3 i think he needs to realise that we have and always will support the team, he takes us 4 granted, and he needs to make sure he supports the team in the way we all know he should! sometimes hard love works i think joey , jose , nolan and more before them grow angered to his stubborness, he isnt part of our club he is watching us die, i dont support that

  7. I know man city knicked it from lech poznan, but even though when they do it its not original, its something which is already in the league at another team, so Newcastle fans would still be accused of copying city, as well as the fact that when city, and to the best of my knowledge poznan as well do it, its a celebration.

    I don’t think doing something known as a celebration is that effective as a protest really.

    As jam said, empty seats would have far more impact. But at the end of the day, he’s had it for sale before with no offers. You can’t sell if nobody wants to buy.

  8. @Andy: So the only noise in the stadium came from Level 7?

    Howay mate, you know it as well as I do – noise can come from absolutely anywhere in the stadium. I used to sit slap bang in the middle of the stadium in the East Stand and the Gallowgate drowned out L7 every single time. Even sitting at L4, the Gallowgate was louder.

  9. AndyMac – You do talk out of your backside sometimes, in fact most of the time, that’s when your not being picky and correcting some poor sod’s spelling mistake.

    Who are you to sit in judgement on fans who pay their hard earned money to go to the match but maybe dont want to jump around like idiots.

    Personally I am all in favour of the protests in what ever form they take, but it will have no effect at all on Ashley as he has the hide of any elephant.

  10. he will laugh at anything we do as hes still selling his tickets and stock, thats where it will make a difference!

  11. to anyone that said (for a variety of the worst reason ive ever heard you guys should be ashamed of your selves) that its a bad idea. its about us as a geordie nation standing up for what is right regardless of if you dont wanna touch the person beside u! f**** sake. would you rather hug a FELLOW MAG in support of newcastle OUR club and show that c*** that we are heard and wont be silenced. or would you rather he just walked of us again and made us a laughing stock AGAIN!

  12. I’m all for it personally, i think the point of it is for it to be a celebration,turn the poisonous atmosphere which we’ve now become famous for if we’re hinest on it’s head and get everybody gee’d up to support the team once the whistle goes whilst sticking 2 fingers up at Ashley live on ESPN.

  13. Thump says:

    “@Andy: So the only noise in the stadium came from Level 7?

    Howay mate, you know it as well as I do – noise can come from absolutely anywhere in the stadium”

    I’m not talking about noise Thump, where do you think “Get out of our club” came from ? Certainly wasnt the East Stand :)

    and as for Toonie, grow up will ya !

  14. ‘Cockney Mafia’ out!!! Oh FFS, fair enough, this will look good, but if there is another ‘cockney mafia’ banner going round the stadium it will just be embarrassing.

    I bet there will be, and a ‘boycout’ one. :-)

    Cue, Derek sitting there with a smirk, fair enough.

  15. All we seem to hear is words like ’embarrassing’ ‘it’ll never work’. The reason it won’t work is the gloomy negativity fostered on message boards like this one. And your right it will never work if we don’t collectivly grow a set, give new things a try and never,ever give up until we’ve reclaimed our club. That to me is worth fighting for, a lot of our fanbase seem to have given up.Newcastle UNITED will never be defeated.

  16. Let’s just hope we (the fans) put as much energy into supporting the team on the pitch, eh?

  17. @Clint See above,the idea is based around getting people gee’d up for the whistle to turn round and support the team.

  18. Monkeyspantry,

    all i’m saying is let’s not let it get in the way of giving the lads proper support. They don’t deserve to be relegated to a sideshow in the face of the obvious distain.
    Y’get me?

  19. Monkeyspantry, I’m not saying the idea is ’embarrassing’ mate, just when ‘Cockney’ banners get made up. Considering the twat is not a Cockney, and it doesn’t matter where he is from. Sheppered was a nightmare, he’s a Geordie?

    Fair play, it will look good, and I’ve had enough of him, but not because of where he is from.

    Look at the Chronicle site, Cockney this and Cockney that. Pisses me off to be honest, but each to their own.

  20. Aye,totally mate.The point is people are trying their hearts out to make a positive change and refuse to give up.It’s not about the ‘Poznan’ thing and to be honest for every negative comment there’s been 5 more positive,what it’s about is we’re allowing 1 man to crush our collective spirit and it’s manifesting as default negativity. We need to band together,i for one support anyone whose willing to come up with ideas like this one, this board could be a place for that to happen,i see no ideas. WHere are they gentlemen (and ladies)?

  21. AShley will just stop turning up like he did the last time.Unfortunately the only thing that will effect him is losing money,and I fully understand the dilemma’s involved in making that happen

  22. jimbob,
    i’m firmly with you on that one mate.

    A tw@ is a tw@, where ever they come from.

  23. @Clint We could be inspiring them as well.You ever been to a match where the atmosphere has been pure poison? They look like frightened rabbits.

  24. @Mick G. The TV cameras don’t stop turning up. It could be a great advertisement for what we are really all about and attract new buyers.

  25. Sadly,

    the most effective way of getting shot would be for the club to stop being in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, therefore, someone may come & buy the thing off of him.
    No one, NO ONE, in their right mind is gonna buy a football club that looks in turmoil. Even if that is only perceived
    People will buy it when it all looks good & they get it for the right price.

    At least that’s how it looks to me.
    Would you buy a poisoned chalice?

  26. Monkey,

    i’m thinking of the fear working it’s way down to the pitch.
    We have a bunch of new lads & young ‘uns that might not get & lose their confidence, before they even get their feet under the table mate.

  27. whats with all the negativity its about us standing together against a common enemy. surly everyone can see that. or do some people on here like being a laughing stock ran by a sweat shop hawker. and then nameing our beloveed ground after that sweat shop. come on were doing this for newcastle. lets stand united!

  28. FFS, why don’t we all take a step back and see what actually happens. All of the negativity and hatred just builds up a poison atmosphere for everyone.

    You don’t have to love Ashley or any of his henchmen but as far as I know he is not the great beast with 666 on his head. Or perhaps some of the agitators want Fat Freddy back.

    If next season does turn out as per the worst predictions and I don’t think it will, then I will be happy to join the knitters by the tumbrils and cackle for blood.

    But as far as I can realistically see, we have the makings of a damn good squad so I aint going to join the witch-hunt (yet)and give the season a chance to unfold.

    Oh and wasn’t the Poznan just a different way of celebrating rather than a protest, happy to be corrected if I am wrong.

  29. Aye Grumpy it is a celebration,thats the point.It’s a celebration of Tynesides proud tradition in the face of adversity.It’s about time we bring that back.This blog has a strong part to play in doing that.

  30. letting players go and not replacing them has been the pattern of the ashley regime, well lets see if this changes before deadline day, he needs to do things NOW because january u get robbed and it could be hard work by then!

  31. Monkey,

    again, sadly,
    someone was always gonna buy liverpoop, even with massive debts. Though it pains me to say it, they’ve won the CL 5 times, the league 18… We aren’t the same proposition are we, be honest.

    I get what you’re saying though.

    Someone will always buy manusa even with £1b debt, there’s always still money to make off their back.

    We’re just becoming less & less attractive.

    I know you understand what i’m saying.

  32. Grumpy has a fair point too.

    We do ‘still’ have the makings of a good team/squad here, that needs a ‘proper’ chance to show us what it’s got.
    Not get all f***ed up before it gets going.

    It’s a classic rock n’ a hard place.

  33. Negativity!

    It goes both ways, doesn’t it?

    A whole bunch of fans showing it towards the board et al.

    A whole bunch towards the fans showing it to the board.

    Which ever way we slice it,

    It’s a f*** load of negativity!

  34. It’s only a rock and a hard place if we make it so.How about suspending the naysaying and showing a little belief? The only reason he’s not gone is because that has been the attitude that shouts the loudest,what part do you personally think you’ve played in that?

  35. We already have the usual press/media vultures circling, smelling blood.
    That just means more slack-jawed, yapping about how we’re going down, we’re in turmoil etc, etc.

    That will mean we are over-looked by the fa, refs et al when it comes to any semblance of fairness.
    They’ll just look at us as a sad case of hit & run.

    They always do, we’ve been here before, it never ends good.

    We already have to fight for every decision as it is.

  36. Personally speaking,i’m not a press whore and don’t care what they have to say as they’re going to say it anyway because we’ve become their new favourite cartoon after the Essex thing died off. It’s about us and reclaiming whats ours.Negativity breeds negativity,positvivity can move mountains. You not sick and tired of being sick and tired?

  37. Monkey,

    mate, do you really think that any ‘naysayers’ have shouted louder or longer than those who would ‘boycott’?

    It’s all got way out of perspective, it’s all bent outta shape.

    It’s football, not business/ownership etc.
    That’s why we go, to see football.

  38. Aye but the “Royal Antwerp” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it now, does it? “The Poznan” is recognised, thus the title. It’s illogical to try and point out who did it first because you won’t bloody get it!

  39. Monkeyspantry says:

    “Aye Grumpy it is a celebration,thats the point.It’s a celebration of Tynesides proud tradition in the face of adversity.”

    MP I sympathise with your viewpoint entirely. When I wrote “It aint gonna happen” earlier it was not because I thought any form of opposition to the Fatman was pointless but was merely stating that it wont work at SJP with the Toon faithful.

    God knows we’ve had enough shlte thrown at us from so many directions and directors during my time on Tyneside but the bottom line is we dont do protests, or at least the vast majority dont do protests ! Maybe thats because they’ve been numbed by the charlatans, masquerading as owners/directors, who have done so much to halt the development of this club while making significant amounts of cash for themselves in the past ?

    I know Fatman will leave this club in a worse state, from a playing point of view, when he eventually gets his money back and fecks off. However without REAL, SUSTAINED AND CO-ORDINATED opposition to his regime the best we can hope for is that he fecks off sooner rather than later :(

  40. Monkey,

    I have never bought a paper in my life mate, but others do & are swayed by them.
    Shit! I’ve never bought a burger & coke because of principals.

    I spend my hard earned very selectively, honestly.

    NUFC is the only ‘club’ i’ve EVER affiliated with-EVER!

    Yes it f****** kills me to see it being torn apart.

    Most of this whole thing is opinion based.

    I, for one, don’t bother with opinions, everyone is welcome their own opinion, but opinions change nowt, they’re not that interesting, whether on tw@tter, down the pub, the match where ever. It’s actual facts that count, every time.

  41. @Clint It’s not as simple as that mate,the 2 aren’t indivisable. It’s a wider issue, however as Andy has quite rightly implied REAL, SUSTAINED AND CO-ORDINATED opposition will change things the way we all want to see them changed and without people like you,me and us coming together for as long as it takes and changing our own default responses to any individual or group who gets off their arse and trys to do something positive then things will not change.It starts with you as an individual,me as an individual and all of us as individuals. Full respect to anyone prepared to take a stand,full respect to anyone prepared to put forward an idea,full respect to anyone willing to support people in their ideas and who are prepared to give it ago because we’re all motivated by the same thing.We love this club,it reflects our city and this city is ours.

  42. you can poznan,you can take banners,you can call him all the fat b******s,the only way to get rid of mike ashley is by staying away from the games.does anyone think he will be bothered by a few protests?,it’s been done before.three year after keegangate,they are still in power,the only language ashley understands is cold hard currency.
    i took the decision to stop going after the keegan carry on,and i’ve never been back since.i will not return to st james’ park until mike ashley leaves the club for good.it is a painful thing to do,but this is in reality is the only way to do it.if the fans are daft enough to keep lining his pockets,then i’m afraid you are going to have to suck it up,and get on with it.ashley will never leave the club,when there are full houses every home game.we can sing,”we are the loyalist football supporters”,but we have to realise there is a fine line between loyalty and stupidity.if ashley turned up to empty stadiums for a few month,that would have more of an effect than 50,000 people jumping around with their backs to the pitch.he only understands money and greed,so hit him where it will hurt him the most.if you are not prepared to put up,then go to the games and shut up.

  43. Monkey,
    i fully & totally agree with your sentiment mate, really.

    I’ve stood up against many things in my life & been counted.
    I’m certainly not saying ‘Oh! It can’t be done’, i’m fully aware of that kind of ‘approach’ being ‘dead in the water’.
    We do & can make a difference as individuals but better yet as an army.
    I would never poo-poo anyone’s decent idea ‘out of hand’, & would hope i’ve never come across as someone who, either has or would.
    I feel your pain mate, as do many & i’m sure there’s a defining way to get the job done, not sure what it is yet mind.
    It’s probably gonna get a lot worse before it gets better too. I’ve seen many tyrants at this club, all of those that have owned it actually, down the decades of my support of this TEAM, not the wasters in place as bosses.
    I support the TEAM.
    I will & have always done my utmost to help depose any tyrant, anywhere i’ve had the misfortune to find one.

    I just never go shouting it from rooftops.

  44. Trojan’s right & right & right.

    We ALL KNOW that we will never have an empty stadium.

    That’s why that approach will never happen.

  45. i agree with you trojan i myself have paid for a match ( i was a season ticket holder for 15 years) bought a shirt or any merch at all and i havnt even spent one penny in any of his shops since ashley arrived. but not everyone is willing to go as far as i have so what im saying is that ANY protest is better than none at all. we need to stand together because if we dont and just keep bickering on the internet we’ll still be in this position in 10 years time!

  46. Youse are right,we will never have an empty stadium which as i understand it,this particular form of protest is designed to acknowledge.It’s time we all stood up and be counted and don’t hold back from shouting it from the rooftops,you,we us all have a powerful voice and it needs to be heard.This blog has a massive part to play in that and can and should be doing all it can.

  47. Andy Mac – The next time I do my 500 mile round trip to SJP and give myself a sore throat yelling the team on, I’ll remind myself I dont care.

    Feel free to correct my spelling.

  48. I wont be at the match as I’m miles away but I’ll be Poznaning in spirit. I don’t think anybody thinks the Poznan will inspire Jabba to immediately get on his sailbarge and do one, but like the article states this is the first step of many that have to be taken. Monkey makes a good point about Liverpool, and we can take a lot of inspiration from the efforts of Spirit of Shankley and other bin-bothering supporter groups. The problem with the initial wave of protests after Keegan wasn’t that they bounced of his huttese hide, it was that they swiftly died out… Real, sustained and co-ordinated… couldn’t agree more… we could mebbes give Sting, Jimmy Nail and Little Billy Fane a bell to do one of these:

  49. Jam@1,, I totally agree mate the only way any 1 can hurt ma is in the pocket,, he dosent giv a shite bout any1 or thing apart from cash,, & I for 1 would miss a match or 2 & iv been going 4 the past 10 yr,,,,

  50. posted this b4 but it got refused so its been altered and reposted.

    to anyone that said (for a variety of the worst reason ive ever heard you guys should be ashamed of your selves) that its a bad idea. its about us as a geordie nation standing up for what is right regardless of if you dont wanna touch the person beside u! f***S sake. would you rather hug a FELLOW MAG in support of newcastle OUR club and show that c*** that we will be heard and wont be silenced. or would you rather he just walked of us again and made us a laughing stock AGAIN!

  51. gan on Ian mate you’re dead on…. The time for taking it lying down is over, and solidarity is one way we can restore the pride and collective joy of our club that this parasite has decimated since the moment he walked through the door

  52. Nice one monkey… I must admit one of the things that made me think the poznan could be affective is the fact that it is something that can be done within the ground, as i’ve we’ve all said many times you’re never going to stop some people from ganning… Despite the impracticalities though I cannot help but think that turning up week in week out has only got us more ashley. more salacious lambias, more plakka sports direct signs and generally more shite for wor buck… Its seems to me that even if it did effect the performance on the pitch in the short term an empty ground would be a magnificent and powerful gesture,… I’m sure the team’s spirits would lift if the f***** was ousted… I realise that it would be easier to find a mackem without gills than organising this affectively though…. Just daydreaming about them packing heir bags

  53. Stand up and fight until you here the bell stand toe to toe and lets give that fat C**T HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  54. Nice one monkey… I must admit one of the things that made me think the poznan could be affective is the fact that it is something that can be done within the ground, as i’ve we’ve all said many times you’re never going to stop some people from ganning… Despite the impracticalities though I cannot help but think that turning up week in week out has only got us more ashley. more salacious lambias, more plakka sports direct signs and generally more shite for wor buck… Its seems to me that even if it did effect the performance on the pitch in the short term an empty ground would be a magnificent and powerful gesture,… I’m sure the team’s spirits would lift if the tw@twas ousted… I realise that it would be easier to find a mackem without gills than organising this affectively though…. Just daydreaming about them packing heir bags

  55. Very interesting debate/conversation- I’m a ‘long time reader, first time commentor’ so hope you don’t mind if I butt in?… cheers ; )
    I’m probably speaking out of turn here as I’ve boycotted SJP/Merch, et al, since Ashley bought the club, (for none footballing reasons that I wouldn’t necessarily expect people to share), but I really like the idea of the poznan protest as an alternative to the aforementioned highly improbable scenario of an empty stadium.
    If nowt else I like the idea because it is a public demonstration of Unity in the face of adversity, but generally speaking I like it cos it shows that the famous ‘geordie humour’ cannot be suppressed beneath the doom and gloom that is currently shrouding tyneside. I would hope that such a display of defiance will bug the ‘man’ in charge and set the ball rolling to greater things when this is noticed.

    I’m not a Geordie by birth, (Durham originally), but my heart beats black and white and has since I was a bairn and it’s killed me to watch the negative effect that Mike Ashley and his cronies have had on the collective perception of my Geordie mates and the Toon Army. I wholeheartedly agree with ‘monkeyspantry’ prognosis that this has created a ‘default position’ of helplessness and despair, though I would go further and say that it has also created a siege mentality that has divided NUFC and her followers more than at anytime I can recall throughout my 20 odd yrs of supporting the club. I think this is a step in the right direction to addressing that mentality before it develops further into meek acceptance of being ‘another Wigan’.
    Also- speaking as an outsider looking in- in my opinion the toon itself has suffered a collective shift toward uncharacteristic pessimism since Keegan’s walkout. This improved vastly following our championship season, but has worsened more than ever since Hughton/Pardew/Carroll/Nolan/Enrique/Barton/(Tiote???) escapades. I sometimes find myself longing for those jovial KK and SBR inspired times when the team were a force to be reckoned with and the optimistic banter was second to none everywhere I looked, (and no- not just in the pubs and clubs).
    I think it would be really helpful if the local media played a more incisive role in pressurising Ashley and co, (at least for answers), but then again sitting around waiting for others to speak and act on our behalf has proven to be the catalyst by which defeatist apathy continues to grow… either side of the sporadic mobilisations of reactionary protest, of course. I think rather than seize the initiative the protestors were waiting for someone to lead them to a ‘next stage’ they should have organised for themselves. When that never happened they reverted to blogs, (myself included), to vent their frustrations and nothing much has happened to resist the incredulous and erroneous decisions the board at NUFC continually make since. (As ‘co-op’ previously asserted, I’m definitely down with the philosophy of coordinated and sustained pressure being the only way to make protest effective, so maybe the ‘poznan’ will be the first of many DIY initiatives that cannot be ignored by either the media or the owner.)
    This ‘dependence’ on others to act on their behalf is actually something I see as a wider problem in our society and I reckon the toon situation isn’t far off being a micro-cosm of the current leaders of our country lying to its citizens while ripping them off, so mebbes ‘we’ could even be setting a good example of how to stand up to those particular wealthy leeches.
    Anyway- as I say, I’m probably speaking out of turn as I won’t be at the Arsenal match in any event, but will be in spirit.

  56. unless you could pick games against so called lesser opposition,and stand outside the stadium and chant.
    i remember the hull city protest game,llambias just sat and laughed his bollox off.
    could get organized and distribute propaganda style leaflets outside the stadium,a la “socialist worker style”.cartoons and things could be used to lampoon the regime etc.ashley and co would defo end up getting their hands on a few copies.

  57. Bang on CO-OP. Bloody hell Spence,thats quality and an article in itself.Whoever runs this blog should post it.Top effort and absolutly spot on.

  58. A couple of things we should all be aware of by now !
    Ashley is a control freak.
    ” believes he can run this club as a profitable enterprise.
    ” does’nt give a damn about the fans.
    ” wants first and foremost, any monies invested in the club, back.
    ” will sell the club, at a profit, having recovered his investment.
    What Ashley does’nt get is he believes using the same approach to football as retailing, just aint gonna work.
    Tell me how many savvy investors have put their money into EPL clubs and made a profit ?
    Sure he has made some possible shrewd additions to the squad, mostly free agents, two of which are physically questionable and another already a casualty, who we hear little of, not a good sign.
    We have lost our backbone and future star striker, plus our best defender(Joey-Nolan-Carroll-Enrique)in return.
    The EPL is an unforgiving league and this present side lacks depth, yet none of the £35m. has been spent on assuring survival.
    Is our owner in his newly acquired wisdom of how to run a successful club going to stand pat, or gamble on the possibility of the club losing out on the riches of the EPL, by being cheap ?
    Yes, £35m. was a nice piece of change, but when one looks at the sums of money being spent by clubs in the top echelons of this league, looks like chump change and our £4.8m. or whatever is really small change.
    Does that give an idea of who this guy is and what his intentions are for the club ?
    Well the sooner he gets his money back and sells up, the beter.

  59. Spence, being a Toon supporter is more about the mind and soul than geography… I’ve always had a real respect for non-indigenous toon supporters as it speaks volumes about their character that they would forego the obvious opportunity to hoy on a manc or liverpool top and celebrate supporting trophy machine clubs… This applies less so to yourself of course, I was thinking about a mate of mine from Belfast who has always supported the Toon… you’re almost a geordie, after all Sir Bobby was from your neck of the woods… You’re right about the collective spirit, I have been in exile from the toon myself for over ten years… but the shockwaves have been felt far and wide… in fact for the first few years i was away I felt truly away from home… but since keegangate i’ve spent that much time online and on the blower to the homestead I might as well move back… Anyway you’re right the Poznan seems like a way of reclaiming something, like you say maybe the geordie humour in the face of adversity that we haven’t been able to muster since Cashley landed on us… I notice Toonsy is decrying the idea on .co.uk …. but supports the idea of financial boycott … fair enough but its not about pleasing all of people all of the time its just about using our collective voice and shouting our dissatisfaction relentlessly in every way we can til he has no other option but to listen

  60. could you imagine the coverage in the media,tv and newspapers locally,nationally and beyond to see an empty st james’ park.those pictures would without doubt speak a thousand words.

  61. Fat cash & co the only 1,s there,, that would b sumik 2 c,, & it would hit him were it hurts the most,,, his pocket !!!

  62. geordie 55,it would be great if the two daft c**ts turned up,and the only other people in the stadium,a small coach full of qpr fans,for instance.

  63. Ha ha Trojan,,, ashley would av a heart attack & lamearse & pards would b running round like headless ckickens,, fighting 2 c which 1 would giv him mouth 2 mouth !!!

  64. Aye could be a goer that monkey, I’m not in the toon so couldn’t but might have a few contacts that could be helpful

  65. Off topic,, but has anybody else noticed that every time we get bad news,, the next day sum 1 cums out & says that we r after this & that as if there trying calm us down by sayin were goin 2 get top top players,,, then Fk all happen,s,, or am I just bein para ???

  66. aye sturridge and van arnholdt canny that like… better get me bedsheet folded and put back in the airing cupboard

  67. Cheers monkey,,, thought it was me just goin mental,,, just read on other blog,,, ashley wants 2 appease fans by gettin crouch or sturidge,, aye fkn reete believe that when it happens ???

  68. Aye Clint, I ment 2 say if we go 4 sturidge, but crouch, he can stay were the Fk he is ,

  69. geodie55,

    aye mate,
    the last thing we need is another lanky streak of **** up top.
    Waste of space journeyman.
    How many clubs now?

  70. Also,
    wouldn’t wanna line ‘arry igor’s wheeler dealer pocket.

    £9m, pppfffttt!
    They’re ‘avin’ a tin barf, init?


  71. He,s a twat mate, 9m 4 crouch,, fat cash must rolling round the floor p*ssin his self laughing,, not that I wouldn’t mind seeing sum 1 ripping fatcash off for 9m,, but not 4 a player that’s gonna play 4 us !!!

  72. i’d have been happy to have raided the Blackburn deal for Goodwille, 2m plus extras in add ons for SPL’s Young player of Season…

    and his dodgey sexual past meant there might have been a chance he’d rape Ashley in the showers, as portrayed in the powerful drama series, Hollyoaks.

  73. Sayin that, could just gan 2 the casino,, I watch the c*nt blow 35m & the 6m or so 4 Enrique in couple ov nights, & listen 2 him pards & lamearse laughing at us

  74. …perhaps i’ve stumbled upon the solution, chants dont work, someone needs to step up, unzip, and push the fat mans s77t in*

    *(its what they say in the movies, i pretty sure it means to enjoy sexy time in someone’s stink hole)

  75. Ha ha ha ha fkn spot on,, but sorry I ain’t doin the do,,, don’t bend that way,,,ha ha ha

  76. Should put add in chronicle 4 sum 1,, prob only get 1 maybe 2 replies,,, lamearse & pards

  77. Add could be,, any rapist just released from Durham,, could do nufc fans big favour ???

  78. There’s the geordie humour I know and love… ha ha Milner- ur off ya heed mate nd the rest aren’t far behind ya!
    Cheers for the compliment monkey p m8- though if it was ever an article I’d insist on taking the durham bits oot so it looks more authentic ; )
    And co-op- Love your take on the black and white mind and soul thing and I know a toon fan from Belfast anawl- ‘Big Johnny’ he’s called. I was raised a bit further south from wor Bobby- slap bang in the centre point of the Toon, smogmaland and that even darker place, surrounded by mackems, smogs, placca scousers and manx- (even arsenal for a couple of seasons ha ha- probs chelski nd man citeh now anawl)- and was introduced to the Toon as a teenager by me best mate who lived a whole three villages away from my own cabbage patch. I tell ya mate- I respect anyone from anywhere who follows the toon, but me and my mate literaly fought for the privilege of wearing the black and white.
    There was an okay period when Keegan was manager first time, (oh how the flyby bandwagon filled up then- though ironically I’d ran away to the Toon by then!) but apart from that it was pure hell!!!!! Didn’t help that we were punks as well mind ya- we must’ve liked getting punched and kicked or summat. Black and white striped mohawks and toon tops look cool as together though but could easily amount to serious provocation where I’m from ; )

    Anyhoo- it’s late and I’m taking the bairn oot in the morning, so it’s bedtime for me. Good chatting to you all HWTL

  79. Thought I’d add some quotes, in the vein of Joey Barton:

    “Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”
    Friedrich Nietzsche

    “Those who know how to win are much more numerous than those who know how to make proper use of their victories.”

    But my favourite is:

    …We thought about it for a long time, “Endeavor to persevere.” And when we had thought about it long enough, we declared war on the Union.
    Lone Watie – from the film The Outlaw Josey Wales ;)

  80. “The man who cannot change his opinions breeds reptiles of the mind”. William Blake.

  81. “You don’t have to love Ashley or any of his henchmen but as far as I know he is not the great beast with 666 on his head.”

    Is too!