Joey Barton: “They have decided I am persona non grata”.

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Joey Barton and Kevin Nolan.
Joey Barton and Kevin Nolan in happier times.
In his latest Tweets, Newcastle United has given his latest ‘insights’ on his dramatic transfer listing by the club, which I covered in a previous ‘blog. After announcing that he would be making an announcement about his future at the club at 4PM today, he was fashionably late, but eventually tweeted:

“Somewhere in those high echelons of NUFC, they have decided, I am persona non grata.”

“I am on a free but the honour of wearing those B+W stripes, surpasses that”

“One day the board might realise, what the shirt signifies. HONOUR and PRIDE. Thanks for your continued support……….. ”

Earlier today, the club announced on their official website that Barton had been transfer listed and that they had advised the player that he could leave the club on a free transfer. This has been motted for some time since the club had refused to offer Barton an extension on his latest contract, and his agent, Willie McKay announced that:

“I think that the only way Joey will stay at Newcastle is if there are new owners.

“I don’t think there’s a problem with the manager – the decision seems to have been taken above Alan Pardew.”

Barton was signed to the club in July 2007 under the reign of Sam Allardyce, and has enjoyed what could be described as a somewhat controversial stay at the club including a 77 day stay at her Majesty’s pleasure in 2008 for common assault and affray, and a rather infamous disagreement with previous manager, Alan Shearer. It is somewhat ironic that it should be a few Twitter comments should be the things which eventully led to his downfall, if, indeed, that is the case. Barton is one of several players who have recently expressed displeasure at the club’s current regime under Mike Ashley and his Managing Director, Derek Llambias, with Jose Enrique and Kevin Nolan also voicing their discontent recently.

No doubt this story will run for some time yet!


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80 Responses

  1. Laters JB.
    Be interesting to see where he ends up-wish him well.
    Weird how we only seem to lose good Players.

    Partridge will be sacked a few games in he won’t be able to handle the mounting pressure.

  2. we never won one game without Barton last season, and we also had nolan then.

    Ladbrokes slash odds for toon being relegated..

    seems like its business as usual at the toon…

  3. Hate to see Barton go but anyone of us said what he has said on Twitter what would our employer do? Think he kind of shot himself in the foot here.

  4. —————–krul———————-
    Simpson/Tav-Saylor-Colloccinni – who the feck knows
    Marveux/Vuckic—–BenArfa (healthy)——–Jonas

  5. I seem to remember a few weeks back pardwho saying if Barton had a good season he may well earn himself a contract. Where is that type of support now from Pardwho? If he had any balls he would go because he is very quickly running out of excuses. The size of the squad is becoming a joke

  6. if tiote goes ill buy a plane ticket from one northeast to the other (i live in new england stateside) and deficate on ashleys desk

  7. I have supported the lads since 1954 and have recently defended Ashley. However this is the last straw (mind not the first last straw) I really feel that I don’t want to support them any more…. sad

  8. As to the poll, I had to vote yes, the club are right to put him on the transfer list.

    But only because his position at Newcastle is now untenable.

    It never should have got to this stage and I would like to have seen Joey get another year or two here because (a) he’s been playing well and (b) a lot of the younger/newer recruits could benefit from his experience.

    Either we just happen to have been unlucky enough to have three particularly petulant players in Barton, Nolan and Enrique who have chosen to speak out or there’s a problem with the way Ashley and Llambias run things.

    Take your pick.

  9. He should have been expecting this. Honestly, as good as a player as he is, he’s been pushing the buttons and playing the fans like a fiddle.

  10. I hate that this has happened, and think it is a disastrous turn of events; but I had to vote “yes”. The Board cannot have someone who is this unruly in their ranks. With that said, does it make the Board look good? Absolutely not. I think that MA is a spoilt rich kid with a side-kick in DL who together have zero man-management skills. Do I think Nolan was lied to? Yes. Do I think Jose was lied to? Yes. Do I think Keegan and Shearer were lied to? Yes. Do I think Hughton was lied to? Yes. Do I think things will change? Probably not; unless MA sacks Llambias and appoints someone who understands people, the game, and NUFC. That is about the only way back. Shame.

  11. I reckon, stay with me,
    that Joey started seeing peoples team selections on the net, where he mostly was on the bench & thought f*** this, i’m off.

  12. Ya kna, the players near the end of contract could present Ashley with another relegation. They could all ask for transfer at Christmas. Might ruin their careers, but would cost Ashley another $100 million or so to get back up-that is if he could find any players willing to come to Newcastle.

  13. The Cockney Mafia strikes again. Joey Barton like Kevin Nolan is from Liverpool and they speak their minds in that City as do we Geordies. It seems this irks the Southern Mamagement. The Newcastle club would be better off if the Management Board evaluated the football skill and passion of Chris Hughton’s team instead of acting like Victorian Mine Owners who also didn’t reinvest in the enterprise that made them money

  14. He may have been reasonable last season but hardly the sharpest knife in the drawer.
    Surely he must have know this was on the cards. You just cant go round slagging off your employer and expect to get away with it.
    Fortunately we have plenty midfielders a lot more creative than Joey. How can this man talk about honour?
    Drunk or sober – He’s a disgrace

  15. Eh, So JB is going..
    3 clubs have according to ssn already made contact with us concering him.
    Blackburn, West Ham and Wolves I have heard.
    Think he’s too good for any of these clubs, if he is to go, I’d rather it be to somewhere in Qatar, Can Keep Bladdy Quiet Then!

  16. Hugh de Payen says:
    August 1, 2011 at 6:24 pm

    “Either we just happen to have been unlucky enough to have three particularly petulant players in Barton, Nolan and Enrique who have chosen to speak out or there’s a problem with the way Ashley and Llambias run things.”

    Hugh, of course, we all know what Barton can be like, and of course, to say that Keegan likes to have his say would be uunderstatement too. But have Nolan and Enrique ever been “particularly petulant” until very recently? I’m pretty certain that it’s the second option, and I’ve been fearing this since December when Hughton was sacked, and the reasons they brought Pardew in.

  17. This is once again a smokecreen from fatmans point of view. Get us the supporters arguing the case for or against Barton as the the window winds down. Makes a change from our long pursuit of Erdinc. The bottom line is that we will have fewer numbers than we had last season and unless that is addressed we are in trouble. The players know it, we the supporters know it but the fatman could`nt give a toss. I have been a manager for years and one of my main attributes is man management. The lack of this quality is alarming to say the least with this outfit!

  18. The club is right and wrong at the same time in putting him on the transfer list. I am still in shock as I expected Barton to at least be given the chance to run down his contract.

    Wrong? – Yes because it should never had got to this stage and Barton and co should have been banned from using that crap Twitter. There are ways and means to do things and the Board have NO CLUE-very sad and infuriating.

    Right? – Yes because Barton’s been asking for trouble every time he opened that HUGE MOUTH of his. He was disrupting team moral with his negative outbursts. Why can’t he shut up!!?? He’s so full of himself and now that we were finally getting the best out of him easily our Player of the season last year, only to see him follow Nolan, Carroll and probably Enrique out the door.

    I am so fed up of having to see bad news always related to Newcastle, it was funny at first, interesting later and now it’s just ridiculous!

    The negativity and the drama never ends at NUFC it’s Fking PATHETIC!!


    Pardew is alright, nothing special but not bad either, just another of Ashley’s pawns, just like Hughton was.

    Fans pick on Pardew as if it were his fault and how much he goes on the media and all that, but isn’t that what most fans wanted a manager that communicates with the fans. When Ashley leaves Pardew red-faced in front of the cameras the poor guy has no option but to lie to stay with his job. He has no choice sadly.


    Ashley can follow!!

  19. i might be pooring oil into the fire. But did anyone hear Pardwho say after the leeds match. I was going to have a look at the defence without Colo beeing in there. ERRRM is it Sevilla who want to sign him. Am I getting paranoid?

  20. i suppose they got to a point where all the Twitter comments make his position untenable, but rather than a rash dumping into the trash, i’d have preferred :

    “Your on the Transfer list, to get you at a club where ur happy”

    …maybe even give chris Hought a call and offer Barton for a knock down last-day-ever sale price of 3m.

    I think then the fans would be happy, if wisely reinvested in the club, but i imagine there’s little faith that even Joey’s saved 2.5m in wages will find its way back into the club.

  21. feckin brilliant, what a great descision by the board!! just give our best players away!!!! what a bunch of TW4Ts. please let someone offer him a deal to sell or can we “the fans” (how many in the world?) not get together and sort something to get these retards out of our beautiful club before it is completely stripped of all its dignity!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Milner says:
    August 1, 2011 at 6:50 pm

    “…maybe even give chris Hought a call and offer Barton for a knock down last-day-ever sale price of 3m.”

    Birmingham are in chaos Milner. Their owner has been charged with money laundering, his assets have been frozen, the club have been relegated and all of their top players from the Premiership will be gone before the season starts. They can’t afford Barton.

  23. Well well, it’s finally happened. We all have a good chuckle at the idiots who get themselves sacked due to social media indiscretions at the employers expense, yet once again the people seem to cling onto the horrible notion that footballers need to be treated differently. Face it everyone, most White collar workers would have been presented with a p45 if they had chinned people on tv, stubbed cigars out on teenagers eye sockets or chinned some drunken chav outside a well known burger joint and receiving a free holiday at her majesties chain of hotels. Barton on his day, when fit, is a decent footballer, there is no doubt about that. But on most days, he is a moaning despicable cretin of a human being. I find it funny that if he really wants to get at the owner and the ms, why did he not grow a pair and do it on tv for the world to see. Surely he could have got in touch with bellars to get some tips and do it properly with the sky cameras etc. But oh no, he hides behind an iPhone, twitting away like some mug

  24. worky, true true – i was thinking back to a little while ago when Birm were supposedly gonna offer 3m for Gutherie.

    I assume he’ll, Guth- be staying, but what about Smith, Xisco, Perch? And Jose obviously…

    Might as well get shot of the lot, and buy a whole new bunch of players to mold into some new-toon academy of talent……Shame there’s only 12 days to go until the season starts!

    here we go again.

  25. What a bunch of plonkers. The way to treat them is to boycott the 1st home game and if no favorable outcome then ban a further game, this will get results.

  26. eh, dubtoon, gotta disagree on that one – Routledge is very average at PL level. We will need a new RightMid now to replace Barton, but maybe someone with either greater prospect or PL history.

  27. Toon Team Sheet Fiorentina? :





    Subs: Harper, Willo, Marv, SammyA, Vuckic, Abied, Best.

    Injured: HBA, Ferg, Guth, Raylor.

    New Players needed: LB for Jose, CB, Striker (x2 ideally)…think we had enough midfielders anyway.

    Barton may hopefully be the catalyst for A FEW new signings.

  28. Barton is quoting Friedrich Nietzche now, which is usually a bad sign:

    “NietzscheQuotes NietzscheQuotes
    by Joey7Barton
    The desire to annoy no one, to harm no one, can equally well be the sign of a just as of an anxious disposition.”

    There can’t be many footballers who have heard of Nietzsche.

  29. I think he’d be in mine Clint. You can’t argue that he was good last season. Player of the season as voted here and in most other places.

    I’d probably go with something like:

    Simmo, Saylor, Colo, Enrique
    Barton, Cabaye, Tiote, Jonas/Marveaux

  30. sounds like he’s taking the pi88 and not really serious about the whole thing…that kind of attitude kills football, petulance, the likes of which ive not seen since Newcastle’s latest club statement.

  31. Barton is quoting Friedrich Nietzche now, which is usually a bad sign

    Y’know, I saw him driving around the Quayside by the courts today in a Toyota Prius. I can’t believe didn’t make the connection…

  32. sorry hugh and worky, but Joey WOULDNT be in mine – he’d defo be on the bench, looking to grab 15/20 mins to sure up a midfield….i would however have him round the club if his attitude was right.

    It sounded good that he went to reserve squad games, offering support to yung’uns…but if he was a poison tongue now, maybe it’s best he walks…

  33. Can anyone work out who the Premiership Manager is who reputably had his huge gambling debts resolved by the Club ownership in return for being a fall guy for them ?

    Pretty hard to work out….

  34. anyone else feel it was a case of the fat bullied kid finally snapping, hearing comments over his shoulder, and launching a rapid spass-out attack on the school thug..???

  35. Milner, I’m ignoring the politics surrounding Barton. I’d pick him on the basis of his ability and the fact that our win %age in the league last season with Barton was 32% and without him it was 0%. Kind of proves the influence he had on the pitch.

  36. worky/Hugh,
    I only say that because recently i noticed that when people put their starting 11’s up Joey wasn’t making a lot of them.
    D’y’think we’ll be employing the 442 form then?

  37. Of course it was, Milner – let’s not kid ourselves. The question is: was it deserved?

    imo yes it was. Very much so – he should be glad he still has a salary because most employers would be fired for that – contract or not.

  38. With the glut/wealth of midfielders we have & the possibility of playing a quicker, more fluid MF game.
    I just though people were getting ideas about 4231 etc therefore finding it increasingly difficult to find a place in their teams.

  39. when quoting statistics at least ensure they are decent, 6 games we never won without Barton is hardly something to get too worried about!!

  40. Hugh, you need to Shanghai more people for this Predict a Score thing.

    Huge cash prizes to be won! And possibly some T-Shirts if I get ’em designed.

  41. Clint, in the circumstances I think the club had to let Barton go and I can’t say I approve of the medium he chose to express his dislike of the head honchos. I am in fact ignoring the politics.

    Your question was whether he would be in my starting XI and, yes, he would, whatever formation we played.

    IMHO it would be lunacy to simply discard your player of the season. It’s up to him to slip up on the pitch and the likes of Cabaye, Marveaux and such to earn their position ahead of him.

    That might take 2 games, 20 games or 200 games but I’d have had Barton lining up in my starting XI.

  42. Was only asking the question, devil’s advocaat n’ all that.

    Maybe he was starting to feel left out.
    1 year left, some acrimony going on re: contract, lack of ‘mouth attenuator’.
    Didn’t get to USA, a few new ‘younger, cheaper, quicker’ midfielders being settled in, mostly playing out of position last term on the right.
    The list is growing.

  43. Thump says:
    August 1, 2011 at 7:47 pm

    “Edit: For the record I’m pointing out the hypocrisy of Barton, not the misdoings of the Stay Puft Cockney.”

    You talking about Pardew here Thump?

  44. Well, so much of the Nolan/Barton/Enrique stuff is wrapped up in politics (and Twitty) now that it’s hard to call in pure footballing terms.

    More’s the shame.

  45. Clint, I like your thinking that Barton saw most of these ‘first 11 posts’, and realised he wasn’t in the starting 11 in many of them. :-)

    Mind you, some of the ones I’ve been seeing all pre-season include Sturridge, N’Zogbia, Gervinho, Gamiero…

  46. Hugh de Payen says:
    August 1, 2011 at 8:15 pm

    “I don’y know how many are ‘in’ as such. All I know about are the ones who’ve filled in their results early.”

    Hugh, I thought that the ‘Current Table’ page listed all the people who were involved?

  47. Clint,

    Keeping with the ‘Twitter tradition’of today, shouldn’t that be:



  48. jimbob,

    i know i’m being a tad facetious mate, but it is an observation.
    Who knaas what gans on in a footie players encyclopedic mind?

  49. workyticket says: “Hugh, I thought that the ‘Current Table’ page listed all the people who were involved?”

    That lists people who have made a prediction already. There is no ‘sign up’ as such beyond being a registered member of this ‘blog.

  50. #Exactlyrightclint

    I sent you an email mate, thanks.

    I know you’re not always able to get your emails. But it’s to do with additional things I need to be up and running, though I’ve yet to try Thumps idea, as I have no clue what I’m doing. :-)

  51. jimbob,

    cool mate.
    I’ll check it the morra.
    I’ll see what i can do mate.

  52. Hugh de Payen says:
    August 1, 2011 at 8:45 pm

    “That lists people who have made a prediction already. There is no ‘sign up’ as such beyond being a registered member of this ‘blog.”

    Ah I see Hugh. We need to get the word out a bit more anyway before it all kicks off.

  53. Anybody else watching ’embarrassing fat bodies’…How do you even get like that?

    Worky, are writers able to enter the competition?

  54. Can we all please remember that midfield is by far and away our strongest area, especially when you add the energy of dan gosling. Yes he has been injured and is a little bit of a risk but be certain that mike has taken into account dans return to form (I am led to believe he was the stand out player in the USA) when making the decision to give Barton away. Is gosling the faster, cheaper better player? Definitely two out of three, only a run of games will confirm the last one

  55. Jimbob says:
    August 1, 2011 at 9:09 pm

    “Worky, are writers able to enter the competition?”

    Hugh’s in it, but it would be most unseemly if any of us won. We would have to pass it on to the next competitor.

    Tell you what, If any one of us manages gets in one of the top three prize spots, I’ll give a prize to both, ie the competitor next down the list who isn’t a writer, and I’ll match it for the writer as well.